Part 2: Why Republican Leaders Are Dumb

Yesterday I explained how the leadership focused on exactly the wrong areas with the ACA and set themselves up to lose. Today let me offer part two, looking at the broken budgetary process in Washington.

So this week Paul Ryan and the great Republican leadership offered once again a budget for the government. You are all familiar with this, it is the one the Democrats attack viciously (in fact Obama did last night in a speech) and the main stream media uses it to point out the heartless Republicans. Now think about this. The Republicans owe one half (the house) of one third of the government. One half of one third. What budget is out there every year for ridicule? The Republican Ryan budget. Why is that?

The answer is the Senate under Harry Reid just doesn’t do one. In the years of the Obama presidency they have done one. Instead they take the Ryan budget and destroy the Republicans as the party of “no” and, look at how they want to “hurt” people. Thus the President and the Democratic leaders spend months attacking the Ryan budget making the Republicans look bad.

Why does the leadership of the Republican party come back each year for more? I guess they think they are being “fiscally responsible”. Well how has that worked out for you? You own one half of one third of government and you allow the other party to destroy you and paint you into a corner and not do a budget at all. Did you ever hear of market research? Try it. You will find out people know nothing about your budget except you want to take away from them. Then ask if they know Democrats have no budget and haven’t done their job. What you find is that they know you don’t care and nothing about the lack of budgets from others. ┬áIt is failed leadership.

Either stop putting budgets out that you end up having to defend charges and look bad; or get aggressive and back the other guys up for their failure and spending. Your 2014 budget calls for $2.8 trillion in spending. Obama’s was $3.9 trillion. The Senate doesn’t have one. If you are going to put budgets out how about less defense and more offense? If you can’t win the PR battle then why are you with one half of one third of the government always on the defensive and losing ground on the issue? Stop playing to lose and try planning to win.

Just plain dumb, plain dumb.