Narrowing The Field…

I think the polls in New Hampshire yesterday told the whole story of the primary and ultimate general election. 
The polls said that former President Trump has a clear double digit, possibly a twenty point lead. 
The polls say he is going to win New Hampshire in much the same manner he won Iowa. 
That makes every backer of him excited and feel good. 
Except, consider this.
That same poll said that in the general election President Biden would win the state. 
Add these facts to that.
President Biden insulted New Hampshire and their long held position (that they voted into law) to be the first in the nation primary (Iowa is a caucus) by deciding that South Carolina would be the first Democratic primary. 
Despite that, he is still beating Donald Trump in the state, at Trump’s height of popularity. 
We have said this from the outset. The only person who can get Joe Biden reelected is Donald Trump. 
So Republicans, if you are satisfied with winning a battle and losing the war, you are on that path now. 

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis, the most conservative of the candidates in the race, left it yesterday. 
It was a shocking fall for a Governor so popular that he turned Florida red. 
Dave Rubin tweeted this about DeSantis last week: 
Imagine if there was a presidential candidate who was in the prime of his life, had won every election he’d been in (the last one in record breaking fashion), had an endless track record of accomplishing everything he set out to do, had led the country out of Covid mania, had served in the military, was no nonsense and no drama, and was a fine family man.
He’s young (44) and will have time to recover. He needs to go back to Florida and continue its growth. 

One more thought on the weekend’s events. I was disappointed in Tim Scott coming out as he did to endorse Donald Trump. As Governor, it was Nikki Haley who appointed Scott to an open seat, and they served at the same time. You would think that Scott would have been a little more loyal, and isn’t it President Trump who talks about “loyalty” all the time? As an example, he thinks Nikki Haley should not be running against him because she served as U.S. Ambassador in his administration. So, where does loyalty begin and end? 

By the way, this past Saturday marked one year to the day before we inaugurate our next President (January 20,2025). We are now 364 days away. (It’s leap year.) 


How many of you know that the price of postage stamps went up another two cents per stamp yesterday? 
Isn’t it amazing how they create forever stamps and no one knows the cost anymore? It allows them to raise prices quietly, doesn’t it? 

Same thing with EZ Pass and tolls. Do you know in places like New York and New Jersey they just raised the prices again? Do you know the price to go over the George Washington bridge today? I bet you knew before the EZ pass didn’t you?

After another storm early this week the weather is supposed to warm up. Thus, global warming caused the storms and global warming will be the cause of the warm up. This didn’t happen when you were young, right? The snow didn’t melt until April. 
As we said last week, if you blame everything on global warming, then you’re never wrong. 

Did you see that Japan became the fifth nation to reach the moon this weekend?  Its robotic spacecraft, named the Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon, or SLIM, made a soft lunar landing. 
I was wondering if all those who still think we staged the moon landing also think the other four nations have too. 

President Biden canceled another $5 billion in student debt last week. He has now canceled $136 billion in student debt, despite a court ruling that struck down his broader forgiveness plan. 
What a slap in the face to those who decided to not go to school because of the debt, worked to pay their way through school or did so after graduation. 
You did it the legal and right way, well in the left’s view, then you lose. They take care of those who take advantage of the rest of us. 


The U.S. military has now said that two Navy SEALs have died. They disappeared at sea during an operation to intercept Iranian weapons headed to the Houthi fighters. They drowned in the operation. 
We lost two of our best young warriors and the coverage is lacking. Who were they? We need to honor them and their families. 
In the meantime the Houthi’s continue to fire rockets upon our troops. Yesterday they caused more injuries to some of our soldiers. 
Coverage? Zero.
The media needs to try and be fair and call this administration for their failed policy with Iran. 

Let Us Always Remember And Honor Those Who Died Serving Us.

Really Now…

“We are in the process of investing over a trillion dollars in the climate crisis.” 
I read this quote from VP Harris, and with the Davos conference this week, it got me thinking. 
What are you doing and accomplishing?

You are making decisions that impact our American citizens’ lives and they are not happy.
You are telling them their gas stoves must go away.
The dishwashers and other appliances must be changed and less effective. 
Their auto’s must go by the mid 2030’s. 

You say all this and more is necessary because of the climate. 

In fact, you’re proud “we are in the process of spending a trillion dollars.”
Meanwhile, the world’s largest polluters and our main economic challengers are doing the opposite. 
China is concentrating on anything but the climate. They want to pass us as the economic power of the world. 
They are building coal plants and despite being the world’s number one polluter they are exempt from any controls. 
Can you explain that to me?

They get to grow, while we handcuff ourselves? And they pollute far beyond us?
We also allow India to be exempt.
How do we allow this? 

We see, with this winter, the nation is nowhere near ready for electric cars. 
Are they the future? Sure, we will all want one. 
I can’t wait until I can program my car in my driveway, then let it drive me to the beach in Carolina and not need any battery charge. Get me there.
But, that’s not today and won’t be in the next ten years when the government says I must buy an EV. 

A month ago I drove my hybrid to Carolina and got 55 miles per gallon. I stopped once for gas, which took eight minutes. 

Where is the leadership to move us to hybrids and then EV’s?

Why is VP Harris and her boss, President Biden, telling me I must move to an EV in that time frame?
Why are they telling me I would have to stop 3 or 4 times for up to an hour? 
Never mind the infrastructure is not there. Nothing about that decision will make my life better. 

Why are we mortgaging the future and our world standing when our competitors are not?
Are the Chinese trying to kill themselves, or do they have a different view?
Are the leaders and people in India now dumb? 
Are Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi smarter than them?

Do they think we will have purified air over our country only, while China and India will have a different air?

Me? I love my hybrid and want to see investments to improve that mileage.
I want investments in EV’s that make me want (not forced) to own one.
I want my gas stove and other devices and not be told the government knows better. 

If they’re so smart, how about convincing the biggest culprits they are killing their people. 

One more thing on global warming. It’s a cute little trick the leaders and MSM have pulled off.
It was the coldest Iowa caucus ever? That’s global warming. 
It was the warmest summer in NYC? That’s global warming.
No real snow in Philadelphia last year? That’s global warming.
Storms this year? That’s global warming. 
So cold, warmth, storms or lack of, all are the same, global warming. 
How could you be wrong if you claim every scenario? 

I’m just tired of it and I think the American people are too. 

Just watch how the left is going to fall over as candidate Trump walks around yelling “Drill Baby Drill.” 
Imagine driving energy costs and if you do that, all prices drop because energy is the key. 

China and India may not be happy, but who cares about them – they are trying to kill all their people if you didn’t know. 

Really Now, That’s How I Feel.

I See And I Don’t See…

I see that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are back on the nation’s terrorist list.
The same list the President removed them from upon taking office because he could deal with Iran and Trump was a tyrant.
He was going to show us, he would go back to the Obama agreement and Iran would welcome him and us.
It didn’t work, did it?
It seems like some will never learn, that appeasement is seen by these terrorists as weakness and peace is achieved only through strength.
Have the American people learned or will they keep voting for weakness?

I don’t see why this administration would not strike a close the border deal with Republicans seeking one.
The issue is killing them and now that it is finally getting (forced) media coverage, the American people know of the problem.
It is one of the two top issues voters are identifying as why they will vote against Biden.
So, why isn’t the administration jumping on border deal offers from the Republicans?
Does it make any political sense? Are they that dedicated to an open border?

I see where, despite having a Democratic President and Senate lead, that 81% of the late night 2023 political show jokes were about Republicans.
The study was completed by the Media Research Center.
Their report:
“Last year late-night comedians told 9,518 political jokes, and of these 7,729 were directed at someone or something on the right side of the political spectrum. By far the most biased was Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Seth Meyers on NBC was also heavily biased against conservatives. Amazingly, the “comedians” made fun of Trump’s kids nine times more often than of Hunter Biden – who would seem to be a poster child for late-night jokesters.”
The media bias is a major factor that assists the Democratic Party.

I don’t see why the administration is continuing to focus on Bidenomics. Take a look at this chart.
Exactly what are they claiming? Real wages were dramatic in the Trump years and below the line in the Biden years.
If you claim you want to build the economy “from the middle out” it looks like Trump did that.
I just don’t see what they are running on with this.

I See And I Don’t See.

It’s Starting To Look…

The holiday season may just have ended, but the results out of Iowa last night remind me of a holiday song with the lyrics – “It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like…: ”
Because it is starting to look a lot like this presidential election is going to be Biden vs. Trump.
How does this jibe with the polls that say over 60% of Americans do not want that choice? 

I think the answer is in the numbers. 
Last night 110,000 Iowans were part of the process.
Let’s put that in perspective. 
In the last presidential race, in my congressional district, the candidate who lost by 26% got 130,000 votes.
That’s 20,000 more votes than were counted last night in the state of Iowa. 
Think of all the time the candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley put in the state.
They received 23,000 and 21,000 votes in total. 
All that money, time, visits to schools, homes, events and advertising for 20,000 votes. 
To make it even more ludicrous, think of Vivek Ramaswamy. He got all of 8,000 votes.

That’s hard to believe as you think about the impact Iowa has in the process. 

What now?
We move on to New Hampshire. 
I think Nikki Haley lost momentum following the last debate with Ron DeSantis. He seemed to find his voice after that and managed to rise again and finish second.
That gave him “a ticket” out of Iowa, as he said. 
Haley has stalled, and I think the charge she was making in New Hampshire is stopped, at least temporarily. 
If Trump widens the gap in this state next week, the race is over.
The only thing that will stop his nomination is a conviction. 

The left won’t open up on him for a few months, but when they do it will be massive and devastating. 
I can’t tell you who will win in November, but I can tell again, that the one person who can reelect Joe Biden is Donald Trump.
And, the person who can elect Donald Trump is Joe Biden.
Buckle up.

For his part, the former President hit the right tone last night. He actually said “we” and praised his opponents. 
He outlined the right objectives. Let’s see if he can hold that tone. 

So, it’s starting to look a lot like — a 2020 repeat. Wow.
In modern history only Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon have served as President and gotten their party nomination three times.

And We Are Off.

It’s About Policy…

Dealing With The Houthi Rebels

Let’s keep this short.
The joint bombings last night of the Houthi terrorists is a direct result of a failed policy.
Understand this, because the MSM has not told the American people.
This group was on the terrorist watch list.
They were removed by the Biden Administration as an outreach to Iran.
The administration wanted to show Iran they were not the Trump administration and all could be friendly between us.
Iran takes any signals like that as a sign of weakness, and this was just another example for the left to learn from.
So, removing groups from terror watch lists, turning a blind eye to their actions and providing six billion dollars for the release of five hostages gets you what?
Bombs and strikes against trading ships in the Red Sea.

This action is long overdue, coming after over 125 attacks on our troops and dozens of actions against international shipping vessels.

The world’s terrorists, led by Iran, backed by Iran, do not understand anything but strength.
Why is that so hard for liberals to grasp?
Peace comes through strength.

This action cannot be an isolated one. Any action Iran or the Houthis take today, tomorrow or the day after must be met with immediate response.
The White House must know where their Defense Secretary is and move quickly.

In Addition

Interesting, after the stunt in Congress this week, Hunter has now agreed to testify — as is common practice — behind closed doors first.
Why all the drama first?
What do all those defending him to not do so, say now?

In the interim, he pled not guilty in California on tax charges. Of course, the key years of the Burisma income have passed the statute of limitations.
He is charged with nine felony and misdemeanors which prosecutors allege amount to a four-year effort to avoid paying $1.4 million in taxes to the IRS.
Watch the agreed to plea deal that emerges here.

While Donald Trump faces a loss of his businesses and a fine of $327 million, not for failure to pay taxes, but overstating the value of his holdings!!! Who was hurt? Well, no one, but he’s Donald Trump.

One final note this Friday:
The other night the Haley vs. DeSantis debate was on CNN at the exact same time the former President was holding a Town Hall on FoxNews.
The ratings are in.
4.3 million for the Town Hall.
2.6 million for the debate.

Not a surprise, of course, but a question for you. If the stations were reversed, what would the ratings have been?
A little closer for sure – right?

Have A Great Weekend. Iowa Caucuses Are On Monday.


You Can’t Make It Up

What a classless stunt Hunter Biden and his team pulled strolling into the congressional hearing for ten minutes and then walking out. 
If you were subpoenaed to appear before congress, would you show up? If you were subpoenaed for anything, wouldn’t you show up? 
If you didn’t, what would you expect to happen? 
If justice is the same for all, why does Hunter get away from not showing up at the closed hearing and walking into a public one to discuss charging him? 
The answer is the Department of Justice will not bring charges against him because of who he is. 
Yet, they were more than excited to charge two former Trump aides (Bannon and Navarro) for the same crime.
If you see hosts on shows defending Hunter, just know anything they say for the rest of the campaign is biased.

Keep An Eye On The MSM

And there are pundits doing exactly that. In fact, I see the beginnings of a subtle campaign by the MSM to begin swaying the voter. What do I mean?
Stories and reporting are beginning to appear that the economy is improving, wages are rising, unemployment is low, inflation is down and gas prices are down. 
That’s as if the administration doesn’t own what happened. Prices are up 20% since this administration took office. The fact inflation is down (3.4% today) versus the 9% they drove the past two years is a reason to celebrate? Gas prices are up 40% from the day they took office, but since that’s not 100% anymore we should celebrate? Real wages for the working American are down. That’s a success? Unemployment is at the levels it was before the pandemic; you want us to believe the administration created 12 million jobs? How come the work force participation rate is still below where it was before the pandemic? 
But, I see the MSM beginning this dialogue that things are better. 
No, the economic programs and spending levels have been a failure. 

This Didn’t Take Long

Remember when Shohei Ohtani signed that large, mostly deferred contract and we mentioned he will collect after he leaves California and avoid the taxes? We were sure the California legislature would not appreciate that.
California’s Controller, Malia Cohen, wants to cap deferred payments, a change designed to ensure the state is owed more money from Ohtani’s lucrative contract with his new team.
The request comes just four weeks after his signing the ten year contract. The agreement contains deferred payments due from 2034-43.
If Ohtani is not living in California at the time he receives the deferred money, California loses 14.4% of it from taxes they would have collected.
We called that one, but it was easy!


In the debate last night I think both DeSantis and Haley did themselves harm by charging each other with lies and the manner they attacked. They made Trump the winner by his not showing up and holding a civil Town Hall on a competing station at the same time. 
All that while hours earlier Chris Christie withdrew from the race with a blistering speech that cemented his future in the party. 
For all his self “smartness” he did three things that have left unviable in any future election. Republicans never forgot his “Obama hug.” His governorship is remembered for closing the George Washington Bridge and causing innocent citizens pain. Now his withdrawal speech and scathing words for Donald Trump and open mike comments captured are the final blow. 
His next career is outside politics because he has no party. 

As for Donald Trump he continues to amaze me. Last night in his Town Hall his use of “I did” as opposed to “we did” just shocks me. One question he was asked was who would come work for him after how he treated so many in the last administration. What a great question. Would you go work for him? Think of people like General Kelly, Mad Dog Mattis, Chris Christie, Mark Meadows and all the others he attacked. I certainly wouldn’t. 
And he continues to say things that make you stop and go “What?” 
Like this week, he told a crowd in Iowa that he thought the Civil War and conflict over slavery could have been stopped by better negotiations led by President Lincoln. 

The New York Times had a story about the House dysfunction. They cited these numbers: 
There were 724 votes, but only 26 laws enacted. 
And they said, “The tally reflects the extraordinary chaos and paralysis that gripped the House in 2023, when lawmakers did more voting but less lawmaking than at any time in the past decade.”
My question, why is that bad? Do we need more laws and spending? How about just enforcing – fairly and across all – the laws we have and reducing spending. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert, who has made a lot of noise in Washington, announced she plans to seek election in a different district than the one she now represents. 
You may recall she barely squeaked out a win last time and her recent escapades in a Colorado movie house have not helped her. Thus, she is relocating to the next district, a solidly Republican one. 
I personally think she is not going to succeed and will not return next year. Let’s see. 

Just Another Day.

Border Week

Homeland Security Director Mayorkas will be at the “closed” border today, and, of course, the area will be cleared and look clean. 
On Wednesday the House is taking up his impeachment again. 
On the Sunday shows the MSM took up for him, asking why the House would waste time on impeachment and not reach a deal or agreement instead with him and the administration. 
Nice try.
One House representative said 12 million have crossed the border since the administration took office. He said this is equal to the population of his state – Ohio – the seventh largest in the nation. 

If that fact and number doesn’t disturb you, then you are for open borders and can quit reading here. I say that because I am on the opposite side; if you don’t have control of your border, you are not safe as a nation. 

What is my position and what would I support as a candidate?

Let’s start with this. 
We want, need and support legal immigration. We are a nation that built the greatest economic opportunity in the history of mankind based upon immigration. 
We simply ask people to apply legally, do it in the right and organized manner, abiding by the laws of the nation you want to become part of. 
Is that asking too much? Abide by the laws over a million of our citizens died to protect?

My position would be to ask the American people to support candidates who back the policy I advocate. 
That policy is:
We change the immigration law to the following.
The border is locked. Northern, southern, everywhere. 
We put barriers with the national guard if needed. 
If you cross the border you are sent back to the country from which you crossed. 
Thus, if you come into the country illegally from Canada you go back there. The same for Mexico. 
It doesn’t matter where your journey began, it matters where you crossed. 
If you came through five countries to get here because your life is in danger, the rule is you stay in the first safe country you cross. If the countries in between did not do their role, we are not responsible. 
If you want to emigrate to the U.S., that’s great, get on the legal list. 
If you are here illegally you are not becoming a citizen before those on the list. Get your name on the list. 
We are not rewarding bad behavior over those who are trying to do it the right way. 
In the nation today we too often reward those who did it wrong over those who did the right thing. That’s over. 
It is abiding by laws and doing what is right that builds nations. 

My bet is if we adopt a policy like that, then countries like Mexico will suddenly find a way to stop what is going on. 

Now I understand these people are coming for opportunity. So did my four grandparents.
The difference is they came legally, asked for nothing and worked to provide a better life.
I bet yours did too. 

Legal is the key and is the cornerstone if we are to continue being the home of the brave and free.

My Thoughts, I Welcome Yours.

Come On Now…

Now the MSM is reporting that some countries spent money at Trump properties while he was President and his family profited.
In fact, I have seen more reports on this Democratic minority release from the House than I have seen anything on Hunter Biden from these outlets.
A few thoughts:
You are reporting that China and Saudi Arabia topped a list of 20 countries whose government’s or state-linked entities spent at least $7.8 million at Trump’s properties.
You know the Trumps run a legitimate business, right? You know they offer high end hotel stays?
You know they report their income and profits?
You know the family says they donated the profits from these stays to the treasury, right?
You know Donald Trump’s personal net worth at the end of his presidency was less than at the start, right?
That said, I ask the same media these questions:
What was the Biden family business where we see all the income they got from foreign countries?
Exactly what were they selling or offering?
You know the head of the operation (Hunter) didn’t pay taxes?

How can they report on one and not the other?
The answer is their bias.
Here’s a chart on journalist political party designation. You would think they would be smart enough to say “independent.”

Come On New York

The “proud sanctuary city” has taken another step to stop immigrants from ending up there.
They are now suing 17 bus companies for dropping off migrants that say they want to go to “New York.”
They are getting ready to sue the Governor of Texas for sending them there, joining another sanctuary city doing that – Chicago.
Two things jump out to me.
First, what exactly do you think “sanctuary” means? What did you think preventing ICE to act in your city would accomplish?
Second, you are mad at the Governor? He’s the one trying to stop the illegal immigration, and his every move is being taken to court by the President and his administration.
Why aren’t you calling out the President and his team? Is politics bigger than your issue?
You’re just lucky the media covers up your hypocrisy because they are on your side.
With a real press you would be fried.

As We Close In On Real Votes

With Iowa ten days away and New Hampshire a week later, the question of age for the leading candidates will likely be more in the forefront.
Here’s a cover from the Economist that tells that story in a picture for the President born in 1942.

Made in ’42. Roadworthy in ’24?

Link to see Copy on line: ://

Have A Great Weekend.

Just Asking…

We hear so much about the border these days and how “both sides” want to fix it.
Well, it was under some control until this administration opened it wide.

Then it wasn’t an issue for them as long as Texas had the problem.
It was only when Texas started busing crossers to sanctuary cities and states that it became an issue.
With record numbers crossing it finally got coverage.
Yesterday, the new Speaker and 64 congressional members visited a border site.
Of course, (see the pictures) they cleaned that area prior to arrival.
The Speaker wants the border fixed and closed.

The President said give him the money he asked for and he will fix the issue.
His solution is not closing the border, but faster processing of crossers and forgetting illegal crossers.
Of course, we are hearing the stories that crossers are getting a hearing date in the year 2031.
Can you believe that? A hearing about if they can stay in seven years!

Is that the solution you want?

Well, Texas doesn’t, and they have taken the following steps:

Put a new state immigration law in place that makes being in the country illegally a state crime.
You’re in the state illegally? It’s a state crime, and you will be deported.
The Biden administration is going to court to stop this, saying it is illegal for Texas to do it.

Texas put a floating wall to prevent illegal crossings from the Rio Grande.
The Biden administration is going to court to stop this, saying it is illegal for Texas to do it.

Texas put razor wire along its border to discourage crossings and keep illegals out.
The Biden administration is going to court to stop this, saying it is illegal for Texas to do it.

You get the idea.
So I ask, which party really wants to stem this tide and close the border?
Is the MSM telling you the full story?

We want legal immigration controlled, even focused on what the nation needs. Do we really want this?

Your Vote Counts.

What Now?

The NYT Said What?

I copied below what I started the year reading in the New York Times. As I read it I wondered what was in their New Year’s Eve drink? Take notice on their concern for the debt all of a sudden and how solemn they are we need to be concerned and cut it.

If there’s one issue this blog has been clear on for a decade, its the deficit and the need to get it under control.
You will see some “editor comments” sections in bold and italics where I added some of my thoughts.

The Article And My Comments

The federal debt starts the new year at a level that is hard to grasp: $34 trillion. That is 1.2 times the U.S.’s annual economic output. At the end of World War II, the ratio was only about 1.1.

Both parties have contributed to the situation. Republicans have passed large tax cuts. Democrats have enacted ambitious climate and health care initiatives. Both funneled money to Americans in response to the Covid pandemic.
Editor Comment:
I respectively disagreed on one aspect here. Yes, both parties have contributed, but it was not the tax cuts that caused the issue. The tax cuts drove the economy and produced additional tax revenue under Kennedy, Reagan and Trump. It was not the tax cuts, it was the spending by both parties.

For years, many economists believed the country’s debt was not a problem. Interest rates were low, which held down debt payments. Inflation was also low, which suggested the debt wasn’t hampering the economy. If anything, additional government spending helped create jobs when unemployment was elevated for much of the 2010s.
Editor Comment:
No, not all economists thought it was not a problem. There were many saying the day of reckoning would come.

But times have changed, and federal deficits now look scarier.
Editor Notes:
No, the times didn’t change – the New York Times changed. You saw the light.

In November, the financial firm Moody’s lowered its outlook on U.S. debt from “stable” to “negative.” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that she disagreed with Moody’s decision, but she acknowledged that current economic circumstances could make the federal debt less sustainable. And Paul Krugman, the economist and Times columnist, wrote, “Serious deficit reduction, a bad idea a decade ago, is a good idea now.”
Editors Note:
Sorry Paul, it was always a good idea, except in times of war.

There are three big reasons to worry about the federal government’s finances.

First, interest rates have risen. A decade ago, the interest rate that the U.S. paid on inflation-protected bonds, which are used to finance debt, was near zero. Today, that rate is almost 2 percent.

This increase doesn’t change the cost of debt that the government has already accumulated. But it will have to pay more interest on future debt. So if the government does not hold down spending, debt payments will increasingly eat up money that could go to health care, the military and other programs.
Editors Note.
Umm, didn’t you leave out reduce the debt or return overcollected funds back to the taxpayers who paid the bills?

Second, the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.7 percent. In the early 2010s, it was usually above 8 percent. Back then, government spending helped put people to work. Today, the private sector needs less help.
Editors Note:
The private sector also needs less regulation.

Third, inflation is a bigger problem than it used to be, and higher deficits could make it worse. When Congress spends more or cuts taxes, Americans have more money to spend. As they spend that extra cash, prices tend to increase. The reverse is true as well: A smaller deficit can ease inflation.
Editors Note: Umm, government deficit spending produces inflation.

All of which means that the benefits of deficit spending are smaller than they were in the recent past and the costs are larger.
Editors Note:
Umm, it was the path you were going on when you kept yelling for more spending.

There is also a risk to procrastination: The longer the government puts off the issue, the harder it gets to solve. By acting sooner, officials could phase in higher taxes and lower spending over years to mitigate the downsides. Some experts argue that the country is already past that point. “We put off solutions for too long, and now we’ll have to take more drastic action,” Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, told me.
Editors Note:
Yes, there is a risk to procrastination; however raising taxes would slow the economy and add to the problem. The answer is to cut spending while we grow the economy. Try stimulating with tax cuts and not spending. Add, less regulation on business and turn the economy loose.

The solution remains unclear. And the economy may be able to continue growing at a steady clip for years despite the debt. At some point, though, the federal government will likely need to raise taxes and cut spending in ways that many Americans will find unpleasant.
Editors Note:
There you go again with raising taxes. You were wrong to get us in this mess, and your solution is wrong. It’s good you finally recognize the problem, but get it right.

Welcome To Problem Recognition New York Times. You’re decades late.

As We Wind Down…

Some Headlines As We Head To Holidays

The Colorado ruling knocking Donald Trump off the primary ballot will not stand. Four justices overstepped their boundaries, and once again it points out the importance of voting for local and state courts, as well as the school boards. It all matters.
Donald Trump, for all his words and deeds, has not been convicted of anything. How do four judges deny him his rights?

Should judges in Texas rule that Joe Biden should be removed from the ballot in their state for failure to do his job and secure the border? Where does it end?

In a related matter, we rail here often about the MSM. Here’s a story from an ex NYT reporter that backs our rantings.
James Bennet, no right winger himself, is now writing for the Economist. He was the Editorial Editor of the paper back in 2020. In June of that year the  editorial page published an op-ed by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, recommending that troops be deployed to stop the BLM riots.
Bennett was fired for printing the piece. You see, the NYT does not allow diverse views.
He was fired because of a revolt among some 800 staff members at the Times, who were horrified that an opinion piece that they fervently disagreed with should ever see the light of day.
He wrote in the Economist:
“The Times’s problem has metastasised from liberal bias to illiberal bias, from an inclination to favor one side of the national debate to an impulse to shut debate down altogether.” 
“The reality is that the Times is becoming the publication through which America’s progressive elite talks to itself about an America that does not really exist.” 
He adds more:
“The bias [at the Times] had become so pervasive, even in the senior editing ranks of the newsroom, as to be unconscious. Trying to be helpful, one of the top newsroom editors urged me to start attaching trigger warnings to pieces by conservatives. . . . I think many Times staff have little idea how closed their world has become, or how far they are from fulfilling their compact with readers to show the world ‘without fear or favor’.”

Think about that thought process in conjunction with four judges in Colorado last night.

Remember when U.S. Steel, founded in 1901 was America? Did you hear this news?
Japan’s Nippon Steel bought the company. Yes, U.S. Steel is about to be owned by a Japanese Steel company.
A few U.S. Senators led by Senator Vance of Ohio are planning to try and prevent the takeover.

I want to touch on a sports issue, the contract signed by Shohei Ohtani to play baseball in Los Angeles.
What I found most interesting was the deferred status of the compensation.
Now it was presented as he wanted the team to have money available to surround him with quality players.
Probably true, but think about this:
By receiving the vast majority of the money when he presumably will not be living in the United States, he also figures to have a tax benefit.
California’s top tax rate for residents is 13.3%.  By the time the deferred kicks in, Ohtani will be over 40 and likely well out of the state.
I think it’s just a matter of time before California passes a law allowing it to tax deferred income. Don’t you?

My thanks to all our supporters who have pointed out poll after poll showing Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden.
I see them and my response is this:
Just wait until he gets the nomination and 24 hours later the Democrats, MSM and left open up the air waves and campaign against him. All is quiet now, because the one they want to run against is Donald Trump (as Republicans want to run against Joe Biden). When that campaign opens up, the numbers will change. Remember, you can fool some of the people all the time. 
Second, only one person can reelect Joe Biden. That’s Donald Trump. Think about that. 

Here’s a look at the issues from a poll and the divide in our nation:

Data: AP-NORC poll. Chart: Thomas Oide/AxiosLook at these giant gaps in answers by Democrats and Republicans when they’re asked what matters in next year’s elections.The question in the AP/NORC Ce

Here’s Hoping Your Holiday Shopping and Planning Is Going Well.

A Hearing, Vote And Coverage

Let’s take a look at the events of yesterday and let me ask a few questions.

First, Hunter doesn’t show up on time. 
Thirty minutes later he gets out of the car near the senate, not the House where he was subpoenaed, and gives a speech. 
He says “I’m here,” which is true, but he’s not where he was supposed to be. 
He says he is ready to testify in public, but not behind closed doors. 
He wants the process that has been followed for as long as I can remember to be changed for him. 
Privileged, I guess. 
Who doesn’t show up for a subpoena? 
If you were subpoenaed for something, would you show up? When you get a jury duty notice, what do you do?
The Trump kids showed up for every subpoena that they were called for.

When aides to Trump, like Steve Bannon, did not show up for his subpoena he got four months in jail.
When Peter Navarro claimed “executive privilege” and didn’t show, he was taken in shackles to court and charged. 
Why are they different from Hunter? 
Is the justice department going to go after him like the others?
If they don’t, doesn’t that prove there is a double standard of justice? One for you and me and one for the Biden’s and others? 
Didn’t Donald Trump turn on his A.G (Barr) because he would not do what he wanted?
What will A.G. Garland do?

One more thing, President Biden was clear on this. When Bannon and Navarro were in question, he said, “I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable.”
Then when asked if they should be prosecuted he said – “Yes I do.” 
Okay, Mr. President and A.G. Garland, the ball is in your court. 

Then came the House vote to open an impeachment inquiry. 
Now I don’t know anymore than anyone else if the President was involved in Hunter’s businesses while he was V.P. and Hunter happened to operate in the countries he was managing. 
With that in mind, I would like to see this whole thing go away, and if the President and Hunter would answer these questions it would satisfy me.
What is the brand they were selling or pushing? 
What deliverable were these foreign countries buying? 
What was delivered for the money sent to Hunter and family?
What did Hunter do for the funds? His Uncle? The Grandkids? (Ten family members got money, I understand).
Who was the “Big Guy” you said had to get 10%? 
Was your partner Tony Bobulinski lying when he said it was Joe Biden? 
Why don’t they just give the House the documents to clear this up?
We know Hunter collected and didn’t pay his fair share – or any share. 

Why don’t the Biden’s just clear this up by telling us the answers? 

Now the Media.
So this AM, Good Morning America begins with their opening – about the weather – not the news above about Hunter and the inquiry. 
Question one: If this were Donald Trump and Donald Jr., would that have been the same? 
The George Stephanopoulos first words were there was “no evidence of wrongdoing about the President.” 
I see George. You ran the false Russian hoax story for three years with no evidence, why was that? 
Why did you run all the false hoaxes you have without any hesitation? 
When they came back to the story two reporters repeated the same “no evidence” line. 
Well, since you never covered any of this as it unfolded, how do you have credibility now? 
How about you answering the questions above about what the product, brand and deliverables were?
That would help. Be part of the solution and clearing up instead of covering up.
In fact, this AM, Good Morning America covered Donald Trump and his actions about ten times as long as they did yesterday’s news. 
It’s exactly why the MSM has less credibility than ever. 

That’s My View On Yesterday.

A Big Day…

By the time you read this you’ll likely know if Hunter Biden showed up for his appearance behind closed doors in Congress. You may recall he said he wanted a public hearing and not a closed one. Congress refused and said he needed to follow the rules. 
If he doesn’t show up he can be held in contempt. If he does, he will be questioned and knows there will be leaks. 
I think he shows up and takes the fifth because he is under indictment. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Congress will begin preparing for a vote on whether to hold an impeachment inquiry on the President. Remember, an inquiry is a vote to hold hearings and is not an impeachment vote. The sides in congress are in the opposite corners they were for the Trump inquiry.
If this moves from an inquiry to an actual impeachment, we will have had more presidential impeachments with Trump and Biden than all our history combined.
An example, again, of when one side does something the other reacts; so be careful what roads you travel.

I saw San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston claim the city’s homelessness problems were “absolutely the result of capitalism.”
Now, if he said that because capitalism produces wealth, opportunity, free time and they lose their way, I would agree. If he meant some fail to appreciate all they have and move to drugs and alcohol because lack of values,
I would agree.
However, he meant it as a negative and his answer was to cut the police, free the funds and give more free stuff to some.
Socialism is his answer, and where has that ever worked?
Will he be reelected in San Francisco? Of course. Which brings us back to this. You get what you vote for.

Some Political News

New Hampshire Governor John Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley which should help her in the state. If there is an upset in the early primaries it would be here and not Iowa.

Interestingly the Florida Democratic Party is being sued for canceling their 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary.
Why was it cancelled? They are recognizing President Biden as the only candidate.
The lawsuit claimed that constitutional rights as a voter were violated by the decision to leave White House hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota off the ballot.
The Democratic Party has gone to great lengths to protect the President. Remember when they moved their first primary to South Carolina and told New Hampshire to forget it?

On the other side, this really bothered me. Even if this story is true, which I question, former President Trump should not be proudly telling it. 
In a speech he said that a general praised his debating Mrs. Clinton days after a video clip showed Mr. Trump saying in 2005 he could grab women by their genitals because he is a “star.”
“Sir, I’ve been on the battlefield, men have gone down on my left and on my right. I stood on hills with soldiers who were killed. But I believe the bravest thing I’ve ever seen was the night you went onto that stage with Hillary Clinton after what happened,” the former president said the general told him.
That was braver than young soldiers dying in a battle?
I cannot accept that, and I don’t believe anyone, much less a general whose job is to get those young warriors home alive, would say that. 

Just Another Day In Washington.

After The Weekend…

Interesting Tidbits From The Weekend

We closed out Friday talking about the likeliness of a Trump vs. Biden race and how much that didn’t excite us.
Then we see the WSJ poll released, and it showed remarkable numbers.
Trump led Biden 47-43%. We remind you this is before the massive ad campaign to come against the former President.
Then it showed with RFK in the race he would take far more from Trump than Biden.
When it was DeSantis vs Biden the race was tied at 45% for each. That was a surprise one.
Surprise two, and one Republican primary voters should look at, was Nikki Haley vs Biden. The margin there was 17%. 51-34 favoring Haley.
Winning a primary is one thing, winning a general election should be the goal.

How confident is President Biden of winning against Trump? I think this comment says it all:
“The other day he said, he would be a dictator only one day. Thank god. Only one day. … My guess is that he won’t show up at my next inauguration.”

You’ll probably see coverage of this unfolding in Georgia today. This from the Hill today:
WHILE COUNTING THE RESULTS of Georgia’s 2020 election, Fulton County poll worker Ruby Freeman passed her daughter, another poll worker named Shaye Moss, a ginger mint. But longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani claimed a video of that interaction showed evidence of election fraud against Trump — proof of the mother-daughter pair passing a USB drive between them to scan ballots hidden in suitcases under tables at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. In the months that followed, the poll workers were subjected to a barrage of threats stemming from Giuliani’s baseless accusations.  “I’ve lost my sense of security, all because a group of people — starting with Number 45 and his ally Rudy Giuliani — decided to scapegoat me and my daughter, Shaye, to push their own lies about how the presidential election was stolen,” Freeman said in a deposition with the House Jan. 6 committee. Today, Freeman and Moss — who sued Giuliani in December 2021 — will come face-to-face in court with him, as a trial over his false claims against them gets underway in Washington, D.C., federal court. Giuliani could be fined up to $44 million in damages.

With all the news of Hunter’s indictment for failing to pay taxes, and remember the statute of limitations was allowed to pass on the two key years of Burisma, he has a reason for the charges:
He said that Republicans are trying to “kill” him. “They are trying to, in their most illegitimate … but in a rational way, they’re trying to destroy a presidency” he said. 
He explained it this way: 
“What they’re trying to do is, they’re trying to kill me knowing it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle. I realized that it’s not about me. And then the second thing that I realized is that these people are just sad. Very, very sick people that have most likely just faced traumas in their lives.”
I see. So while you were out doing all you did, taking money from China and Ukraine, courting your sister-in-law and sleeping with your niece, was it to promote your Dad’s health? 
We’ve charged Donald Trump on 91 counts, including the current trial where there is no victim or taxes lost, but it’s you who is mistreated? 

One down:
Liz Magillthe president of the University of Pennsylvania, resigned following her widely criticized congressional testimony on antisemitism. As Axios reported today:
She faced significant backlash for not explicitly stating that calling for the genocide of Jews would violate the university’s code of conduct. Shortly after Magill’s resignation, Scott Bok resigned as chairman of Penn’s board of trustees.
The pressure on the other two who testified (Harvard and MIT) remains.
Just amazing how they could not condemn genocide on Jews.

Here’s an interesting story that broke Friday – after the DeSantis and Newsom debate. Interesting isn’t it?
California is facing a $68 billion budget deficit next fiscal year—its largest ever—due to plunging revenues including a steep drop in personal income tax collections. According to estimates released by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office Thursday, projected state revenues through the 2024-2025 fiscal year are $58 billion lower than assumed in the $310 billion state budget passed by the Democratic- controlled legislature and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, also a Democrat, in June.
The magnitude of the revenue fall, comparable to drops during the 2007-09 recession and dot-com bust, only became apparent this fall after an extension of the deadline for filing state and federal taxes for most Californians due to storms last winter.
Newsom now faces the prospect of declaring a budget emergency to draw from the state’s rainy day fund and help close the gap. In a statement, Newsom said the state was in a good position to weather the shortfall in large part due to fiscal restraint in recent years.

And We’re Off To Another Week.

An Indictment…

The Height Of Hypocrisy

While the media reports the indictment of Hunter Biden and some learn for the first time this was all real, I find myself angry.
Why angry?
First of all, the entire charge was about to be buried under the plea agreement until a judge asked a simple question about a few months back. Remember that? Hunter was about to be forgiven for all past and future charges if he pleaded guilty to a simple gun charge.
Now I am supposed to believe the same prosecutor is suddenly tough? The same Delaware prosecutor who said he didn’t have the authority to charge Hunter in other jurisdictions? Call me skeptical – at best.

Then they waited until the statute of limitations passed on the most grievous of years before they brought charges? The prosecutor had over five years to bring charges, but waited until the statute of limitations ran out on the case? There certainly wasn’t anything hard about determining the man did not file or pay taxes.

And, isn’t it next week that Hunter was supposed to appear before congress to testify under oath? Isn’t it convenient that now he can claim I am under indictment and refuse to appear?

As for his lawyer, give me a break. His immediate claim was he was indicted only because his name was Biden. 
Come on. He got the deal he did, he got the timing delayed, he got all the breaks he did because his name was Biden. The man didn’t pay his taxes. He had an illegal gun. He threw it away near a school. Period.
Indictments for name are the Trump family. He is under trial for a crime with no victim, no one hurt, nothing except that they say he over valued his assets. The banks that loaned him the money, based upon Trump’s number, testified it wouldn’t have mattered to them and nothing would have changed. In fact, they said they made the exact same profit they would have anyway. 

The other thing that bothers me about this is the President. He goes on the air, gives speeches, looks into the camera and whispers to me and you – “Pay your fair share.” All the while his son, making millions, was paying nothing.

Finally, where did the money come from that he failed to pay taxes on? China and Ukraine. Don’t those countries sound familiar? 

One More Thought Today

We wrote earlier this week about the disgraceful appearance on Capitol Hill of the University Presidents. It’s still hard to believe the questions they would not answer directly.
Think of the simple yes/no question by Rep. Stefanik asking whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” violated the schools’ codes of conduct. They couldn’t say “yes.”
Now they are getting pushback.
Here’s one from the board at Penn’s Wharton School of Business:
The board of Penn’s Wharton business school last night called upon Penn president Elizabeth Magill to resign.
In addition a major Donor announced he is withdrawing a planned donation:
A University of Pennsylvania donor is withdrawing a gift worth around $100 million to protest the school’s response to antisemitism on campus. The final straw for Ross Stevens, founder and CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, was Tuesday’s widely criticized congressional testimony by Penn president Liz Magill. 
The gift from Stevens, a Penn undergrad alum, was given to help establish a center for innovation in finance. It was in the form of limited partnership units in Stone Ridge, with the current value estimated at around $100 million. 
Stevens, in a letter from his lawyers to Penn, alleges that the school has violated the terms of the limited partnership agreement, including its anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. 
Add Congress:
The House Education Chair Rep. Foxx called the testimony “absolutely unacceptable” and announced “a formal investigation into the learning environments at Harvard, UPenn, and MIT and their policies and disciplinary procedures.”
On the Senate side, Sen. Gillibrand said all three presidents should resign. She called their statements “abhorrent.”

Finally some sanity.

Here’s Hoping Your Weekend Is A Good One.

Remembrance and Debate


Let’s begin with remembering that today is the 82nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. To this day we are returning the remains of those who went missing in action that day. Two this month in fact.
We must always remember what happened that day, and the actions that followed by our American citizens.
They did it to pass freedom on to us. It’s our job to pass it on.

It’s fitting, too, that today we mark the second month since the October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel. Just pointing that out, even though time moves on and we say we learn, there are players in the world who never do.
We must remember, Peace is Through Strength, not appeasement or weakness.
It’s just surprising how many of our citizens never learn this.

The Debate And Politics

In the debate last night it became clear to me that the road for Donald Trump got easier. The candidates went after each other and none walked off the stage not wounded. In the meantime, the former President was left mostly untouched.
The person entering the night with the momentum was Nikki Haley, but she looked a little shell shocked by the attack of her rivals. Her usual quick counters were limited, and for the first time in four debates she did not win.
Ron DeSantis won the night, and that will stop Haley’s rise and divide the stop Trump vote.
As for Vivek, he likely turned off the few remaining people who still liked him after the first three debates. He has fallen steadily since the first debate and is done now.
Chris Christie, of course, is a good debater, but he barely made the stage and is hoping for a miracle in N.H.

This morning it looks more and more like we may well end up with Biden vs. Trump, and that is both disappointing and amazing to me.

Add this to that possible race. President Biden’s campaign is not yet committing to debates next year.
What? After the almost non campaign of 2020, the President may not debate this time?
Why? His top deputy campaign manager told reporters that the president’s reelection campaign would “look at the schedule” that the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has, but will make no commitments.
Could he get away with not debating? Of course he will tie it to not being on the stage with an “insurrections” and election denier. Will that fly?
Well, remember, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Here’s another 2024 “what?”
Former Rep. Liz Cheney said she is considering running for president in 2024 in an attempt to make sure former President Donald Trump doesn’t get elected to a second term. “I certainly hope to play a role in helping to ensure that the country has … a new, fully conservative party.” she said.
Raise your hand if you think the country is waiting for her. The people in Wyoming spoke clearly last November, overwhelmingly voting her out.

One last note about the Republican House and their ability to shoot themselves in the foot. Former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy announced that he is resigning from his congressional seat at the end of the year.
The Republicans blew their chance for a red wave with candidates who couldn’t win in 2022. They showed up with a four vote majority. Managed to get into a circular area and shoot themselves.
With Santos gone and now McCarthy leaving, their advantage is down to two.
I hope Matt Gaetz and his band of eight are proud of what they did, to change nothing, except assure a Democratic Congress in 2024.

That’s It For Today.

Let’s Do Quick Takes…

The latest Republican debate is tonight. We’re down to four on stage in this one. It should be two, Haley and DeSantis only, so we can narrow it down to one versus Trump for Republicans to decide. 
In the first three debates Haley helped herself, Vivek hurt himself, DeSantis held ground and Christie reinforced who he is. Questions will be tougher tonight. 

Were you surprised when the President said he might not be running if Trump wasn’t? Why would you not be running? Do you think you can’t do it for four more years? Do you not want the job? A surprising and not too wise statement to make. Imagine his campaign reaction as he uttered the words. 

Did you hear the FBI Director testifying yesterday and saying that he sees flashing terrorist lights all over the U.S.? He sees “elevated threats” everywhere he looks. Wait, Mr. Director, the border is closed or is the administration lying to us? 

Speaking of the Director, he also said the FBI knew the laptop was real before the election, but didn’t think it was their place (The FBI) to tell us. Really? So you allow that ad by past leaders to tell us it looked like a Russian Hoax? 

With all the noise you hear about the House impeachment inquiry vote, remember this: A vote to investigate suspicious activity is different from a vote on actual articles. It is to investigate only to see if there is a cause. 
Banks raised the issue of suspicious activity, so I don’t understand what the problem is. 

Do you wonder why we don’t know the names of the nine American Hostages held by Hamas? How come in the past we always knew and saw their families on the airwaves? 

Israeli President Netanyahu asked a great question yesterday to all the women’s human rights protection and rights groups. “Where the hell are you?” 

How bad did the three University Presidents look yesterday in the House hearing? Have Harvard, UPenn, or MIT ever looked so bad? 

Yesterday VP Harris broke the nearly 200-year-old record for the most tie breaking Senate votes cast by a vice president. She broke the record of John Calhoun.  So, if you’re happy with the way the country is going, you know who to vote for. 

Russia rejected a new offer from the Biden administration to free American captives  Paul Whelan and WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich. Think about the most wanted spy/terrorist they wanted back that we gave them for Brittany Griner alone. A fair press would be holding the administration’s feet to the fire on this. 

Last night Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump about being a “dictator,” the new term the left is using against him. The former President replied “only on day one,” and added, “I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.” The Biden campaign jumped on this and put out that the former President wanted to be a dictator on (from) “day one.” Leaving, of course, the impression it was for the duration. Watch how the MSM covers this, because closing the border and drilling on day one is pretty popular. 

We keep stressing that Hybrid is the way to go, easing our way to Electric, and you may recall we touted Toyota had it right. Here’s the ranking of the top ten selling electric or hybrid auto’s. Notice 4 Toyota’s, 2 Tesla’s. Where’s GM (1) or Ford (0)? They went the wrong way. 
And next year, Toyota Camry, the number one selling car in the U.S. will be available in hybrid form only. 

Leadership Matters.

A Few Notes…

The continued protests in our nation and West European countries against Israel is astounding to me. 
I repeat, there is no moral equivalency and anyone protesting against a nation trying to defend its very being saying there is, is wrong. 
If you are protesting and telling me that Oct. 7th never happened, that the hostage release is made up and the stories we are hearing about rapes and mistreatment is a lie, then I say you are removed from reality.

When a nation loses its sense of right and wrong, it is done and lost. There are many in our nation on the streets today having achieved that sense of lost.

Then John Kerry and VP Harris go to the climate conference and announce we will stop all coal building plants and begin closing all of the current with a goal for all to be gone. Really?
Let’s see, 20% of our energy comes from this means. We’re just going to stop? 
Meanwhile, the world’s largest climate polluter, China, is building new plants each week?

I have to put this up there with their other brilliant strategy with oil.
They’re against it because it pollutes.
But it turns out they are really only against American Oil, because they stop that, but beg foreigners to give us more. How does that make any sense?

While on that subject, the administration is now trying to buy oil to restock the Strategic Reserve. 
The same reserve that was stocked when the oil price dropped to near zero.
We’re restocking now at a high cost, because the administration dropped the reserves to 40% to cover need and lower the price.
Not exactly what the reserve was created for.
A policy that is exactly the opposite of buy low sell high. This administration buys high and sells low. 

It appears now that Senator Tuberville is going to relent on his months-long military promotion blockade, which has held up more than 400 promotions and has drawn criticism from all sides. 
It’s about time, and the senator needs to learn you don’t get into fights you can’t win. He hurt his cause by hurting military personnel and execution. 

I saw stories on the MSM that the investigation into Hunter and any possible ties to his father were just false news. Oh really? How do they know? Wasn’t it them who told us these stories were real?
The Russia Collusion Hoax. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Hoax. The Jussie Smollett Hoax. The Covington KKKids Hoax. The Very Fine People Hoax. Policemen Killed at Mostly Peaceful Protest Hoax. The Rittenhouse Hoax. Border Agents On Horses Whipping Illegals Hoax. The NASCAR Noose Hoax. The Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 Hoax.

What a joke they are. All those were real, but Hunter’s laptop is not. 

The final joke of the day is the story coming out of the reelection campaign that says the administration is going to drop the focus on Bidenomics. “It’s not working” is the word. No kidding. Not only is the term not connecting, the program is not working.
Next will be how great things are, like inflation is down to 3%. Yes it is. But, on top of 9% so prices are up 12% since this administration took office.
I always think they believed Bidenomics would work as a campaign issue. After all, they reasoned, it worked for Reagan with Reaganomics. Except for one thing. The latter worked, while the former isn’t.

Just Some Thoughts Today.

Debate The Debate

If you watched the debate last night and you went in with a side already chosen, then you probably think your person and side won.
I say forget the words and spins and means upon which a question may have been distorted and avoided. Take a look at the five charts that measured the states against each other. Those were the undisputed facts. Education, taxes, crime, citizens moving to and from. Those told the story.
The old saying is, you can argue the facts, but you are not entitled to your own facts. The numbers told the story for me.
The only question to me is this one.
Which person running for President has the greatest chance to bring that to the nation as a whole?

Israel and Hamas

As I write this it looks like the cease fire is over and the hostilities are about to commence again.
The more we learn about the atrocities committed on October 7th and how some of the hostages sharing their captivity story were treated, it reinforces for me what Israel must do.
The world will be a safer place for all if we don’t stand in their way, and as Senator Marco Rubio told an interviewer asking him about innocent deaths now replied, “Hamas owns every death.”
Rubio was right, Hamas caused this and protecting yourself is still allowed.

While On Terrorists

Here’s a vote that didn’t get much coverage on the MSM. I wonder why.
The House approved in a veto-proof vote a bill that would permanently freeze $6 billion in Iranian oil revenue previously unfrozen by President Biden as part of a hostage swap deal with the Islamic Republic. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul’s bill, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act, passed in a 307 to 119 vote.
Nearly all Republicans and more than 90 Democrats voted in favor of the measure, which imposes a sanction to prevent $6 billion in Iranian oil assets from being accessed by the country.

With Iran acting as the banker for terrorists around the world, how could any administration think giving them these funds is a good idea?

Enjoy The Weekend Ahead.