A Short Take…

Some quick thoughts this Valentine’s Day, beginning with Valentine’s Wishes to all our readers. 

All those who have been writing and telling me that I am wrong and there is no way Democrats can win this year, what happened?
In a congressional district that is only +4 Democratic and won by a Republican eighteen months ago, went Democratic by eight per-cent. 
In a Bucks County state house seat, in an evenly divided district, the Democratic candidate won going away. It was, 67 – 33, giving the Democrats control of the Pennsylvania House. 

Two major elections yesterday, both closely watched and dominated by Democrats. 

The next time someone tells you the country is ready for change, just remember these results. 
If you think Donald Trump at the top of the ticket is going to bring the rest of the ticket in with him, I suggest you look again at what happened in 2018, 2020 and 2022. 

The other major event of the day was the impeachment of a cabinet member for the just the second time in our nation’s history. 
I know the left and MSM are saying he didn’t do anything impeachable and defending him, but you can mark me down as satisfied. 
The man lied to us over and over, telling us the border was closed. Not an impeachable offense. Okay, I understand the law, but how about the over 70,000 of our citizens dying by fentanyl because of the open border? 
How about the fact he and his boss broke a locked border with their policies? 

Now, I realize he won’t be convicted and removed in the senate. Every Democrat will vote not guilty. Of course, if he were a Republican appointee they would be leading the charge. 
Isn’t it a shame that party politics override the public good and safety? 
And yes, if they did convict him, the President would appoint someone who would follow the policy exactly the same way he outlined it. 
I just want to believe we still have citizens who serve who have morals and courage. 

Did you see or hear about the California Senatorial debate and Rep. Barbara Lee saying she wanted a $50.00 per hour minimum wage in the state? 
Does any Democrat know how business works? Do they know about inflation, pricing, cost of goods and its impact? You have to wonder. 
With time to go, let’s see if the other candidates raise the ante here. 

Okay, Let’s See Now…

We’ll hear lots of noise from the MSM today that the House does not want to support Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan now that the senate has passed their spending bill.
Only one question from me:
What happened to the bill to support Ukraine and Israel that it passed already? You know, the one that said here’s how we pay the bill. (Cutting some of the 87,000 IRS agents the President wants to hire and budgeted?)
Why are we against paying for things instead of increasing the debt further? Why won’t the MSM cover this?

Remember when we told you that former President Trump wanted North Carolina’s Michael Whatley (chair of the North Carolina GOP) as RNC chair to succeed Ronna McDaniel? Why? Whatley was a leader in the “Stop The Steal” movement.
Guess what? He announced yesterday that Whatley is the person. Then he announced his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, will serve as co-chair. 
He capped it off by recommending one of his top aides become COO of the RNC and labeling the trio as “highly talented, battle-tested, and smart.” 

A reader responded to me yesterday about our long repeated statement that only Trump can reelect Biden, and only Biden can elect Trump. I should add, “and only we the voter can change this.”

All the noise about Robert Hur’s report on the President and classified documents continues. 
Remember this, almost always a Special Prosecutor is called before Congress to testify. I don’t know why Hur would be different. 
Meanwhile, the White House continues to disparage Hur and say he reached a wrong conclusion. 
Okay then, just release the transcript and tapes and prove it. 
They won’t, and we know why. 

Let’s talk about hypocrisy.
We all know how the social media and major corporate leaders have been backers of liberal policy and Democrats. Oh yea, they say, we should all pay our fair share. Raise those taxes!
Well, here’s the Jeff Bezos story. Remember when he moved from Seattle to Florida recently? We said it was for tax purposes.
Well, the headline today is: 

Jeff Bezos Will Save $600 Million by his move from Seattle to Florida. 
Jeff Bezos just sold $2 billion of Amazon stock. Florida has no capital gains tax and Washington recently enacted its first-ever capital gains tax at 7%. 
He revealed that he will sell 50 million shares of Amazon stock through early 2025. The value of this stock is estimated at $10 billion. His tax savings by being a Florida resident: $600 million. 

Remember that the next time he donates to a liberal “raise your taxes” candidate in your state.

That’s Enough To Digest For One Day.

It All Comes Together…

Last week we began with talking about the “clueless” administration we had running the country.
We finished with the “Ready, Shoot, Aim” party and how disorganized they were.
Well, both lived up to their standing this weekend.

Let’s Start With Clueless.
Can the President and his team be any more clueless than the 45 second piece they put out yesterday, rather than accept the Super Bowl interview opportunity?
Now I realize the MSM didn’t want to cover the piece and even this morning avoided it, but can they be more clueless?
The piece featured the President with major brands in the background (like, Gatorade, Doritos, Breyers and Tostitos) and the President saying:
“Some companies are trying to pull a fast one by shrinking the products little by little and hoping you won’t notice. Give me a break. The American public is tired of being played for suckers.”
They are smaller because of the inflation under your administration, and they are trying to keep a price point.
The consumer has recognized this since you took office. It was higher prices or smaller packages.
The President thinks the companies are doing it to make more profits.
He truly doesn’t understand business and how the higher costs impact them.
He thinks they should just lower prices, disregard inflation and go bankrupt, I guess.

This discovery, which seemed to come last week to him when he had a Snickers Bar, is unbelievable.
I know he has no clue how his policies drove up costs and impacted this, but doesn’t his staff?
How could they allow this to occur?

Of course, when he says “suckers” he knows you can fool some of the people all the time.

Now the Ready, Shoot, Aim Party.

With all the heat on the President after the Hur Report, wouldn’t it be wise for the self proclaimed “genius” candidate, Donald Trump, to shut up?

Not this genius. He actually goes out and creates bigger news by talking about NATO and how he would tell Putin to do what he wants to any country who is not paying their fair share to the organization. 

Now, most of us clearly want every NATO nation to pay the fair share they said they would. End. Leave it there.
Not Trump. He has to go to another level and say he would tell Putin to go ahead and attack any nation not paying their fair share.

Thus the Press, looking for a way to spin a really negative story on classified documents and a feeble President, was desperate.
They saw the latest poll stating that 86% now think the President is too old to serve another term.
What do they say and do?

Fear not, Donald Trump will save your news cycle. 

On This Monday, It’s clear.
Only Trump Can Reelect Biden And Only Biden Can Elect Trump.

What A Day…

You obviously know all you need about the Robert Hur report and the aftermath. There is no need for me to add to it, so just allow me to state this.
President Biden had records he should not have had, that went back decades. 
President Trump had records he should not have had. 
Secretary Clinton had records she should not have had, erased them and then beach bit the devices so they could never be read.
One is under indictment and two are walking free. 
My position is this.
All three broke the law and should be held accountable.
Why do we have laws if we are going to selectively or not apply them equally and fairly?

One other question coming out of the report are the President’s supporters saying that Robert Hur was biased and wrong.
Okay, I guess you are saying then that the President is fine and the prosecutor should bring charges, because he (The President) is fine, because he did break the law.
Is that what you are saying and desire?

Then we had the Supreme Court hearing. On some stations and in some MSM they seemed shocked that all nine justices seemed to have an issue with keeping Donald Trump off the ballot. 
Why? Because of their bias. They want him off the ballot so badly they were willing to try anything. 
Well, how about if Texas decided to take President Biden off the ballot because he has failed to close the border?
That would be wrong and oh how they would yell. 
Well, so is trying to keep someone off for a crime they were never charged or convicted of. 

Speaking of the border, let’s end a week of noise about it with this:
What is it about illegal the left and press don’t seem to understand?
Illegal crossers broke the law. Whatever comes after is a crime.

Some Quick Hits

Does the conviction of the Mother (Jennifer Crumbley) in the Michigan school shooting now mean we can bring charges against parents for other killings committed? Can we bring charges against them for the murder of a police officer? A mugging in the street? 
Or, do we only hold some parents responsible? 

How did the NYC DA get away with saying he let the migrants who beat the cops go because he did not, at the time, have enough evidence to charge them? You had enough to arrest them and give a court appearance date. 
No, Mr. DA and Mayor, it was your failed woke policies. 
This is the same DA who is charging murder for ex Marine Daniel Penny who defended citizens on the subway, despite every passenger saying he was a hero. It’s the Woke policy!
Here’s an interesting quote on all this: 
“A country that turns [Daniel] Penny into a criminal and lets this thug [Jhoan Boada] walk free, beat up police officers and go back on the streets before the sun goes down is a country on the verge of disintegration.”

Not much coverage, but did you know that Marianne Williamson ended her Democratic primary against President Biden the other day?  
The President has gotten 90%+ in all the primaries and she realized how fruitless it was to continue.

Is Speaker Johnson really that brain dead that he was prepared to endorse Rep. Matt Rosendale, a leader of the congressional eight who caused all that chaos for the senate in Montana? 
Rosendale lost a winnable run, in a solid red state, six years ago. The Republican Senate campaign has endorsed a former wounded soldier, who is doing well in the early primaries. 
But the man who threw the country into chaos wants to mess up another potential winnable seat and I guess the Speaker wants to assure he doesn’t “McCarthy” him. 
Last night, under intense pressure, the Speaker announced he was not endorsing, just going to contribute to Rosendale’s campaign. I support his opponent, Tim Sheehy, one hundred percent. 

Let’s Close The Week With A Brain Dead Policy

Two more stories yesterday on EV’s that the President is pushing for 100% of new auto’s in 2035.
Toyota’s stock is soaring. Why? Its decision to emphasize hybrid vehicles over fully electric models. 
They reported that they expected to notch an annual profit of more than $30 billion when its fiscal year closes in March. That would be a record for them.
That news came on the heels of Ford reporting that it lost more than $60,000 for every EV they sold last year. 
Ford Lost $4.7B on EVs last year.
End of story. 

Have A Great Weekend.

Ready, Shoot, Aim… Again

How Can A Party Shoot Themselves So Many Times?

Maybe I understated it when I said that only Donald Trump can make Joe Biden President again.
It seems after yesterday the ready, shoot then aim Republicans in the House and Senate are dedicated to that too.

The vote to oust Homeland Security Director Mayorkas was a total disgrace. It failed 216-214 is what you hear, but it was really one vote. Rep. Moore changed to a “no” to allow another vote in the next week or so. If he had stayed with his ouster vote it would have been 215-215.
So, a party that lost George Santos, had Rep. Scalise away getting cancer treatment, and ousted Speaker McCarthy, had no room for error.
They found a way and embarrassed themselves.
Republicans in the House are too divided to lead. They shot themselves with the McCarthy move and their gang of eight. They are paying the price and look foolish.

Then came the border vote. Their leader Mitch McConnell on the senate side led them right down this path.
The border might well be this administration’s largest albatross. McConnell has managed it so well for the opposition party that he makes it look like Republicans are the issue.
He sent Senator Langford to be his negotiator.
Well, if your party wants a closed border, why would you give anything up? Why would you agree to 5,000 a day that can cross illegally? Why would you give the President the right to override that number?
The mistake was to agree to anything that didn’t close the border as your supporters want.
You took an issue you owned and gave the other side an advantage. You couldn’t lead worse.

Then Donald Trump jumped in, when he didn’t need to, and put himself in the position as the one who led his sheep to protest. If he had just shut up this would have played out exactly as it did. Instead, he allows Biden and the Democrats to place the blame on his table.

And, today we learned 1 million passed through since October. That should be the news, not what it is.

To top it all off, the party finally realized what has been written here for four years, Ronna McDaniel is not the party leader to lead them to victory. So, after reelecting her last year, they want her out now.

Who does it appear the former President wants in her place? The rumor is Michael Whatley from North Carolina. Whatley is a firm member and leader of the “stop the steal” team.
Yup, a winning strategy for sure. Let’s talk 2020 again.
After all, he’s only lost over 60 cases on the 2020 election fraud issues so far. 

The Republicans are the Ready, Shoot, Aim party today. You don’t win anything with that.

Meanwhile, the sole remaining option to Donald Trump in the party, one who can win, Nikki Haley is done. The Republicans in Nevada voted for “none of the above” over her yesterday in their primary.
Of course Republicans haven’t won in Nevada for a long time, but a majority of their minority party seems satisfied to lose again.

The standard bearer they want, Donald Trump, lost another case, unanimously, in the Court of Appeals yesterday. He is trying desperately to delay this case until after the election, knowing he will likely be convicted and that would cost him the election. It’s touch and go on that, as the DOJ has a 60 day prior to the election ban on charges and trial.
By the way, that’s over 60 court cases the former President has lost already.

Did you see where the President turned down what had become the traditional pre Super Bowl interview?
He had done so last year too, but it was suggested that the reason then was it was on FoxNews.
This time it is CBS.
In an election year, with such a large audience would you tell your candidate to turn it down?

Donald Trump jumped right in and said he would do the interview. CBS turned him down.

Then Trump challenged Joe Biden to debates “now.”
I remind our readers that one of the reasons Trump lost in 2020 was the debates.
With a chance to show Biden’s true hesitations, what did Trump do? He jumped in, over and over and never let Biden finish what he was going to try and say. Exactly the wrong approach.
Then it was Trump who canceled debate number two, because, though live, was going to be a zoom and in the same room. Wrong again.
In debate three, Trump finally handled it right.
Who knows what he would do here.

Really? This Is Leadership?

The Border Deal And More…

I haven’t read the border deal that was released last night, but after listening to the crafters of it I can tell you this. I would vote no.
Let me start with this question. If you tried to cross the border of China what would happen? Russia?
Of course, you would be stopped and detained. You would expect that, wouldn’t you? You would say, “Of course, I was entering the country illegally.”
So why is our border different? Why do we need a terrorist action that kills and maims before we close the border? We know innocent citizens are dying every day from attacks, robberies and fentanyl is not enough. We know car hijackings, police beatings in Times Square and higher crime don’t matter.

Closing the border when 5,000 try to cross illegally is a ridiculous notion. What are we going to do, count crossers from Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California as a running daily total?
Do crossers from Canada count?

Why do we have to let one, repeat one, illegal person enter when we have a legal means and list of people who are waiting?
From my standpoint, it’s zero. Close the border, secure the border.
Let’s start with President Biden (and Chuck Schumer who so happily supported him), rescinding the executive orders signed on day one of your administration.
Then enhance the security.
Lead, act like a leader of a great nation, protect our borders, because the blood that is flowing and will be enhanced is on your hands.

A Few Other Thoughts

Is she for real? Rep. Ayanna Pressley is blaming Walgreens closing a store on Racism.
The truth is the store has been racked by outrageous amounts of theft for a long time and losing money. The theft is causing the rest of us higher costs.
It’s racism alright, the failure to lock up criminals, prosecute them and protect the innocent citizens of the area, state and nation. It’s racism against the law-abiding and innocent.

In case you missed this too, Denny’s and In-N-Out Burgers announced they are closing all stores in the Oakland area for the same reason.
The entire community loses when they elect left leaning politicians and DA’s who refuse to protect the innocent.

While on appeasement, here’s a story that broke Friday and should have gotten much more coverage:
The Biden administration and its partners in Europe ignored warnings about the growing danger posed by Houthi rebels because they were fixated on pursuing a new nuclear deal with Iran, according to a top Yemeni official. Ahmad Awad bin Mubarak, who represents the U.N.-recognized Yemeni government, said the U.S. and Europe prioritized nuclear negotiations with Tehran over the worsening security situation in Yemen and the expanding military capabilities of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. The decision to prioritize nuclear talks with Iran over all else, he suggested, paved the way for the rise of the Houthis into a militant outfit that has disrupted commercial shipping in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and other vital waterways in the region. Mr. Mubarak, a former Yemeni ambassador to the U.S., said he and other officials in his country urged the U.S. and Europe to take a tougher stance against the Houthis, but it became clear nuclear negotiations were more important.

Here’s another story that should have been more widely covered:
The former NYPD deputy commissioner then relayed what NYPD detectives have told him. “What the detectives are telling me is they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and then come back,” Miller recounted. “And I’m like, ‘Well, why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?’ And they said, ‘Because there, you go to jail,'” he explained.

EV’s Again

Another EV pullback. Did you hear this story?
Volvo Car said it won’t provide further funding to Polestar, the electric-car maker it created with Volvo’s Chinese owner Geely— the latest EV retrenchment by the global auto industry. The auto industry’s pivot to electric vehicles has been rocked by setbacks this year, just as a flood of new battery- powered models is hitting showrooms. Earlier this week, French automaker Renault said it has decided to cancel the initial public offering of its electric-car unit Ampere. Ford Motor, meanwhile, has slashed production of its electric F-150 Lightning. Rental car firm Hertz has said it was dumping about one-third of its EV rental car fleet, replacing the cars with gas-engine vehicles.
Also, earlier this week, Tesla warned of notably lower growth this year. Data earlier this year has shown a slow- down in EV sales growth in the U.S., automakers delaying or cutting back on plans and anxi- ety rising among dealership owners. In a sign of investor unease about automakers’ march toward an EV future, Volvo shares surged more than 20% Thursday on its decision to cut off funding to Polestar.

It’s hybrids easing into EV’s. Why don’t they get it?

It’s Monday Morning And We’re Off And Running.

Wrapping Up A Week Of Rants…

So, the five culprits who attacked NYC Police Officers and were let out – bail free- took off and left for California. I guess “no bail” didn’t work and they don’t intend to show up for their follow up hearings.
Clueless Gov. Kathy Hochul, after first saying it was basically nothing, now that they left town, thinks that maybe they should have been deported.
Just a little too late there Governor and your woke view of the world.
First of all we arrested five people who were in the country illegally.
Then they attacked and beat up two NYC police officers.
Either charge should have kept them in custody; but not in woke New York.
Now they left for the safer confides of California.
And New Yorkers just reelected the Governor, so you get what you vote for.

This is not an isolated incident in NYC. This story from yesterday too:
A deranged Brooklyn man was caught on film last week hacking at NYPD officers with a machete.
Although wounded in the attack, the officers nevertheless managed to subdue the suspect.
This bloodletting was apparently not enough to convince a New York City grand jury to hold the man accountable for his actions. The jury decided not to indict him with attempted murder.
By the way, the officers were called to the apartment following reports of a man acting erratically.
Three NYC officers were injured in the incident.

When you think it can’t get any crazier, along comes a decision in woke Washington DC.
Remember that video of the naked men and gay sex in a senate hearing room?
The U.S. Capitol Police announced they are closing their probe into that sex video and no charges will be filed.
The senate aide gets naked in the hearing room, has gay sex, video tapes it and sends it out on social media, and they say no charges.
While the incident was “likely a violation of Congressional policy,” the Capitol Police’s “comprehensive investigation” determined there is no evidence a crime was committed.  
Oh? Does that mean any of us can use congressional hearing rooms for sexual encounters?
Or, is it just aides of liberal Democratic senators?
You do have to wonder about the double standard of justice in many places of our nation.

You think it’s limited to a few? Well consider this vote yesterday in the House.
A majority of Democrats (150) voted “no” to deporting Illegal immigrants who endanger American citizens by driving under the influence.
I’ll say again, first they broke the law by entering the country illegally, then broke another law and put lives at risk and Democrats do not want to deport them.
Yet, they are now trying to convince Americans that Republicans don’t want to close the border.
But then again, you can fool some of the people all the time.

On that last point, whether you think Hunter Biden involved his Father or not in his dealings, you have to agree he broke gun, drug and tax laws on his own, at the least. Right?
How come he still has his law license? Would a Trump or prominent Republican child?

Oh yea, let me add something else you may not have heard.
Remember the phony Russian Collusion Story all backed by the phony Steele dossier?
Well, Donald Trump sued Christopher Steele and the authors in court. Guess what?
He lost his lawsuit after a court dismissed his claim linked to the notorious dossier about alleged ties between the Kremlin and the former US president’s successful run to the White House.
He had sued saying he’d suffered “significant damage and distress” from the publication of the dossier. He’d sought a judge’s ruling that statements in the report were false.
The judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying Trump had no prospect of obtaining compensation for any distress he may have suffered. She said she wouldn’t determine the accuracy of the dossier itself.
Really, judge? The dossier that Hillary paid for and everyone admits is made up?

Meanwhile In The House And Senate

As you listen to the MSM tell you how mean Republicans and the right are, consider these facts.

The House appears to be preparing to DOUBLE the state and local tax (SALT) deduction on federal tax returns. 
You know what is not right? The deduction allowed on federal taxes for state and local taxes paid.
President Trump had lowered the deduction to $10,000.
Who benefits from raising it? The big tax states like California, New York and Illinois.
Why should the rest of the nation pay higher federal taxes because some states cannot control their spending?
As an example, Florida is larger in population than New York. They have zero state income tax. Residents in NYC pay over 12%. That’s NY’s problem and how they vote, not Florida’s or the nine states with zero.
And who benefits the most from the SALT? High income earners in blue states.
Here’s an outcome from a recent study on that question:
“Virtually no tax filers with incomes less than $75,000 would benefit from resurrecting this tax loophole – because few Americans with incomes below that level itemize their deductions. The biggest winners from this giveaway are those in the top 1% who live in Manhattan and Silicon Valley.”

John Kerry is leaving his role as climate czar to work on the Biden reelection team. So, who takes his place? A noted scientist maybe?
No, just another Democratic political operative and major fundraiser, John Podesta.
His science background? Zero.
I guess that makes him perfect to be the next Climate Change Czar, where you blame everything on climate change.
He does get to oversee the nearly $400 billion that flows through Washington’s Climate Change Industrial Complex.   

If you gave money to Donald Trump this past year you should know this. He raised $188 million in 2023.
Now about a quarter of it was used to pay his legal expenses.
Did you know that?

That Ends A Week Of Frustrating News.

As I Continue…

Yesterday I Wrote Of Frustrations… Let’s Continue

I remain frustrated hearing the President, the left and the MSM, who suddenly have discovered the border is an issue, attempting to blame Republicans for the problem.
Let me ask a question. 
When the border issue first arose three years ago, who did the President appoint as the “border czar?”
Wasn’t it her who was going to get to the “root causes” because that was the only way to “fix it?”
What happened to that? 
For three plus years she was in charge and did nothing, and now Republicans are to blame?
Proving once again you can fool some of the people all the time.
Especially when the media is on your side.
Joe Biden, the appointed border czar, the Democratic elected officials who closed their eyes, and the MSM own this.

Then I hear Rep. Nadler saying we need the illegal border crossers in the country to pick “vegetables to keep them from rotting.”
How can any politician get away with saying that? 
Oh, I guess if the MSM covers for you, then you can. 
Rep. Nadler, that is exactly why we want individuals to register legally to come. 
We need to understand our needs in any given year and bring in new citizens to support that.
Why, Rep. Nadler, are you and your left leaning friends against legal immigration?
What is the problem with legal? Why do they have to be illegal?
I guess you like those five illegals who this week jumped two NYC police officers in Times Square and beat upon them.
Do you support that? 
I guess you support, too, that after they were arrested they were released without bail. Your DA did that. 
Can you explain all that? 
Oh, I guess if the MSM covers for you, then you can.

Then I see this headline story:
“Kirby says China fentanyl talks start well.”
I thought when the President met with Chinese leaders in a cleaned up San Francisco, this was brought up and handled. What happened? That was three months ago.
How many of our citizens have to die before you actually do handle it?
So when’s the next meeting, Mr Kirby?
Oh, next Wednesday in Beijing, I see.
No rush here I guess.
Well, in nine months hopefully you get voted out and a new President gets it done.
Add this to my list of things this administration says and does that led me to call them “clueless” yesterday.

While adding Kirby, look at these beauties too?
“I would argue that we have not seen a situation as dangerous as the one we’re facing now across the region since at least 1973.” —Secretary of State Antony Blinken
This after the clueless National Security Advisor said three months ago:
“The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.” —Jake Sullivan
This is from two of the most senior leaders in this administration.

And let’s put this one out there as we all say Iran is the culprit and we are going down a bad path here.
“As the walls close in on this man [Trump], I’m worried that he is going to get us into a war with Iran.” —Joe Biden, 2020
Well, Mr. President, now, under your watch Iran is at war with us, you just haven’t figured it out yet.
You wonder why his senior staff is like they are!
Just clueless, but then again, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Here’s an interesting story from CNN, reporting on a speech that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave to a college audience. 
She sharply lamented the conservative supermajority that governs the bench” that she sits on. 
“I live in frustration,” she said. “Every loss truly traumatizes me in my stomach and in my heart. But I have to get up the next morning and keep on fighting.”
Oh really, Justice Sotomayor? 
How do you think the conservatives felt for the previous twenty-five years of court decisions?
How do you think safety conscious individuals feel today with the Soros backed DA’s letting criminals free? (See NY police officers beating above.) 
What do you think of those who want legal immigration, protected borders, criminals to be taken off the street and equal justice under the law feel? 
I assure you we were and remain “frustrated too.”

The President is off to Michigian today to “talk” to union workers (voters). He sent a delegation to Mexico to ask them to enforce their border rules. The NYT this morning says it is working and crossings are down. He is going to Palestine, Ohio, a year after the mishap there occurred. He is pushing through tax cuts – even to those who don’t work and pay taxes. (They get credits on their tax returns). He blasted pharmaceutical firms for their drug costs. He is going to Dover AFB for the return of the three killed soldiers. He called the families (four days later) and it was covered so warmly on the MSM. 
Why all this? 
It’s election time.
The S.C. Democratic primary is Saturday and November is only nine months away. 
Most importantly, he knows, you can fool some of the people all the time. 

I was asked my opinion on the border deal under discussion in the Senate. Here’s my answer.
I don’t care if the number is 500 or 5 who would be allowed to cross daily.  I would be against it. We have legal means to come. Follow the law of the nation. Zero is the illegal number for me. Let those waiting on legal lists in.

Here’s an example of reporting from Washington today. Last night was the 78th annual Washington Press Club Foundation dinner on the Republican lead presenter:
Politico: After praising the Democratic lead jokesters said of the Republican:  
Rep. LISA McCLAIN (R-Mich.), whose material, to be kind, did not match her madcap energy.
Punchbowl News said this:  
Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) brought down the house. 
Bias even on telling jokes.

Clueless In Washington

It’s Hard…

Let’s Start By Remembering

Remembering the five young individuals who put on our nation’s uniform and in the last few weeks have lost their lives.
Two were Navy Seals lost forever at sea.
Navy Special Warfare Operator Chris Chambers and Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Gage Ingram. 
Three In a drone attack:
Sgt. William Jerome Rivers; Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders; Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett.

We honor their service and pray for their souls and families.


The President and administration have decided on a response. As of this writing we don’t know what that is, but we do know from the top down that they are saying “we don’t want war with Iran.” 
Why are they saying that? Why are they still appeasing? Why are they reassuring Iran? 
Iran is at war with us. They have directed 165 actions against our troops since Oct. 7th.
They have killed five and wounded over 120 others.
Why don’t they shut up and not tell the enemy what we won’t do and do something meaningful?
The foreign policy of this administration is a failure. 

And All This Defense Of Mayorkas

All of a sudden the liberals in congress and the MSM are rising up and saying there is no reason to impeach the Homeland Security Director.
Well, they are wrong and YES there is.
He’s a pompous liar. He has testified under oath and said the border is closed.
He has lied over and over.
We see the numbers coming across.
We know more crossed last month than any month in the history of our nation.
We know more of our citizens are dying annually from fentanyl – coming across that border – than died in Vietnam — and that was a disaster.
If you are naive enough to think there are not terror cells crossing that border and some of our citizens are going to die in the homeland, well, then you are reading the wrong blog.

While We’re At It

The President and MSM are total revisionists and liars, now trying to tell us the President wants the border closed and needs congress to act. It’s total bull….
It has been three years and 11 days since the President used his executive power to overturn the secure border that the previous administration had in place.
He proudly used his pen that day in the White House to sign order after order. if you recall. Many of us thought he had no idea what he was signing. Well, Mr President, a few of those were to break border control. 
Here’s an idea for you:
Go back and redo your orders and you can close the border. 
Stop suing the states actually doing something to try and close the border.
Stop the lies and the MSM is complicit in this.
They (MSM) never reported there was an issue until Texas started shipping people to blue cities.  
Now that they see it, they want us to believe Joe Biden was trying to solve it.
No, he created it.

Here’s two quotes that I read today that think tell the story:
“If the Biden administration would spend as much time fighting illegal immigration as it does fighting border states that are actually trying to do something about the problem, we might begin to see some progress.”

“Biden’s fundamental [border] problem is that he’s asking for a congressional solution to a problem created by the executive.”

More Examples

The President’s policies actually helped Iran get into this position. Their funds were down under the former administration. Who opened oil sales for them? Joe Biden’s failed policies. 
He has funded Russia’s war with Ukraine by curtailing American oil and allowing Russia to drive their revenue. Remember, John McCain called them (Russia) one big gas station. That’s all they have. 
Remember, too, when he was begging Venezuela for more oil? He was getting concessions, we were told. Well read this:
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s backsliding on his promise of free and fair elections is likely to prompt the return of some U.S. sanctions. Get it? He’s backing off. Know what even the stiffest penalties we are now planning exclude? 
Oil. The one thing that keeps them afloat.
Let’s not forget his National Security Advisor, a week before all this began on October 7th, saying this on the Middle East: 
“The region is quieter than it has been for decades.”
This President and team are clueless. 

And They Are Clueless On Everything

Think of the ridiculous EV rules and dates this clueless administration has put in place.
Readers here know we have said for years that hybrids are the way to transition and go.
Well, I am reading the Wall Street Journal and here are three consecutive stories and headlines.

GM Went All In on Electric Cars, But Dealers Say They Want Hybrids.”
Some influential dealers are pressing General Motors to introduce hybrid models, worried they risk losing customers who aren’t ready to make the switch to fully electric cars. Dealers who serve on advisory committees to the auto maker urged executives in several recent meetings to add hybrids to GM’s lineup, according to people involved in the discussions. GM focused on fully electric cars in recent years and largely bypassed hybrids, which pair an internal combustion engine with a small battery and electric motor to boost fuel efficiency.The dealers said they expressed concern that more customers are looking for a middle ground between conventional gas engine cars and EVs, which are more expensive and require regular charging.

The next story was about the company that went all hybrid:
Toyota Sales Hit Record In 2023.”
Surprise, surprise, surprise, right?

Then this third story:
“Renault Cancels Ampere IPO.”
Renault said it decided to cancel the initial public offering of its electric-car unit Ampere partly due to equity-market conditions.
Of course. You know it. I know it, but this clueless administration doesn’t.

So Much More To Say Too….


“Don’t,” He Said – But They Did

Yesterday word came that three American soldiers were killed and thirty-four injured in an attack by Iranian backed rebels. 
Let’s start with “Don’t.” 
That was the word the President and Vice president used in response to questions of what his message was to Iran and their supporters. 
They said it over and over — “Don’t.”
Well, they did. 
Now what?
Before I get to that let me remind you of a few other things. 
We lost two navy seals last week trying to stop a ship with arms in the area.
We have had 160 attacks on our troops and bases since the October 7th attack. 
We have over 50 troops suffering brain damage from those attacks. 
This has been downplayed by the administration. I guess as long as it’s not you or yours it is just minor. 
Thirty of our citizens were killed on October 7th.
A dozen are being held hostage. 
And by the way, there were 78 additional attacks on our forces in the area after you took office in the first two years of your Presidency. 
This while you were begging them for a deal. 

Don’t what? What else do they have to do? 
When asked a month ago about concerns of Iran doing an attack, you brazenly said you “sent them a clear message. They know not to do anything.”
Oh, you did? It was obviously not that clear to them, was it? 
Here’s the reason:
Appeasement to Iran as a policy does not work. They see weakness and they see weakness in you. 
This blog wrote continuously that appeasement does not work, it is only strength they understand. 

Now we have 5 service members dead in a week. 
At least 35 dead since October 7th.
Over 100 wounded.
160 attacks.
Hostages held. 

Now what, Mr. President and Madam Vice President?
First, I am glad you know where your defense secretary is this week. I think he got your message – “don’t disappear again.”
Though he favors appeasement too. 
I will remind you and your team of two things again:
President Ronald Reagan, who you fought, had it right. Peace is through strength. 
They don’t attack us because we’re too strong, they attack us because they see weakness. 
Your predecessor, who you deplore, had an Iranian policy you reversed. 
However, in 2019, when similar attacks were made against us killing an American Contractor, you know what he did?
He took out their IRGC Commander named Oassem Soleimani. You remember that, right? You thought it was a bad move. 
Guess what? 
Iran went quiet because they knew if they acted the next level up was their leadership. 
They were quiet until your appeasement and “Don’t.”
You’re wondering why troop enlistment is down in your administration? 
Troops join to protect our nation and not serve as sitting ducks for a failed policy.
We’re all watching to see what your answer is to this.

We saw their answer to your “Don’t.”

We Pray For The Souls Of Our Fallen and Honor Their Service.

Bits & Pieces

Peter Navarro was sentenced to time in jail for his conviction on a contempt of Congress charge for defying a Jan. 6 congressional committee subpoena. He claimed “executive privilege.”
No one had been sentenced to jail in 50 years for defying a subpoena. But, he did work for Donald Trump.
Now doesn’t that raise the question about Hunter defying a subpoena?
Former AG Holder defied a subpoena and what happened? How about Lois Lerner, remember her?
Do we have a double standard for justice in the U.S.?

FiveThirtyEight.com released updated approval ratings for the leading candidates.
President Biden’s approval is 17 points underwater.
On the other side, it shows Mr. Trump’s approval rating is also underwater by 9 points.
Which proves again that only Biden can elect Trump; and only Trump can elect Biden.

The former President is doing his best to turn potential supporters off.
Here’s his latest:
“Anyone who donates to the campaign,” of his only remaining 2024 Republican rival, Nikki Haley, “will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp.”​ 
He added:
When I ran for Office and won, I noticed that the losing Candidate’s ‘Donors’ would immediately come to me, and want to ‘help out. Anyone that makes a ‘Contribution’ to [Haley], from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp.”
Yup, that’s the way to win the general election.
Have you ever heard anything like that from any candidate before?
In a divided nation you open your door to everyone who will support you.
By the way, Nikki Haley’s website is offering “Barred Permanently” T-Shirts for donations of $5.00 or more.

He was extra busy this week throwing barbs at his friends and others.
As an example, how loyal was his former Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany?
She did a great job and supported him at every turn.
Not good enough for the former President though.
He called her a RINO for her words she gave on FoxNews after the N.H. primary. Then added:
“I don’t need any advice from RINO Kayleigh McEnany on Fox. Just had a GIANT VICTORY over a badly failing candidate, ‘Birdbrain,’ and she’s telling me what I can do better. Save your advice for Nikki.”  
That’s loyalty?

Then there’s his barbs at Nikki Haley and her birth name, which is beyond the scope.
In a post on his account, he referred to Haley, the daughter of immigrants from India, as “Nimbra.”
Haley, born in Bamberg, South Carolina, as Nimarata Nikki Randhawa.
She has always gone by her middle name, “Nikki.”
She took the surname “Haley” upon her marriage in 1996. 
So what’s his objective? Exactly why did he say this, other than she has the nerve to run against him?

With Donald Trump it’s not his policies, it’s always his words actions.

Let’s not let this seem like a bash Trump and support Biden blog. If you watched any part of Biden’s campaign events or speeches this week, then you know he has trouble with words. You watch and find yourself asking, “what did he just say; or did he say what I think he did?”
It just makes you wonder what happens with world leaders behind closed doors and how the world perceives him.

The attempt by the administration and media to make the Republicans the problem for the border and lack of a deal now is ridiculous.
Biden in his first acts as President, through executive orders, broke a working border. He wanted to undo the former President’s actions. He has done nothing to fix it. He sued Texas for every action they did to do so.
Now nine months before the election he wants action to do so and the Republicans are at fault?
Watch what they’re doing, how many people they fool and the true RINO’s who dislike Trump and support them. (Like Mitt Romney).

Some interesting information (numbers) from the New Hampshire primary you may like to know:
Nikki Haley received 4,695 write-in votes in the Democratic primary.
2,055 Democratic voters wrote in Donald Trump.
“Ceasefire” received 1,497 write-in votes in the Democratic primary.
Joe Biden received received 497 votes in the Republican Primary.
RFK Jr. got 435 write-in votes in the Democratic primary and 203 in the Republican primary.

For his part, Kennedy reported that his campaign collected sufficient signatures to get on the November ballot in New Hampshire and Utah.

Meanwhile, the “No Labels Party” continues to move forward. It sure seems their number one choice is Senator Joe Manchin. He said this week that he’ll wait until after Super Tuesday contests to size up the terrain. 
“Super Tuesday pretty much confirms whatever is going to happen, what we believe will happen, and we’ll see where we go from thereWhether it’s me or whoever it may be, I think there’s going to be options.” 

If he and Kennedy, as well as Jill Stein and Cornel West are on the ballot, it will harm President Biden much more.
Now you will hear that Manchin and Kennedy will take from both equally.
Wrong. A smart conservative campaign will point out that Senator Joe Manchin voted 95% of the time with the Biden administration. You think the right is going to vote for that?
Kennedy also has a far left background, and it is only his covid shot position that has endeared him to some Trump supporters. But, do you think they will choose Kennedy over Trump and wait until they hear his stand on other issues?

If those four get on the ballot, it will be a large Trump advantage.

Lastly,, this week the announcement that Sports Illustrated may cease publishing. I personally ceased with them when they went from sports focus to politics, and I am surprised it took this long. Hopefully they and others learn, stay in your lane.
I didn’t like the idea when they moved to a swimsuit issue. I wanted sports. But if you want to know how far off track they got, just check the last two years swimsuit covers.

Hope You Have A Great Weekend.

After New Hampshire…

You’ll read and hear all the pundits today and get their expert analysis.
Here are a few things you might not hear.
First, you can put the electoral votes for New Hampshire in November in the solid Democrat column. 
There’s no need for either party to spend money or visit the state for the balance of the election cycle.
I know Donald Trump proudly touted he had won New Hampshire “three times now.”
Yup, he did. Three primaries. 
He lost the general election in 2016 narrowly to Hillary and got trounced in 2020. 
Thus, he will go down as winning three times in primaries and losing three times in the general. 

Did you notice the number of write-in votes Joe Biden got? 
He insulted the state by telling them that their primary didn’t matter.
He refused to have his name placed on the ballot. 
He never visited the state. Never ran an ad. 
He got 66,000 write-ins as of this writing. 
Donald Trump, after all the rallies, ads, campaigning and coverage, got 166,000.

Next, you can now question if there will be any debates in the fall. 
I can now see the Biden camp refusing to do so.
On what grounds? 
He will refuse to debate anyone who led an insurrection. 
If there are debates, the MSM will have to force them, and do you see them doing that to Joe Biden? 

So, with all the hype you will hear today, keep this in mind.
It’s what happens next November that determines what happens with the border, economy, taxes, deficit, electric vehicles and every other issue. 

A Few Other Issues

Sixteen State Governors (all Republican) called upon President Biden to reverse course on his mandate requiring two-thirds of new auto sales to be electric vehicles by 2032. 
They said that the mandate is “unrealistic, costly and imposes prescriptive solutions that harm American consumers. While we are not opposed to the electric vehicle marketplace, we do have concerns with federal government mandates that penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer. The American customer should be able to decide what technology makes most sense for them, not the federal government.”

Here’s an interesting little tidbit on where our tax dollars are going and what is helping drive the deficit up.
The federal agency responsible for busing, sheltering and supporting the largely unauthorized immigrant population coming across the border spent nearly $20 billion over the last two years.

Speaking of the border, the Supreme Court decision supported the Biden administration to allow Border Patrol agents to resume cutting the razor wire they placed to protect the border. 
Wait, I thought the administration was for border control? 
What’s the reason they wanted the wire down? They said so the border control agents could do their job!
Do you think they are doing their job now? Have you heard what the agents have said? 
The administration lied and the MSM did not question them. When a conservative station did, they said they were asking for more agents and congress would not provide the funds.
Oh, they left out the detail that they wanted more agents to process illegal crossers faster, not protect the border. 
The 5-4 vote to support the administration was a surprise for me.
Not that Chief Justice Roberts joined the three liberal judges, but that Justice Amy Coney Barrett did. 
Now both sides say they want a secure border.
Do you believe that? 
If you do, explain to me why the administration fights every move Texas makes to achieve it.
But then again, you can fool some of the people all the time. 

One final thought on all those crossing and why. We hear these stories about future voters and a base for the Democratic Party, right? Maybe, but that’s longer term. 
You want to know the short term reason?
The administration changed the census laws so that you have to count illegals as part of a state’s population. 
Now think, where are citizens moving out of? Blue cities to red states right? 
Well uncounted the blue states like New York, California, Illinois all lose multiple electoral votes if not corrected. 
Where are the illegals going? To the big cities in those states right?
Get it now?

It Looks A Lot Like Trump vs. Biden Again.

Narrowing The Field…

I think the polls in New Hampshire yesterday told the whole story of the primary and ultimate general election. 
The polls said that former President Trump has a clear double digit, possibly a twenty point lead. 
The polls say he is going to win New Hampshire in much the same manner he won Iowa. 
That makes every backer of him excited and feel good. 
Except, consider this.
That same poll said that in the general election President Biden would win the state. 
Add these facts to that.
President Biden insulted New Hampshire and their long held position (that they voted into law) to be the first in the nation primary (Iowa is a caucus) by deciding that South Carolina would be the first Democratic primary. 
Despite that, he is still beating Donald Trump in the state, at Trump’s height of popularity. 
We have said this from the outset. The only person who can get Joe Biden reelected is Donald Trump. 
So Republicans, if you are satisfied with winning a battle and losing the war, you are on that path now. 

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis, the most conservative of the candidates in the race, left it yesterday. 
It was a shocking fall for a Governor so popular that he turned Florida red. 
Dave Rubin tweeted this about DeSantis last week: 
Imagine if there was a presidential candidate who was in the prime of his life, had won every election he’d been in (the last one in record breaking fashion), had an endless track record of accomplishing everything he set out to do, had led the country out of Covid mania, had served in the military, was no nonsense and no drama, and was a fine family man.
He’s young (44) and will have time to recover. He needs to go back to Florida and continue its growth. 

One more thought on the weekend’s events. I was disappointed in Tim Scott coming out as he did to endorse Donald Trump. As Governor, it was Nikki Haley who appointed Scott to an open seat, and they served at the same time. You would think that Scott would have been a little more loyal, and isn’t it President Trump who talks about “loyalty” all the time? As an example, he thinks Nikki Haley should not be running against him because she served as U.S. Ambassador in his administration. So, where does loyalty begin and end? 

By the way, this past Saturday marked one year to the day before we inaugurate our next President (January 20,2025). We are now 364 days away. (It’s leap year.) 


How many of you know that the price of postage stamps went up another two cents per stamp yesterday? 
Isn’t it amazing how they create forever stamps and no one knows the cost anymore? It allows them to raise prices quietly, doesn’t it? 

Same thing with EZ Pass and tolls. Do you know in places like New York and New Jersey they just raised the prices again? Do you know the price to go over the George Washington bridge today? I bet you knew before the EZ pass didn’t you?

After another storm early this week the weather is supposed to warm up. Thus, global warming caused the storms and global warming will be the cause of the warm up. This didn’t happen when you were young, right? The snow didn’t melt until April. 
As we said last week, if you blame everything on global warming, then you’re never wrong. 

Did you see that Japan became the fifth nation to reach the moon this weekend?  Its robotic spacecraft, named the Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon, or SLIM, made a soft lunar landing. 
I was wondering if all those who still think we staged the moon landing also think the other four nations have too. 

President Biden canceled another $5 billion in student debt last week. He has now canceled $136 billion in student debt, despite a court ruling that struck down his broader forgiveness plan. 
What a slap in the face to those who decided to not go to school because of the debt, worked to pay their way through school or did so after graduation. 
You did it the legal and right way, well in the left’s view, then you lose. They take care of those who take advantage of the rest of us. 


The U.S. military has now said that two Navy SEALs have died. They disappeared at sea during an operation to intercept Iranian weapons headed to the Houthi fighters. They drowned in the operation. 
We lost two of our best young warriors and the coverage is lacking. Who were they? We need to honor them and their families. 
In the meantime the Houthi’s continue to fire rockets upon our troops. Yesterday they caused more injuries to some of our soldiers. 
Coverage? Zero.
The media needs to try and be fair and call this administration for their failed policy with Iran. 

Let Us Always Remember And Honor Those Who Died Serving Us.

Really Now…

“We are in the process of investing over a trillion dollars in the climate crisis.” 
I read this quote from VP Harris, and with the Davos conference this week, it got me thinking. 
What are you doing and accomplishing?

You are making decisions that impact our American citizens’ lives and they are not happy.
You are telling them their gas stoves must go away.
The dishwashers and other appliances must be changed and less effective. 
Their auto’s must go by the mid 2030’s. 

You say all this and more is necessary because of the climate. 

In fact, you’re proud “we are in the process of spending a trillion dollars.”
Meanwhile, the world’s largest polluters and our main economic challengers are doing the opposite. 
China is concentrating on anything but the climate. They want to pass us as the economic power of the world. 
They are building coal plants and despite being the world’s number one polluter they are exempt from any controls. 
Can you explain that to me?

They get to grow, while we handcuff ourselves? And they pollute far beyond us?
We also allow India to be exempt.
How do we allow this? 

We see, with this winter, the nation is nowhere near ready for electric cars. 
Are they the future? Sure, we will all want one. 
I can’t wait until I can program my car in my driveway, then let it drive me to the beach in Carolina and not need any battery charge. Get me there.
But, that’s not today and won’t be in the next ten years when the government says I must buy an EV. 

A month ago I drove my hybrid to Carolina and got 55 miles per gallon. I stopped once for gas, which took eight minutes. 

Where is the leadership to move us to hybrids and then EV’s?

Why is VP Harris and her boss, President Biden, telling me I must move to an EV in that time frame?
Why are they telling me I would have to stop 3 or 4 times for up to an hour? 
Never mind the infrastructure is not there. Nothing about that decision will make my life better. 

Why are we mortgaging the future and our world standing when our competitors are not?
Are the Chinese trying to kill themselves, or do they have a different view?
Are the leaders and people in India now dumb? 
Are Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi smarter than them?

Do they think we will have purified air over our country only, while China and India will have a different air?

Me? I love my hybrid and want to see investments to improve that mileage.
I want investments in EV’s that make me want (not forced) to own one.
I want my gas stove and other devices and not be told the government knows better. 

If they’re so smart, how about convincing the biggest culprits they are killing their people. 

One more thing on global warming. It’s a cute little trick the leaders and MSM have pulled off.
It was the coldest Iowa caucus ever? That’s global warming. 
It was the warmest summer in NYC? That’s global warming.
No real snow in Philadelphia last year? That’s global warming.
Storms this year? That’s global warming. 
So cold, warmth, storms or lack of, all are the same, global warming. 
How could you be wrong if you claim every scenario? 

I’m just tired of it and I think the American people are too. 

Just watch how the left is going to fall over as candidate Trump walks around yelling “Drill Baby Drill.” 
Imagine driving energy costs and if you do that, all prices drop because energy is the key. 

China and India may not be happy, but who cares about them – they are trying to kill all their people if you didn’t know. 

Really Now, That’s How I Feel.

I See And I Don’t See…

I see that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are back on the nation’s terrorist list.
The same list the President removed them from upon taking office because he could deal with Iran and Trump was a tyrant.
He was going to show us, he would go back to the Obama agreement and Iran would welcome him and us.
It didn’t work, did it?
It seems like some will never learn, that appeasement is seen by these terrorists as weakness and peace is achieved only through strength.
Have the American people learned or will they keep voting for weakness?

I don’t see why this administration would not strike a close the border deal with Republicans seeking one.
The issue is killing them and now that it is finally getting (forced) media coverage, the American people know of the problem.
It is one of the two top issues voters are identifying as why they will vote against Biden.
So, why isn’t the administration jumping on border deal offers from the Republicans?
Does it make any political sense? Are they that dedicated to an open border?

I see where, despite having a Democratic President and Senate lead, that 81% of the late night 2023 political show jokes were about Republicans.
The study was completed by the Media Research Center.
Their report:
“Last year late-night comedians told 9,518 political jokes, and of these 7,729 were directed at someone or something on the right side of the political spectrum. By far the most biased was Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Seth Meyers on NBC was also heavily biased against conservatives. Amazingly, the “comedians” made fun of Trump’s kids nine times more often than of Hunter Biden – who would seem to be a poster child for late-night jokesters.”
The media bias is a major factor that assists the Democratic Party.

I don’t see why the administration is continuing to focus on Bidenomics. Take a look at this chart.
Exactly what are they claiming? Real wages were dramatic in the Trump years and below the line in the Biden years.
If you claim you want to build the economy “from the middle out” it looks like Trump did that.
I just don’t see what they are running on with this.

I See And I Don’t See.

It’s Starting To Look…

The holiday season may just have ended, but the results out of Iowa last night remind me of a holiday song with the lyrics – “It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like…: ”
Because it is starting to look a lot like this presidential election is going to be Biden vs. Trump.
How does this jibe with the polls that say over 60% of Americans do not want that choice? 

I think the answer is in the numbers. 
Last night 110,000 Iowans were part of the process.
Let’s put that in perspective. 
In the last presidential race, in my congressional district, the candidate who lost by 26% got 130,000 votes.
That’s 20,000 more votes than were counted last night in the state of Iowa. 
Think of all the time the candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley put in the state.
They received 23,000 and 21,000 votes in total. 
All that money, time, visits to schools, homes, events and advertising for 20,000 votes. 
To make it even more ludicrous, think of Vivek Ramaswamy. He got all of 8,000 votes.

That’s hard to believe as you think about the impact Iowa has in the process. 

What now?
We move on to New Hampshire. 
I think Nikki Haley lost momentum following the last debate with Ron DeSantis. He seemed to find his voice after that and managed to rise again and finish second.
That gave him “a ticket” out of Iowa, as he said. 
Haley has stalled, and I think the charge she was making in New Hampshire is stopped, at least temporarily. 
If Trump widens the gap in this state next week, the race is over.
The only thing that will stop his nomination is a conviction. 

The left won’t open up on him for a few months, but when they do it will be massive and devastating. 
I can’t tell you who will win in November, but I can tell again, that the one person who can reelect Joe Biden is Donald Trump.
And, the person who can elect Donald Trump is Joe Biden.
Buckle up.

For his part, the former President hit the right tone last night. He actually said “we” and praised his opponents. 
He outlined the right objectives. Let’s see if he can hold that tone. 

So, it’s starting to look a lot like — a 2020 repeat. Wow.
In modern history only Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon have served as President and gotten their party nomination three times.

And We Are Off.

It’s About Policy…

Dealing With The Houthi Rebels

Let’s keep this short.
The joint bombings last night of the Houthi terrorists is a direct result of a failed policy.
Understand this, because the MSM has not told the American people.
This group was on the terrorist watch list.
They were removed by the Biden Administration as an outreach to Iran.
The administration wanted to show Iran they were not the Trump administration and all could be friendly between us.
Iran takes any signals like that as a sign of weakness, and this was just another example for the left to learn from.
So, removing groups from terror watch lists, turning a blind eye to their actions and providing six billion dollars for the release of five hostages gets you what?
Bombs and strikes against trading ships in the Red Sea.

This action is long overdue, coming after over 125 attacks on our troops and dozens of actions against international shipping vessels.

The world’s terrorists, led by Iran, backed by Iran, do not understand anything but strength.
Why is that so hard for liberals to grasp?
Peace comes through strength.

This action cannot be an isolated one. Any action Iran or the Houthis take today, tomorrow or the day after must be met with immediate response.
The White House must know where their Defense Secretary is and move quickly.

In Addition

Interesting, after the stunt in Congress this week, Hunter has now agreed to testify — as is common practice — behind closed doors first.
Why all the drama first?
What do all those defending him to not do so, say now?

In the interim, he pled not guilty in California on tax charges. Of course, the key years of the Burisma income have passed the statute of limitations.
He is charged with nine felony and misdemeanors which prosecutors allege amount to a four-year effort to avoid paying $1.4 million in taxes to the IRS.
Watch the agreed to plea deal that emerges here.

While Donald Trump faces a loss of his businesses and a fine of $327 million, not for failure to pay taxes, but overstating the value of his holdings!!! Who was hurt? Well, no one, but he’s Donald Trump.

One final note this Friday:
The other night the Haley vs. DeSantis debate was on CNN at the exact same time the former President was holding a Town Hall on FoxNews.
The ratings are in.
4.3 million for the Town Hall.
2.6 million for the debate.

Not a surprise, of course, but a question for you. If the stations were reversed, what would the ratings have been?
A little closer for sure – right?

Have A Great Weekend. Iowa Caucuses Are On Monday.


You Can’t Make It Up

What a classless stunt Hunter Biden and his team pulled strolling into the congressional hearing for ten minutes and then walking out. 
If you were subpoenaed to appear before congress, would you show up? If you were subpoenaed for anything, wouldn’t you show up? 
If you didn’t, what would you expect to happen? 
If justice is the same for all, why does Hunter get away from not showing up at the closed hearing and walking into a public one to discuss charging him? 
The answer is the Department of Justice will not bring charges against him because of who he is. 
Yet, they were more than excited to charge two former Trump aides (Bannon and Navarro) for the same crime.
If you see hosts on shows defending Hunter, just know anything they say for the rest of the campaign is biased.

Keep An Eye On The MSM

And there are pundits doing exactly that. In fact, I see the beginnings of a subtle campaign by the MSM to begin swaying the voter. What do I mean?
Stories and reporting are beginning to appear that the economy is improving, wages are rising, unemployment is low, inflation is down and gas prices are down. 
That’s as if the administration doesn’t own what happened. Prices are up 20% since this administration took office. The fact inflation is down (3.4% today) versus the 9% they drove the past two years is a reason to celebrate? Gas prices are up 40% from the day they took office, but since that’s not 100% anymore we should celebrate? Real wages for the working American are down. That’s a success? Unemployment is at the levels it was before the pandemic; you want us to believe the administration created 12 million jobs? How come the work force participation rate is still below where it was before the pandemic? 
But, I see the MSM beginning this dialogue that things are better. 
No, the economic programs and spending levels have been a failure. 

This Didn’t Take Long

Remember when Shohei Ohtani signed that large, mostly deferred contract and we mentioned he will collect after he leaves California and avoid the taxes? We were sure the California legislature would not appreciate that.
California’s Controller, Malia Cohen, wants to cap deferred payments, a change designed to ensure the state is owed more money from Ohtani’s lucrative contract with his new team.
The request comes just four weeks after his signing the ten year contract. The agreement contains deferred payments due from 2034-43.
If Ohtani is not living in California at the time he receives the deferred money, California loses 14.4% of it from taxes they would have collected.
We called that one, but it was easy!


In the debate last night I think both DeSantis and Haley did themselves harm by charging each other with lies and the manner they attacked. They made Trump the winner by his not showing up and holding a civil Town Hall on a competing station at the same time. 
All that while hours earlier Chris Christie withdrew from the race with a blistering speech that cemented his future in the party. 
For all his self “smartness” he did three things that have left unviable in any future election. Republicans never forgot his “Obama hug.” His governorship is remembered for closing the George Washington Bridge and causing innocent citizens pain. Now his withdrawal speech and scathing words for Donald Trump and open mike comments captured are the final blow. 
His next career is outside politics because he has no party. 

As for Donald Trump he continues to amaze me. Last night in his Town Hall his use of “I did” as opposed to “we did” just shocks me. One question he was asked was who would come work for him after how he treated so many in the last administration. What a great question. Would you go work for him? Think of people like General Kelly, Mad Dog Mattis, Chris Christie, Mark Meadows and all the others he attacked. I certainly wouldn’t. 
And he continues to say things that make you stop and go “What?” 
Like this week, he told a crowd in Iowa that he thought the Civil War and conflict over slavery could have been stopped by better negotiations led by President Lincoln. 

The New York Times had a story about the House dysfunction. They cited these numbers: 
There were 724 votes, but only 26 laws enacted. 
And they said, “The tally reflects the extraordinary chaos and paralysis that gripped the House in 2023, when lawmakers did more voting but less lawmaking than at any time in the past decade.”
My question, why is that bad? Do we need more laws and spending? How about just enforcing – fairly and across all – the laws we have and reducing spending. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert, who has made a lot of noise in Washington, announced she plans to seek election in a different district than the one she now represents. 
You may recall she barely squeaked out a win last time and her recent escapades in a Colorado movie house have not helped her. Thus, she is relocating to the next district, a solidly Republican one. 
I personally think she is not going to succeed and will not return next year. Let’s see. 

Just Another Day.

Border Week

Homeland Security Director Mayorkas will be at the “closed” border today, and, of course, the area will be cleared and look clean. 
On Wednesday the House is taking up his impeachment again. 
On the Sunday shows the MSM took up for him, asking why the House would waste time on impeachment and not reach a deal or agreement instead with him and the administration. 
Nice try.
One House representative said 12 million have crossed the border since the administration took office. He said this is equal to the population of his state – Ohio – the seventh largest in the nation. 

If that fact and number doesn’t disturb you, then you are for open borders and can quit reading here. I say that because I am on the opposite side; if you don’t have control of your border, you are not safe as a nation. 

What is my position and what would I support as a candidate?

Let’s start with this. 
We want, need and support legal immigration. We are a nation that built the greatest economic opportunity in the history of mankind based upon immigration. 
We simply ask people to apply legally, do it in the right and organized manner, abiding by the laws of the nation you want to become part of. 
Is that asking too much? Abide by the laws over a million of our citizens died to protect?

My position would be to ask the American people to support candidates who back the policy I advocate. 
That policy is:
We change the immigration law to the following.
The border is locked. Northern, southern, everywhere. 
We put barriers with the national guard if needed. 
If you cross the border you are sent back to the country from which you crossed. 
Thus, if you come into the country illegally from Canada you go back there. The same for Mexico. 
It doesn’t matter where your journey began, it matters where you crossed. 
If you came through five countries to get here because your life is in danger, the rule is you stay in the first safe country you cross. If the countries in between did not do their role, we are not responsible. 
If you want to emigrate to the U.S., that’s great, get on the legal list. 
If you are here illegally you are not becoming a citizen before those on the list. Get your name on the list. 
We are not rewarding bad behavior over those who are trying to do it the right way. 
In the nation today we too often reward those who did it wrong over those who did the right thing. That’s over. 
It is abiding by laws and doing what is right that builds nations. 

My bet is if we adopt a policy like that, then countries like Mexico will suddenly find a way to stop what is going on. 

Now I understand these people are coming for opportunity. So did my four grandparents.
The difference is they came legally, asked for nothing and worked to provide a better life.
I bet yours did too. 

Legal is the key and is the cornerstone if we are to continue being the home of the brave and free.

My Thoughts, I Welcome Yours.

Come On Now…

Now the MSM is reporting that some countries spent money at Trump properties while he was President and his family profited.
In fact, I have seen more reports on this Democratic minority release from the House than I have seen anything on Hunter Biden from these outlets.
A few thoughts:
You are reporting that China and Saudi Arabia topped a list of 20 countries whose government’s or state-linked entities spent at least $7.8 million at Trump’s properties.
You know the Trumps run a legitimate business, right? You know they offer high end hotel stays?
You know they report their income and profits?
You know the family says they donated the profits from these stays to the treasury, right?
You know Donald Trump’s personal net worth at the end of his presidency was less than at the start, right?
That said, I ask the same media these questions:
What was the Biden family business where we see all the income they got from foreign countries?
Exactly what were they selling or offering?
You know the head of the operation (Hunter) didn’t pay taxes?

How can they report on one and not the other?
The answer is their bias.
Here’s a chart on journalist political party designation. You would think they would be smart enough to say “independent.”

Come On New York

The “proud sanctuary city” has taken another step to stop immigrants from ending up there.
They are now suing 17 bus companies for dropping off migrants that say they want to go to “New York.”
They are getting ready to sue the Governor of Texas for sending them there, joining another sanctuary city doing that – Chicago.
Two things jump out to me.
First, what exactly do you think “sanctuary” means? What did you think preventing ICE to act in your city would accomplish?
Second, you are mad at the Governor? He’s the one trying to stop the illegal immigration, and his every move is being taken to court by the President and his administration.
Why aren’t you calling out the President and his team? Is politics bigger than your issue?
You’re just lucky the media covers up your hypocrisy because they are on your side.
With a real press you would be fried.

As We Close In On Real Votes

With Iowa ten days away and New Hampshire a week later, the question of age for the leading candidates will likely be more in the forefront.
Here’s a cover from the Economist that tells that story in a picture for the President born in 1942.

Made in ’42. Roadworthy in ’24?

Link to see Copy on line: ://www.economist.com/printedition/2024-01-06

Have A Great Weekend.