More Thinking…

If I Have This Right

If I have this right the media is reporting the virus has declined and appears on the downside in the areas (like the NE) where it arrived first. Now we know that in other countries it came and then slowed after a peak and went away. If we follow that pattern then we are on the path down. I believe that.
The NYT did an analysis and concluded this:
“Would it make sense that this is the peak? Yes! A huge surge in cases that lasts for about one month, followed by a rapid decline, would be consistent with the experience in some places where Omicron arrived earlier than in the U.S. In South Africa, new daily cases have fallen by about 70 percent from the mid-December peak.”
Why I am writing about that?

Because I saw the President on TV yesterday say that he has 500 million test kits on order and he is going to order 500 million more. (Actually they have contracts for 380 million of the first 500 and don’t know when they are coming.)
Let’s see, the first 500 million will be available in two or three weeks – maybe.
The next 500 million when?
And the media is saying the virus has begun its decline?
You wonder why this administration is in trouble? Another perfect solution — after the crisis.
The people who had all the answers before the election sure seem a little behind here.

As he left after announcing the mask purchase the President found out the Supreme Court had ruled his private business mandate to vaccinate was illegal.
Imagine that, in the U.S. the court said the President can’t tell business who to hire and fire because of a vaccine. Hmmm.
What’s the solution to this?
Well according to the Democratic leaders it’s to stack the court.
You lose a decision, then you have to add bodies to the court who agree with you. Imagine if we followed that dictate. The court would have 200 million of us on it today. No problem, we could just increase the debt and pay everyone.

Of course all of this was after the President met with the Democratic Senate Caucus and couldn’t convince them to blow up the filibuster. Now they’ll blame Manchin and Sinema, but it is bigger than them. Some Democrats still believe in the institutions and time.

On Manchin, you would think listening to his fellow party members that he is never with them. Well try this on for size.
During President Trump’s first two years in office, Mr. Manchin voted in line with him nearly 61% of the time, according to the statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight. At the time, Mr. Manchin was running for reelection in a state that Mr. Trump carried by a landslide.
After securing reelection, Mr. Manchin swiftly reversed course and became a safe Democratic vote. According to FiveThirtyEight, Mr. Manchin voted with the Trump agenda only 32% of the time from 2019 to 2021.
Interesting isn’t it?
Like we said to start this week. Have an issue? Blame The Voters. They don’t pay attention and get fooled over and over.

Can The Administration Recover?

Of course it can. In politics the time between now and November, never mind 2024, is a lifetime.
World events can impact a President. Both George Bushes, in their early management of the middle east wars, saw their positive numbers hit the 90% range.
The economy can take off. Reagan had tough sledding (remember his “stay the course” and the pressure to adjust), then the economy straightened and his numbers went up.
If the Supreme Court bans abortion and has other decisions that drive the left off the reservation then you will see Democratic support revive.
Of course, never forget that Donald Trump has the singular ability to drive his supporters to vote and the opposition to do the same.. He can drive turnout – positive and negative – like no one else.
Finally, don’t forget the main stream media and their bias. They have protected the administration so far and I think they will continue to do so.

Right now the issues and decisions are working against the administration, but for the most part it is their policies that are causing the damage, and by all appearances they are not planning to change.

A Final Thought This Week

We talked earlier (this week) about Soros backed DA’s and the impact they were having on crime in major cities. Well, one of the first he backed, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury of 4 felonies related to her purchase of a home in Florida.
Now basically she lied on forms to falsely obtain a withdrawal from her savings account based on a policy related to the coronavirus pandemic. She is also accused of lying on a mortgage application for the home purchase.
Are the charges serious?
If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison for each of the two counts of perjury, and up to 30 years in prison for each charge of making a false statement.

The reason I tell you this is because she is up for reelection in June for the DA office. Watch the result. I think she’ll win.
Which leads me to end this week’s blog the way we began it:
Blame The Voters.

Have A Great Weekend. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Let Me Understand…

Trying To Understand

Why Republicans have such a hard time laying out a simple message. Minority Leader McCarthy declined to speak to the Jan. 6th committee and all the media streams are reporting it as another coverup by the Republicans.
Why is so hard for McCarthy to say something like this:
One year ago today I went on the House floor and condemned the President for his inaction that day. I spoke clear and loud. I supported a committee to investigate – but a real committee. The first thing I was told was that Speaker Pelosi was off limits. Wait, I wanted a full investigation as to why this happened, what the President did and didn’t and who failed with security. No, the Democrats said, this is just about the President. I said no. When you went forward I appointed the Republican members. The Democrats said no. They told me, the Republican leader, I could not appoint the minority members to the committee. They then took two members (who voted to impeach the President) and put them on. Never in my time in congress has the majority rejected the minority choices for a committee and then appointed them.
Now they want me to testify.

This committee is a sham and I want the media to report why I am not going to testify.

I saw the Quinnipiac Poll yesterday and though I know the President is under water, but he is not at 33%. Quinnipiac continues to put polls out that are clearly off and as a school of higher learning they should be embarrassed. Every time they put a new poll out their standing declines. They should either commit to quality or get out of the polling business.

You always hear of political leaders getting the new virus and saying they feel well and the effects are minor. That’s why it was a surprise to see this:
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said he feels “extremely unwell” after testing positive for Covid-19. Let’s hope he’s better today.

It was only one year ago that the USA produced more energy than we consumed. Then Joe Biden entered office. Now we are back to importing oil and gas – mostly because of reduced domestic drilling. OPEC is back in charge. Instead of incentivizing more drilling in Texas and Oklahoma, Biden begs Saudi Arabia to produce more oil.
Take a look at this chart that goes back to 1949.

Now consider this. We cut energy independence and drove up costs on everything. When energy costs are up the cost of goods goes up across the board.
We raised minimum wages. Remember when $15.00 seemed high? We flew past that. Do you think that drives up costs?
We spent trillions of dollars more than budgeted. That drives up costs.
We gave people money not to work and spend. That drives up costs.
Then the administration wonders why inflation is as high as it is? Their polices drove up costs.
Do they have an answer? Spend more.
What’s so hard to understand here?

Who’s advising this President (or is this just the real Joe Biden)? He’s suffering in the polls. He’s fighting for issues that are not popular. He went to the Senate twice to meet with his team to pass BBB. He failed. He goes to Georgia and gives a speech that is divisive. (Not to mention a lie. He never was arrested in the Civil Rights movement. He was on the sidelines for it). Now he going back to the senate today to press and get the filibuster changed. A change that has no chance to pass (a filibuster he supported completely while in the senate).
Who’s advising him on all this?

Register To Vote. Our Future Is At Stake.

Blame The Voters…

The Noise Over The New N.Y. DA

As the new Mayor of NYC was being lauded for his stand on policing and making the city safe we, heard from the newly elected DA in the borough. He is a Soros backed DA similar to the Soros backed DA’s in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis. He was elected by promising to decriminalize some crimes, prosecute less, reduce bail and spouting there were too many in prison.
Now isn’t that opposite from what we heard from the newly elected Mayor?

How can that be you say?
Well, blame the voters.
The borough voted over 80% for each. (The new DA got 83% of the vote.)
Well, its a one party town and he was the Democratic candidate.
People don’t examine what the general election candidates are for. They vote the Democratic line in the city.
Thus, after being determined to fix the out of control crime they went for an ex cop as Mayor, but down the line for the party and have a new DA alien to what they wanted (and need).
Blame the voters.

The progressives have figured this out in the big cities. They nominate their primary candidates, work their supporters, fund the race and go all out in the selection vote. A small per cent of the total registered vote. A smaller number know anything about anyone below the top level (in this case the Mayor’s race) and dollars along with name recognition wins.
They win the primary, sit back and know the general race is a joke. They do nothing else.
Soros funds them, they win the DA races and control the system. No charges brought, no one locked up.
Crime increases, repeat offenders grow and the city becomes less safe.
Blame the voters.

Think Soros and Team Are Not Serious

Here’s an email and text message they just sent to raise funds to go after more offices:
In case you missed the big news, MoveOn is doing something we’ve never done in our 23-year history: We’re launching a multimillion-dollar effort to defeat Trump-backed secretaries of state & elect individuals who will count every vote & ensure fair elections.
MoveOn has millions of members in every corner of the country, and together WE can stop Donald Trump and the Republican Party from taking over state offices that oversee our elections and safeguard our democracy. That’s the power of democracy–if we use it.
Claim your FREE “Save Democracy” sticker then consider donating to defeat Trump-backed secretaries of state & stop a Trump coup.

Add This

New York City passed a law that would let noncitizens vote in municipal elections. Mayor Eric Adams allowed the law, estimated to impact 800,000 people, to go into effect amid debate over whether he had the authority to veto it. Think about that. In NYC you don’t need to be a citizen to vote. Can you believe that?
Republican officials filed a lawsuit Monday challenging this in court. Let’s see what the ruling is because it will impact the nation.

Now Consider

You are reading about how many Democratic Congressional Members are not running for reelection (26 as of this AM). A good number of them are in safe Democratic districts (like the NY DA). That means a Democrat will replace them. What that also means is the far left is going to go after each of those seats and the next congress will have more “progressives” in it. No one is talking about this, but now you know.
So when you hear more from the far left a year from now, remember where to look.
Blame The Voters.
The idea of voting down the line because they are a Democrat or Republican is no longer valid. You need to study the candidates.
This isn’t your grandparents’ Democratic Party.
On the other side, Donald Trump is bringing all the division to his side. Yesterday he announced  he’ll never endorse Sen. Mike Rounds after the South Dakota Republican defended the integrity of the 2020 election.
Donald Trump’s Party is not your parents’ Republican Party.

The Adults Will Be In Charge

Remember when we were told during the 2020 election we needed to elect Joe Biden and get the adults in charge of managing the Covid crisis? How has that worked out?
You think we are managing this well now?
Are you satisfied with testing? You know the kits you needed for the holiday? Have you received yours yet?
Maybe the holiday was Valentine’s Day.
What did the administration say? “Who saw this coming?” 
Wait, who saw the original covid coming? You know, the one you criticized the former administration for not having tests for – the one no one knew about.
Of course this administration is lucky that the MSM is on their side, because they would be be getting lambasted for their performance. What have they done to “cancel the virus” as the President promised?
Any new vaccines? Drugs? Treatments? Tests?
Exactly what has this administration done to move things forward with this virus?
Ask the voters who voted in a new administration based upon promises to curtail the virus.

By the way.
They announced that private insurers will have to cover the cost of over-the-counter Covid-19 tests starting Saturday under the Biden administration plan that aims to make it more affordable for people to screen for infections and limit the spread of the Omicron variant.
The insurance companies “must” cover 8 free tests per person per month.
I see, let’s drive up insurance costs and add to inflation. Mr. President, what happened to the trillions we gave you to fight Covid? Where did the money go?

Who Picked This Day?

The President and Vice President are in Georgia today to discuss voting rights. Both attacked the new Georgia voting laws as racially biased. Yet the rules are more lenient than Delaware. Let’s see how the MSM covers this.
A big issue to me is who picked this day for the visit?
The state of Georgia will be celebrating today their college football team winning the national championship last night. Which story do you think will be covered more in the state today?
Another smart move by the adults.

In 2022 Your Vote Counts. Vote As If The Nations Future Is In Your Hands.
Because It Is.

Reflections On Yesterday…

Just A Few Thoughts On Yesterday

The day went about like we thought it would and outlined in these spaces yesterday. So, just a few additional reflections:

The President gave his best speech of his presidency in our opinion. He was direct, forceful and passionate.

He was right when the said the truth must always come out. How about now the truth on the charges from the NY Post stories?

The Vice Pres disgraced herself again. How dare she compare the day to Dec. 7, 1941 and Sept. 11, 2001. Whoever advised her to say that should join the long line of her staff departing. The fact she said it says a lot about her.

Former President Trump paid the price for his inaction on the day. His former Press Secretary said he was delighted watching the riot on TV and how much people supported him. Just a poor reaction for a President of the whole country.

He (Trump) was attacked again for his claims of a rigged election. There has never been one proven claim in any state. He lost because the opposition encouraged mail in balloting and went and got them. He pushed day of voting and they won with the extra time. That was it.
Yes, they got people to vote who wouldn’t have gone to the polls. We all know 81 million did not go out and vote for Joe Biden, but they harvested those mail in votes and won.

We repeat.
Should the rioters pay a price for their actions? Yes.
Should every rioter, in every city and town pay a price? Yes.
The inconsistent ones are those who think Jan. 6th is the exception.
That is so biased and wrong that I wonder how any fair American can justify it.

The hearings and investigations will continue. Will they overplay their hand? Of course. It will become clear to most, no matter how hard the MSM tries to support them.

The left better be careful. They are going to bloody former President Trump to the point he doesn’t get the nomination. I tell them again. Their best chance to win is to run against Donald Trump. He has his base, but the base is not big enough to win. Their vehemence and desire to get him may well end with them shooting themselves. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

That’s it for theJan. 6th review. One person died. She was a former Air Force member and a Trump Supporter, shot by an officer from inside the Capital. That is far different from the 2,400+ innocent people killed at Pearl Harbor and the 3,000+ killed on Sept. 11th.

Have A Great Weekend. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Law and Order Day..

It’s January 6th

It’s January 6th and it’s the one day the left is for crime prevention and locking everyone up. It’s the one day they remember a crime was committed in 2021. It’s the day they say “lock them up.”

For me, a crime was committed on this day a year ago and I agree hold them accountable. But, there were hundreds of other riots last year and I want all those who broke in stores and businesses held accountable too. You see I call it a crime even if it is not in Washington DC and not a threat to congressional members.

What I see from Washington today is just more hypocrisy. Wrong is wrong, no matter where and when it happens. Destroying an office or place of work in Washington DC is no different than destroying a person’s business anywhere else.

Why are they allowed to make the DC event different? Because the media is supportive and on their side. Because this them and not you.

The AG (Garland) made a speech yesterday and called arresting Jan 6th rioters the “number 1 priority for the DOJ.” Really, this is your and the department’s number one priority? Take another look around the country, Mr Attorney General. There is much for you to do.
And by the way, why don’t you investigate why there was inadequate security that day. Why was additional support turned down? How about being a real AG and not a political animal? You want to investigate, then investigate it all.

You will hear all day that this was an “insurrection.” Oh really? Okay then, how many people have been charged with insurrection?
The answer is zero.
They charged people with crimes for entering and mistreating the police. The same charge they should have brought in the other 100+ riots.

And don’t forget the politics of all this. When is the panel’s report due? By the mid term elections. Get it?

While We’re On A Topic Of Different Treatment

Here’s two ways to run a government. In Chicago the teachers said we must be remote and walked out. Watch what happens. In fact they stayed out again today.

Now in Arizona they threatened to walk out too.
Here’s the reaction from the Governor:
Governor Doug Ducey has a message for the teacher unions in his state pushing for the shutdown of in-person learning in public schools: Don’t even think about it.
Governor Ducey announced he will allow eligible families to take their children’s education dollars elsewhere if their public school closes. Should schools close for even a single day due to COVID, families who meet income requirements ($66,000 income or less) would be eligible for up to $7,000 in child care, school-coordinated transportation, online tutoring, and school tuition.  

Why isn’t this happening in Chicago, New York, Baltimore, and all over the country where teacher unions are unilaterally locking the doors of the schools? Check the political affiliation of the Mayors and Governors of those cities and states. There’s your answer.

With even the White House saying that schools should stay open shouldn’t every governor and mayor in America who truly cares about “the children” adopt the Arizona policy?

By the way, on Face The Nation last weekend CBS legal correspondent Jan Crawford was asked what was the most underreported story of 2021.
Her response was to attack politicians and public health experts for “the crushing impact that our COVID policies have had on young kids and children.”
Some of her comments:
“A healthy teenager has a one in a million chance of getting, and dying from COVID, which is way lower than dying in a car wreck on a road trip…. But they have suffered and sacrificed the most, especially kids and underrepresented at risk communities. You couldn’t even go on a playground in the D.C. area without cops…. shooing the kids off. Tremendous negative impact on kids, and it’s been an afterthought…And that, to me, is the greatest underreported story of the past year.”

Remember that was CBS, not exactly a right leaning station.

What A Dumb Move By The Republicans

First of all, why is Senator Cruz saying if Republicans win they have the actions that could impeach President Biden. Do you think people want to go through that? How can you even say that out loud?

Second, how did Speaker to be McCarthy’s office leak to Axios that they are already planning the investigations they can do? How did this get in the publication?

Investigations planned by House Republicans — in parallel with their legislative agenda — they hope to stoke if they win:

IRS: Leak of a “vast cache of IRS information” about billionaires to ProPublica.
National Security Agency: Tucker Carlson last summer accused the spy agency of targeting his show’s communications. The NSA said he was never an “intelligence target.”
Parents: Attorney General Merrick Garland’s vow to mobilize the FBI against “threats of violence against school board members,” after the National School Boards Association used the phrase “domestic terrorism.” The association apologized for its letter.
Border: Record levels of illegal immigration.
COVID: Origins of the virus, and CDC communications about school closures and mask mandates.
Afghanistan: Decisions behind the withdrawal, and an accounting of Americans who remain stranded.
JEDI: disputed cloud-computing contract.

My counsel to Republicans – Shut up and win the election on the issues.

Short Takes

Another Democratic Congressman announced he is not running for reelection. Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan became the 25th House Democrat to announce that she would forgo a re-election bid in November.

Data released by the Department of Homeland Security shows the demographics of the typical border jumper have been completely rewritten. Mexicans had, for decades, represented the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants. They dropped to 28% of the flow, their lowest share “in recorded history,” according to Customs and Border Protection. Now do you wonder who is crossing without care?

Finally – A Change

Toyota became the best-selling automaker in the U.S. in 2021, passing GM for the first time with strong sales of hybrid vehicles and SUVs.

GM had held the title since the Great Depression, but has been losing market share for decades.

Have A Great Day And Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Wednesday Tidbits…

Some Interesting Stories

The 24th incumbent Democratic Congressional member announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection. What is interesting about him is this.
His name is Bobby Rush. He is the only person to beat former President Barack Obama in an election. Obama had challenged Rush in a 2000 House Democratic primary and Rush won by more than 30 points.

By the way, 11 Republicans have announced they won’t return for the 118th Congress, so many more Democrats and that is usually a signal on what the outcome will be.

One Republican did resign from congress this week and it didn’t get much coverage.
It was Rep. Devin Nunes of California who led the way in defending former President Trump and was the first to call the Russian Collusion story a lie.
He was right, and never got MSM credit. In fact, most people still believe it happened.

There was a lot of coverage on the time capsule buried in the now taken down base of the statue of Robert E. Lee. The WSJ poses a question daily for its readers to respond to and asked this question:
What would you contribute to a time capsule in your community?
The best answer to me was this:
I’d like to put the members of our city council in a time capsule so they can see the long-term ramifications of their actions.  

Doesn’t that answer seem true for all levels of government today?

So let’s see.
The NY AG’s have decided not to bring charges against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the nursing home lies and deaths or the sexual harassment, and he gets to keep his pension and book proceeds.
Yet, they are bringing charges against former President Trump and his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.
I see.
I guess overstating and/or understating your property values to get loans and pay taxes is far worse than people dying and sexual harassment.
Then again, maybe you should charge all crimes. How about that idea?

Of course, if you follow it at all, the new District Attorney for Manhattan is a Soros person, and though the Mayor wants a crackdown, he is promising the opposite.
Keep an eye on this. Within the year it will be big news.

Did you follow that fiasco on I-95 in Virginia this week with the snowstorm? Can you manage something worse?
What was interesting was how many misinformed people took to social media and elsewhere to blame the recently elected Gov. Youngkin. They went so far as to say this never happened under a Democratic Governor.
The problem is that Youngkin doesn’t take office until January 15th.

I think they call that (to be nice) putting your foot in your mouth. If you follow any of them, delete them.

Anyone see the tests that President Biden promised for the virus?
Where is the MSM who ripped former President Trump for no test for a virus just discovered?
Here we are two years later and this administration was unprepared and then lied we would get them right after the hoilday.
The media is simply unfair.

But don’t worry, they will have wall to wall coverage of January 6th tomorrow. The riots in the rest of the country? They never happened.
Only Washington matters. Your neighborhood, stores, lives and well being, not valuable.

One more thing on the media. Consider this stat:
Comparing interview counts at same points in presidency: Biden: 16, Trump: 72.
Do you hear the media howling? Of course not. They took a side.

There’s so much more, but we’ll save to for another day.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Wrapping Up….

Let’s Wrap Up Some 2022 Issues

Let’s start with the defunding the police.
How did that work out? Some year end headlines.

Chicago: It was the deadliest year for homicides since 1996. (25 years)
L.A. Times: “L.A. gun deaths most in 15 years.”
Washington Post: “Killings rocketed in Md. suburbs and D.C. in 2021.”
Philadelphia Inquirer: “14 shot in Philly as new year begins.”
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “With 158th homicide, city passes 2020 total.”
Portland Oregonian: “‘The city feels lawless.'”
Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Mpls. nears homicide record.”
San Jose Mercury News: “Oakland ends a deadly 2021 … City’s homicides hit a 15-year high.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Suburban Cleveland … Homicides up 29% in 2021 from a year ago.”
New Orleans Times-Picayune: “Murder toll the highest since 2004.”

Whoever thought the police were the problem and we should defund them – you were wrong.

The Afghanistan Withdrawal:
Did you see the latest report? From the NYT:

“Four months after an Islamic State suicide bomber killed scores of people, including 13 American service members, outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, U.S. and foreign intelligence officials have pieced together a profile of the assailant. Military commanders say they are using that information to focus on an Islamic State cell that they believe was involved in the attack, including its leadership and foot soldiers.” 

The suicide bomber, who was identified as ABDUL RAHMAN AL-LOGARI, who “was a former engineering student who was one of several thousand militants freed from at least two high-security prisons after the Taliban seized control of Kabul on Aug. 15. The Taliban emptied the facilities indiscriminately, releasing not only their own imprisoned members but also fighters from Islamic State Khorasan, the group’s branch in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s nemesis.”

So our 13 soldiers and hundreds of Afghan citizens were killed by a released terrorist.
Does the administration still want to tell us they did it right? Does the MSM want to report this?

Really Senator, higher prices are because supermarkets are paying top executives?
The story:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused three supermarket chains of cashing in on rising grocery prices to give huge payouts to top executives and shareholders.The Massachusetts Democrat wrote to the CEOs of Kroger, Alberston’s and Publix saying that the chains should have used profits to defray some of the price increases hitting consumers. “Large grocery retailers are earning massive profits for company officials and investors while making it harder for American families to put food on the table.”

If you think that’s why we have inflation you must be a progressive Democrat.

Want to spend more? Support BBB?
Did you see or hear this report?

The Secret Service announced that “criminals stole close to $100 billion in pandemic relief funds. … The stolen funds were diverted by fraudsters from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and another program set up to dole out unemployment assistance funds nationwide. More than $2.3 billion in stolen funds have been recovered so far, resulting in the arrest of more than 100 suspects who span the spectrum from individuals to organized groups.”

This is only what we found and know about so far! Still want to pass that debt on to your kids and grandkids?

People are talking with where they relocating. Look at the chart below.
See if you recognize anything about how the states gaining and losing are being run.

The Census Bureau reported Net Domestic Migration by Region July 1 2020 to July 1 2021:
Northeast -389,638
West -144,941
Midwest -123,103
South +657,682

Surprised? Me either. Now tell the politicians who continue raising taxes why.

Have a great day. Cancel the cancel culture.

Let’s Start 2022 with Fiscal Insanity…

As we begin the new year we hope you and yours had a safe, relaxing and memorable holiday season.
We took the time to relax and look forward to sharing some thoughts as we proceed through 2022.
Happy New Year to all.

Food For Thought As We Enter 2022

We want to start the year by focusing on something we should all be all concerned about as we argue how much more the government should spend in 2022.
It’s called Fiscal (Un) Responsibility and it’s something we should all be concerned about.

We are spending as if it doesn’t matter, and all we talk about is what new programs we can offer. Well it does matter.
Consider these facts:
In 2020, the U.S. Government spent 371 billion U.S. dollars on interest for debt held by the public.
That is over $1 billion dollars a day on interest.
It is equivalent to 9 percent of all federal revenue collection.
That means almost 10% of the taxes you pay goes to pay interest on the debt.

When the numbers for 2021 come out, it will be worse.
We will be well over a billion dollars a day doing nothing but paying interest.
Think about what we could do with $375 billion free dollars.
We could actually fund some of the programs the progressives want.
We could return the money to the people who paid it in taxes. Imagine that.

Are we just ready to continue spending billions we don’t have and increase that wasted spending?
Do we really want to add to that?

Why is it that all we hear on the MSM and from politicians is what else we should spend?
Why isn’t anyone saying stop, look at what we’re paying now on the debt?
Did you know how much interest we are paying? And you are well informed.

If this were your personal budget, what would you do?
Wouldn’t you try and begin paying back what you owe so that you have extra money?

Why don’t we hold our elected officials responsible to do the same?

Keep this in mind as we go forward in 2022 and watch what comes out of Washington.


Manchin says “no”… for now

First, today we want to take the opportunity to wish you and yours the best of holiday seasons and the wish of health, happiness and peace for the year ahead.
May the season be special for you all.

We’ll Try And Wrap Up Thoughts Today – First, Manchin

So the Senator said “no” to BBB on Sunday, it’s over right?
It’s over for the balance of this year as congress goes home — but it will be back in January.
Though the Democrats are making a big mistake with their personal attacks on the senator.

What will happen now is the progressives will push the most appealing (to their constituents) parts forward for a vote as stand alone offerings.
The first will be the “temporary” child credit payments to families that was to expire in December. After all no temporary “free” program is ever really temporary and this will prove it.

Then will come piecemeal other parts. The attempt will be to present those against any of it as uncaring and for the rich. This will get messy, you watch.

You say that Senator Manchin will stop it all?
Wrong again.
Remember he was anti the trillions more spending and then said he was okay with $1.5 trillion.
Well the story is he talked to the President about $1.8 trillion this weekend before the President pushed for the whole program.
Manchin is against the $5 trillion ($3 trillion debt adding program that the Democrat leaders say costs “zero”) but he is willing to spend.

In January you will see this BBB to reemerge and it will be piecemeal, with many parts passing. Just watch.

Now those attacking the Senator so viciously are doing a disservice to their agenda.
If they continue, he may well harden and they will pass less than they could have.
Of course the attacks are also made to send a message to other potential Democrats who might wander “off the reservation” of progressive thinking.

Stay tuned and as we get closer to the 2022 mid year elections watch the impact.
On that consider this:
We are hearing that if the election were today the Republicans would pick up as many as 35 seats in the House. Now it’s a long time to next November, but consider this.
If they did pick up a net of 35 seats next year they would achieve their highest total of members in the House since 1929.
That’s an eye opener isn’t it?

Now consider the Governor races in 2022.
If the Republicans pick up any governorships in the presidential battleground states in the industrial Midwest that are up (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin), they will take total control of government in these states and, with this power, they could determine the voting procedures and counts in the next presidential election.”

A lot at stake over the next eleven months.

Why Numbers Can Be Confusing For The Uninformed

When the new unemployment numbers came out the president said “only 2 million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, down from more than 18 million when he first took office.”
He also stated that “nearly 6 million jobs were added this year, which is the most in any first year of a president.”

Okay, then let’s just ask the logical question.
18 Million were on unemployment then and 6 million got jobs; that leaves 12 million. Since only 2 million are getting unemployment where did the other 10 million go?
Hmmm. Let’s dig further.
Well let’s see, 61.8% of the population is in the workforce. It was 63.2% two years ago this month.
Are the numbers something to tout?
I don’t see it that way.
In fact, I think the MSM should be looking at where those people went and how much government payouts have contributed to the large unemployment and why so many dropped out.

The Virus Numbers

Is it me or has the MSM just let milestones pass as if they were nothing? Do you remember how, under a former President, every day we heard the numbers of those suffering and passing from the Covid?
Well we just passed 800,000 dead.
Did you hear that number as you did in the past?
We passed a milestone where more have died in the eleven months of this administration than under the former one.
Any coverage of that?

Wasn’t it the same MSM who covered this statement by a candidate (who won) in the 2020 campaign?:
“If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this: Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths (220,000 at the time), should not remain President of The United States.”
They say words that come back to bite you.
I guess not if you’re the media favorite.

Again, we wish you the best of holiday seasons. Stay safe, enjoy family if you’re together and may the new year bring health and happiness.
We’ll do our best not to bug you.

Well Now…

Build Back Better

Let’s see. Senator Schumer said he expects a vote and passage of Build Back Better by Christmas. Some on his staff say they have 49 votes locked in. Hmmm.
On the other side Senator Lindsey Graham discussed the CBO study on the “real cost” of the program for ten years (because no one believes the lie that the programs are going away but the taxes will say).
He said in the Sunday shows that it was Senator Joe Manchin who asked him to do it.
What did the study report?
Well, the real cost for ten years is over $5.2 trillion.
The increase to the deficit will be over $3 trillion.

Since he asked for the ten year study to get the real numbers, how can Senator Manchin now agree to pass the bill?
How can there be 49 other Democratic Senators allowing the lie that the programs will end and this will be a zero add to the deficit allow it to pass?

This is one of those moments where you have to decide which side you are on.
Do you want to add $3 trillion additional dollars to the debt of our children?
Do you want to believe (and be so fooled) that this is a “zero” cost?

How can one Senator stand between us and this passing?

Speaking Of Spending

Remember when the President put the VP in charge of the border mess and she said it was the root causes that must be fixed? (Why are people leaving their countries to come to the U.S?)
I bet you didn’t think it was a lack of spending by us in the area.
Today she (the VP) is announcing $540 Million more in commitments to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. (This is on top of $750 Million announced in May.)
Of course all the issues have nothing to do with corruption and failed leadership.
While we see more money wasted, pay attention at how this eases (or doesn’t) the mess at the border; or is it just more showtime for the administration?

This From The Committee To Unleash Prosperity

I’ve seen the argument many, many, many times that inflation is up everywhere so there is nothing US-policy specific to what we’re seeing. Look at this comparison of US and euro area core inflation.


Here’s a second chart on inflation (from the same organization). Take a look and tell me again how trillions more of spending is not going to impact this:

And just so we get this right on the deficit and what is driving everything, take a look at this spending and revenue chart:

To me these charts tell a story. You decide for yourself if they do for you too.

Finally A Surprise To Me

This deals with the horrible tragedy of the tornado this weekend. The devastation, loss, death and pain is unimaginable. I thought for sure we would immediately hear that it all because of climate change. Thus, I was surprised this AM to see this.
Scientists suggest it is too soon to blame climate change for the weekend tornadoes. Twisters have mowed through the United States during previous Decembers, but affected states reported unusually warm, moist conditions on Friday.
Let’s hope we all continue to focus on helping and not engaging theories too quickly.

Have A Great Day. Pray for the victims and those impacted by the weekend tornados.

Jussie, Racism, BBB and The Lie…

Verdicts and Racism?

We have had three major verdicts in the past month, and in my opinion the juries got them all right.
Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent.
The Dallas Jury found the three who attacked Ahmaud Arbery guilty.
The Jussie Smollett jury found him guilty.

I imagine most of you reading this agreed that those juries got it right, as jurists usually do, with the exception of the O.J. trial, of course.

Now take that to the next level.
Where were you as they unfolded with your thoughts? Where were most Americans? Where was the left?
Where was the President, Vice President, Speaker of The House and The Progressives?
They all condemned Rittenhouse as guilty and a racist. They knew the Arbery three were guilty and Smollett was attacked.
So who are the racists? Who jumps to conclusions? Who passes judgement?
It wasn’t you or me, was it? All we wanted was justice, and the juries agreed with us.

If we had a fair and non biased press they would be covering this and asking their friends on the left why they rushed to judgement so quickly and are they apologizing. If it were the other way, they would do that, wouldn’t they?

Now the right wing press is attacking back. There are a lot of comments that, unless you followed or sought them out, you would never hear.
Here’s a funny one I thought you might like to see:
The Rev. Al Sharpton declared that the “reported hate attack on my friend and brother, actor Jussie Smollett is despicable and outrageous. The guilty must face the maximum.”
Conservative media critic Stephen L. Miller responded Thursday on Twitter:
“I have good news, Reverend.”

The example of these three cases and the rush to judgement by the left is just one more example why we must vote with our eyes open and return sanity back to our nation.

BBB and The CBO:

Remember that chart I shared yesterday that showed the real cost the BBB plan over ten years, and the fact the real cost is $4 trillion+?
Well the Republicans have asked the CBO to provide that review. (Show the costs over ten years, because the programs are not going away). It may be ready for release as early as today. Let’s see what the coverage of truth is with the MSM.

By the way, the Democrats reported yesterday they now have 49 Senators on board approving the bill. Apparently Senator Sinema is now good to go.
They also said the CBO report they asked for is right. The programs will end they said. Raise your hand if you believe that.
As they said that, this report was in the news today on the Child Tax Credit:

Schumer and Senate Democrats talk a lot about how the American Rescue Plan helped bring the U.S. economy back from the brink of collapse after the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most highly touted policies in the ARP was the expanded Child Tax Credit. Democrats expanded eligibility to include children up to 17 years old, they made the credit fully refundable and increased the amount families could get under the tax credit. All in all, a huge plus for millions of American families. Guess what? It expires in 21 days if the Congress doesn’t pass the BBB. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has all but guaranteed that she’s not going to try to bail the Senate out by passing a short-term extension of the CTC, so it’s up to senators to get their act in gear. After hollering about putting extra money in people’s pockets, how can Democrats let this popular provision expire?

Oh, I see how can they let this “expire.” The added payment they said was because of Covid and would end.
Yet they tell you the CBO was right and the programs are going away, but the tax increases will continue. No way. Both are going to continue if passed.

Then There’s This Release By the AP Today:

If I read it right the administration policies are hurting the poorest among us.
Does the MSM report this?

Another Example Why I Say Trump Is Not The Answer:

This from Axios today who had an interview with the former President. I found it incredible considering he (Trump) and former Isreali Leader Benjamin Netanyahu were so close:

Former President Trump tells Axios from Tel Aviv author Barak Ravid he hasn’t spoken to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the two left office. 
“F**k him,” Trump said during a 90-minute interview at Mar-a-Lago in April.
Trump repeatedly criticized Netanyahu during two interviews for Ravid’s book, “Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East,” out this morning in Hebrew. 
Why it matters: 
Now opposition leader, Netanyahu is waging a continuous campaign to win back the Prime Minister’s Office while on trial for corruption.

One of his primary political calling cards is his close relationship with Trump, who remains hugely popular in Israel.
In public, the two were close political allies during the four years they overlapped in office. Behind the scenes, Trump pulled away. The final straw was when Netanyahu congratulated President-elect Biden. 
“The first person that congratulated [Biden] was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more for than any other person I dealt with,” Trump said. “Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake.”
Reality check: Netanyahu was far from the first world leader to congratulate Biden. In fact, he waited more than 12 hours after networks called the election.
But Trump claimed he was shocked when Melania shared Netanyahu’s video with him: “He was very early — like, earlier than most. I haven’t spoken to him since. F**k him.”
Trump is fixated on the fact that while the likes of Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Russia’s Vladimir Putin held off, — “they felt the election was rigged,” Trump claimed — Netanyahu acknowledged Biden’s win.
“For Bibi Netanyahu, before the ink was even dry, to do a message … “
Ravid spoke to Trump again in July, this time on the phone, after Netanyahu had been ousted from power after 12 years.
Well, I like him, but he has been there a long time,” Trump said.
Trump repeated his grievances, albeit in a milder tone.
“I can tell you that people were very angry with him when he was the first one to congratulate Biden,” he said. “The video was almost like he’s begging for love. And I said, ‘My, my how things change.’ So, you know, I was disappointed. … As you know, I’m very popular in Israel.”

Then the former President took two more hits yesterday:
FIRST, New York state A.G. TISH JAMES announced that she was suspending her campaign for governor and would instead run for reelection. That all but assures the law enforcement officer who has been perhaps the most aggressive in investigating Trump will continue to focus her attention on the ex-president. 
Indeed, just hours before the announcement, WaPo’s Josh Dawsey and David Fahrenthold scooped that James was pushing to depose Trump in January as part of her investigation into possible fraud in the Trump Organization. 

THEN, a federal appeals court flatly rejected that Trump’s claims of executive privilege , which he used to block the National Archives from turning over documents to the Jan. 6 committee. It’s not the final word on the matter — the Supreme Court could still intervene this month — but it’s a big win for the select committee.

You know what I wonder. Why are the Democrats so intensely focused on the former President and getting him on anything they can? I would think there best chance to win and hold power is running against him. They know Republicans will nominate him. They know Democrats will turn out to vote against him and they know Independents say “no” to him. Is their hate so great they can’t see the bigger picture?
That’s it for today.

Have A Great Day. Cancel the Cancel Culture. Be Part of The Solution In Fixing America. Vote Right.

News Worthy….

Let’s settle the “Build Back Better” plan and what it costs. How is the MSM allowing the administration and congress to get away with their outright lie on the real cost?
First they said it was “zero cost.” Then the CBO did their review and said that wasn’t true.
What the CBO does is cost out what congress tells it to.
So congress told them the program was limited in years. Nothing longer than five.
To make it worse, they counted 10 years of revenue to pay for five years of new spending programs.
If any business CEO tried this they would be charged and locked up.  
Now a few things.
The CBO in the limited years said this was costly. So even with the accounting gimmick it was bad.
Then you add the years missed.
And, you and I know that we are not pulling back money to people after we start giving it out – spending is forever.
The “paid for” BBB is a total deficit breaker and an incredible bill we are being asked to pass on to our kids and grandchildren.
Here’s a chart on how they asked the CBO to score this (in blue) and the real cost we are passing on:

They are lying to us and people have no idea. The free press which is supposed to point this out is MIA.

Is It Going To Pass?

In the House – on a party vote it passed.
In the Senate, every Republican is prepared to vote no.
48 of 50 Democrats have committed to vote yes.
Standing between us and that bill are Senators Manchin and Sinema.
Here’s former President Trump on Senator Manchin yesterday:
Former President Donald Trump predicted that Sen. Joe Manchin III, a key Democratic swing vote, will “fold” when it comes time to vote on the White House’s $1.75 trillion social welfare bill. Mr. Trump argued during an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show that despite criticizing the mammoth bill, Mr. Manchin would line up with fellow Democrats to support it when the time came. “Well, I know this: Joe will eventually fold,” Mr. Trump said. “That’s what I know. So Joe’s going to fold, and that’s going to be that.”

How does that make you feel?

When You Look At That

You realize how vital an election is. There is a divide between the parties today. If the Republicans had not lost those two senate seats in the special Georgia election, none of what we see would be happening. The party divided itself as you recall as a former President focused the attention on the wrong thing. Unity is vital as the future of the nation is at stake.

That said, in the same state of Georgia, the same division exists. Now a defeated senator (Perdue) is running against the sitting Republican Governor because he did not support an election overthrow. They are about to make their most vocal opponent (Stacey Abrams) Governor. In the process they will lose any chance to beat Senator Warhol in the special election, thus losing a winnable seat.

Oftentimes egos are bigger than common sense, and grown men never learn.

It Goes Even Deeper

Have you paid attention to some of the nominees from this administration for positions? When you study their backgrounds and positions you wonder if they are on the side of capitalism.
One finally had to withdraw this week.
Saule Omarova, who was President Biden’s nominee to oversee large national banks, withdrew from consideration,amid opposition from Republicans and moderate Democrats who had sought to block her nomination.
Look up her views and why. She is symbolic of what we’ve seen.

Want more on elections have consequences?
A new poll released showed people are now in favor of a wall on the border in the same numbers they were before President Trump was elected. It’s clear a majority want border security, but this administration does not.
In fact, I believe they support open borders.
Well here’s their confirmed commissioner this week for the border:
Chris Magnus, the police chief in Tucson, Ariz., who became a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, was confirmed as the commissioner of U.S. Customs and border Protection on Tuesday.

Are They Really Socialist?

Believe what you want, but here’s a Gallup Poll on the question:
“Americans remain much more positive toward capitalism than socialism,” wrote Jeffrey M. Jones, a Gallup analyst, in a new analysis released.
The pollster reveals that 60% of U.S. adults have a positive view of capitalism; that includes 72% of Republicans, 59% of independents and 50% of Democrats.
Socialism, meanwhile, drew a positive response from 38% overall, including 10% of Republicans, 40% of independents and 65% of Democrats.

So, the Democratic party registrants are 50/50 capitalism vs. socialism.
Republicans are 71-10 for capitalism.
I think the Republican Party should be doing a far better job getting this message out.

In fact, we should Build Back Better – our nation and capitalism – where people drove innovation, leadership and wealth for their families.

Well This Is Interesting

We all heard about the Biden and Putin meeting this week. We don’t know much, but I found this comment by national security adviser Jake Sullivan very interesting:
Things we did not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now,” he told reporters.
Oh really? He was part of the Obama administration when Russia invaded and then annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Remember they sent pillows and blankets? Is he saying they failed then? I guess so. We said it then; they denied it. Did they catch up?
What about when President Trump sent armament? Was he right now?

Then ask yourself this. We hear of Russia and a possible takeover of Ukraine. We hear of China and a possible takeover of Taiwan. Why?

I think of President Reagan’s words. They never attack when they think we are strong, they only do so when they perceive we are weak.

Remember When Numbers Mattered

Within the next week the number of deaths from the Coronavirus (and its variants) will pass a milestone. We will have had more deaths since President Biden was sworn in than before. (What you have been hearing in conservative media is that there were more deaths in 2021 than 2020, but President Trump was in office until noon on the 20th).
There was a point in time we heard daily updates from the MSM and the implication how poorly the virus was being handled.
Well since we are about to have more deaths in the first eleven months of the new administration is the MSM going to report the numbers? We will pass this sad milestone in the next three days.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture. Stand for America and Our Traditional Values.

While We Were On Hiatus…

This Caught Our Attention

The administration actually said that the Snatch and Grab robberies we are seeing at high end outlets is because of Covid. Really, they did. Because of Covid, you need to rob that Gucci bag and jewelry.
Did you see the MSM cover this ridiculous statement?

The DCC actually put out a “thank you Joe Biden graph” for gas prices dropping by two cents a gallon last week. Not only was that dumb, but it also implies that the president is responsible for gas prices, which they have tried to avoid.
Did you see the graph and story in the MSM?

Was there a time when a Kennedy wrote a political book and there was no coverage?
There is now.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a bestseller with his book skewering Dr. Anthony Fauci, no thanks to what his publisher calls a “total media blackout.”
“The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” continued its reign atop the Amazon and USA Today bestseller lists and fifth on The New York Times’ list of top book sales.
The book is moving off shelves even though technology platforms refuse to carry its advertising.
Mainstream media outlets won’t touch it, much to the frustration of Tony Lyons, president and publisher of Skyhorse Publishing.
“I defy you to find a single case where the No. 1 bestselling book in America over a 16-day period has not been mentioned in one mainstream newspaper in the country,” he said.
“We pitched Bobby Kennedy to all of the mainstream media outlets: television, newspapers, and none of those places have even asked to see a copy of the book,” he said.
That’s your MSM today.

While on media fairness, remember all the noise about what a lousy Governor Florida’s DeSantis was with the Covid in his state? How much coverage have you seen on the fact Florida has the lowest Covid case rate In America?
Your biased MSM at work.
Maybe they’re still trying to figure out how to explain their hero Gov. Cuomo is accused of lying on Covid deaths.

This was disturbing to read. Is the MSM covering it as they should? What part did they play in this?
The National Fraternal Order of Police said that 2021 is already the bloodiest year in history for American law enforcement officers.  
As of this week, the National Fraternal Order of Police reported that 314 police officers were shot in the line of duty — 58 of whom were killed.

Then I saw the Administration put a travel ban on for a number of countries, eight in Africa.
I recalled these quotes when former President Trump did one country:
Candiate Joe Biden: “Trump further diminished the U.S. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. This new “African Ban,” is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the United States. It’s a disgrace, and we cannot let him succeed.”

Speaker Pelosi: “The Trump Admin’s expansion of its un-American travel ban is a threat to our security, our values and the rule of law. Barring more than 350 million people from predominantly African countries from traveling to the US, this rule is discrimination disguised as policy.”

VP (then Senator)Harris: “Trump’s extended un-American travel ban undermines our nation’s core values. It is clearly driven by hate, not security.”

What changed? To me it was only the media coverage. Did they call these leaders on this? Of course not.

The MSM covered the Rittenhouse case (and had the population thinking he had shot minorities) and the Arbery case which was a bias one, but where is the coverage of the Jussie Smollett trial and his staged hate crime?
Your biased media at work.

So the administration is about to restart the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy as a court said their unwinding it was unlawful.
Are you ready for the MSM reporting on the administration has stopped the border crisis?
Can the administration and media really fool that many people that often?

Let me make sure I understand this.
The Green Administration wants to give you a $12,500 rebate if you buy an electric car. Sound good?
The first car of course to wheel you in, wait until you go to replace it. But, that’s another story.
This one is on electric cars? You know who is not eligible? Tesla.
Wait, Tesla is the American innovative car that is leading the way. Why not them?
The administration says the car must be electric and made in a union shop. Tesla isn’t union. No rebate.
So American – yes. A leader – yes. But we’ll support foreign cars over them. Make sense to you?
Did the media report this?

One final thought today on the Build Back Better bill. You know the trillion dollars more spending on top of the infrastructure bill. The one where magically more spending will not add to inflation but cure it.
Well, for all those counting on Joe Manchin to block it (remember he voted for the first Biden spending bill and the infrastructure one), here’s his quote on CNN last night on BBB:
Manchin said that if Schumer were to put the bill on the floor he “wouldn’t have any idea how I’m going to vote until I walk in.”
That’s someone with a firm view, isn’t it?

Have A Great Weekend. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Thinking Out Loud…

First Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours

In this short week as we get ready to celebrate the holidays let’s stop and give thanks for all we have. As you celebrate, hopefully with those you love, we send our best to you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Now For Some Thoughts On The News

They set the bail for the Wisconsin parade driving murderer at $5 million. Let’s see, that’s $4,999,000 more than the bail he was on for two cases already.
In one he is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, reckless endangering, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and battery. 
In the other case he is charged with reckless endangering and illegal possession of a firearm. In that case, a woman told police that Mr. Brooks deliberately ran her over with the same vehicle he killed with on Sunday.

And the Democrats want no bail. Do people know what they are voting for?

If you missed this, then you don’t know the left wants to make it even worse. No one should be incarcerated.
This from “Axios on HBO,” 
Jonathan Swan challenged Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) on the breadth of a plan for closing federal prisons that she has endorsed — and is supported by some criminal-justice activists.
“Everyone’s like, Oh my God, we’re going to just release everybody.” Tlaib said. 
Swan interjected that the BREATHE Act actually says:
Release everyone from federal prisons over 10 years.
She defended that Act and plan.
Then we get crime, robberies, rapes and murders from those who have no business being on the street.

I ask again: Do people know what they vote for?

Remember when the FBI was unimpeachable? It seems every week there is another story that says otherwise. Yesterday it was announced the U.S. will pay $127.5 million to families in the Parkland school shooting. Why?
The settlement resolves claims made by 40 survivors and families from 16 of the 17 people killed in the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., over the FBI’s failure to investigate tips warning the shooter had guns and planned to attack.
The FBI missed it.

And On The Administration

After stopping pipelines and drilling, then begging OPEC and the Russians for more oil, the President has now decided to tap the emergency pipeline. Emergency? You mean the one he created?
They are planning to release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve.
You know how much that is? Two and a half days maybe. This is their solution?
The other question is what about the reserve?
Well they said it will be replenished. Oh, that solves the shortage.
Mr, President, the answer is “drill baby drill.” Turn America loose.
Did the people know they were voting for higher gas prices and begging OPEC and the Russians for oil?

And the President renominated Jay Powell as Fed Chair. Liberal Senators like Elizabeth Warren had come out ahead of time saying they would vote against him.
Want an interesting fact?
When he was first nominated, guess which senator voted “no” then.
VP Kamala Harris is the answer.

Let’s not forget that the House passed the “Build Back Better” plan, that according to all the Democratic Leaders up to the President, costs us “zero.”
I guess they forgot to read the CBO report which said it adds more than $367 billion to the deficit.
Who votes for people who think you are so gullible that you believe it’s “zero” because they say it is?

I guess the same people who believe that it will help inflation.
After all, isn’t more spending the answer to run away spending?

What About Cuomo The Hero?

Remember when Andrew Cuomo was the hero – he wrote a book about leadership – won an Emmy?
He was the example of how to, and those Republican Governors like DeSantis were the villains?
Well, the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee released the report from its lawyers on the allegations against the former Governor.
He was damned for sexual harassment and lying about the number of deaths from Covid.
No reason to write more. The leftist media lied. People died. They made a hero of a lying harasser.
They need to apologize for failure to do their jobs.

Everything about 2022 says Republican – But

But keep conscious of what we have been telling you of the divide in the Republican party. The question to us continues to be can Joe Biden and team mess things up far more than former President Trump can divide his party?
Here’s some of the latest from that:
In Maryland, the former President jumped in endorsing a candiate for Governor who backs his claims fully. The current Republican Governor said this: “Personally, I’d prefer endorsements from people who didn’t lose Maryland by 33 points.” Ouch.

In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp lamented that his conservative bona fides have been questioned by Mr. Trump, who has encouraged Georgia Republicans, including former Sen. David Perdue, to consider primary campaigns. “It’s insane,” Mr. Kemp said. Mr. Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate in 28 years to lose in the state.

Former V.P. Pence said this: “I want to be clear. I’m going to be supporting incumbent Republican Governors.”

In Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell, the Trump backed candidate, backed out of the race after a judge handed his estranged wife sole legal custody of their children. His wife had alleged that Parnell attempted to choke her and hit their children. He denied the allegation, but suspended his campaign after the court ruling.

Here is the Republican dilemma.
A return of the former President in 2024 is music to the ears of Republicans, according to national polls.
However, the poll also shows the rest of the electorate would rather he stay on the sidelines.
Here are the numbers:
The Marquette Law School released a poll of adults that showed 60% of Republicans want Mr. Trump to run for president in 2024.
“Among all respondents, 28% would like to see Trump make another run for the presidency, while 71% do not want him to run again.”

That coincided with the release of a new OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) survey that found more than half of Arizona Republicans believe Mr. Trump should make a comeback in the next election. That compares to 27% of independent voters and less than a percent of Democrats who want Mr. Trump to run again.

Winning a primary and losing the general is not what this nation needs. Just look at the mess we’re in.

There’s so much more, but the holiday is here.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Really? I Am Supposed To Believe These Lies?

Question, Really, Question Mark, Doubt, Museum

Really? I’m Supposed To Believe This?

Wait, you want the debate for the trillions of dollars of spending done by Friday? House Majority Leader Hoyer predicted that “most of” the floor debate on the massive bill will occur today. “And then I expect a vote on the Build Back Better final passage at the earliest Thursday and at hopefully the latest on Friday.” Really?

What happened to the CBO review of spending that was asked for by you (Hoyer and team) and demanded when the previous administration wanted to pass a bill? It was a “must” you said on any spending. 
Why was it the end all and be all then and now not important?

The answer, Congressional Democrats and the White House are rushing to discredit that looming CBO report because it will detail the lie that it costs “zero.”

Now Democrats are in a campaign to delegitimize the work of the Congressional Budget Office. They are claiming the nonpartisan federal agency, which is tasked with analyzing the fiscal impact of legislation, is unable to properly vet all of the provisions in Mr. Biden’s social welfare bill. 
“There’s wide agreement CBO doesn’t have experience analyzing revenue amounts gained from cracking down on wealthy tax cheats who are taking advantage of honest taxpayers,” said Andrew Bates, the White House’s director of rapid response.

Really? if you believe that you are beyond gullible. Where’s the “free press” to report the facts? Missing. 

Add This To The Above.

Yesterday everything was heightened as Treasury Secretary Yellen told Speaker Pelosi that Congress has until Dec. 15 to raise the nation’s borrowing authority or risk default. 

Okay, so spend more now before the CBO tells everyone how much more this will add to deficit spending and bankruptcy. 

Really, He Gave Himself An “A”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas graded himself with an “A for effort” on Tuesday, telling senators he believes the Biden administration is on the right track to solve the border’s chaos and to make up for what he called cruel Trump policies. 
“We’re on the road to success,” he said. 
Okay, someone define success for me. 
I guess it’s an open border and let whoever flow in. 

On another note, remember the charges of border patrol beating Haitian immigrants? We were told there would be an immediate review (in days) and charges. What happened? 
Yesterday Homeland Security issued a statement defending the lengthy delay in the investigation, saying the probe is following the “customary process.”
You know why? 
It didn’t happen and Mayorkas and the President lied about what happened. 
Media coverage of their damning false charges? Zero. 

Here’s another lie with no coverage.  
The President’s cyber director told congress that cyber attacks have been reduced from Russia. Yesterday the FBI told congress they have seen no decline.
Media coverage of this lie? Zero.

This n That – Really

Did you see this poll from W. Va? Sen. Manchin has a 61% approval rating in his state. President Biden has a 65% disapproval rate. 

By the way, here’s Manchin on the trillions they want to spend: 
Yesterday he “expressed skepticism” about arguments that President Biden’s multitrillion-dollar social welfare bill was a cure for inflation. He said the effort by White House officials to redefine the bill as a means to combat soaring prices needed further vetting.
“They say it’s going to lower inflation,” he said. “I’ll have to check on that one.” Me too, because it’s a lie.

They won’t listen, because they would rather beg and pay OPEC and the Russians:

Republican Senator Daines of Montana, wants to spur domestic energy production to combat skyrocketing gasoline and heating costs across the country. He introduced legislation requiring the Interior Department to restart oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. 
The bill aims to boost domestic energy production, which has lagged since Jan 20th. “We must do what we can to bring back Made in America energy jobs and restore our global energy dominance by supporting an all-of-the-above energy portfolio which includes oil, gas, wind, solar and more.” 
Chances of getting to a vote in Schumer’s Senate – zero. 
Does America want it? No doubt.
Media coverage? Zero.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Just me…

Quick Takes

You know who’s really guilty in Kenosha, Wisconsin? The Governor and local officials who allowed the protesters and rioters to loot and burn down businesses.
As part of the whole 2020 permissiveness the police were asked to stand back. That move to support those doing damage, versus the law abiding business owners, led to the hiring and request for security.
The leaders of Wisconsin are guilty of failed leadership in the basic component of protection.

Now, should a 17 year old young man be encouraged to grab an AR15 and go out there? The answer to me is no. But, it should never have gotten to that point, and the people elected to protect the citizens failed them.

While we’re on that topic. Rittenhouse was attacked. He did not provoke from my standpoint.
His lead attacker was a child molester, out of jail and out of a mental hospital, who was looking for trouble. Who made the decision to release him? Who knew he was off the meds that were required? They are guilty too.

This report from the Associated Press (AP) today:
“As many as 160,000 active-duty members of the military are having trouble feeding their families.”
Hey, Mr President and Congressional Leaders pushing the additional trillions of spending, I have an idea for you. Instead of just pretty words on Veterans and Memorial Day, how about paying them back better.
You would even get public support for this.

Why doesn’t the press do it its job? How many know that since the President visited and promised a 24 hour effort to fix the supply chain in Los Angeles, the situation has worsened?
Here’s the report today:
“The throng of container ships anchored off the coast of Southern California grew by 43% since President Biden’s announcement a month ago that the ports there would start working around the clock and ease supply chain woes. A record 83 cargo ships sat off the coast Friday awaiting offload at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California. That’s 25 more than the 58 container ships in the backup than when Mr. Biden made his announcement in mid-October.”

So, the President had his virtual meeting with China Leader Xi yesterday. Chairman Xi called President Biden his “good friend.” Imagine that. In his inner circles they called former President Trump the enemy. Which would you rather have them call our President?
Apparently they discussed “a wide slate of issues” at a moment of growing international concern over Cold War prospects between the U.S. and the world’s biggest communist power.
Oh really? How come they didn’t discuss China’s growing nuclear activity and power? How come they didn’t discuss the President’s number one issue Covid? Don’t we care how it started and came out of China?

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

Let Me Ask…

Do You Remember?

When gas prices were low and liberal politicians were requesting (in some cases demanding) we raise the gas tax on a gallon by ten to twenty cents? We wrote then are ” they thinking prices will never rise?”
Now with prices so high and rising more, do you hear anyone say reduce the gas tax? (Over 70 cents per gallon here in Conn.) You don’t and won’t. With liberals it’s always a one way street.

So, Steve Bannon has to surrender and appear in court today. He is charged by federal prosecutors with criminal contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Do you remember when AG Eric Holder and head of IRS Lois Lerner did a similar defiance and nothing happened? Why is that?

How confident are you in President Biden meeting this evening with China Leader Xi? Me either.

Why is this so? Roughly 1.4 million fewer adults ages 25 to 54 are working or looking for a job than in the month before the pandemic hit. There are ten million unfilled jobs. Wages are up. What’s the story? I think I know. You?

So now the ABC and NBC polls are telling us that the Biden Presidency is failing so far. The anchors there and at other stations seem surprised. I am not. Are you? I didn’t think so.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. He needs to not make 2022 about him. Let it be about the Biden Administration.
Speaking of Trump, did you see his hotel business is selling the rights to its D.C. hotel for $375 million?

Why is the President picking today, with all the news, like his call with China, the jury charge in the Rittenhouse case and Steve Bannon turning himself in, to sign his infrastructure legislation? With Republicans coming to the signing ceremony, why wouldn’t he chose a less news filled day?

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.

It Looks High…

man standing on stage

EDITORS NOTE: With tomorrow being Veterans Day we will be off honoring our veterans. From there we will be taking some time to travel and enjoy our great nation. Updates will be limited.

First Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps today. Thank you to all who served in the corp.
Tomorrow we all stop and pause and honor all veterans, our heroes, who served. We salute and thank you.

Are they sure?

Maybe the title here should be do you believe them? They being the administration who keeps telling us that inflation is temporary. This AM the consumer price index (CPI) was up 6.2% this year vs. last. Above what they said, and the highest in three decades.
Gas was up to S3.42. That’s a $1.31 above last year.
How come we know (knew) that inflation was real months ago and they keep saying no?
And why is more spending going to be good for this? Isn’t it the opposite?

And When You Hear Taxes Are Not For You

You know all that “tax the rich” and they should “pay their fair share”? How come we know it always trickles down and they are fooling people? Well here’s a recap on the original income tax in 1913.
Yes, 1913. We had no income taxes before that. Imagine, we won a revolution, fought a civil war and began building the foundation of America.
Remember 1913 is only 108 years ago, think about that as you read it:

The original 1913 income tax was 1% for people with incomes above $3,000 (about $83,000 today) and $4,000 in income for married couples (about $111,000 today). The top rate was 7% on $500,000 or more ($13.8 million). About 3% of the population was taxed. Congress promised the public two things:
Tax rates would never go above 10%, and the middle class would never pay the tax.
A few short years later, the highest rate was 70%, and almost everyone got socked with this new income tax to be paid by the rich.

When The Media Is Fair

Did you see the clips of Rep. Adam Schiff’s interview on The View?
What a great example of what a fair media can be and do. He was confronted about his lies for three years about seeing Russian Collusion with the Trump administration for three years. It was a real example of the questions many should be answering about the hoax instead of trying to perpetuate even now.
The interviewer was Morgan Ortagus who is a former State Department spokesperson.  

On the other side the MSM continues to cover Jan. 6th as if people intended to blockade themselves in Nancy Pelosi’s office and declare themselves the new government. This morning the headlines were that the former President cannot claim executive privilege over documents related to that day.
I am fine with that. But I want the same coverage (which is no where in the MSM) on the Clinton Campaign, the Steele Dossier, and what the real collusion was.
I just want fairness.

Speaking of former President Trump, he said he will “probably” announce his final decision about whether to run for president in 2024 after the 2022 midterms. That is good news for the Republicans. If he were to announce before then the 2022 would be about him.
That leaves one area he can hurt the party in 2022.
The candidates he endorses (because they support his stolen election claim), where he goes and what he says.
Here’s a story from The Hill on that:
“GOP senators are worried that former President Trump could thwart their hopes of winning back the Senate majority next year with his support for controversial primary candidates who they fear could turn away female voters.”
For example — in Pennsylvania: “The latest bombshell to rock the 2022 Senate election landscape came this week when the estranged wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell testified in court Monday that he strangled her and hit their children. The allegation in a child custody hearing would be enough to derail a Senate campaign, but Parnell is still considered the front-runner in the Republican primary thanks to Trump’s powerful endorsement.”
And in Georgia: “A similar dynamic is emerging in Georgia, where Trump has jumped in early to back candidates despite allegations from women of threatening behavior and sexual assault.”  
Some Republicans are understandably worried this could hurt their chances to retake the Senate.

Short Takes

A bipartisan group of senators said Tuesday they are seeking a “9/11-style commission” to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic began, the U.S. government’s response and ways to prevent a similar tragedy.
This is a great idea and long overdue. It’s time to call China on this – overtime.

Next year the landscape was initially favorable for Democrats running in senate races. It has become less so as events in Washington have unfolded. Yesterday they got a break. One seat that Republicans saw as a real opportunity was New Hampshire. However, the candidate they thought who could win was Gov Chris Sununu.
He surprised all yesterday announcing he had opted to run for a fourth term in Concord. He said he had little appetite for being 1 of 100 lawmakers after six years as the Granite State’s chief executive.

As noted above, the Trump endorsed candidate for the Senate in Pa. has issues that may derail his campaign. Here’s a report from the Washington Examiner on someone who is ready to announce his candidacy: |
Physician and TV personality Mehmet Oz is preparing to jump into the Pennsylvania Senate race.


I Get It And I Don’t Get It…

I Get It that USA Today has a poll out that says the President is at 39% approval but we will likely see an uptick in the period ahead. Why? Favorable media coverage of his overseas trip, the infrastructure bill getting passed and his anger at the press question over money to illegal immigrants.

I Don’t Get that payment for family separation. The President should be scorched over this. He clearly didn’t know about it when first asked.
He then lied about the actual question, saying he was asked about all. No, he wasn’t asked about all immigrants. He was asked about those separated. He then made it seem as if we lost kids. No we didn’t. People never came for them. Which means they weren’t their kids or something else was going on.
Finally, these people broke the law. When you get arrested are you separated from your children? Should we pay criminals now?
When we send soldiers to war aren’t they separated from their kids? We certainly don’t pay them $450,000. Even if they get killed and never come home.
The MSM might coverup now that the President mislead, but come election 2022, this will be a major campaign issue and it will hurt those supporting it.

I Get why the infrastructure bill passed. I think both sides wanted it. It’s the extra Build Back Better spending plan that is the issue. The differences between the Democratic sides is wide. It is even wider with the Republicans. It will be worth watching as this “negotiation” unfolds.
I see they have a tentative agreement on SALT. Its raising the $10K limit to$80K. Wait until you see a fair analysis of who will benefit from this. It’s the opposite of “tax the rich.”

I Get they’re saying the BBB bill is for $1.75 Trillion. Well two leading fiscal watchdogs are saying the true cost is far higher. A model released by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business projected the real cost of the spending package could be more than $4.26 trillion.
What the CBO says will be key. Wait for this.

I Get why this happened so quickly, do you? Numerous police departments in Northern Virginia say the public can expect to see expanded police presence at shopping malls, public centers and gatherings in response to a potential threat. The threat to shopping malls emanated from intelligence possibly linked to ISIS, according to multiple law enforcement and intelligence sources. If you’re surprised you missed what happened in Afghanistan.

I Get why the MSM is not covering all the incredible information coming out on the whole Russian Collusion scandal. They now know how deep this went into the Clinton Campaign and that the whole thing was a made up lie. Their problem is how to cover it now that they won awards over three years for their coverage of the Trump connections that weren’t. Will they ever call Adam Schiff a liar as they easily did those who said this was a hoax from the outset? I doubt it.

I Don’t Get why anyone in the administration thinks it’s a good idea for the VP to leave today for Europe to discuss border issues, when she is in charge of our southern border. Maybe because when she was asked about visiting that border she said “I never visited Europe either.”
Okay then, but last I looked the border you are in charge of is failing as never before.
Maybe that’s why the President as reported in the USA poll was at 38%. Harris, well she was at 28%. Is she going to recover as we expect him to? Not by going to Europe to talk about their borders.

Have A Great Week. Cancel the Cancel Culture.

Onto To 2022…

Some Election Thoughts

You’ve seen all the big news on the election and the results in Virginia and New Jersey. Let me add some tidbits.

Is it me or does it seem that late reporting is always in big cities, which are Democratic areas? Don’t they have the best and latest technology? Why is there always an issue?

From Politico today:  
In the end, Biden may have mattered more than Donald Trump in Youngkin’s triumph over McAuliffe.  According to exit polls, Biden was about as unpopular as Trump in Virginia. But Biden embraced the race as a referendum on his presidency and campaigned in the state while Trump, to his great annoyance, was persuaded to stay away.
Isn’t that interesting? They think It came down to who was able to keep a President away.

One interesting fact about the Virginia vote.
You may remember the analysis was that Trump lost the suburbs in 2020. He lost the Virginia suburbs 45-53. Well last night Youngkin won the suburbs 53-47.

I was watching the Minneapolis vote on police. As you know, pre polls indicated it would pass.
In the voting booth Minneapolis voted sanity. 56% voted against replacing its police with a new department of public safety.

Remember Seattle?
In its mayor’s race, Democrat Bruce Harrell, who called for more police funding was the winner over an opponent who endorsed cutting police budgets.
And a law-and-order Republican, Ann Davison, defeated a self-described police “abolitionist” in the city attorney race.

With Virginia in the books, now what for the Democrats?
This from Punchbowl:
A congressman from New Jersey speaking for the moderates about the results there: “F*ing” disaster down ballot and way too close at the top. Not enough excitement at top of NJ ticket — Biden, Covid, etc. No accomplishments. Should have passed infrastructure a month ago.” 
A top aide to House progressives on the McAuliffe defeat: “It’s absurd to blame progressives for Virginia. A) This was a culture war election, not about federal issues. B) Terry McAuliffe is a centrist. C) If you want to fault D.C., fault the tiny group of conservative Dems who intentionally blocked childcare, prescription drug reform, universal pre-k, and paid leave all fall.”

And such is the divide that they will try and narrow this week.

Outside The Election

The State and Local Tax issue (SALT) is becoming a real divide in the Democratic party. The representatives from the big blue states demand it be rescinded. The progressives see it as a tax break for the rich. Look at this
from The Hill:
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): Called the proposed five-year SALT cap repeal “beyond unacceptable.” 
From CNN:
Tax the rich? Maybe not. Democrats’ spending plan could be a tax cut for the rich, budget watchdog finds.
From Punchbowl:
“My guess is the majority of Americans with a net worth of $50 (million) to $300 million would get a tax cut under the Build Back Better plan with a full repeal of SALT,” said Jason Furman, who served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under former President Obama.  
The bill would do more for the super-rich than it does for climate change, child care or preschool. That’s obscene,” he continued, adding that some billionaires would even get a net tax cut from the combo of the Build Back Better plan and the SALT repeal.

More on the divide. Look at this from Rep Cori Bush:
She ripped Senator Manchin over his spending bill opposition, referring to the senator as “anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant.” She added, “Joe Manchin does not get to dictate the future of our country.”

The President Returns Home

How did the President do at the conference? What do you remember the most about his time there?
Was it a policy accomplishment? Falling asleep during a speech? The large contingent he took with him?
One thing I will say.
Stop apologizing for America, will you please. This time it was for the Paris Accord and our exit from it.
Well, Mr. President, we actually met and exceeded every goal that was in the agreement.
We backed out because the world’s largest polluters, China and India, were excused from any controls for a decade. Why is that?
Let’s get this straight. We are not the issue today. Others are.
If you are going to support China building coal plants, Russia to build pipelines and explore all it wants and India to continue in its path, don’t apologize for me.
What are you accomplishing slowing out economy and reversing our thirty year pursuit to be energy independent?
And if you are going to tell me we were the largest polluter in the past, I have a message for you.
Next time you travel to Europe take a visit to the gravesides of our soldiers all around there. We saved them and the world because we built ourselves. We don’t need to apologize for anything.

Have A Great Day. Cancel The Cancel Culture.