Issues, Issues, Issues…

More Supreme Decisions

The Supreme Court, now with a conservative majority, seems to be creating an issue a day. Many on the left are not used to the court ruling from the right. Their first reaction is the court is “illegitimate.” When the court leaned left and moved the country that way, they called it the highest authority in the land.
You can’t have it both ways.

In fact, did you see AOC yesterday say the jurists should be impeached because they mislead senators on their answers to questions? Really AOC? You mean candidates always answer questions? You might want to go back and see how Justice Kagan answered things. If you don’t want to go that far back then just check President Biden’s nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. You remember her, you supported her. She couldn’t say what a “woman” was. Funny, a month later you are all saying the court is against women. What did you learn in the last month on defining that?

And if you want to put blame on the court going further left and right, look at what Harry Reid did in getting rid of the 60 vote filibuster requirement. That was the match that led to change, because before that you needed 60 votes. With that requirement people knew what a woman was and a candidate was not to any extreme.

So Now We Are Down To Issues

With MSM support, the real issue on the court abortion decision is lost. If I were to pose this question to the American people, how do you think they would answer:
Do you approve of abortion up until the moment of birth and approve partial birth abortion?
I think the answer would be overwhelmingly no. That is the Democratic position. That is the AOC position. The Biden position. It is not America’s position, but the MSM has allowed the debate to be you are either for or against abortion. It is not.
Let’s ask the Mississippi question which was before the court.

Yesterday the court ruled for a coach who lost his job because he wanted to say a prayer after a game. He never asked anyone to join him, though the MSM and other reports are presenting it that way. It seemed awful logical to me that a person could say a prayer on their own.
The left called it another example of an illegitimate court.

Then, a lower court in New York ruled that New York City can’t let noncitizens vote for mayor and other city offices. In January, New York had become the first major U.S. city to grant widespread municipal voting rights to noncitizens. Republicans challenged and won.
I guess the lower courts are getting illegitimate now. Must be a disease like covid, it spreads easily.

One more thing on the new party alignments. Who would ever have guessed that Darth Vader’s daughter would be wooing Democrats. You know Darth Vader, former VP Dick Cheney. The left hated him.
Look at this story:
Rep. Liz Cheney  is relying on a group of voters come August that she has rarely turned to in the past: Democrats. According to The New York Times, Cheney made her most direct appeal to Wyoming Democrats to change their party affiliation in order to vote for her in the August 16 primary against Harriet Hageman. The Wyoming Democratic Party chairman, told the outlet that he received a mailer from Cheney’s campaign that included detailed instructions regarding how to make the change. He also reported that a number of Wyoming Democrats he has been in touch with have received a similar set of instructions.
How interesting is that?

The President At The G7

The good news is that the President is at the G7, and though we haven’t seen any ground changing polices, outside supporting Ukraine more, we haven’t seen any gaffes either. I guess that’s a positive.
That said, here are a few things on the countries he is meeting with you might have missed (from The Committee To Unleash Prosperity):

Everyone’s Burning Coal Except America – The Country That Has The Most
Germany, China, and India – three of the largest countries in the world – are using more coal, not less of it. 
Axios reports: “Investment in the coal supply chain rose 10% in 2021 and it’s climbing the same amount this year.” 

We’ve been saying this for years. The rest of the world pays lip service to “climate change” and signs treaties like the Paris Climate Accords and then violates every promise. Meanwhile, the United States — with the most and the cleanest coal – is unilaterally reducing our output, while the dunce John Kerry flies around the world pretending that we are going to reduce the global temperature of the planet.

By the way, not reported here, but they are buying the coal from China, not us. Ours is far cleaner produced too.

Does This Look Like “Record Oil Production” to You?
Here’s a little math question, and it’s not too hard. It doesn’t require a calculator. Which is a larger number? 
a)      13 million
b)      11 million

If you answered b, there is a high-level job for you in the Biden administration. Under Trump, 13 million was the peak barrels produced per day, and 11 million is the latest estimate of production under Biden. Yet these facts don’t seem to matter much.  Responding to criticisms about Biden’s war on American energy, White House chief of staff Ron Klain shared a chart on Twitter showing oil production higher than any of his five predecessors. Biden has said the United States is “approaching record levels of oil and natural gas production.” Here’s the chart on oil production from the Energy Information Administration:

It’s Great For You When The Press Is On Your Side. That’s It For A Tuesday Morning.

The Big Decision And Aftermath…

Do They Want An Issue Or Solution?

The decision was released, and in the immediate aftermath we heard reactions, pro and con. It carried into Saturday, the Sunday talk shows and will all the way through the mid terms to 2024.
With that in mind, let me offer some thoughts, and if we had real leaders how this might be solved.

Let’s begin with the understanding that the Supreme Court did not eliminate abortions. No matter what either side says, the MSM reports and hysterical people say, the court did not rule abortions illegal. This court is what we call constitutionalists. They interpret the laws that the legislative arm approves. They don’t make the law.
That’s the key piece here.
We have lived for a long time with a court that made laws. Some people thought that was the norm and forgot we have three arms of government. Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

This court simply said there is nothing in the U.S. constitution that says anything about abortions. Since there is nothing in the federal laws about abortions, then the states can set their own laws and rules about it.
That’s it.
The noise makers and MSM won’t explain it; which also explains why the argument that they ruled on guns nationally as a law but not abortions. The difference being the second amendment in the constitution talks of the right to own and bear arms. There is no mention of abortion. If you have jurists who believe they are there to rule on the laws the legislative branch has passed, it explains all this easily, doesn’t it?

Of course you know that abortions are still legal in any state that wants to allow them. Nothing changes in NY, N., Ct., Ill, or California. It is in more conservative states that rules will change, and the people in all 50 states have via their vote to change their state.
So, if you hear over and over that the court made abortions illegal, know the person saying that has no idea, or the station reporting it is just trying to stir things up.

That’s The Why, Now The What

Now if we had true leaders they would look to solve people’s problems, not add fuel to the fire.
On the Sunday shows we had people on one side saying the court had ruled abortion illegal and they would soon be coming for more of their rights. On the other side we had a Governor saying she would ban the abortion pill (effective for only the first ten weeks of pregnancy). It is the extremes that will drive us apart.

These extremes are a minority on both ends. You have those saying no abortions ever, never mind if it is week one or week 40. Never.
On the other side we have the extreme saying abortions should be legal until the moment of birth and even partial birth abortion is fine.
In my opinion, the great majority live within the boundaries of both. Remember, the court said the Mississippi law, which allowed abortions up to 15 weeks, was fine. I would bet that over 70% of America would live with that as long as the baby was not viable. Most of America doesn’t go to extremes. They find a safe middle ground.
This is exactly the position Gov. Youngkin of VA took this weekend, and I think he has it right. He won’t satisfy everyone, but he will not be telling any woman she cannot seek medical for a mistaken condition; and he is not going to destroy a child who could survive.

I don’t know what Mississippi will do now, nor do I know if Virginia will pass the Youngkin idea. I just think it’s the best solution for now and the chance to lower the temperature in the nation.
I know some readers to the left and to the right are going to be against an idea like this, and I understand. But if it’s your way or no way, then no one wins.

One Word On Guns

The ruling allowing a person with a valid gun license to carry that gun was another tough one. I have such a license and rarely carry. Logic to me is the more guns on the street the more chance they will be used.
Then I was reminded that licensed carriers are not the ones committing the crimes or mass shootings.
I also know this, as we wrote here a month or so ago. We banned alcohol, how did that work out? We banned drugs, how did that work out? It turned out that criminals found a way.
Thus, wouldn’t banning guns be just another rule the law abiding would follow, but the element most likely to use them would just disregard?
And to the Governors in NY, Ill, and Calif. who reacted so hysterically to the gun ruling. How come you got so worked up over licensed people carrying a gun, yet when you catch illegal guns on criminals you let them out without bail to do it again?

I think the answer is always they don’t want solutions, they like to make noise.

Let’s Take A Peak At November…

Issues and Hearings Impacting 2022

The political landscape this month has shifted dramatically and the pundits will have to catch up. I am going to take a few minutes to look at the issues and provide some thoughts.

Let’s start with the January 6th hearing.
It hasn’t produced the full impact the Democrats hoped, which was to narrow the gap in the house and senate races. It has, though, damaged Donald Trump, even down to some of his core support and an alternative to his candidacy in 2024 is real.
In fact, a poll released this week in New Hampshire, home of primary election one, Gov. DeSantis now runs even with the former President. I am betting that is not an outlier and Trump’s actions now leave him vulnerable, even in a Republican primary. A force, because some will follow him anywhere, but weakened for sure.
If that is the outcome (and was the predicted outcome here before the hearings began), the Democrats will have accomplished a goal, but at a price.
Trump was the one Republican they best defeat if an election were held today.

Then along came the gun issue. Another strong Democratic issue.
I thought Mitch McConnell played it smart to get through legislation to lessen the impact. That bill passed yesterday with 15 Republicans (including McConnell) voting for it.
However, the Supreme Court will now be a major issue in every Senate race, as they chose the same day to strike down a 100 year old N.Y. law that disallowed carrying a legal and registered gun.
The noise on this one through the election will have the gun law back and center stage.
Advantage Democrats.

The abortion decision is coming down. You’ve seen the noise on that one even before it does. It will be front and center for November.
Advantage Democrats.

Then we have the economy, inflation, oil production and costs, food prices, rising interest rates for home and car buying, border control and a likely downturn.
Advantage Republicans.

Where Does It Leave Us For 2022?

As we get ready to cross into July and four months from the mid terms, here’s what I see.
That red wave everyone is talking about will happen in the House. When the dust settles Republicans will win the House and control the committees and speakership.
It won’t be that close.

In the Senate, I see Democrats holding their advantage. Wait, you say, how can that be with a red wave in the house? Here’s why:
Republicans have 21 seats they currently hold up for election.
18 of those seats I see them holding with no issue.
Thus, three are in question: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin.

Democrats have 14 up for election. So 7 less.
10 of those 14 are safe for them.
The four in question: Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada.

Control of the senate will come down to these seven.
Republicans should win Ohio, though Dem. Ryan will make it close. Democrats should win NH.
That leaves five to decide the senate.
This is where Donald Trump comes back into the picture.
In Wisconsin, I think Sen. Johnson is in trouble. His staff was caught handing to VP Pence alternate delegates to support Trump’s false claims of cheating in the state. A recent poll has him down to 37%.
In Penn. it is a tossup, but currently the Democrat Fetterman is running five points ahead of Dr. Oz.
Trump put Oz over the top in the primary by less than 1,000 votes. But this is a general election now, and both Dr. Oz and Trump’s choice for Governor are behind.

If Republicans lose those two they are in trouble.
In Georgia, Trump’s hand picked candidate, Hershel Walker, was just caught in a scandal (in addition to the wife beating charges). He has been outspoken on absentee fathers. It was working, until we found out he has at least two children out of wedlock that he has not been involved with.
Georgia is a state where Gov Kemp, who stood up to Trump, is going to win against Stacey Abrams, and Trump’s handpicked Senate candidate will lose, giving the senate to Schumer and the Democrats again.

In Arizona, which was another real Republican pick up opportunity, the post election efforts of Trump have the party in turmoil. He is supporting a candidate who backed his claims of a stolen state election. Might be good in the primary, but not in the general election. Senator Kelly is now the favorite to win again, despite supporting the Biden/Harris agenda.

Thus, as of this writing and point in time, the Democrats can hold and Republicans lose a seat or two.
Now it was always a landscape that favored Democrats because of less seats up and the blue nature of most. Conditions in the market presented a real opportunity for Republicans to gain that single seat for Senate control, but replaying 2020 may well cost them.

Final Thoughts This Week

“I’m doing all I can,” says the President. Then, when the CEO’s of the oil companies that he is berating day in and day out show up in Washington, he doesn’t walk into the meeting and tell them why he is mad and what he wants? He cowers down?
Yet, at the same time he shows up at a meeting of wind mill companies?
You can’t be serious.
And if you think he’s serious about lowering your gas and oil costs, you are one of those who like to be fooled all the time.

You have to say this with a can you believe it tone. California a week from today is planning to raise its gas tax by 5.6% to a total of .59 cents per gallon. With already the highest costs in the nation they are adding on additional.
Want more? As Democrats consider alternatives in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run the number one Governor choice is Newsom. After all doesn’t all of America want to be like California?

Have A Great Weekend.

Let’s Touch A Few Things…

Things I Am Thinking About And Wondering

Today there is a meeting of oil executives in the White House to address the crisis. Now the house resident is in town, but not attending? Why is that?
If he is “doing all he can” and the oil executives “are driving the costs up,” why is he not in the room?
Would you expect a true leader to not attend?
A leader would walk in pounding the table, wouldn’t he?
Unless of course:
If you created the problem and your public announcements and bravado is to fool the people and you don’t want to face the people you are blaming, because they will be all over you behind closed doors.
What do you think?

Now to carry that one step further, just yesterday he announced the recommendation to take a three month holiday on the federal gas tax. Immediately his own party said they were not in favor of that. The opposition party called it a gimmick. It turns out his former boss (Obama) had called it a gimmick. So why the big announcement knowing it was DOA?
You can fool some of the people all the time and convince them you are “doing all you can.”

Then in his remarks he again blamed inflation on “Putin” and “Ukraine.” Within seconds his Fed Chair was asked in a congressional hearing if that was the cause and he said “no.” In fact, he said that inflation was rising long before Ukraine. Now that was dramatic and big news. Within minutes of each other, and in Washington, two differing opinions.
Did the MSM cover that as they would have if someone else was President? Of course not.

Which leaves us to be astonished at how many fellow citizens think Putin is the reason we have the economic and oil issues we do. 40% blame either Putin or the oil companies.
So now we know that even with the clear and obvious you can fool 40% of the people all the time.

For The Right Reasons I Hope

Sometimes I think this administration appoints people more based upon their demographics than ability to do the job. They take such pride with filling slots and saying “This is the first …..”
,Well, that’s great, but let’s be sure they are equal to the role you are giving them, since no one ever gets fired, and we are not exactly rolling in the right direction.
The latest appointment (and she may well be the most qualified person) was announced this week. Look at what was stressed in the announcement:
President Biden announced a new appointment to the treasurer’s office. It will be Lynn Malerba, lifetime chief of the Mohegan Tribe — the first Native American to hold the position.
Why it matters they said: 
New U.S. currency will be signed by Malerba and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen — the first time the signatures of two women will appear on our bills. Yellen also said it’s the first time a Native American woman’s signature will be on the currency.
That’s great. Let’s hope she can see inflation better than Yellen testified she did.

The Difference The Supreme Court Makes

Here’s a real example where the court make up can make all the difference. Note the vote here was 6-3.
The case, Carson v. Makin, concerned a Maine program that let rural residents who lived far from a public school attend a private school using taxpayer dollars, so long as that school was “nonsectarian.” Families who wanted to send their children to Christian schools challenged the program, arguing that excluding religious schools violated their right to exercise their faith.
The court sided with them, saying the Maine program amounted to unconstitutional “discrimination against religion.” Roberts wrote for the majority, which included every Republican-appointed justice.
The court’s three Democratic appointees dissented. “This Court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the Framers fought to build,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote.
This is but one example of how a majority conservative or liberal court can move the nation.

Tomorrow, A Look At The Elections Upcoming And Recent Impacts.

Solutions – Not Gimmicks…

Gimmicks Are Not The Answer

Gimmicks are not the answer to the oil and gas prices and that is exactly what this administration is doing.
Will they fool people? Well, as you know, you can fool some of the people all the time. Even with this latest gimmick.
Let’s put in perspective what they are doing.
The latest is they want to take the federal gas tax off the price for a period of at least three months to save the consumer 17 cents a gallon.
Now question one:
How does that solve the long term problem of supply in any manner at all?
It doesn’t, does it?
We were told by the left that we needed “higher” gas taxes because we needed the money for infrastructure and every 17 cents collected went there.
In fact, when the President took office, the left wanted to raise gas taxes because they were “too low.”
We asked then if they expected to never see a rise again, and then what? Great visionary leaders we have there.
Well, now they want to hold off the tax. Not to solve the issue, no, they want higher prices. They want you to buy electric vehicles.
They want to reduce the cost, not to solve anything, but to try and win votes for the mid terms.

Here’s the solution this administration has offered up to now:
Have the federal government hold off on infrastructure dollars and reduce the price by 17 cents.
Urge the states to do the same.
As an example, Connecticut has suspended its 25 cents per gallon tax.
Then the President is releasing one million gallons per day from the Strategic Reserve, not a good idea by the way, to reduce a gallon by an additional ten cents. The Strategic Reserve is there for a reason. This is not one.
Total of all three gimmicks is 52 cents per gallon.
So you may pay $4.49 for July 4th and not $5.02.
Got that?
Long term solution? Non existent.
Their plan is to try and convince you they “are doing all possible” to solve the issue. A compliant MSM will cover for them as much as possible.
Go back and rescind his day one executive orders that put us in this mess? No way.
The President is “doing all he can.” All he can to get people frustrated and go buy electric vehicles that are not ready, not available and don’t have adequate charging locations.
This administration is not doing “all it can” to solve your problem.
They are doing all they can to achieve their objectives.

If that’s what you voted for, you should be delighted. You also own the recession we are headed into.
If you were fooled or disagree with the policy, your opportunity number one to course correct is coming in less than five months.

Stay Tuned, Be Alert, Don’t Be Fooled.

Another Monday…

Just A Few This n That’s Today

Did you see this story?
Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor for President Biden, tested positive for Covid. The White House and NSC immediately announced “he has not recently been in close contact with the president.”
Now he’s what, the tenth close advisor to the President to come down with covid and each time they “were not in close contact” with the President.
Maybe that’s the problem. Who is talking to the President if his VP, NSC Director and others are not in contact?

We covered and remarked on the Jan. 6th hearings at length last week. I just want to share the reactions (as reported by Politico) to the hearing about VP Pence, the danger he faced and the names President Trump called him.
Here they are without comment from me, decide for yourself what was right:
At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s big annual conference for evangelical Christians in Nashville, Trump lashed out at Pence for refusing to overturn the 2020 election, per the Nashville Tennessean’s Melissa Brown and Logan Washburn. Trump was well received at the conference, where many said they’d back him in 2024, but plenty of attendees remained open to other contenders too, report Natalie Allison and Meridith McGraw:
On Friday, Trump talked extensively about Pence, attacking him in front of the Republicans who are most sympathetic to him: evangelical Christians.
“‘Mike Pence had a chance to be great,’ Trump said. ‘He had a chance, quite frankly, to be historic. Mike did not have the courage to act.’”
After an awkward pause, the audience responded with light applause.
Meanwhile, Pence told WSJ’s Alex Leary and John McCormick , “I believe that most Americans understand that we did our duty that day under the Constitution and the laws of this country.” But with an eye toward 2024, Pence is trying to focus less on Jan. 6 and more on traveling the country with conservative talking points.

The administration on the Sunday Shows yesterday gave no indication they saw bad times ahead. Examples:
National Economic Council Director Brian Deese downplayed some economists’ fears of an impending recession, arguing the economy can persevere through ongoing interest rate hikes that aim to curb rising prices. He described the economy as in a state of “transition.” 
Someone please explain what that state of transition is doing to the average American. I don’t think they get it. He might want to know that a survey published last week found that more than 60 percent of CEOs around the world said they expect a recession before the end of 2023.

Meanwhile the Secretary of Treasury, who last week admitted she was wrong on inflation, this time said she doesn’t think a “recession is inevitable,” although she does expect the economy to slow. 
“I expect the economy to slow, it’s been growing at a very rapid rate. … The labor market has recovered, and we have reached full employment. It’s natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth,” she added. 
Oh I see, what we have now is steady and stable growth? You know Madam Secretary the economy contracted in the first quarter, right? Is contraction growth now in this administration?

Don’t worry though, most of the Sunday shows were not worried about inflation and the mess we are heading into, they were fully into covering Jan. 6th and protecting you from that day. Stock market in bear country? Gas prices at record highs? You’re focused on and worry about the wrong things. Jan. 6th, look over there.
And, don’t think with MSM support they are not fooling some of the people all the time.
Just not us.

Stay Tuned, It Will Be An Interesting Week.

Let Me Pick Up From Yesterday…

It’s Simply More Than Enough

While the MSM continues to waddle on Jan. 6th and applaud itself for its coverage, the unfairness of their reporting and the lies that simply perpetuate out there is beyond belief.
It is high time they call the President and this failed (thus far) administration on them.
Here are some examples:

We’ve produced more jobs than any administration ever. Wrong.
There are less people working today than before the pandemic. The jobs they claim are people going back to work. Did anyone not expect people to go back to work?
This is a total misrepresentation the MSM is allowing them to get away with.

We have the lowest inflation rate in the world. Wrong.
How can they allow this lie to be repeated over and over? China, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia and many others are lower. How does a free and fair press allow this to be claimed over and over?

Then he claims the U.S. has the fastest growth rate in the world. Wrong
That’s a lie. The numbers are right there for all to see. We had a retraction in the last quarter. A retraction.
Yet, they don’t call him on it. Why?

He is doing all he can on oil prices. Wrong.
If you want to do all you can, go back to day one, executive order one, and reverse all you did with that. When you allow drilling, take restrictions off, build pipelines and work with the oil companies, you will be doing something.

He’s asking for trillions more of spending to reduce inflation. Wrong.
Are you kidding? It was the spending that caused this. What credible economist ever said spending more reduces inflation?
Inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing too few goods. Spending more is the answer to you?

He called the charge he caused inflation “bizarre.” Wrong.
It was 1.2% the day you took office. Look at your oil and spending polices and chart them with inflation.
When you see them going up in parallel, you might see the picture. If you still don’t, ask the smartest person you know (Hunter). I bet he can explain it.

A few months ago you were touting those of us worried about prices, oil and inflation to look at the record stock market to tout your position. Remember how many times you said that?
Well, take a look now. You managed to give it all back. Today all the indices are below where they were the day you took office.
Below, means they are down. Now we want oil prices down, inflation down, prices down and the market up.
You have it reversed. I am not sure you or anyone in the administration understand that.

You claim people have more savings, are saving more and are better off than ever. Wrong.
Do you or anyone in the administration understand a 4% raise with 8% inflation means people are losing 4%?
It’s not just income, it’s income versus outgo, and the latter is double the former.
You must have missed that dinner conversation with the family you always tell us about.

The above is only domestic policy without getting into police defunding, reduced sentences and the disgraceful border horsemen charges. That last one has grated me to no end and was the final straw in the last two blogs.

And that, not getting into foreign affairs like:
Afghanistan was a success, you told us. I think you still believe that.
The border was broken when you came in and you fixed it, is the claim. Another thing you have reversed.
Sanctions would prevent Russia from attacking the Ukraine.
You hesitated on supplying Ukraine because Russia would win in a few weeks. Wrong again.
You were embarrassed on the world stage telling the Ukrainian leader you would send a plane to evacuate him and he replied, “I don’t need a plane, I need ammunition.”
What an example of leadership versus what we have.

Add this. Did you see the buried story that Border Patrol agents recorded nabbing 15 illegal immigrants in May whose names popped a flag in Homeland Security’s terrorism screening database, according to data released by Homeland Security?
Does it make you wonder how many got through in the last year?
The MSM doesn’t report this, but we are less safe and open to a terrorist attack because of the failed policies currently in place.

It’s long overdue for the biased media in America to stop dwelling on the Trump years, he is gone and not going to win any general election in 2024.
It is time for them to try and be fair so Americans who watch and rely on them get the real picture of what is going on.

One More Peeve To Close The Week

George Washington University announced it will drop the “Colonials” nickname since it “can no longer serve its purpose as a name that unifies.”
What’s that now? 
The name “Colonials” has been used by the university since 1926, and is also the name for both its men’s and women’s sports teams. The name is a term for those who lived in the American colonies before the U.S. became independent and for those who fought for independence.
So what happened?
Well, the new elite say that “colonials means colonizers who stole land and resources from Indigenous groups, killed or exiled Native peoples and introduced slavery into the colonies.”
I wonder if anyone explained to these geniuses that the colonists who fought for our freedom risked and gave up everything so we could have a nation.
Do they know the price these people paid for their freedom today? I doubt it. Here’s an example (John Hancock style):

There was a price paid by the colonists who fought to make us free. I doubt that crossed anyones mind once at GWU.

It’s Time For Americans To Wake Up And Take On The Woke.

Enough is Enough…

Stop Already

I don’t think I am alone when I say stop, enough already. I know the MSM is doing it all can to have us focus on Jan. 6th and events from that day, but there are things happening today that are truly impacting our lives and are being handled with lies and deceit.
Enough already, it’s time to focus on the incompetence we see and get serious in solving issues as the nation and its economy decline.

And again, for those who want to say we want to bury Jan. 6th, you are wrong. We have condemned the day, called the actions by the former President reprehensible and clearly said he lost the election and is to blame.

One person died that day; it was a protester, a former Air Force veteran who was shot by a guard from inside the building. Is he being charged? Not even investigated. Are we investigating why there was not adequate police presence? Of course not. That might bring criticism on some current leaders.

Finally, if they are NOT going to bring charges on anyone, why all the millions, time and showtime? Why the live hearings? Why the wall to wall MSM coverage? Why?

In the interim, I have issues I am really angry about.

How dare this President and administration want to bring “administrative charges’ against the horseman guards at the border. Charges? He owes them an apology.
He condemned them the day of the event — wrongly. The President of the United States went on television, announced them guilty and promised swift and sure action.
It turned out the guards did nothing wrong. So they just kept quiet.
Then conservative media started asking questions. If they did nothing wrong, now what? Now the President comes up with “administrative charges?”

I cannot condemn the President more on this. How dare Mr. Middle Class President condemn honorable men doing a job in which he has failed to support their efforts and then trumps up phony charges. How dare you. Why are you always harder on the working person than those doing wrong?

Mr. President and MSM, you should all be embarrassed by your rush to judgement, condemning then wrongly and failing to report their innocence.

Next, your letter, Mr. President, to the oil industry leaders is a total joke.
You, on day one promised to put them out of business. You did everything possible to stop them, stop any expansion and limit what they could do.
Blaming them now for the pricing is beyond decency, again. You are using the “bully pulpit” to bully, and you are wrong, wrong, wrong.
You own the mess we are in. You created it. You and your team owe it. Stop blaming everyone else.

While I am at it.
You can blame inflation on everything you want, but your polices are at the center. You own that, too. If you don’t understand how you and your policies created this mess, you should resign.
Which leads me to this question. Who have you fired for the mess we are in?
We still have Mayorkas in office. Why? He lies everyday telling us the border is closed. Why is he still there? Your VP was in charge of border security, how did she do? Your Treasury Secretary says she missed inflation. Your energy secretary is a joke. Who have you held accountable?
Not a single person, because you are incompetent and think it is everyone else’s fault. Look in the mirror.

Fourth, enough is enoug with crime. Yesterday we had two officers in L.A. killed by a person out on the street when he should have been in jail. He was on probation for a gun charge — after he served two jail terms already. We had two people slashed on a NY subway by someone arrested twice in the days before for wielding a knife. We have a man in Seattle who threw a kindly 61 year old woman down stairs, chased her down and pushed her down more. He had a long record and now we are paying him $250.00 a day because we haven’t charged him yet. The stories are endless. Do you understand protecting the nation and public is mission one of your job?

America, you can let the liberal elite and MSM tell you what’s important or use your good senses. I am done with this administration passing the blame and the sympathy for those who do it wrong. It’s time to vote as if the country is at stake.

I am going to leave there for now, but enough is enough already.

There’s A Message There…

You Better Deal With Reality

First I watched the President’s speech to the AFL-CIO and he was passionate and sure. He spoke their language and basked in the applause.
He blamed Republicans, Big Oil, Putin and the last administration for all that ails the nation and economy. He says it with such vehemence that I do believe that is what he believes.
Then he told them (and us) how great we were doing.
All the jobs he created, that income is greater than ever, people have more money than ever and on and on. I think he believes that, too.

Then last night I watched the returns from the primaries and congressional election in Texas. That Texas race is the one that tells the story, only you didn’t hear it on MSM shows like GMA, who wanted to talk about Trump and his selections.
(Trump split in S.C., with the congressman who voted to impeach him defeated handily; while in the district south of that one, he lost. He wanted that Congresswoman, Nancy Mace, defeated because she criticized Jan. 6th.) So, he won one and lost one, and the MSM thought that was the story.
The story was in Texas, where a congressional seat was up. The elected Democrat had resigned to become a lobbyist. It was a decade long strong Democratic seat and a district that voted for Biden over Trump. It is a border district that is 84% hispanic.
Well, the Republican won.
That vote is a sign that people don’t believe what the President told the AFL-CIO and that five months out, the Democrats have work to do or the mid terms are going to be the disaster the polls say they will be — even if the MSM won’t cover it as it should.

A Few Tidbits

Some big news for the gun restrictions they want to pass. Senate Minority Leader McConnell  tossed his support behind the framework as negotiators push for a vote to take place as soon as next week.
If there was any doubt on passage, that should eliminate it.
I wonder if McConnell sees this as a chance to take away an issue from the left for the mid terms. A very savvy move if it is.

Another move by the administration to cancel a Trump action and idea. The administration has abandoned the proposal to alter the color of Air Force One’s new fleet. Trump wanted the aircraft red, white and blue. It was changed back to the current colors.

How is this marriage surviving?
As Kellyanne Conway was out promoting and celebrating the publication of her memoir at a book party, she looked up at screens in the room. There, to much surprise, her husband appeared from his study on MSNBC to knock her former boss. A few minutes later, he was on CNN doing the same. He knew it was counter programming to her event.
If that’s love, I’m glad that gene escaped me.

If it all comes down to Georgia again for control of the senate. Remember it was Donald Trump who won the senate for the Democrats in 2020. Well, here’a a breaking story in Georgia today:  
“For years, former football star turned Republican senatorial candidate HERSCHEL WALKER has expressed an enormous pride and love for his adult son, while taking a principled stand against fatherless households and deadbeat dads — specifically in the Black community. …. What Walker hasn’t publicly acknowledged is that he has a second son, who has apparently been estranged from his biological father since his birth a decade ago and has grown up more than 1,500 miles from Walker’s Texas home. And the mother had to take Walker to court a year after giving birth in order to secure a declaration of paternity and child support.”

Meanwhile, in NYC with all the changes in court ordered congressional maps, we ended up with interesting races like Nadler vs. Maloney in one. Well, in a neighboring district we have an incumbent in a new district to take on former Mayor DeBlasio.
Well, that candidate, Rep. Mondaire Jones, is the first to go up on the air. His new ad, called “Different”, starts today on cable. “Do I stand out in Washington? Yes. Let’s see: I’m a New Yorker. I grew up in section 8 housing and on food stamps, raised by a single mom. I’m Black, I’m gay, and damn proud to be different,” Jones says in the spot.
NYC will be a fun watch this primary season.

Have a great day.

Watching The Hearing…

After Watching Day Two Of Jan. 6th Hearing

After watching day two of the hearing and seeing the news, I decided I am going to write a book about the 2020 Election. Now, this book title will likely anger most readers, whichever side you are on. Sometimes opinions do that.
The title will be:
2020 Was Americas Worst Election Choice In 245 Years
It was a choice between:
An ego maniac, who had trouble with the truth and a diminished opponent who had trouble period.

If you watched the hearing you saw the former President’s top aides telling him that there was no fraud and he lost. This message was delivered on election night by his top aides, daughter, son-in-law and Attorney General.

Yet, the former President went out and told us that fraud lie over and over for eighteen months. He called Governors, Republican Governors, in states like Georgia and Arizona traitors. The Governors were telling the truth. He chastised other elected officials. He forced others to risk their careers, supported primaries on anyone who wouldn’t agree, all to support what he knew was a lie. He went to court. He lost every case.

He lost the election because he got out maneuvered and ran against a candidate who had full media backing and covered up his lack of campaigning. While the other side worked hard on mail-in ballots, the former President decried mail-in and pushed day of voting. He gave them the edge of time and they used it to beat him.
Months of gathering votes versus one day. That simple. It’s the only reason a record 81 million voted for President Biden.

With Joe Biden we have a clearly diminished individual from his days in the senate. Not diminished in his choices, after all Secretary Gates clearly said he was wrong on every international issue for 40 years, but diminished in his capacity to see what is happening and a need to change. He has led the nation into a deep hole that he continues digging deeper.
We officially entered bear market territory yesterday as he drove the economy down beginning with his first act of reducing fossil fuel development in the U.S.
After five decades of every President trying to make us energy independent, we finally got there and saw the benefits. On day one, act one, this President reversed it all. He failed for 18 months to see the folly of that decision.
When a President says give me trillions more of spending to reduce inflation it can’t even be explained.

In my lifetime I have learned when a person is not up to the job they said the job is too big and maybe it needs to be divided up. In the presidency, they add that events compounded to create impossible scenarios. I have also learned that when someone brings vision and leadership, they do the job. Today, like when Jimmy Carter was President, we have the former. I had long hoped I would never see a Presidency like that one again. Today I see a rival and that is so concerning.

This is from Fortune magazine this morning:
The market index, on Monday, closed down 151 points at 3,749.84, notably below the 3,798.91 level, which is where it closed on Jan. 19, 2021. (The Dow and Nasdaq indexes long ago fell below the pre-inauguration levels of 31,930 and 13,197, respectively.)
Monday’s market plunge put the S&P back in bear market territory and hit a new 52-week low. It was part of a broader financial downturn that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall 876 points and Nasdaq tumble 530.

Thus, the markets this morning are below where they were the day Joe Biden took office. I don’t think 81 million people voted for that.
Is the way out spending trillions more? The answer is no. It will compound the problem.
The President is speaking to at AFL-CIO convention today. We are told his theme is:
His economic vision “builds the economy from the middle out and bottom up, not top down.”
Well, Mr President, you are failing mightily. The most hurt from things today are those in the middle and at the bottom. They are getting crushed. You might tell them they are doing better, but they are living the truth.

The answer is to do the one thing that has always driven America to new heights. What is that?
Unleash the American people to do what they do best, and that is produce. Take the gloves off, unshackle them, let them do what free enterprise was made to do. Compete and win.
Handouts, giveaways and free are out. Socialism experiments are over.
Let America be America again.

That’s How I See It.

This is the kind of week…

That Makes Media Bias So Clear

Imagine the main stream media not covering the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice on their regular news or Sunday shows yesterday. How can that be? If it were Justice Sotomayor and a right wing nut, would they have?

ABC has lost the last elements of credibility they had with me.
Who do they have on their Sunday show to talk of all the “hidden” evidence he knows about for the Jan. 6th hearing? Adam Schiff.
The same Adam Schiff who lied to us for years about the evidence he had on Russian collusion.
Did they question him about the collusion lie? Not once.
They salivated over “evidence” he knows they have now. Disgraceful.

How do they allow President Biden to get away with his claims about the greatest economy ever?
The man who claims to care about the poor and middle class is hurting them far more with his oil policies than anyone has since the President Carter years.
How do they allow him to say that the price of gas was a major discussion with his parents at the dinner table when he was young? Any rise he said, was a major discussion and concern issue. Well, it seems prices were basically stable his whole youth.
Should we believe this and all the other family discussions he remembers with his Dad and Granddad?

And why is he allowed to get away with no coverage or analysis of his ridiculous solution?
To combat high prices he is not supporting American drilling, he wants to provide people more aid. Aid for food, heat, healthcare, etc.
So we spend more, raise the deficit and you think that’s the solution?
Think about that. Give people money.
That drives inflation. Give them money so they afford higher costs. Thus, prices stay high or go higher. There is no interest in lowering fuel costs that drive all other costs. Why?
I guess the answer is they want higher fuel costs to drive you to electric cars, and nothing else matters.

Some Interesting Quotes From The Weekend

Can you believe that Hillary Clinton said this?
It’s pretty simple: We have a right to choose our own leaders. We can’t let anyone take that right away from us. The people involved in the criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of America’s voters—which culminated in the attempted coup of January 6—must be held accountable.
This from the woman who created a false Russian Collusion story to change votes. Did the media call her on this?

This from David Axelrod, the former chief Obama strategist.
“The presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue.”

This from Congresswoman Boebert, a pro gun advocate to her congressional attackers:
“If your Representative thinks AR stands for ‘Assault Rifle’, FIRE THEM!”
The AR in AR15’s stands for ArmaLite Rifle. How many of us knew that?

A not so smart one from Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI):
“On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was.”
Umm, I think it does to your constituents Senator.

A Gun Agreement

As we write this it appears there is a basic agreement between the Rep and Dem committee on a program.
Here are the details we hear about:
– Funding to help states adopt and set up their own “red flag” laws. This will allow law enforcement and family members to submit petitions to temporarily remove guns from those considered a danger.
– “Billions in new funding” for school safety and community mental health clinics.
– Closing the “boyfriend loophole.” Domestic violence abusers and individuals “subject to domestic violence restraining orders” will be added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
 New barriers on “straw purchases” of guns, which is designed to cut down on illegal weapons trafficking. 
– “Enhanced background checks” for gun buyers under 21. This includes a “short pause” for a check of juvenile criminal and mental health records.
– New restrictions on gun sellers who “illegally evade” federal firearms licensing requirements. 

Is there anything there you disagree with? If not, isn’t the question, what took so long?

Oil Update

Now we hear that the President is planning on going to Saudi Arabia. Why?
To ask (beg) for more oil production (though they will say otherwise).
This is the same Saudi leader he called a killer, needed to resign and be prosecuted. Thus, asking (begging) for forgiveness and more oil from the Saudis is better for the President than drilling here.
Someone explain please.

Then there was this news today, too, on other countries he was asking (begging) to drill more.
Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro and Iran’s hardline theocratic president Ebrahim Raisi signed a 20-year cooperation agreement. 
Let that sink in as you think of attempts to get them to drill more.
I guess it’s an example of the old saying – enemy of my enemy is my friend. Those two countries have a joint enemy and thus a bond.
And, we want to ask them for favors rather than drill ourselves?
Someone explain please.
Oh yea, look at what Maduro said about the deal:
“Tehran’s delivery of oil to Caracas was a great help to the Venezuelan people.”
Wait, weren’t we asking (begging) Maduro to send us oil?

Imagine A Fair Media Providing All The Information and Facts.

The Hearing…

A View

The news today is all about the hearing last night, and every news outlet, morning update and report is covering it and providing their analysis. You will get plenty of viewpoints all day, this weekend and until the next hearing on Monday.
With that in mind, here’s my view.
It’s much simpler and you won’t hear it from anyone else until they catch up.

The headline would be this:

It’s all very simple to me.
The committee was after one person, Donald Trump. In trying to get him, they were willing to take former individuals they identified as villains, like Bill Barr, Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence and Mark Meadows and make them heroes.

They achieved their objective.
Their “no defense” presentation just spent two hours presenting a power hungry, ego driven President refusing to accept he lost. They will do it again and again over the next five public hearings.
There will be few who are going to go out and defend Trump’s actions. What you will see are arguments as to why there was inadequate security, which is a legitimate question, but will not be addressed here.

Now back to our headline.
So, they win the day by tarnishing the Trump brand and truly harming his chances to run and win again. By the end of the six sessions others will be emboldened to run in the primary against him and I believe prevail. His public support will be lessened (though not depleted and none will support his opponents, ever).
Those running on the Republican side will embrace Trump policies beginning with America First, without the baggage, along with the argument “they can win.”
Which will be true.

Thus the best chance Democrats had of winning was running against Donald Trump. As I write this, they have no chance against anyone else, as the new inflation numbers are released and this economy is in shambles.

Let me be the first to congratulate the committee, even before they recognize what they accomplished. Now let’s see if the Democrats, overall, and Liz Cheney in particular, will be smiling in November and 2024. I don’t think so, they are destroying their best issue.

And That’s My View Today.

We Know What Today Is About…

Tonight Is The Jan. 6th Primetime Show

Now I say show, because that is what it is. In fact, it is being produced by James Goldston, the former President of ABC News. Why? They want maximum impact on you. Not a hearing, a show.

The committee is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. What you should know is for the first time the majority party leader (Pelosi) picked the minority members. She made the choices and took Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger. Arguably the two most anti Trump Republicans in the congress.
So this is a show today.
Can you even imagine Republicans creating a committee and adding two Democrats – Manchin and Sinema? What would the media outcry look and sound like?

In no way am I defending that attack on the capital. It was wrong and unlawful, and those breaking the law deserve to be dealt with.
But, so were all the riots on the streets that went on that summer and were allowed to loot, burn and destroy. They should have been dealt with, too.
They were not.
And, this committee should also have investigated why police presence was so limited and inadequate. Who made that call? We know who it was, Speaker. Why wasn’t there adequate deterrence?

Thus, tonight is a show for votes. Will it be effective? Of course it will. It is being produced as a TV show and we know you can fool some of the people all the time.
Here’s some hope for the Democrats.
The show tonight, combined with the gun issue and abortion ruling, has the ability to motivate their base. These issues go to the heart for them. They need a boost.
On the other side, I warn them again. Their best chance to win in the mid terms and 2024 is for Donald Trump to be the candidate against them. If in their vehemence they knock him out, they are knocking themselves out.

So, they are looking for a win-win tonight. If they end up with a win and lose their best opponent it will be a self inflicted wound.

Happy Viewing – If You Chose To Watch.

There’s A Message In There…

But You Have To Read It To Get It

The message last night was to progressives, and it was clearest In San Francisco where their DA was recalled and now must leave office.
The question to me was always how Chesa Boudin was ever elected. He was doing exactly what he promised. He was the child of two Weather Underground parents who were convicted of the murder of two police officers and a Brinks truck driver. They were caught, convicted to life and recently let out by friendly woke Governor’s.

Chesa was raised by Bill Ayers and his wife. Yes, that Bill Ayers. President Obama’s friend.
In 1969, Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a revolutionary group modeled on the Red Guards in China, active at the same time, that sought to overthrow American imperialism. He was a partner with Chesa’s parents in the underground.
Boudin brought those ideas to the DA’s office and you’ve seen crime grow, businesses looted and leave, and a once proud city rocked.
If you’re surprised at what happened then maybe now you are truly “woke,” because you were blind when you put him in office.

Add this in the LA race for Mayor. It is heading for a runoff since no one received 50%. Yet, a former conservative Republican (Caruso) actually seems to have gotten the most votes yesterday. He will be facing off with Congressional member Karen Bass, who began the race as the overwhelming favorite and was a finalist for Biden’s choice as VP in 2020.

There were seven primary states yesterday and the results from almost all were most interesting and the administration needs to take note. Instead of saying they (the people) don’t know what we’re doing, they better consider that maybe they do.

One Who Didn’t Get The Message Was

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez escalated her feud with Rep. Maloney, the chairman of the House Democratic campaign arm, on Tuesday by endorsing his main primary opponent, State Sen. Alessandra Biaggi in the new 17th District, handing her a boost three weeks before the primary contest. 

What Will The Verdict On The Jan 6th Committee Be

As we head the primetime hearing on live TV Thursday the House Committee hired an ABC executive to produce the night (event). That just proves again this is more about show than anything. 18 months after the event, you are doing this for what reason? How about finding out why additional police and security presence was denied. I want to know that.
In fact, the NYT had this headline yesterday:
 “Jan. 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message.”
I see.

More Tomorrow.

We Don’t Have Leaders..

First A Personal Note

Maybe it’s my personal patriotism or loyalty to those who served, risked and lost their lives in our defense that I am so passionate about remembering those who paid the price for our freedom with their lives.
I don’t know any way to honor them better than remembering what they did.
Which is why I am so angry and disappointed this morning at the current administration. Yesterday was D-Day. The day young men came off landing craft with machine guns firing down on them to establish a beachhead and begin to take back a continent. They were so young and all you have to do is visit Normandy to see how far they got in their lives. They paid for our freedom.
Last year the President and administration forgot to send any tweet, message or recognition.
It was unacceptable. Yesterday they forgot again.
At 8:45 PM with twitter lighting up at their failure, they sent one out. In Normandy and the continent they took back it was already June 7th.
How do you forget? How do you not remember? How do you love our nation and not honor those who gave their all for it?

We Have Politicians Who Think They Are Leaders

The politcans we have today are focused on one thing, their next election. The goal they have now is to define the issues people will vote on in November.
For Democrats it’s try and focus on three. Abortion, Guns and January 6th, 2021. Think about that last one. They are spending millions of dollars, and unlimited time and resources to focus you on that date and the last election. Have they spent one tenth of that time on solving the oil crisis or inflation? Not that I have seen.
They want the focus on those three so they can hold power. Solve your issues? Are you serious?
For Republicans it’s everything else. Gas prices, inflation, infant formula, foreign policy. spending ……..

Who best defines what you focus on wins. Yet, are they solving anything? Do you see anyone doing anything?

Take guns again. Ban them is the cry of the left. As if banning solves the problem. Oh really?
Look at this story.
California, most likely the most far left state in the nation, has gun laws as tough as any state. In fact, no state has more restrictions.
So, under the simple logic of gun control advocates, California should experience significantly less gun crime than other states, right?
Well, a new report from the FBI, reports the exact opposite.
The bureau assessed that California led all states in the number of “active shooter incidents” in 2021, accounting for six of the 61 total incidents.
How can that be?
Answer: The solution to gun violence and use is not simply a ban. But you won’t hear that from politicians looking to win reelection. After all, they can fool some of the people all the time.

On the January 6th issue, even the polls show the public is saying it’s time to move on and stop this look back. But here’s that serial liar, Adam Schiff, who had the evidence on collusion that didn’t exist, and he is on this panel, of course.
Our goal is to present the narrative of … how close we came to losing our democracy with this violent attack on the 6th. There’s a great deal they haven’t seen.” 
Sure Adam, we all believe you now. What problems did you actually solve the last four years while finding all the conspiracies that didn’t exist?

We’re Not Alone – Look At This

Take a look at this poll released this AM from Pew Research.
Only two in 10 Americans trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (2%) or “most of the time” (19%), the poll found.
Check History: 

Trust in government has plummeted to 20% from 73% in 1958, when the National Election Study began asking the question. It’s part of a collapse in America’s faith in most large institutions.

A Few Things Other than Leadership Failure

Did you see a judge has now released John Hinkley completely? Thus, 41 years after shooting President Reagan he is a free man.

Is Kamala Harris still in charge of the border? There are caravans starting up bigger than ever. After 18 months, what has she got? Did she at least figure out the root causes yet? And check out the story below.

There was an arrest in Texas for an ISIS-led plot to assassinate former President George W. Bush.
Is this the same JV ISIS President Obama mentioned that grew into a force and President Trump destroyed?
Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab was the mastermind? You say he scouted the Texas neighborhood where Bush lives and looked into buying firearms and U.S. Border Patrol uniforms as part of his plot? He was going to smuggle an Islamic State hit team into the U.S.?
They’re back? Joe?

Let’s Call It A Morning Here.

They Really Confuse Me…

Do They Know What’s Going On Or Not?

First I hear Transportation Secretary Buttigieg say the oil companies are fixing the price of oil and driving it up to make money. Really Pete? You’re the transportation secretary and that’s what you think?
Then I hear the President and his team say they are doing all they can to get the price down.
Then they say it’s Putin’s fault.
How come you and I know that on day one, act one, the President took actions to stop drilling in the U.S.?
We know the cause here. We were energy independent and are now begging Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran for oil.
Do they really not know this, or are they lying to us? Whichever you choose it’s shame on them.

And, going to Saudi Arabia to beg Mohammed Bin Salman, a man he chastised and promised to bring to justice for murder is beyond belief. Now we hear that Biden “angrily rejected” the prospect of meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince before giving in. So much for beliefs, morality and backbone.
How come only on oil drilling in the U.S does he not back down?
I ask again, how is begging the Saudi’s to drill and us to pay $120 a barrel better for the environment than our own drilling and lower prices?

Then I hear the Commerce Secretary – Commerce – the person responsible for economic growth and the well being of our business, says she didn’t know there was a baby formula issue until April. April? That was six months after it arose. The President said he didn’t know either until around then. Well then, who knew?
We closed a plant that is responsible for 40% of infant formula and no one knows? Whoever knew, do they know what 40% means?
Another case where, if this is true, it’s a real problem and if they’re lying….

In fact, in the first seventeen months of this administration what have they handled right, not blamed someone else for and are you confident in? Look at the list of the things:
Afghanistan? A disaster, and of course Trump’s fault.
Oil Prices: Oil and Gas companies are profiting. Putin drove the costs up.
Meat Prices: The meat companies are price gouging.
Inflation: Was 1.4% when he took office. 8.5% now. Fault? Pandemic and Putin.
Border Crisis: Of course, they say there is none and they fixed a broken system.
Baby Formula: It’s Abbott’s fault, they had a bad plant.

No need to go on. We’ve written before that leaders step up. This administration doesn’t lead, they blame, the exact opposite.

Look at the solution the First lady and the president’s sister (Valerie Biden Owens) have. They are pushing this theme: “Let Biden be Biden.”  They feel that his staff have kept him cloistered and handled him with “kid gloves.”
Oh yea, that’s the problem, let Biden loose.
I think even the people who seem to get everything wrong aren’t about to do that.

Let’s leave it there for a Monday morning.

The President Speaks…

Moving The Needle

The President was earnest and emphatic in his address. From his words and voice I could feel he wants to get something done. The question is, are his proposals ones that could bring two sides together?

The problem with guns is there is no easy answer. No one thing that people can look at and say that’s it. We have an estimated 400 million guns in the U.S. When events occur like this past week we want a solution.
Is the solution for 400 million guns or the few crazies that have them? How do you control that?

What the President proposed last night will not fly with the half opposing the President. The issue is far more complex. So what to do?
Here’s a recommendation for the President that goes beyond making a speech and then heading off to Delaware already for the weekend.

Use the power of your office.
Call in the top five leaders from both sides. Add gun advocates and lock the door. Adorn the room with headlines of the mass shootings we have witnessed. Have the message written, we are not here to take guns, we are here to prevent any more of these.
Then take an incident like Sandy Hook and ask what could have prevented it. Go one by one, examine each deranged killer and ask what could have prevented it. We have enough of them to be able to discuss and review.
When you have all the data, then look at the whole and decide what we can do.

We cannot solve this with political talking points and speeches. We need leadership. Stop the words and noise and get to work. if you do this you are going to find a combination of ideas from both sides is the answer.

And, the idea of suing a gun company because someone used their gun in crime is ridiculous. That says you aren’t serious and want to put them out of business. Would you allow a person to sue a car company for a drunken driver? My guess is you would say no, it was the drivers fault. Let’s be serious here.

When you finish that then do the same for illegal drugs. Since that number will be 100,000 this year, it doubles guns. Why do we not discuss that? In fact, almost 3% of all deaths in American are illegal drugs, and that per cent is growing.

How about some real leadership now. Let’s stop the talking points and noise.

Oh We Didn’t Mean That…

What We Really Meant Was

Whether you’re running a small corner store, a Fortune 500 company, an organization or a nation, you have to know what you’re doing and mean what you say. In the current administration they keep changing the spoken word with a “what we really meant was.”
Yesterday it was reported the President was angry at his team for constantly putting out corrections. The obvious question, of course, is why do they have too? Look in the mirror Mr. President, most of them involve you and an off script answer. Though yesterday you had company.

Well, maybe she was feeling bad for the President yesterday when Secretary of The Treasury gave an interview that left us saying – “did she really just say….?”
Then later, true to form, the administration tried to pull back a little. What did Janet Yellen say?

Her answer to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when asked if it was a mistake to downplay the risk of inflation was this:
“Well, look, I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. … [T]here have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that I … at the time didn’t fully understand. But we recognize that now.”

There is so much in that one paragraph it’s hard to know where to start.
You mean when the rest of us saw prices rising and were yelling about inflation and you said it was “transatory” you were wrong? We, the shoppers, knew more than you the former Fed chair and Secretary of Treasury now?
When you were encouraging more spending you didn’t know inflation was firing up for real?
What did you think taking us away from non dependence on foreign oil was going to do to the price of oil?
You didn’t know that when oil rises it impacts the price of everything?
And now you still want to spend more with Build Back Better?
You know that you and the President are wrong that this will help reduce inflation, it will drive it.
So how did her Treasury react to this statement?
“The Secretary was pointing out that there have been shocks to the economy that have exacerbated inflationary pressures which couldn’t have been foreseen 18 months ago, including Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, multiple successive variants of COVID, and lockdowns in China.”

Nice try, but the confidence level in this administration managing inflation is way – way – way – down.

Then a little later the President was talking about the infant formula shortage issue. His statement was that they had no idea closing one Abbott lab would cause a problem like this.
That lab does 40% of the nations formula. It’s the production number, Mr. President, not the number of plants.

Do these two statements, hours apart, give you any confidence that anyone in this administration knows what they are doing?

Then to cap it all off the President said he didn’t see how to get back to $3.00 a gallon for gas.
First of all, “back to?” The price of gas on the day you were elected was $2.10. It was $2.39 the day you took office. Back to?
I thought you were Scranton Joe and understood from your kitchen table what the price of gas does to families.
You can’t get the prices down because you are willing to buy from others rather than drill here for some reason. Why drilling there and not here helps the environment, you haven’t explained – and can’t.
The price will only come down when you drive this economy into recession and we are driving the economy.

Let’s not even get onto Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who continues to look at us and say the border is closed and under control. Here’s a report from yesterday:
The U.S. has added more than 2 million immigrants to its population since President Biden took office in 2021, the vast majority of them here illegally.

Yea, the border is closed like inflation is temporary and closing one lab won’t matter.

So much more, but you get the message. We need to fix our nation.

Let’s Talk Guns and Crime

Issues That Divide Because Of Solutions

The question about guns, how to stop mass shootings and control crime join the one on abortion, with extremes on both sides that make any solutions difficult.

On one side we have the ban the guns crowd. If they had their way then all guns would be banned and that would solve the issue. Well, leaving aside the constitutional question, which is not insignificant, I have one more question for these advocates.
In the past century we have banned alcohol, gambling and drugs. How has that worked out?
When we said no to drugs in your lifetime, were the streets filled with them? Are illegal drugs at the root of most of the crime we experience these days?
Why would anyone think that banning guns would be any different than other bans we have put in place?

Now, on the other extreme, is there should be no controls at all. Why? We have controls for everything that define the norm in society.
Are there steps we can do that both sides might support, and will they help?
I think the great majority of us are fine with someone purchasing to file an application and have the gun registered.
I think a majority think there should be a background check for buying and owning a gun. Can we trust this person?
At one point we discussed technology locking a finger print to the trigger so only that person can use it. Sell it and it gets changed.
Would a rise from 18 to 21 to buy a gun help avoid the tragedies? Certainly not all, but if it does the next one, who would be against that? Of course you need to counter why we would send 18-20 year olds to war and not allow them to own a gun at home.

If we do all that, would it solve the issue? Of course not. There’s another element and it involves drugs to some extent, called mental illness.
No sane person, no person with a sense of morality, no person with a heart and thinking mind would walk into a school and shoot ten year old children.
There’s a mental illness in this nation among many and we block records on them so as to not stigmatize them. We did that at the goodness of our being, to assure they can advance in life. It was a do good move. However, all it did was lead to an extreme and the release of people who need more help. We need to get back to protecting others by taking these individuals off the street.

Which leads to the discussion of crime.
The events like in Texas get the coverage, yet in our major cities we have an equivalent number of shootings every weekend and involve young people still in their teens.
Take a look at the violence over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, where the number of people shot each weekend is astounding. Last year there were 37 shot Memorial Day Weekend. This year, it was up to 47 individuals shot, with nine dying from their wounds. The weekend prior it was 32.
This was with a citywide youth curfew of 10 p.m. and near the toughest gun laws already in place.
The gun laws and curfews aren’t working.
Now Chicago is a city like NY and LA, where we reduced bail for crimes.
Well, it was deemed unfair because the young and minorities could not afford bail as could some older non minorities.
Thus the solution, let them back on the street. Reduce the charges and hope for the best.
Hope is not a policy.
We know a few commit the majority of crimes. We don’t need them being rewarded with more time on the street to commit more crime.
Sorry, that’s the wrong approach.
Instead of lowering the bail, how about raising it for all? The citizens on the streets, the kids in school, those riding the subway all have the right to their safety. They broke no laws and are the backbone of our nation. It is them we need to be concerned about first, not the person deciding to break the norms of society.

Hope Your Day Is A Good One.

As We Exit The Weekend…

Getting Back To Reality

There seemed to be some wonderfully memorable Memorial Day Services across the nation yesterday, and well there should have been. It is the day we set aside to remember the over 1.3 million who left home to fight for our freedom and never returned. I am forever conscious of the life I got to live that they didn’t, and I have striven to get that message to as many as possible, especially the young.

A few months back I was invited to talk to a school about Hertiage and family migration to the United States. I did my best to explain that at some point, maybe three hundred years ago, or maybe just last week, someone in their family made the decision to leave their homeland and move to America. Why? Because they wanted themselves, their children, grandchildren and every future generation to have the best opportunity to do and be what they wanted in life. You, I said, owe all you have to them. You are standing on their shoulders. I used a chain that I linked together to show one family’s connection and challenged them to do their best, contribute to society and make their ancestors proud.

On Friday, I was invited back to that school to speak on Memorial Day. It immediately hit me that I should bring that same chain and pick up from there. The message was a tie back to their ancestors who came for freedom. On Memorial Day we honor those who went, fought and died to assure that freedom and the promise of America their families came here for was maintained.

It’s all connected, and as we leave the parades and poppies behind let us continue to remember. I am going to share below one poem that many of you may have never read. I know you are aware that poppies come from the poem Flanders Fields as soldiers returned to that battle ground and saw a sea of red as they closed in. Lt. Col John McCrae wrote it to honor the dead and imploring us to never forget. Below is a poem by an American Poet, Moina Michael, who was so moved by McCrae’s words she wrote a response that became so famous that she and poppies were featured on a postage stamp.
Take a read, we’ll be back to news tomorrow and keep the faith. Let’s teach the young.