Let’s Continue Yesterday’s Theme

News That Makes You Shake Your Head

Wait now, Hunter Biden is suing the IRS for not treating him fairly?
The same IRS that allowed the statute of limitations to pass on the years that he never filed?
Years that he was bringing in major dollars from overseas connections?
They didn’t treat him fairly?
Hunter, your Dad is the President. Maybe you haven’t heard him whisper into the microphone “pay your fair share.” He is talking to you.

In Washington DC, the police are giving tips to congressional members and staff on safety. Things like:
“Remove jewelry on public transportation to avoid attracting thieves. Keep phone calls short to limit distractions while walking. Leave room at red lights in case a getaway becomes necessary.”
You get the idea.
Here’s a tip for the Mayor and council.
Try getting the criminals off the street, you might be surprised at the results.

The Republican far right caucus (Freedom Caucus) seems intent on destroying the party and leading the nation to a stop over the budget. They can’t win.
They have never been able to win seats at the ballot box, only costing Republicans seats.
The party that shuts down the government loses. They are walking right down that path, while challenging a speaker (Kevin McCarthy) who is doing a good job.
Democrats have their far left (The Squad) under far more control, and they never challenged Nancy Pelosi.

How about the Republicans and Democrats telling their respective extremes to shut up and the middle of both parties taking control to pass a budget?
Or, is that too much to ask elected officials to think of country before party?

When you heard that an $85 million military aircraft had gone down and couldn’t be located, did you wonder why?
When you found out it was a stealth bomber and we couldn’t track it, were you impressed?

Rep. Lauren Boebert, really, you do that in a public theatre?
I know you love firearms, but you just shot your reelection chances to empty. Drop out.

The Senate really changed its dress code for the first time? Now you can wear shorts and hoodies to accommodate Sen. Fetterman?
How he got elected is a mystery; why Schumer did this just adds to it.

Did you see the White House “cajoling” media outlets to be more skeptical of the House impeachment inquiry?
How much more help does the W.H. want from the media?
They have not covered the charges. They called them unsubstantiated and lies.
They called the laptop a Russian tool. They let the “experts” degrade any chance the information off the laptop was real. Let the NY Post and other entities get banned for telling the truth.
Plus, they ran with a false story for three years about Russian Collusion, when it was Hillary who paid for the dossier!
Now they are asking for help? What else can the media do?

I ask again why isn’t this administration allowing free choice and a natural progression to electric vehicles? Forcing the changeover they are, is noting but chaos ahead. It seems to me a normal procession to hybrid vehicles would lead to a natural electric future. Skipping that is total chaos.
Here’s a study released from JD Power.
Around one in five charging attempts at public stations, outside the Tesla network, is a bust.
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, now has a $100 million plan to tackle public EV chargers’ reliability by repairing and replacing thousands of old or out-of-commission ones.
And Tesla, the one company actually working, is the one the government refuses to work with. Why?
They are non union and Elon Musk owns them.
Oh yea, I trust this administration to handle this.

Just More News.

Just Following The News

As I Do I Wonder – For Real

Just following news and using common sense I stop continuously and wonder – “Really?”

We made a deal with Iran (again). It was a “negotiation,,” Admiral Kirby said.
It was, “the best deal we could get,” he added.
Let me understand this:
The best you could do was for us to give them five prisoners they wanted for five of ours, and you had to throw in $6 billion dollars to the leading terrorist nation in the world?
If this the best you could do, resign. I have high school kids who can do better.

Then you insult me by saying they can “use the money for humanitarian” purposes only.
Oh, I see.
So, they can transfer their current budget spending to terror and use the new money for their “humanitarian” needs.
By the way, you know they consider eliminating all of us a “humanitarian” act for the world right?

Then there’s this one.
The President and headlines say inflation is down, look at how well the administration is doing.
Inflation is close to 4% this month, but you understand that 4% is on top of the 9% you created last last year. It’s inflation on top of inflation, as I see it.
Who believes this stuff they say?
People in the administration seem to, which is why we need to replace them.
Here’s an example.
The price of a gallon of gas was around $2.15 the day Joe Biden got elected.
In his first year and a half, as he declared war on fossil fuels, it rose to $5.
Now it’s $3.89.
So the President says he “lowered” the cost of gas.
No you didn’t. The cost of a gallon is up 80% since you were elected. It just came down from the 130% you drove it up, but’s its UP. It’s just lower than where you drove it.

Now I’m watching the auto strike and the union saying that management is getting paid too much (I agree).
Then I see management saying we can’t give a 40% increase and pay you for 40 hours while you work 32. (I agree.)
Then I wonder.
Well, profits are good right now, but that never lasts. Does anyone ever think of preparing for a rainy day?
Does anyone think of lowering costs to the consumer? Excess profits means you charged too much.
Then I ask this question.
If they have so much cash now, how about paying the taxpayers who lost more than $11.2 billion as a result of the federal bailout at just General Motors as an example. That was only 15 years ago.
Why does that not matter?
Or, do we let high executive pay and increased wages drive consumer costs so that companies need a bailout again and we all have to pay?

I watched the ABC Sunday show and their indignation at what they called the Jan. 6th lie with a Republican candidate. “How could you” asked the moderator back anyone associated with that date ever.
Made me wonder again, how do you (ABC) back all these politicians and anchors on your station who backed a three year lie about Russian Collusion? Why aren’t you questioning Rep. Schiff and others about their lie?
You called the laptop “Russian misinformation” when it wasn’t.
Where do you have the integrity to challenge anyone else?
Where’s your apology?

As we often say, you can fool some of the people all the time. Let’s see how many,

Debate One

Analysis Of Debate One

The only question for Republicans should be this one. Who can win in a general election and defeat Joe Biden?

If you are concerned about:
The State of the nation.
The spending we are doing and the debt we are creating.
The inflation resulting from it.
The porous borders.
The lack of accountability for crime.
The double standard of justice.
The direction of the nation in general.
And, you think we need change.
Then the only question is, who can win in November 2024?

I don’t think Donald Trump can win a general election. He can dominate a primary and get the nomination of a minority party, but he cannot win the general election.
If you will get satisfaction out of nominating him a third time, then go ahead. But, you are repeating 2018, 2020 and 2022, as I see it.

That said, the question is this … who do the Democrats not want to run against?
The answer is the person who won the debate last night. Nikki Haley.

So, if you’re playing to win, take a good luck and consider the general election.

How did the others do? Here’s a quick recap as I saw it.

DeSantis: Held his position and leveled his boat, which was sinking. Still in it.
Scott: Took a hit. He was over shadowed and the progress he was making is halted.
Vivek: May well develop a Trump like following, but he took some hits last night. His momentum is on hold.
Pence: He had a relatively decent evening and may have impressed some, but he can’t win with the stain of the last administration.
Christie: He got hit as hard as he hit last night. Going nowhere in this party.
Burgum: Made some progress, but the end is in sight.
Hutchinson: Time to call it a day.

There you have it.
Now the drama is what happens with Trump, the indictments and who the public says is his main opponent.
My thoughts again: if you want to win, think who they don’t want to run against. I told you who that is.

Round One Is In The Books.

Too Interesting To Not Pass On…

Why Is This Not Headline News?

Here’s a direct email note just released from a Burisma executive (Vadym Pozharskyi) to Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin about a “revised proposal, contract and initial invoice for Burisma Holdings.” 
The message:

Okay, now reread that last line “with the ultimate purpose to close down for any cases/pursuits against ……”
You know who the prosecutor was?
The exact person that one month after this message VP Biden went to Ukraine and bragged about getting fired. You may recall he told them they were not getting $1 Billion in aide unless they did so (fire Viktor Shokin).

Hunter’s business partner (Eric Schwerin) on copy with him on this note, responded to the note with this:
“The contract was deliberately vague to be on the safe and cautious side.” 
Cautious from what?

You would think a curious media would be all over this, wouldn’t you? If it were a Trump, DeSantis or Republican, would they be?

As we promised earlier, we don’t want to clog your inboxes with mail these lazy, hazy days of summer, but this was too much to let slide.

Hope Your Summer Is Going Well.

The Supreme Court Rules…

And The Left Erupts

Throughout the session, as the court ruled 7-2, 8-1 and even 9-0, the MSM and left were quiet, as they found the decisions to their liking.
Then comes some decisions they disagree with and boom, they want to expand the court, have term limits and impeach justices.
Well, for the last thirty years some of us had a major issue with the court making laws and not interpreting the laws congress passed. We were told (and did) suck it up and go on.
The minute the court goes back to its role of ruling on laws, we have this uproar.
Then you watch the coverage of the decisions and it makes it appear as if the court was breaking the law; while the media’s own polls show the majority of Americans agree with the court’s decision.
Just check ABC’s coverage and their poll in connection with IPSOS. They (ABC) might disagree with the court, but the American people don’t.

Here’s A View

On the issue of school loans, it is very simple to me. I agree with Senator Tim Scott, you take out a loan, you repay your loan. You own it.
It’s called responsibility. It’s about a whole generation learning the meaning of that word.
The second part of that is this.
Why is the administration trying to pick winners and losers? You go to college, you take a loan and the people who didn’t go to college or repaid their loans should bail you out? Why?
For being responsible and paying their way through college? For paying their commitment back? For choosing a career where they didn’t borrow?
The logic of all that is beyond my reasoning.
You picked the wrong college? The wrong major? You own it, end of story.
Then add this, we have an almost $32 Trillion deficit. We should add $400+ billion to pay your loan?
No way, the court was right.
Finally, it’s called law.
There is no law that gives the President the right to spend that money without congress. No law.

So now you want to impeach and over throw the court for following the law? How about throwing out of office the people who want to break the law?

On the school decision the American people are clear, there should be no discrimination.
Who gives the media and liberal left the right to decide who can be discriminated against?
You want a solution, here it is.
How about supporting education at all levels so children can learn and earn their way to any school? Why do they allow some schools to be so disruptive that children can’t learn? How about not worrying about the stigmatism of the disruptors, but the education of the majority?
How about allowing parents of students in failing schools to use the money we are spending there to go to private schools, that they can’t afford otherwise?
How about instead of backing the union, you back the students’ education?

It’s about time we stopped lowering the bar and raise it for lower education, inner city schools, and free choice, and held teachers’ unions and parents responsible.

This case was brought by Asian Americans who were denied entry because of their skin color and look.
Does that even sound right to you? Who decides winners and losers here? Who has that right?
Do we blame Asian American values and parental efforts against them?

The court said discrimination is wrong no matter who it is against – and the court is right.

The Reaction

The president literally said in effect, the Supreme Court did not know the constitution. Wrong, Mr. President, wrong. You over stepped and are playing politics with the support of the media and far left officials like AOC, who, because the court turned back to their role of interpreting law, wants them impeached.
You want to spend a half a trillion dollars to pay debts of selective individuals, you need congress to pass it.
You see, then the court would say it is law. The court can’t do what you can’t pass. I know they used to, but it’s over for now. No matter how much the media shows you support and sympathy, the game is changed.
I, for one, hope we vote in 2024 to keep three separate branches of government.

Enjoy Your 4th Of JULY.

As We Head Into July 4th Weekend…

Just A Few – These and That’s

Remember when earmarks were put back in place and we talked about the foolishness of it? We were clear that all it would do is drive up the deficit, as politicians played hero and dolled out money.
Well, here’s a report from OpenTheBooks.com, a spending watchdog group.
More than $16 billion was spent last year on “pork-barrel projects” that lawmakers slipped into bills for their home districts and states.
That comes after a decade long hiatus on earmarks was lifted. (When Democrats took full control of Congress in 2021.)
When Republicans regained the House this year, they agreed to continue earmarking — with some new limits.
OpenTheBooks said there is an “obvious reason” for Republicans to keep the fat flowing:
They are addicted to the money, too, spending $6.4 billion.
Democrats held the overall lead, with $9.1 billion.
Here’s an interesting quote from the watchdog’s founder, Adam Andrzejewski:
“Restoring earmarks in today’s Congress was like opening a bar tab for a bunch of alcoholics.”

I couldn’t agree more. Stop earmarks, balance the budget. Every billion counts.


A little trouble for Bidenomics with auto unions. It’s with the administration’s stance on electric vehicles.
Why and what’s happening?
President Biden’s aggressive push for electric cars is part of “a reinvestment in American manufacturing,” but many auto workers aren’t on board. 
The union is withholding an endorsement of Biden in 2024. (They backed him strongly in 2020.)   
The issue is most UAW members are still building gas-powered vehicles and they are worried that EV factories won’t employ as many people as traditional plants. (The EVs are simpler to build.) 
Former President Trump went to Michigan last week and told the union that “EVs would lead to a decimation of Michigan’s auto industry.”
It will be most interesting to watch where this goes from here. Could EV’s be a challenge to the longstanding alliance between the union and the Democratic Party?

Then add this analysis out today:
Heavy spending on electric vehicles that don’t make profits is forcing American automakers to slash more than their production of gas-guzzling cars. They are cutting thousands of jobs.
Ford announced roughly 1,000 North American layoffs this week after billions of dollars in losses from its EV venture. Ford has had even larger layoffs in the past year.
General Motors and Stellantis (the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep), have offered sizable employee buyouts.
U.S. EV startup Lordstown Motors filed for bankruptcy protection this week, and German auto giant Volkswagen announced a reduction in EV production.
Automakers are facing economic challenges from electrifying their fleets as the Biden administration pushes to accelerate the EV transition.
As part of President Biden’s climate change agenda, proposed EPA emissions rules would force the majority of new vehicles sold to be electric by 2040.

I’ll repeat what we’ve written here since the administration announced its plans on EV’s. We’re not ready and you are rushing what should be a natural progression.
Hybrids were the next step and would lead a natural move to electric vehicles. We’ll never meet the deadlines, and only chaos lies ahead without a change.

A Sneak Peak At 2024

Chris Christie promised to take on Donald Trump, and yesterday he leveled a dramatic charge.
With stories that Trump was using campaign contributions to pay his legal troubles, combined with the now known fact that Trump spent little to support his chosen candidates in 2022, Christie let loose:
“(Trump is) the cheapest S.O.B. I’ve ever met in my life. What Donald Trump is good at is spending other people’s money.”

The highly respected Sabato Crystal Ball, from the U of Va. Center of Politics, released its first 2024 outlook.
Here’s some interesting findings:
They project the Democrats have 260 electoral votes and the Republicans have 235.
They identify just four true “toss-up” states:
Arizona (11 electoral votes), Georgia (16), Nevada (6) and Wisconsin (10).
Since you need 270 to win the election, the Republican has to win Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.
Now consider the Republican leader, Donald Trump, and those states today.
He has divided the Republican Party in Georgia.
Remember, he said Stacey Abrams would be a better Governor than the reelected Brian Kemp – because Kemp did not support his stolen election theory.
Then he was largely responsible for the two lost senate seats in the state that cost Republicans the Senate. Remember Hershel Walker?

In Arizona he divided the party, calling the popular Republican Governor names, after he degraded John McCain in his home state, and lost not only the Presidential race but the Governorship last year.

Okay, let’s say he (Trump) can still win those two.
That leaves Wisconsin.
Here’s a poll from Wisconsin yesterday that tells you all you need to know:
The WI GOP primary with a full field: 
Trump at 31%, DeSantis at 30%, PENCE at 6%, Sen. SCOTT at 5%, former Gov. HALEY and VIVEK RAMASWAMY at 3% each. Christie is at 1%.

Head-to-head DeSantis beats Trump, 57% to 41%.

However, President Biden is leading both for the general election.
He leads DeSantis, 49% to 47%,.
He leads .Trump by 9 points, 52% to 43%.

When you look at all that, who do you think has the best chance to defeat Biden in 2024?

Here’s the Sabato graph for you to take a look at.

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend.


Really, You Want To Run On That?

When I first heard that the President and his team were prepared to run their campaign on Bidenomics, I thought it was a joke.
Turns out it’s real!!
So let me see, we had Reaganomics, which actually produced a boon, so they think they can call this economy Bidenomics?
They can’t be serious.
You mean they actually believe what they have been saying about jobs, income and life in America?
Don’t they realize when they say these things they are not talking to a nation that agrees with them?
Let’s see:
75% of the American Public, in every poll, think the country is on the wrong track.
That’s 3 out 4 people you want to tell that Bidenomics is making their life better?
Do they know those polls show only about 24% think the economy is in good shape?
Prices have increased 15.5% and real wages have decreased 3.2% since President Biden took office.
Inflation is actually at its highest rate in 40 years.
By the way, Reaganomics solved that inflation, Bidenomics caused this one.
Have they checked grocery store shelves for pricing? Gasoline costs? Anything?
Even though inflation has come down from a 9% annual rate, it is still double the Fed’s targeted rate.
Bidenomics is your slogan for this mess?

Mr. President, from all the stories we are reading and hearing ,your family might have done well the past few years, but the average American certainly has not.
Don’t confuse the two.

And, don’t give me the 13 million job story. Having people return to work from Covid is not creating new jobs.
63.3% of Americans were working before Covid.
Then they lost their jobs in temporary shut downs or stayed home.
Today that participation rate is 62.6%. Still lower!!!
In fact, we have 1.97 million fewer Americans working today compared to February of 2020.

How dare you tell people you created 13 million jobs.

Of course, I understand that you realize that you can fool many of them and the press will support you. However, it’s just not true.

Bidenomics Is Not The Answer, It Created The Problem.

Okay, Let’s Be Real…

Truth Matters

The President on Monday insisted he was truthful when he claimed he had never spoken to his son about business deals. Fine, maybe the text message in which Hunter said his Dad was sitting next to him, and proceeded to threaten a Chinese businessman was just talk. Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe the pictures we’ve seen of the President (before he was President) with Hunter and Jim Biden’s business partners were innocent, or photo altered. Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe the testimony of witnesses and whistle blowers were made up and wrong about who the “Big Guy” was.
Maybe. Maybe not.

However, let’s be clear on one thing, there is no maybe with a proven lie, that is not being covered. That is the President’s denial that any Chinese money went to his family.
As an example:
When asked if he had any reaction to a House memo about his family dealings with China, the President replied: “My family dealings?”
The reporter added:
“Yes, revealing that Hunter Biden’s business associate sent over a million dollars to three of your family members?”
“That’s not true,” the president said.
Well, it is true, and the press doesn’t seem to care about this lie.
I thought the press said if you lie on one thing, you are likely lying on others.
Why are they (the MSM) not covering this?

They are, of course, covering the tape of former President Trump that was leaked to CNN. (Which raises the question, how come Trump stuff is always leaked, but not Biden information?)
Now, the former President is clearly on the tape, and he knew he was being taped, talking about and telling people that this was classified information he was sharing.
“I have a BIG pile of papers. … Pages long. … This is secret information. … This was done by the military, given to me. … See as president, I could’ve declassified it. But now I can’t, you know. But this is … secret. … It’s so cool.”
Waving the paper he said it was a, “highly confidential, secret” document.

The two stories above the current and former President’s is exactly the reason why we cannot end up with a choice between the two in 2024, and yet both are well ahead in their respective primaries.
I don’t believe that will hold.
it can’t for the future of our nation.
We need a clean slate of leadership.

Here’s something from Politico this AM that provides a more in depth review. They quote Doug Sosnik, whose deep dive political memos have achieved a cult following among Washington insiders for many years.
Here’s what he said about voters, swing voters in particular, who will decide 2024:

  1. The “double doubters”: “People who have a negative view of both Biden and Trump are perhaps the most important group of swing voters in the upcoming election. This is not an insignificant voting bloc. In an ABC/Ipsos poll taken after Trump’s most recent indictment, a majority of the country had a negative view of both Biden and Trump, with only 31% having a favorable view of both candidates.” 
  2. Abortion rights voters: Sosnik points to a stream of polling data on this issue, but this fact stuck out: “In a mid-June Gallup poll, 69% of respondents (74% of Independents) said that abortion should be legal in the first three months of pregnancy, the highest level in the history of their polls.”
  3. Republicans: “The results from the 2022 midterms, as well as recent polling, suggest that a group of Republican voters will be up for grabs in 2024, particularly if Trump is on the ballot. Democrats racked up double-digit percentages from Republicans in the 2022 governors’ races in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They also made significant inroads with these voters in Senate races in Arizona (13%), Pennsylvania (8%), Nevada (7%), and Georgia (6%).” Recent polls Sosnik cites indicate that roughly a quarter of GOP voters have serious qualms about another Trump nomination.
  4. Independents: “The winning party in the last four election cycles carried political independents. The 2022 exit polls showed that over 30 percent of voters were independents, the highest percentage since 1980.”

Finally, the big wildcard next year will be the presence and strength of any third-party candidates. In 2016, the “double doubters,” many of whom voted for third-party candidates, probably cost Clinton the election. “In 2020,” Sosnik notes, “with no viable third-party option, Biden carried these double doubters by 15 points.”

The good news for Biden? “In a late April AP/NRC poll, among double doubters, Biden leads Trump by 39 points in a straight head-to-head matchup without a third-party option,” Sosnik writes.

The bad news for Biden? CORNEL WEST recently announced that he will seek the nomination of the Green Party, which is already on the ballot in Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, while No Labels continues to pursue a potential center-lane presidential ticket featuring the likes of JOE MANCHIN or LARRY HOGAN.

If there is a Biden-Trump rematch, Sosnik argues that Trump needs someone like West on the ballot: “Trump can’t win without a third-party candidate dividing the anti-Trump vote. With the exception of winning Georgia in 2016 with 50.77% of the vote, Trump never reached 50% in any of the competitive states that determined the outcome of the last two presidential elections.”

That’s A Great Analysis. We Need New Leadership.

We’re All Entitled To Our Opinion…

Here’s Mine On Issues Of The Day

Biological men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. Period. End.
There are differences, and it’s completely unfair to women who have spent their lives practicing and perfecting their skills to then have to compete, not against their peers, but men.
Unfair to trans individuals?
Fine. Create a third category of competition. Men, Women, Trans.
As with any sport, let it stand on its own. It may not gain support you say? Well, that’s America’s choice, isn’t it? Discriminating against women is a choice, too, and allowing men to compete in their sporting event is wrong.

Homelessness is not normal. Period. End.
Living on the street without food, bathrooms and life’s necessities is not a rational choice. People are homeless because they are down on their luck, on drugs, alcoholics or mentally ill.
If down on their luck, we have programs to support them and plenty of open jobs. Help is available.
Drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill are individuals who need help. You don’t choose to live on the street.
You don’t need society saying it is right; you need society getting you off the street and into care.
How many of you, either yourself, or know someone who raised their children to live homeless on the street?
Stop this liberal thought that it is their right, and do the right thing and get them help.
Homelessness is not a normal state of being in the twenty-first century.

Elementary and middle school educators have no right to tell such young impressionable children that they are the wrong gender.
They certainly have no right to offer gender change counseling without telling the parents or guardians.
Where does the liberal thought on abortion, “my body my choice,” balance with them telling children they are in the wrong body?
Try teaching kids the basics, where many are falling further behind, and stop with your politics, or you will end up learning Chinese soon.

The southern border is broken. It is broken more than any border in the world.
There are more people and drugs coming across it than anywhere else.
How many have to die from the drugs before some care?

The situation with Russia over the weekend is so much more dangerous than we are talking about.
It’s clearly a sign that the attack on Ukraine is a failure for Putin.
It’s clearly a sign that Putin is now in trouble.
My question is:
What does he do as his life long dream of restoring Russia’s standing in the world is falling apart?
Very dangerous situation when a man’s life long dream and work is falling apart in front of his face.

Why do Republicans not want to win elections?
While Democrats defend the right of abortion up to the minute of birth, the right wing of the Republican Party is demanding their party position be no abortion ever.
The answer is 15- 20 weeks, where America is.
You push the never, Americans choose the “no limitations” option over “never.” So, you lose.
You place the limited time and you win.
What have you got against a partial victory, with a chance to win more going forward?
Don’t you see how your all or nothing is hurting everything you stand for?
What have you got against winning?

Here’s example two for the Republicans.
The NBC poll released yesterday touted how Donald Trump has widened his lead.
Widened his lead in the primary, that is.
Then it showed the results of the general election, and Biden lead Trump by 4 points.
How many elections do you have to lose, and how far does the country have to decline before you learn?
Why do you insist on nominating candidates who can’t win general elections and watch the country decline?
What kind of pride do you take in being to the right of the right?
Why wouldn’t you rather win an election?
Why can’t you say, Trump policies, yes, and accept a candidate who can win with them?
Are you more married to the man than the policies? Why?

Example three. Are you serious starting impeachment proceedings and bringing charges?
America is not ready for another political impeachment. Even the talking of it will turn voters against you.
You need to prove what you have been saying.
You need to do it beyond a reasonable doubt, and build momentum before you start using the word.
Don’t they realize talking about impeachment and bringing charges makes them the Democrats of 2019?
We really do elect some questionable people, don’t we?

Just Some Thoughts From Me.

It’s Really The Issue…

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Yesterday we alluded to a breaking story and it did break. We had whistle blowers, who a few years ago were elevated by the media to supreme status, come out to congress and tell of administration actions.

The first said they stopped the investigation into Hunter’s taxes long enough for the statute of limitations to run out on 2104 and 2105. The story was this, Hunter did not pay taxes, and those were the Burisma years.

Then we had a whistle blower who shared a text Hunter sent to a Chinese businessman demanding action and stating his father was sitting next to him! He said it three times in his threatening response and demand.

Coverage in the MSM? None, nothing, zip.

If the stories we have been hearing were covered by the media who ran (and in some cases still do) the false Russian Collusion narrative daily, the Biden administration would be over.
They refuse to cover this.
Oh yea, add this.
The FBI and DOJ had the Hunter laptop in 2019, one year before it was reported by the NY Post. It never reported it, it never leaked it; they allowed the false narrative of a Russian plot, to be run to help Joe Biden. They allowed Joe Biden, who knew the laptop was real, to lie in the debate about it. They allowed social media to take it down and impact an election.
Think of the media and how they’re focused on exposing lies, and they won’t report on any of this.

The media is failing the people. They control the airwaves as much as any tin horn dictator does, and as long as they are supporting the administration there will be no noise.
It’s a coup, right before our eyes.

Before I leave this topic, let me address one thing about the text.
You will hear, “He said his father was next to him, but how do we know?”
It doesn’t matter.
The very fact he used his father to threaten a foreign nation to do his deed is all you need. The other side had to know the father was aware, or he wouldn’t have used the name. Hunter was empathic about what his father “sitting next to me” would do.
Hunter wasn’t negotiating a deal for the good of the United States of America and our citizens. He was using the Vice President of the United States to further his and his families wealth, at our expense.

If the false collusion about Russia and Donald Trump bothers you more, then you are part of the biased problem, and one of those they can fool all the time.

A Few Short Takes

A twelfth Republican announced his candidacy yesterday. He is former Rep. Will Hurd of Texas. A former CIA agent and party moderate, he served three terms in Congress. He took a stand yesterday by saying, he would “not” sign the pledge to back the ultimate candidate. Why? He refuses to support Donald Trump.

What’s interesting is, his entry means that half of the party’s candidates are now people of color.
Have you seen much coverage on that?

The ill fated, and frankly, dumb attempts by Rep. Lauren Boebert first, and supposedly Rep. Majorie Greene, to bring impeachment charges to the House floor, plays right into the left and MSM narrative. Not only will they get no public support, but they will take away from the legitimate work that others like Rep. James Comer’s Oversight Committee are doing.
Amazing how the fringes of both parties continue to shoot themselves in the foot or mouth. (It can’t be the brain, because if they had one they wouldn’t be doing what they do.)

President Biden’s declaration that China’s Xi Jinping “did not know” about the spy balloon is so ridiculous and lame. You wonder how he could even say that. Now Xi is mad we shot it down because he didn’t know it was there? Are you serious, Mr. President? Are you really the leader of the U.S. of America?
First of all, nothing happens in China without his knowing.
Second, it was a spy balloon, sending information back, and it was over our strategic locations. We should have shot it down days before you did.
What a disgrace to even say that out loud.
Then the next day you call him a “dictator.” Look that up and see if the people living in a dictatorship do anything like that without direction and permission.

We Need New Leadership. Let’s Hope Americans Are Paying Attention.

Durham, Schiff and Hunter…

What If Nothing Is Wrong?

I think it is appropriate to start this blog with the question above, “What if nothing is wrong?”
I say that because there were news stories that, in my opinion, were major, and the main stream media chose to not cover two.
Thus, the he question is, if people don’t know it, can it be wrong?
If all people hear is one side, are we a free nation or are we like every tin horn nation with controlled media?
In our nation it is not controlled, but biased.
The end result is the same.


I watched Special Counsel John Durham yesterday, and he validated what those of us paying attention knew. The Russian Collusion story with former President Trump was a hoax. A total lie.
It was made up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.
He told the story of FBI agents apologizing to him when they learned their superiors had mislead them.

He mentioned all the key players in the hoax who refused to talk to him. All the names you know from their time on TV telling us that Trump was a Russian plant.

Here are some outcomes from Durham and the hearing:
The “Clinton Intelligence Plan” concerned the approval by Mrs. Clinton in July 2016 of a proposal by one of her foreign policy advisers to “stir up a scandal” against Mr. Trump by linking him to Russia and the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

In July 2016, CIA Director John O. Brennan briefed President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden and other top officials about the intelligence. Mr. Brennan forwarded the information to FBI Director James B. Comey and Peter Strzok, deputy assistant director of counterintelligence.
Stop right there for a second.
Each of those people knew this was a plan to lie about the Republican candidate.
They made up the story.
They let it play out three years, costing us millions of dollars, time, lost productivity, national prestige and foreign disgrace.
The media covered it breathlessly on a daily basis.
Is this not big news? A lie. A total lie.
A lie, that I would bet a majority of Americans still believe is true.
I just watched ABC and coverage was zero. You spend three years telling people of a lie and you protect the culprits when they are exposed?
That’s not a free press.
That’s a press so biased they don’t know right from wrong.


Which leads us to Adam Schiff and his censure yesterday.
Censured for lying.
He, “saw” the evidence and told us Trump was guilty of collusion.
He leaked, he lied, then leaked again, then lied again. In the end he was exposed.
He became only the 26th House member to ever be censured.
Yet, his party stood by him. Every voting Democrat voted for Schiff, saying he did nothing wrong.
if Schiff did nothing wrong, then we’re back to the question we began with, what if nothing is wrong, because he certainly did.
After the vote his party was on the floor shouting “shame.”
Shame on those who voted to censure him.
If lying and costing the nation time, money and progress is not wrong, then what is?
There was “Shame” alright. Shame on Schiff and those of you shouting “shame” because he was condemned.
On that same ABC…
I didn’t see coverage of this censure vote. Why?
They covered Schiff’s lies for three years, why not his reprimand and only the 26th such House rebuke?

Schiff, for his part, was his arrogant self yesterday.
In the hearing he went after Durham decrying Donald Trump Jr. for a meeting with individuals who said they had information on Hillary and the Russians.
He did this with such vehemence and without shame. He had the nerve to say how could he talk to people like this.
It was as if there was no tape of him talking to two “Russians” who were telling him they had the non existent Trump pee tape. Could you imagine that. He was yelling about Donald Jr., while he is on tape doing the same thing.
Schiff is eagerly talking to them and promising his team would follow up to get the tape.
A true hypocrite to the end. You only do that if you know your party and the media have your back.

Then, after the embarrassing censure, he took to the floor to say, “I wear this partisan vote as a badge of honor.”
Sure you do. I am sure some believe you. Not me. It hurt to be the 26th person ever to be censored.
Those of us who followed your lies see it as an ever lasting dishonor, even if the media doesn’t tell the rest of the nation.

Then, Nancy Pelosi weighed in on her favorite candidate for the California Senate.
She accused Republicans of “wasting time” with this “puppet show.”
No, Madam Speaker, the wasted time was the three year lie you allowed to perpetuate.
You can say that on the day the Special Prosecutor presents the lie, because you know the media will not call you on it.
I am calling you on it. You should be embarrassed.


I heard on the aforementioned MSM, that the deal with Hunter was normal.
Then I read the stories of so many others for whom punishment was far different. I heard from their attorneys who called out the jail sentences their clients received.

Then comes a breaking report from John Solomon of Just The News, that the prosecutor in Delaware may have let the previous years (before 2017) pass the period of prosecution eligibility pass before bringing these charges.
If there is any truth to that, then the sham is even worse.

Here’s a story from the LATimes today that may lend even further credence to the character of Hunter Biden.
It involves a private sex club in the LA area called Snctm and is from their founder, Damon Lawyer.
The words are his and not mine:
“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag,” Lawner wrote in the story.

I think I’ll leave this there.

Maybe My Values Are Too High, But I See Wrong, Even If The MSM Won’t Report It.


Equal Justice Under The Law?

Let’s start with these questions.
Do you think if this was you or your child it would have taken over five years to bring these charges?
If you didn’t pay your taxes, five plus years ago, would it have gone this long?
Where did Hunter’s income come from?
What business did he have?
What product was he selling?
If he was too spaced out, messed up or high to file taxes, how was he earning the millions he did?
Were you surprised that his (Hunter’s) attorney said the laptop, that the DA had, never come up?
Could it be a real investigation without asking about the laptop’s contents?
Wasn’t the money tied to the taxes he didn’t pay?

Let’s clear up a few false impressions too.
The DA was appointed by Donald Trump is the refrain of the appeasers and left to justify this settlement.
That’s misdirection meant to fool some of the people all the time.
You see, the state senators give names to the President for the role.
The two senators from Delaware are Democrats.
They gave the name to Donald Trump. It’s one of those political things in our system.
If the two senators were Republicans, the federal prosecutor would not be Mr. David Weiss.

Question two is, do people go to jail for this?
Did you ever hear of the actor Wesley Snipes? He got three years in prison for failing to file his taxes.
For those who watched the show “Jersey Shore,” remember Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino?
In jail for one count of tax evasion.
On the gun charge, ever hear of the rapper Kodak Black?
Four years in prison for lying on his gun application. (Hunter lied on his.)

Let’s take one more myth here.
When someone gets a break with their sentence to go to rehab, and if they complete it, then charges are reduced, is real.
But, is Hunter a current addict?
We have been told he is clean for years. Now he gets to go to rehab as his sentence with current addicts?
See what they did there? A little misdirection to fool the people they can once again.

Now for the irony of it all. This is for President Biden.
When you walk around deriding the top 1% for not paying their fair share, did you know your son was one of them?
Why didn’t you tell him to pay his fair share? What did he tell you?
Did you yell at him like you do on TV to others?
Was it his LLCs that didn’t pay taxes too? Was he one of those businesses you harp upon about not paying?

Mr. President, you rail on guns and illegal ones all the time.
Were you referring to Hunter and his lying on his application and the illegal gun he had?
Fair share taxes and guns are two of your big issues and talking points.

You mean, Mr President, that the 1% not paying taxes, and illegal guns, were going on under your nose by “the smartest person” you know?
Isn’t that something?

I’ve been clear that what Donald Trump did was wrong with the classified documents.
I’ve been clear that Adam Schiff should be censured for all the lies that cost us time, unity and money.
I want to be clear today that what Hunter did was wrong.
In this case I want the rest of the story. Where did the money come from? For what? Why.

Minus those answers, we do not have a blind justice system for all, we have a blind system for some.
In that case, the scales of justice look like the picture above.

The MSM could help by standing for right and not covering up.

Oh, that’s interesting…

Republican Rep. Anna Luna of Florida is reintroducing her censure resolution against Adam Schiff.
It seems twenty of her fellow Republican representatives voted “no” the first time because of the $16 million penalty against Schiff. (She put it in to recover part of the costs from Mueller investigation caused by the false narrative.) At least five of the “no” votes immediately said they will vote “yes.”
In fact, one of the no votes is now a co-sponsor of this second resolution.
Will it pass the house this time? It may very well do so.
Schiff says it is because he is running for the Senate in California, where he may well be the favorite.
Maybe, but I think it’s because he lied so outrightly and caused this nation so much.

Former President Trump manages to get in the news headlines easier than anyone I have ever seen.
Yesterday there were two stories and three highlights for me.
First, it was his appearance on Brett Baier last night. Both sides of Donald Trump showed up.
He began by saying that he “won in 2020, and won by a lot.”
Nothing will turn people off more than that. He pushed back as Baier challenged him, and I found myself just shaking my head in sadness. In a general election that will destroy him.

Then, in the second half of the interview, he got into issues, domestic and foreign. In that discussion you saw the Donald Trump and the policies that had America moving.
There is was:
The policies yes – but the person and ego issues, that have defined his time in public office too.

I say again, I don’t think he can win a general election and has the ability to take the party down with him.

Then there was this story in the Miami Herald.
Remember after his court appearance last week he ended up at a famous Cuban restaurant/deli named “Versailles?”
Remember when he walked in and on camera said “food for all?”
Well, the Miami Herald reported he never paid anything and everyone paid their own bill.

Meanwhile, one of his primary challengers, Governor Haley of South Carolina, saw her husband leave yesterday for a year of service in Africa. An officer in the military, his unit was deployed.
“He’s always been my rock,” she said as he left.
The deployment is for a year, so she will run this campaign now without him.
Not much coverage of this, but people should know.
Haley has a recently married daughter and a son at Villanova University.

In the recent period we’ve heard about the red states versus the blue ones.
Mostly Florida and Texas versus New York and California.
Two are growing with population and businesses, two are seeing declines.
The MSM does not want to cover it much.
Well, here’s a stat you likely won’t hear from them:
Texas is celebrating, again, it is leading the nation with the most Fortune 500 headquarters, growing to 55 and ranking ahead of all states on the just-released 2023 Fortune 500 list.
Gov. Abbott said: “Texas is the headquarters of headquarters.”
There was more too:
The latest jobs report revealed that Texas has now added more than 2.1 million jobs during Governor Abbott’s time in office, adding that Texas has smashed the record for total jobs 20 months in a row.

Imagine if we had a fair press that covered real news and told people why individuals, families and businesses are relocating to states like Texas and Florida versus New York, California and Illinois.

With all that is going on in the nation today and all the change we see occurring, I am noticing an uptick in the fighting back. In doing so, I was reminded of a saying from Winston Churchill.
“Nations that go down fighting will arise again. Nations that surrender never do.”

Just Some Thoughts For Today.

A Few Friday Thoughts…

It’s the end if you believe that left wing climate teen age hero Greta Thunberg, who has honored globally for her climate concerns and warnings, here’s one for you.
Five years ago on June 21, 2018 she warned of a doom ahead with this tweet:
” A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”
Let’s see today’s the 16th, so we have five days. Buckle up. Maybe don’t drive this weekend and buy us a few more days.

Now AOC a year later said we have twelve years. Her quote:
“Millennials and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up, and we’re like, ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”
That was four years ago, so according to her we have eight years left.

Of course there have been others like Al Gore making predictions.
In 2009 he said that there was “a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”
So far he’s off by seven years and running.

How about his 2006 global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”
in it Gore predicted that the global sea level could rise as much as 20 feet “in the near future.”
Just to put that in perspective:
Since 1880, (that’s 1880) the global sea level has risen 8-9 inches – according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
At that rate, it would take approximately 1,136 years for the world’s sea level to rise 20 feet.
What’s a thousand one hundred thirty years among friends.

Really on Schiff?

This was so disappointing to me and helps you define RINO’s.
No congressional person has lied more than Adam Schiff.
He was the voice of the three year false narrative on Russian Collusion.
He was the one who saw the evidence “in plain sight.”
The evidence that didn’t exist.

He was lead prosectuor in the Ukraine Impeachment, a story that today, appears to have some truth in it.
He was sure the President lied.
I am sure Adam Schiff lied.
Well, members of The House brought a resolution to censure him for his lies.
Now you knew his fellow Democrats were going to vote to protect him.
We’ve already discussed how Party is more important than the people and right.
Well, they held the vote, and enough RINO’s joined their Democratic brethren to kill the censure.
The final vote was 225-196 to table the measure.
Very disappointing to me.

Now there is another move under way by the House Homeland Security Committee to investigate Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for “dereliction of duty.”
It is the beginning of a push to impeach him.
I fully support this too. He, of the “border is secure” testimony.
Here’s what one of the lead congressional members said about the hearing:
“What we know right now is Secretary Mayorkas has either violated or subverted at least 10 laws passed by the Congress of the United States.”

Okay, but here’s betting every Democrat votes he did no wrong and enough RINO’s join them to save him.
In the end, I guess this will just be another example of the lack of political courage in our day.
If we held these two liars accountable, it might improve the whole congressional performance, but not today.

Another Really – Really, Mr. President

Midway through a speech to the union endorsing him for reelection, the President went “off script.”
He’s not an off script President, and this time he was off two sentences, but what a doozy.
“We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean. We have plans to build in — in Angola one of the largest solar plants in the world. I can go on, but I’m not. I’m going off script. I’m going to get in trouble.”
Too late Mr President.
That’s an 8,000 mile train you just said we are building, with a depth of “only” 23,812 feet.
No problem.

Really NY and Bragg?

Yesterday another case in New York that supports our position stated yesterday, that to get arrested in New York, you have to stop a crime.
This time the DA arrested a 20 year old subway rider for manslaughter. What did he do?
He reacted to an ex convict, on the train, who first made a lewd comment to his girlfriend and then punched her in the face. The punch led to a reaction and fight and the ex con was stabbed.

Now if you think the DA is right to arrest this young man (Jordan Williams) and Daniel Penny I have good news for you. The city has had an exodus of citizens and there are many apartments available. You can probably get a seat on the train these days too. Just don’t expect help from anyone who may be threatening you. The law abiding citizens riding with you do not want to go to jail for a crime.

What A Way To Close The Week.


It Doesn’t Make Sense To Me

Okay, so now we know. To be arrested in New York and get charged with a crime, you have to be the one trying to stop a crime. Got that?
Because they certainly don’t arrest criminals and bring charges. In fact, they are locking up good people want to buy freely, because the criminal element just takes it if it isn’t.
My position remains, Daniel Penny, the ex Marine did not wake up that morning to do anything except go the gym for a workout. He did not set out to commit any crimes.
Jordan Neely, got on that train with the intent to commit a crime and frightened the passengers.
How you can charge Penny while you let Neely go 144 times after arrest is beyond my sense of right and wrong.

To call it racist, as some in the media have, is beyond comprehension. The frightened passengers were all races and colors. The main aide helping Penny was a minority.

But in NY they think Penny is the criminal, and the funny thing is the DA (Bragg) will easily win reelection.
You get what you vote for, and in your community you have to pay attention or you’ll end up with a Bragg too.

By the way, Target, in its first-quarter earnings report, said that “theft and organized crime” cost the chain $1.3 in losses this year.
Who do you think pays for this? You and me.
The stores raise prices on law-abiding shoppers to compensate for the cost of the theft.

It’s so bad, some stores like Walgreens in Chicago, have begun to look like jewelry stores with all the goods under lock and key.
How about just locking up the criminal?

While we talk of the unfair coverage of the NY case, here’s one to know about the recent Trump and Biden news.
We all know that Donald Trump was getting indicted. The MSM (CBS,NBC, ABC) devoted five hours of coverage to all the hype.

Meanwhile, we had a respected Senator, known for his integrity, state that the FBI knows there are 17 taped conversations between Hunter and Burisma executives, two of which the President (when he was VP) are on.
That’s pretty explosive, isn’t it?
Consider this.
If a Democrat Senator had made this charge about Trump, Bush or Reagan, how much coverage would it have gotten?

Well, now measure the five hours of coverage against what this got. Zero. As in zero minutes. No coverage.

Let’s go one step further.
Do you think there’s some smoke to the Hunter and Burisma stories about payments? I am betting if you are fair and follow the news from all sides and not one view, that you think there is.
Okay then, what was the reason for the first Donald Trump impeachment? That’s right, Ukraine.
The media told us the former President was looking for information that didn’t exist.

So, back to the media as the problem.
It is the media who told us that the Hillary Clinton paid for Dossier was real and Donald Trump was a Russian plant and stooge. They told us that for three years. Wrong.

They told us Ukraine was a false story and there was nothing there. Looks like they were wrong again.

All that false reporting won them ill gained pulitzer prizes. They won for stories that were based upon a lie!
Now, as things unfold on another story, the media coverage is 5 hours one way and 0 the other.

The funny thing is, you know this, but most Americans do not.

Why Wasn’t This Big News?

Yesterday the regional manager for Starbucks in the Philadelphia area won a $25 million dollar settlement from the chain. This manager had responsibility for the store where the original bathroom controversy occurred.
You remember that, right?
Starbucks weak management then opened all bathrooms of all stores to anyone at anytime. Of course that back fired and they have since changed policy.
Well, this manager was fired and the court agreed with her. Here’s a recap:
On Monday, a federal jury awarded Shannon Phillips a whopping $25 million in punitive damages and an additional $600,000 in compensatory damages after members unanimously agreed that Starbucks had fired her on racial grounds. “I was terminated because I am white. I was terminated because I complained of and objected to race discrimination.
We heard endless coverage when this incident happened and were told we were racist. Where’s the coverage from the media now?

Is There A Pushback Beginning?

I think there is the beginning of a pushback from the American people finally underway. The semblance of “enough already.”
Here’s a report from Nielsen, the data tracking market share company.
Modelo Especial, a Mexican lager, overtook Bud Light in U.S. retail dollar sales in the month ending June 3.
It’s a milestone in the months-long sales decline Bud Light has experienced since early April. U.S.

Really Mr President, Iran?

The administration has restarted talks with Iran, you know, because they are so well behaved now. Why?
The goal is to win the release of American prisoners held by Tehran and curb the country’s growing nuclear program, people close to the discussions said.
Oh yea, they always react well to kindness don’t they?
In exchange for Iran’s blessings, they are seeking billions of dollars in energy revenue trapped abroad by U.S. sanctions.
Oh, that’s a good idea, give them more money to promote their worldwide terrorism. Maybe you can use the same plane as Obama did and fly cash over to them. That really worked.
Washington recently approved $2.7 billion, in payments by the Iraqi government for Iranian electricity and gas imports.
Here’s something to watch a year from now.
Iranian terror supported activity in the world. Just watch.

Enough Is Enough.

With the Evidence…

The Case Against Trump

If you read the evidence of classified information and what former President Trump did with it, then heard what he said on video, ask yourself a few questions:
Should a former President have these documents in his home?
Do I expect a President to take these documents and do what he did?
Do I expect a President to be asked for these documents and not return them?
If your answer is I do not expect a former President to do that and have them, then it is wrong for Donald Trump too.

All I can think is that it was his ego that led to the outright sharing of such sensitive information with others.
Espionage? No.
Over sized ego? Yes.
Wrong? Without question.
The former President is in trouble in this case, and rightfully so.
In my opinion, it disqualifies him for ever holding the office again.
His policies might be right, but his personality isn’t.

Now What About Others?

Absolutely there is a valid argument of selective persecution and a double standard.
From my standpoint, Donald Trump is guilty and should be disqualified, but so should others.
Let’s start with Hillary Clinton.
She had secret documents on her personal computer.
They were shared, since we found them on disgraced Anthony Wiener’s computer.
She bleach bit the documents so they couldn’t be viewed by investigators.
Her team destroyed cell phones with hammers so they couldn’t be looked into.

Yes, Donald Trump is getting what he deserved, but if you’re fair, she should too.

What about President Biden?
How did secret documents end up in his possession from the time he was VP?
How were they found in his garage and offices in different places?
This is after he was given notice and his team had chances to check out his files.

You have to be fair here.
Trump is wrong, Clinton was wrong and Biden is wrong.
You can’t choose your side to defend and blame the other guy.
All three are wrong and should be treated equally.

Is there an example of doing it right? Yes, there is.
Former VP Mike Pence, when the situations arose about documents, he went to the files and found two that he shouldn’t possess.
On the spot he called the national archives and turned them over.
No drama, no sharing, no bleach bit, no phone destroying, no denying.
He simply did the right thing as prescribed by law.
Be fair in your judgement and position now.
Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.
We have to get back to right and wrong no matter who.

What will the Trump loyalists do?
For the most part, probably blindly support the ex President and listen to his stories.
Here’s a question for them:
He was polling a minority of the voters before and couldn’t win a general election.
Do any of you think this evidence is going to gain him a single voter who wasn’t with him before?
You want to reelect Joe Biden and become a permanent minority?
Keep supporting him. He is going to lead you there.

Think About It.

Questions For The Fabric…

Indicting Trump Again

For a nation closing in on 250 years of existence, there are an awful lot of firsts occurring the last few years. Sometimes, firsts are positive and good; this time they are shaking at the foundation of those 250 years.

We never had a President impeached twice, much less exonerated twice.
We never had a former President charged with a federal crime.
We never had a sitting President’s DOJ indict his predecessor.
We never had a President’s DOJ indict his leading opponent in an upcoming election.
We never had so many convinced we have a double standard of justice.

We are tearing at the very fiber of the nation.
We may be creating a divide and skepticism that cannot be easily repaired, if at all.

Now the question for me, before I rush to judgement, is to hear what these charges are.
It cannot be that he (Trump) had classified documents. Because if he did, then how come President Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence and others were not indicted?
There better be more than that.
As an example, when Mike Pence discovered the few documents he had, his move was to call and turn them back.
Is the charge that Donald Trump took them, knew he had them and refused to turn them back?
Did he destroy documents illegally? Did Hillary?

There better be a difference with the Trump documents than Biden’s and Clinton’s.
I want to hear that before I get on the ledge and make charges.

The other thing is, there is more coming for the President. I expect there will be charges from Georgia and his actions there.

Now, maybe he wins all these cases and is proven innocent, as he was with the phony Russian Collusion charges. Maybe. Maybe not.

The bigger question is to the Republican primary voters.
You think the country is heading in the wrong direction and this President has accelerated the decline. Is Donald Trump the best person to beat him and win in 2024?

Anger at the system is one thing. Rational in how fix it is vital.

Never A Dull Time With The Media and Donald Trump.

Sometimes They Don’t Deserve…

Shaking My Head

The far right of the Republican Party, the so called freedom caucus, leave me wondering. First they took some great work by Speaker McCarthy to try and hem in spending and close the deficit, and through their noise and complaining turned it into a negative.
Instead of applauding the speaker, they expressed outrage because they didn’t get all they wanted.
Well, I said it before, you can’t get what YOU want if you can’t elect people who think like you. YOU, lost elections and opportunities with some of the loonies you nominated. YOU, should shut up now.
But no, they went even further yesterday.
They blocked four popular bills from getting a vote, to send a public message of disapproval of the Speaker’s debt limit deal with President Biden. The legislation they sidelined would have prevented the Biden administration’s efforts to ban gas stoves and give Congress more say over major rules issued by the executive branch — measures with broad support among Republicans.
“We warned them not to cut that [debt] deal without coming down and sit down and talk to us,” Rep. Chip Roy, Texas Republican, said. “So this is all about restoring a process that will fundamentally change things back to what was working.”

Well, congressman, the Speaker was working well and prevailing. You and your caucus involvement turned victory into defeat and your threats to have a recall vote are beyond sensible. If you haven’t looked, check the Speaker’s positivity rating with the public. It’s the highest of any of the congressional leaders. Check your caucus’s success at the ballot box and see what that is. The Speaker can only negotiate with what he has.
YOU can’t win at a table, what YOU can’t win at the ballot box.

And The Field Gets Crowded

Three new candidates into the Republican primary in two days. What is most interesting is that former VP Mike Pence is the first VP to ever run against the President he served. Pence is a decent man, with a wonderful family, but he will be tarred by the Trump connection. He has a Town Hall on CNN at 9 tonight if you want to see him.
As for Chris Christie, his chances of winning are as good as yours or mine. What he will do is leave debris all over the road for as long as he is in. Here’s an example from his announcement:
He called Donald Trump a “lonely, self-consumed, self-serving mirror hog.” Ouch. Then added,  “we can’t dismiss the question of character anymore, If we do, we get what we deserve.”

It remains hard for me to believe that a majority of the Republican Party is going to nominate the one person that President Biden can defeat easily again to get reelected.

While on the Republicans, Republican National Committee announced that the party’s first presidential primary debate will take place Aug. 23 in Milwaukee.
Based on the current requirements, there are at least five candidates that would immediately qualify for the August 23 debate. They are
Former President Trump, Florida Gov. DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Haley, Sen. Scott of South Carolina, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.
There will be more, and it’s only two plus months away. So buckle up.

Just A Few Thoughts Today.

What Did You See?

So two people walk into a congressional closed door briefing to view a classified and unreleased document with the head of the FBI.
One walks out saying the document backs his charges that the President must be investigated, and it appears took bribes. It was clear to him.
The second walks out and says he saw nothing and there is zero to investigate.
That is the problem with leaders in Washington.
It is party over nation.
How do you and I know what is truth?
Who can we trust?
The former FBI Director (Jim Comey) who, at one time, I thought was an example of virtue goes on the air and proceeds to endorse a candidate for 2024. The same Director used what he knew was a false dossier to continue investigating, what was a false story.
He did more to destroy my life long trust in the FBI and blind justice than anyone. I bet a lot of you too.
What is the truth now?
We won’t find out from the Delaware D.A. who has been investigating the Hunter Biden laptop for over three years and not a single charge. In fact, he let the false narrative that it wasn’t real fester for two plus years.

Justice is blind alright, blind for all the wrong reasons.

Just Wondering

I wonder how the media and left feel about Jack Dorsey now that he has endorsed Robert Kennedy against President Biden in the primary.
They loved him at Twitter when he was cutting off conservatives, calling the NY Post story on the laptop a Russian plant.
How about now?

I wonder why we are locking up merchandise in our stores to the point we have to ask for a tube of toothpaste. Then I read that a small number are committing a majority of the crimes.
Isn’t the logical question then:
Why Not Lock Up the Shoplifters, Not the Merchandise?
Can anyone explain that?
We have simply lost our way.

Which leads me to this wonder, why do voters return the same people to office if they want change?

An Update

Remember the story about the Afghanistan cable that Secretary of State Blinken refused to hand over and congress was preparing a contempt charge for him over? Well, yesterday he blinked and will allow congress to see it. Congressman McCaul issued this statement:
“This is an unprecedented step forward in our committee’s investigation into the Afghanistan withdrawal. For the first time in history, the State Department has agreed to allow Congress to view a dissent channel cable. This cable contains first-hand information from Embassy Kabul employees who were on the ground prior to the collapse as well as Secretary Blinken’s response to their concerns.”
There was lots of noise over this, I hope we get to hear the outcome of the view.

Just Some Thoughts This Tuesday.

It Feels Like…

It’s That Time

As we enter the warmer, lazier days of summer, there are two developments that seem to occur, especially in an election kick off.
1. Politicians take a break and are out of Washington. That reduces the daily drumbeat of news.
2. The primary news heightens and it’s easy for the media to cover, so we hear more about the division in any party having a primary.

What that means for this blog is, we will back off too and not clog your mailboxes just to say something. So, you’ll hear less from us and only when we think there is news we want to comment on that you may want to hear.

Some Short Takes Today

The Republican primary field for 2024 is ever expanding.
Three additional candidates are announcing this week. Mike Pence, Chris Christie and North Dakota’s governor, Doug Burgum, are expected to announce bids.
One thing for sure, the front runners, Trump and DeSantis, did not scare others off.

Nikki Haley took a step forward yesterday with her CNN Town Hall. It’s too bad it did not get the pre and post coverage that former President Trump’s did. She was impressive.

Senator Scott is also taking an interesting approach. He is on The View, after they called him names for being a black conservative. If it goes well, he can take a step forward too.

Ron DeSantis, meanwhile, had a good kick off week. He had been criticized for his lack of interpersonal abilities, but showed some positive skills on the trial opening week.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was Trump and shooting from the hip. He had a real negative moment when he said Gov. Cuomo did a better job with covid than Gov. DeSantis.
I had to listen to that twice to make sure I heard it right.
Then, DeSantis said that it was funny since he and his whole family moved to Florida in that period!

The other interesting interaction between the two was when the Governor tried to make the point he could serve two terms. This was done to point out that the former President would be a lame duck on day one.
Trump attacked immediately and said he needed six months and if DeSantis needed eight years he is unqualified. Boom.
But then, DeSantis replied that Trump had four years, why didn’t he do it then? Boom.

The other place that the former President took a hit, in my opinion, was his attack on his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. This attack and incident reinforced for me the character flaw of the former President.
McEnany was one of his most loyal supporters. She took the bullets daily in the press room and defended him at every turn. She survived breast cancer, had two children and now the boss, to whom she has been loyal, turns on her. Why?
The answer is because she said he was 25 points ahead of DeSantis in Iowa and the former President said:
“Kayleigh Milktoast McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers … I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious…..”
McEnany said it on FoxNews, and Trump added that the station “should only use REAL stars.”
To me that’s Donald Trump. Loyal to only Donald Trump.
I repeat, Trump policies, yes, Trump ego and actions, no.

Speaking of phonies. Here’s a great example of two, and of course in an election year. The story:
Senate Votes to Block Biden Student Loan Bailout.
All Republicans and Arizona Independent Kyrsten Sinema voted for the bill.
They were joined by only two Democrats: Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana.
So Manchin and Tester are back to their election year conversion to fool the people once again.
Think back to when it really mattered, how they were 100% in lock step for every spending program.

Let’s close with this story because of the hypocrisy of it all.
Rep. Marjorie Greene, she of the yelling out of “liar” during the State Of The Union, while presiding over the chamber, urged members “to abide by decorum of the House.” Democrats, not surprisingly erupted in laughter. 
Now to add to the hypocrisy:
Some members, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Cori Bush (D-Mo.), stood up and shouted back at her “decorum” request. 
Imagine that. We don’t need to hear from them.
To make it worse:
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) tweeted his response: “I haven’t laughed this hard in a while — but Marjorie Taylor Greene just called for ‘decorum’ on the House Floor.”  
The congressman, who may be the biggest liar in the House, is calling out another hypocrisy? Give me a break.

There We Are For Today.