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Guest Host On Student Loans

Editors note: Today we have a guest host, who upon reading the Democratic Plan to cancel student debt wanted to share his thoughts on the implications of doing that from the cost to the mid term implications.

Fiscal Insanity and Moral Hazard- a path to victory for the Dems in the mid-terms
C. Paul Tyborowski

There is no denying that Student Loan Debt is at a near crisis level and should be addressed. It’s estimated that about 35% of the 44+ million individuals with SLD cannot even afford basic essentials.   The current thinking out of Washington is to unconditionally forgive some of it, as $10,000, or all of it.  This puts the price tag somewhere between $400 billion and about $1. 8 trillion.

This approach is wrong on many levels, and it does nothing to solving the inherent problem.  

  • It’s the definition of fiscal insanity- (it wouldn’t solve the problem but sets the precedence which could repeated over and over again in the future and have no different outcome).  
  • It creates a moral hazard mindset by taking away the consequences or the need to act in good faith.  Borrow but find no need to honor your commitment to pay it back.   
  • Notwithstanding the above, it is not equitable to those individuals who sacrificed in many ways to pay off their own loans, or pay their kid’s way through college, and/or made the hard choices to select less “attractive” less expensive school. (Never mind that in addition to their sacrifices they get the “joy” of knowing they will also be paying for someone else’s kid college through their taxes).

Set aside the fiscal insanity, moral hazard and inequitable treatment of many Americans outright loan forgiveness can be a winning strategy for the Dems in the mid-terms. Recent action by Biden to defer reinstating loan payments until August ties nicely into this strategy. It sets the stage for a couple of months before the election to make the borrowers feel the pain of making payments – it’s a reality check to help make the election a binary choice. “Vote Democratic for student loan relief.”

It’s not just strongly influencing the votes of those 44+ million current borrowers-, it’s some portion of their parents and siblings and friends that can be sympathetic and influenced. You don’t have to change a big percentage of the votes of the potentially 100+ million pool to win the mid-terms. You should be able to get quite a few to change their vote for $10,000.  

Even with all the negative noise the Democrats have gotten from the other issues, inflation, crime, the border, Ukraine, Russia, etc.  by simply owning this “giveaway” and making it the dominant mid-term issue, a “vote the pocketbook” election choice- they can turn the tide. 

If the Democrats imbed the giveaway in a reconstituted “Build Back Better” program, it not only precludes the Republicans from owning the issue in any manner but may even get more Democrats to vote for it.     

There is a “woke” trap in this strategy which could help the Dems snatch defeat from the hands of victory. Placing a low-income cap on eligibility would more than sour the issue to many working-class and middle-class borrowers.   

There are actions that could be taken to ease the student loan payment burden in a more equitable manner i.e., allowing 401k monies to be used without penalty for loan payments and if you want to go so far, temporarily having a government 401k contribution to all the eligible plan participants as those earning up to the Social Security limit.  

The student loan issue is complex and systemic in nature.  There is an “insanity” in the root cause- lending of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to teenagers who have no known means of employment or making payments.  There is little cost-to-value consideration in the loan process in  choosing a private college over a public university. The necessity of 4 years/120 credits for a degree has been sacrosanct for eons.  If you need just 45 to 60 credits in your major to graduate, what is wrong with a 90-credit degree- other than 25% less tuition for a college. The old argument college provides greater access to a “broader educational experience” is muted with today’s internet offerings. 

All that said, seeking a solution for this complex problem is not the core goal for many politicians- their concern is to get re-elected.  All in all, another $440 billion added onto our $30 trillion national debt is only 1.46% increase- not a lot to win an election.  And if the Republicans naively don’t get out in front of this issue, they deservedly might just lose the mid-terms. 

Let’s Talk Taxes And The Left…

Lot’s Of Tax Talk In The News

Yesterday we mentioned the White House is still saying the Trump Tax Cuts destroyed our economy and increased the deficit. Here are the numbers for tax receipts by year with 2019 just released.
FY 2019, $3.46 trillion ; FY 2018, $3.33 trillion ; FY 2017, $3.32 trillion ; FY 2016, $3.27 trillion.
With 2020 estimated at $3.71 trillion.
Now unless you believe numbers lie, ask yourself how the tax cuts took away from the economy. Receipts went up.
I will repeat once again, we don’t have a tax problem, we have a spending problem.

John F. Kennedy cut taxes to drive the economy. Ronald Reagan did it. Donald Trump followed that. In all three cases the economy took off.
If they raise taxes watch what happens.
People move money out of the economy and country. Corporations move out and take jobs with them.

We are heading to a possible recession not because we cut taxes, but because we spent too much. And if you believe spending more on Build Back Better would not accelerate the problem, you need to go back to school and study economics.

On corporations they want to raise the tax rate to 28%. The Trump team lowered it to 21%. His advisors wanted to go 15% by the way. The lower rate worked. It was 35% remember. If we raise it to 28% we will lose corporations and jobs. We will be higher than the competition and China specifically.
To me we need to be competitive and it makes no sense to raise this rate.

Now the administration did want to raise the deductions for state taxes from $10,000 that the Trump administration got through. Why? Simply because the blue states have high taxes and their voters want this deduction. You see if they can deduct their state taxes they pay less federal taxes than the people in low tax states. Why is that fair?
Federal tax is federal tax, pay your bill. You have an issue on not being able to deduct your state tax – well, then vote in your state to lower taxes. Don’t ask other citizens to pay your bill. It’s your problem.

The Supreme Court agreed and just threw out the Democrats challenge to the $10,000 limit.
That means:
If you live in CA, IL, NY, or NJ, you are either going to have to pay your state taxes or get the tax laws changed in the state. You do have a third choice – move to a low tax state like Florida, Texas, South Dakota, etc.

An offshoot of that, by the way, was this report this week.
The hottest job markets in America are in five different states, but they have a lot in common. The markets are in midsize cities, in states with low or no income taxes.
They are: Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tenn.; Raleigh, N.C.; Salt Lake City; and Jacksonville, Fla.

Progressives Are Way Out In Left-field

Wait, I guess they are in left field so that old baseball term is true! A few examples:

Senator Warren doubled down on her recommendation to the President to cancel student debt. What she made clear was she wants $50,000 per person canceled. Think about that.
You worked your way through – you lose.
You paid back your debt – you lose.
Your parents sacrificed vacations, good times, and things they wanted to play your bill – they lose.
You chose to not go to college so you didn’t occur debt – you lose.
You went to school at night and gave of yourself to better your life – you lose.
If you did anything that reeked of responsibility, you lose.
In fact you lose twice.
First for paying your bill, debt and obligation.
Second, because now you will pay for those who didn’t.

Editors Note: We have some readers who have strong thoughts on this and tomorrow we will turn this blog over to one to address this issue.

ABC never disappoints. Remember yesterday when we shared AOC’s comments on why we should not waste funds on hiring police because of subway crime because maintenance was the issue?
Well, here’s a story that came out yesterday.
Felony assualts in the NYC subway spiked more than 50% between February and March.
While crime has increased, ridership is 55% of what it was prior to the pandemic.
AOC, you know what we need?
We need more police, more arrests and less instant bail. We need law abiding citizens to be able to ride safely.

While we’re on that topic here’s an example of liberal nuttiness.
What we hear from them all the time about crime is guns. Gun violence. That’s the root of it all, they claim.
Then the Mayor deploys an anti gun unit (similar to what Rudy Giuliani did to clean up the city) and they call it a police state. They are against it. Then the unit arrests illegal gun carriers on the street like the four arrested Sunday. Illegal guns in a city with the toughest gun laws, all good, right? Wrong.
All four were on the street within hours because of bail reform, lax judges and a leftist DA.
The next time you hear gun violence remember this.

There’s so much more, but we’ll leave it there for today.

It’s A Messaging Issue…

No, It Isn’t Messaging

We heard former President Obama and Democratic leaders tell us that the problem for President Biden is a messaging one. He simply isn’t getting his message across they say, because things are going so well and the polls don’t reflect it.
And therein lies their problem.
They don’t even know why they are lagging. It’s their policies.
Despite that the progressives “know” what’s wrong. You see, they say the party hasn’t gone far left enough.

Yesterday, on a Sunday Show, Senator Warren was clear about this. She said:
Democrats are going to lose” in the 2022 midterm elections if they do not deliver on more of their legislative priorities. She gave an example of cancelling all student debt. If the President does this (and he may at the end of August) it will set them back even further. Most Americans feel exactly as we wrote a few weeks ago. You took out the loan, you pay back your own bill.
Warren is not alone.
Crime is an issue. Defunding was a failure. AOC has the answer on more police in NYC’s subways:
She and fellow progressives vehemently opposed an MTA plan to hire 500 new cops to patrol the subways. 
“In our view desperately needed resources would be better invested in subway, bus, maintenance and service improvements,” the letter read. “We are urging the MTA to divest from this current model of criminalization.”
Oh, so the problem is maintenance. That’s why all the crime we have been reading about is up.
Who knew? I would have never guessed the criminals would be so upset at maintenance. Thank you AOC.

Note to President and team:
I still think it’s the defunding you supported and the resulting high crime that has people angry.
I don’t think this is a messaging issue, it is a policy issue.

Let’s see, there is the border issue.
I know the President and his advisors are for open borders, but I promise you most of us aren’t. You might want to consider what is happening and your plan to make it worse with the lifting of Title 42.
Your people might like it, but the country doesn’t and won’t.
This is not a messaging issue, it is a policy issue.

While on the border, your rush to judgement condemning and promising prosecution for the guards on horseback sure backfired. You and your team promised a “swift” investigation and action.
What happened?
Well, you delayed and delayed and then delayed again. Now you announce the border agents did nothing wrong.
Really now?
You and your fellow Democrats condemned the agents. You declared them guilty. Now they’re innocent. Where’s the coverage? Where’s the apologies? Where’s the “I am sorry?”
You know the messaging issue here?
The administration was out front on the wrong side of the issue and condemning.
That’s not a messaging issue, it was a wrong policy issue.

I have more bad news on the border for you. Candidates in your party who have to run in November are turning on your policy. Senators from NH, Arizona, Montana, Georgia and Nevada, as an example, are saying your policy is wrong. One of them actually said we should build the wall.
I repeat, the border is not a messaging issue, it is bad policy.

Your policy is to cancel the Trump tax cuts. You say it has cost the government billions. Except the numbers just came out and tax revenues are up. In fact, we had a tax revenue record year. You were wrong. The tax cuts didn’t increase the deficit, spending did. Rescinding the tax cuts is not the answer, spending less is, and your continued push to spend more is not what Americans want. The people you surround yourself with may want it, but you are out of touch again.
It’s not a messaging issue, it’s a policy issue.

Then I hear you say that you are going to make all military vehicles climate friendly, so no more what’s best to win a battle and war. Really? You are going to mess with the military on climate? You think that’s a winning issue? I have news for you, no amount of messaging will sell this one.
While on the climate, you think that your messaging on the cost of fuel as “Putin’s Price Rise” is working? Wrong again.
You can message that all day and night. People know it was your policy.

By the way, I saw this environment report this week. Take a look:

Interesting, isn’t it? I could be wrong but this looks like a better messaging opportunity than your teams “we are all going to die” one.

I know you and team are CNN fans. I bet you all thought CNN+ was a good idea. Ask you team if that was a poor decision or a messaging issue.

Mr. President, you have a messaging problem. You are messaging the wrong things. The wrong side of issues that people care about. I think you should look at those advising you. They are leading you straight down in the polls. It’s their messaging that’s the issues. You are following the wrong counsel.
In fact, Paul Begala, the former Clinton aide, had a great messaging idea for you. He proposed you tell Americans that Republicans: “Fear Trump more than they care about you.”
Now that’s a message that could help.

The McCarthy Tapes

Kevin McCarthy has long wanted to be speaker. He was derailed last time (when Paul Ryan got it) because of extra martial affair rumors. Now he sees it within his grasp and here come the tapes where he says he wanted President Trump to resign after he called the story false news. Not a good look for him. You can’t lie when people are saying they wonder about your truthfulness.
Now, he can probably make it through this, but I hear there are more tapes, and maybe we will get a Republican Speaker next year, but it may not be McCarthy.
Three more things on the tape release.
First, he was talking to Liz Cheney on them. The same Liz Cheney against whom he has endorsed her primary opponent. She said she did not release them. Did she say no one on her team did? No. Did her Dad get involved? Who knows? But why deny a truth knowing you are dealing with her and that situation?
Second, if she did release them (directly or not) she should be beaten. He spoke to her as the number three person in the house caucus. Even if they split after, to release anything is despicable.
Third, look at how much coverage this is getting. Massive.
Yet, the Hunter Biden story continues to explode and they don’t touch it. Now we hear that there were at least 19 visits uncovered with Hunter’s business partner with VP Biden and/or staff. The President continues to deny he knew anything of what Hunter and his Brother were doing.
This could be a far bigger story and possible lie than McCarthy’s. Yet, coverage in the MSM — zero.
Why is that?

The last week of April is upon us – seven months to the mid terms. Your vote counts.

Other Than The NY Incident

Let’s see, Governor Abbott actually followed through on his threat to send illegal immigrants to Washington DC. It got to me to thinking. Why not offer everyone who comes across in Texas a choice on whether they want to go to Washington DC, New York, California or Chicago. In that way they can choose and they can be transported to these left leaning supportive cities.
I mean what is Mayor Adams going to say? Stop? Abbott can reply don’t tell me, tell the President. He has allowed a million illegally into my state. This group just chose your city.
If busload after busload started arriving in these four places what would they say? Are they going to sue Texas?

Speaking of New York: Did you see that the Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin had to resign this week after being arrested in connection with an alleged bribery scheme and coverup? This was while he was being vetted to join the administration of Gov. Kathy Hochul, as she assumed the Governorship from Andrew Cuomo, who was forced to resign. In recent years there has been a long line of forced resignations in NY.
But, you know what? Democrats continue to garner 70%+ of the vote in NYC.
Proving again that you get what you vote for.

Do you remember the news and headlines when during the George Floyd case in Buffalo one elderly protester blocked the police and fell to the ground as pushed aside? You should recall the uproar and demand for charges on the officers.
Well guess what?
An arbitrator ruled the use of force was “absolutely legitimate” because the man, who was hospitalized with a head injury, was “not an innocent bystander.” He added:
The officers had not violated the department’s guidelines and there was no evidence that they “had any other viable options other than to move Gugino out of the way of their forward movement.” Mr. Gugino, he added, had not complied with an order “to move back, and was making odd physical gestures within a foot” of the officers.
This was on top of a grand jury last year declining to indict the two officers, who had been facing felony assault charges.
And to top it all off, the gentleman who was involved (and caused) the incident refused to appear and did not respond to a subpoena to appear at the hearing and “in effect refused to testify” on his own behalf.
Now the media covered this for days as police brutality. Where is the story and apologies now?

I see, ninety-five House Republicans are demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden for financial impropriety overseas. Republican lawmakers, led by Rep. Carol Miller of West Virginia, sent a letter to the Justice Department on Wednesday urging Mr. Garland to ensure that current probes of Hunter Biden’s business dealings are free of conflicts of interest. “We believe that in the case of Hunter Biden a Special Counsel must be appointed to preserve the integrity of this investigation and any subsequent prosecution,” the lawmakers wrote. “A Special Counsel would also ensure there is no bias in the investigation or undue influence from the White House.”
Won’t happen, I believe, until after the mid terms – if the Republicans win.

Remember the story of the Russia warship and their demand of surrender? The one where the Ukrainian soldiers replied as to what the Russians can do? Well, it’s now a stamp in the country. Here’s a picture.


Some Political Thoughts

As we get closer to the mid terms every senate race is key. The Democrats may have lost a top recruit and their best candidate against Sen. Grassleyin in Iowa. Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer was knocked off the Democratic primary ballot for failing to submit the proper number of petition signatures to qualify for the race.
She is appealing, but as of now she is out of the race.

On the Republican side, Lynn Cheney is fighting back. She raised $2.94 million in the first quarter. (Normal might have been a few hundred thousand.) She has $6.8 million on hand for the Republican Primary on August 16th. It is clear she is ready to battle. On top of the money she has been endorsed by George W. Bush, Mitch Mcconnell, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Her opponent, Harriet Hageman, has raised half the amount Cheney has. She has received endorsements from Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Peter Thiel and dozens of House Republicans who kicked Cheney out of House GOP leadership.
One more thing to remember and consider. There is a third candidate in the race. A pro Trump state senator named Anthony Bouchard. His vote will be anti Cheney, too, and if he gets enough, maybe Cheney squeaks back in.
This one will be a Republican donnybrook.

The President announced that the EPA Administrator is planning to allow E15 gasoline—which uses a 15% ethanol blend—to be sold this summer at gas stations. He hopes this can reduce the price of a gallon by up to ten cents. So think about it: One million gallons a day from our reserve and now this. Yet, the price is still up over $1.50 per gallon. And by the way, the ethanol is bad for the environment, which he is so concerned about. Why does he want every small impact solution as opposed to just easing regulations and just drill in America?

Hope Your Thursday Is A Good One.

Today We Get…

Today We Get The Inflation News

Even before we knew the numbers the White House was preparing us for an “extraordinarily elevated” inflation number. In fact, on Monday Press Secretary Psaki was already blaming the increase on Putin’s war against Ukraine:
“Because of the actions we’ve taken to address the Putin price hike, we are in a better place than we were last month. But we expect March CPI headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated, due to Putin’s price hike.”

All of it was preparation for a 40 year high of inflation and they needed a place/person to blame. Putin is the new Trump for now. In reality, it’s their policies that began this inflation, and they are still insisting spending more on BBB would be good. They can’t be serious.

Since Putin attacked The Ukraine only seven weeks ago it will be hard to spin the annual numbers as Putin’s inflation. But they will try, and guess what?
Some people will believe it because as you know, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Now Axios began the hype for how good things are with this write up before the numbers were released:
Behold, the jobs turnaround of the century — maybe longer. 
– Two years ago, 6.1 million people filed for jobless benefits in a single week — the most ever.
– In the first week of April, that number was 166,000 — the second-lowest in the 55 years.
– Behind the numbers: Employers have gone from discharging their workers on a scale without precedent at the start of the pandemic — to holding onto them for dear life, as they face labor shortages.
– Workers who lose jobs are finding new ones rapidly.
– The record-holder for lowest weekly claims remains the week ending Nov. 30, 1968, with 162,000 new claims.
– The labor force is about twice as large as it was in the late 1960s, making the current low claims numbers that much more impressive.
The unemployment rate was 3.6% in March. That is lower than in only two months in the last 50 years.

What’s missing from their spin are a few facts we know:
Sure we’re creating jobs. 6.1 million people were told to stay home because of Covid. They are simply going back to work. That’s not a new job you created.
In fact, the number in the labor force is smaller than it was before the pandemic. Wouldn’t you expect it to be larger?
The percent of Americans working is still below the per cent prior to the pandemic.
If this were the greatest economy ever wouldn’t more people be working than ever before?
So, despite the spin:
The number of people working is less than before.
The percent of Americans working is below the pre pandemic level.
Unemployment is down, because we have 11 million jobs that people are not taking – and they can’t say they are looking for a job.

Now, what’s up is:
Inflation and the cost of living for citizens in the store, at the pump and in anything they do.
The debt, because of spending, which Is passing the bill to our children and future generations.
Interest rates if you take a loan for a car or home.
Certainly not the stock market, which has taken a hit all year.

In the end:
If you think this is a good economy and believe the hype, well you must be a loyal Democrat, because I see a recession coming.
I saw an interview with Kevin Hassett, the former chairperson of the economic counsel, and he was bemoaning inflation and where the economy was headed.
He talked of fossil fuels and the war this administration has had with it. Then he ended with this line:
“The war against Fossil Fuels is the only one Joe Biden has won.”

Speaking Of Recession

Here are a few comments from experts on recession. Larry Summers, of course, is a prominent Democrat.
Larry Summers, former Treasury secretary and Harvard professor, told Bloomberg: 
“Recession in the next couple of years is clearly more likely than not. … We have never had a moment in the United States when inflation was above 4 (percent) and unemployment was below 4 (percent) and we didn’t have a recession within the next two years.
He repeated that same message Sunday on Meet The Press.
He added, the Fed will have to be both skillful and “lucky” to avoid a recession.  

Gary Pzegeo, the head of fixed income at CIBC’s U.S. private wealth division, said inflation can often lead to wealth destruction, especially when rising consumer prices outpace wage growth. 
“It acts as a tax. So, give it a little bit of time in the economy, and it’ll eat away at your wealth and set the stage for a recessionWe no longer see the Fed achieving a soft landing,” 

Deutsche Bank economists led by Matthew Luzzetti said in an analyst note:
“Instead, we anticipate that a more aggressive tightening of monetary policy will push the economy into a recession.”  The bank was the first major Wall Street firm to predict a U.S. downturn.

Handling Covid, Who Did It Best?

Remember all the noise about how bad the red states were on handling the pandemic and how good the blue, especially the big ones were doing? Here’s a WSJ chart on who did it best.
Hint: If you’re looking for New York, New Jersey and California, start from the bottom. Florida and South Dakota that you heard so much negative about – you can start at the top.

For a closer view, it is featured in the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research website.

Why Hunter Has A Problem

President Biden’s younger sister wrote a book and in promoting it explained why Hunter has an issue. This from the Washington Times today:
President Biden’s‘s younger sister Valerie Biden Owens is blaming supporters of former President Donald Trump for the scrutiny that her nephew, Hunter Biden, is receiving related to contents from his laptop and a federal investigation into his taxes and foreign business deals.
Mrs. Owens said she does not think the younger Biden brought upon himself the various scandals that have engulfed the family. Instead, in an interview with USA Today on Sunday, she blamed conservatives for lobbing unfair personal attacks at him.

“Trump and his right-wing followers have continued to do whatever they can to discredit the family and therefore to bring Joe down,” she said.

There you have it. Now we know why Hunter became Hunter. And if you believe that, well you know:
You can fool some of the people all the time.

Stay Tuned In. The Closer We Get To The Mid Terms The More Noise There Will Be.

What Now?

Do I Have This Right?

The man who shot and attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan is starting a career as a professional musician? The would-be assassin-turned-song writer announced on Twitter that he has scheduled a performance in New York City for this upcoming summer.
He tweeted this:
Big news!! I will be performing on July 8 at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Get your tickets while you can.
How about that?
For $20.00 (ticket cost) you can support Mr. Hinkley. I hear people in NYC are buying tickets too. Why don’t they just go by the subway and they can see modern day attacks live and for free.

One of the last things on my to do list is to ride the subway. Seeing Hinkley is lower than that.

This is the media:
An Atlantic political writer (Anne Applebaum) was asked at a conference about the lack of media coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop and her magazine’s rush to dismiss it as Russian disinformation. She said:
“My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is I think it’s totally irrelevant. It’s not whether it’s disinformation…Hunter Biden’s business relationships don’t have anything to do with who should be President of the United States. So, I don’t find it to be interesting. That would be my problem with that as a major news story.” 
Oh really, Anne?
So you don’t see any “possible” connection in the memo’s between Hunter and his Dad? Did you read anything about the content? No connection between the trips on Air Force 2 and deals done? No questions and connections and lies even after some have come forward? Really, Anne?

And Anne, you and your friends who spent two years day after day blanketing news pages and cable tv coverage with the fake “Russia collusion” story don’t think the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal is “interesting?” I find that most interesting.

Yesterday we saw an NPR reporter disparage her own newsroom for dismissing the laptop story. A little more than a week after the alleged “smoking gun” emails surfaced, NPR announced that the news organization would not “waste” time covering the accusations because it was a “politically driven event.” 
Well I have news for you.
The Russian Collusion story was a “politically driven event” and the laptop story is real. You got it reversed.

All I can say to that is that it is no wonder why the Gallup Poll found only 7 percent of all Americans say they have “a great deal” of trust in the mainstream media. More of us have no trust.

One sad milestone is fast approaching. We are just 15,000 deaths from a million dying of covid related disease. There has not been much “number of deaths” coverage since Donald Trump left the White House. Why is that?
600,000 of those deaths have occurred since the new President took office, despite his proclamation when the death toll was 200,000 under Donald Trump:
“Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”
Now the media silence is deafening. Who knows why, maybe they can’t count that high.

Elon Musk and Twitter is funny to watch isn’t it? Last week, after he reported owning 9% of the stock, the CEO of the company asked Elon to join the board. We reported on Friday, that as a board member he could only hold 14% of the stock in the company. He would also have to be careful of what he says. So what does Elon do? He announced today he will not become a board member. We may get free speech on Twitter yet!

Hope Your Day Is A Good one.


Sometimes You Have To Laugh…

Stories As We Head To The Weekend

Listening to Senator John Kennedy talk about the hearing with the oil executives was hilarious.
Basically he put it all in perspective with this:
We have the oil in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, and Alaska. The problem is:
“Our Dip Sticks are in Washington DC.”
Doesn’t that say it all?

This is from an article by Nate Jackson on the hearings and Democratic lawmakers pounding the oil executives back in October and now:
Oil company CEOs likely have a pretty serious case of whiplash. During House hearings last October, Democrats hoping to score political points told oil bosses to reduce production. During House hearings yesterday, Democrats hoping to score political points told oil bosses to increase production. With gas prices soaring, Democrats are tilting at political windmills.
“Are you embarrassed as an American company that your production is going up while the European counterparts are going down?” California Democrat Ro Khanna asked Chevron CEO Michael Wirth in October. Of Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods, Khanna demanded, “Would you commit to matching your European counterparts to reducing the production of oil?”
Wednesday, it was just the opposite.“We have the capacity right now” to increase production, huffed Colorado Democrat Diana DeGette. “The reason why your companies aren’t doing it, as you freely and honestly admitted, is because you’re looking at your shareholder profits.” Other Democrats joined in the fray, drilling executives over daring to earn profits.

Imagine if we had a fair and balanced media to actually report this to the public. The hearing was just the latest congressional embarrassment.

The attack on Hershel Walker for his spousal issues was just underway and experts (like me) were saying he can’t win with those issues. I still don’t think he can, but to the rescue comes his Democratic opponents ex wife. She filed a complaint yesterday in Georgia, the story:
U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife is seeking changes to their child custody arrangement in court documents that claim he’s in “willful contempt” of the agreement. The 11-page filing by Ouluye Ndoye wants a judge to grant her additional custody of their two young children so she can complete a Harvard University program, citing an agreement she struck with Warnock while he was campaigning for the U.S. Senate in early 2020.
This is on top of her earlier complaint that he ran over her foot with his car during a heated argument outside her townhouse. He denied that it happened.
So maybe the Georgia senate race will be decided by who mistreated his spouse less.
Maybe its not over before it begins.

Get ready for the noise about denying people the right to vote. It was announced yesterday that the State of Texas rejected nearly 25,000 mail-in ballots in its March primary election. That was 12 times higher than the last election. Now the noise starts.
The question I would have is the opposite. Why wasn’t it right for 2020?
Do we really think a record 81 million came out to vote for Joe Biden? I know there was an anti Trump vote, but a record vote amid the Covid?
What was the issue with the new law? Well, it requires voters to provide a partial Social Security number or driver’s license number on their mail ballot application. The numbers have to match those in voter registration records, to assure it’s you voting.
Really hard chore, right?

I was thinking after watching the Biden and Obama celebration of the Affordable Care Act how much craziness we’ve had with it. The good news, more people are covered. The not so good, we still have millions with no coverage. The Republicans promised a better plan, but as long term readers know, we said you can’t cover more people for free and reduce costs. It’s just not possible. Which is the final point I want to make. In selling it the Obama/Biden team told us yes, you can keep your doctor, but no, you couldn’t, but also that each family would save $2,500.00 a year. Well, here’s the results of that in case you are awaiting your money:
The average price paid for health insurance (“premiums”) jumped by 143 percent between 2013 and 2019.
At the same time premiums more than doubled in the individual market, deductibles for ACA-compliant coverage also increased by an average of 35% — over $1,700 for individuals and $3,600 for families.
Over 10 years, spending on health care per person increased by 29%.

If you were to ask them today about this, here’s what they would say, I think:
If we didn’t do this the rates you are paying would be $2,500 higher for every family. We kept them down.
And you know what? Some would believe them. After all you can fool some of the people all the time.

We took a look at the government’s revenue from taxes and who pays the bill. As you read these numbers think about the extra spending they keep asking for.
In 2019 we took in $1.6 trillion. Yesterday in this blog you heard AOC say we should forgive student debt for all – $1.6 trillion. The original Build Back Better was $3 trillion of spending.
Next, remember that fair share thing you keep hearing about – well, 50% of us paid 97% of all the taxes.
So the President next whispers are you paying your fair share; think about these numbers.
Do you think you’re paying your fair share?

Finally, if you want a thought provoking story on the Hunter Biden laptop and the coverage here’s a link to a column John Stossel wrote. It’s informative, thought provoking, funny and accurate.

Hope your weekend is special. We’re off to spring break. Stay well.

Some Wow News…

Stories That Wowed Me

Remember back when we had all those stories about “Obama Phones?” Well, take a look at this story with no coverage, and as you read ask yourself why the media didn’t cover this – and if they would have for a different President:
A company the federal government paid to distribute those phones as part of an authorized federal government program “has agreed to pay $13.4 million to settle a case alleging that it doled out devices to tens of thousands of people who didn’t deserve them.”
Makes you wonder again about how much fraud there is in the programs we pay taxes for.
Add this now, the Biden administration intends to give phones to those crossing the border so they show up for their hearings in months or years from now. Who’s paying the bill for the phones and service?
By the way, how many will throw them away so they can’t be tracked while we are paying that bill?
Maybe closing the border again is a better idea?

The current President just pushed back the loan payments on student loans again. This time to August 31st.
First of all, why?
You incurred the debt, now pay your bill. That’s how life works.
Second, stop with the pandemic.
There are 11.3 million jobs unfulfilled. Take some responsibility and get one to pay YOUR debt.
Third, the progressives are far out of touch with America and our values. They want the debt wiped away. You and I should pay the $1.61 trillion dollars.
The House Progressive leader AOC said this:
“I think some folks read these extensions as savvy politics, but I don’t think those folks understand the panic and disorder it causes people to get so close to these deadlines just to extend the uncertainty. It doesn’t have the effect people think it does. We should cancel them.”
I disagree and I am confident most of you do too.

This story and study on absenteeism in NY and LA was a wow. Think two major liberal cities as you read it:
Student absenteeism has surged during the pandemic, creating another hurdle for teachers trying to get students caught up.
The big picture: 

Chronic absenteeism is categorized as students missing at least 10% of the academic year which can haunt students’ academic outcomes for years.
In Los Angeles, 46% of students in Los Angeles Unified have been chronically absent this year or have missed at least 9% of the academic year.
In New York City, the rate of chronic absenteeism soared to 40% — up from 26% during the 2018-2019 school year.
Between the lines: Chronic absenteeism is disproportionately affecting vulnerable student groups.
In Los Angeles, the chronic absentee rate for Black students is nearly 57% and the rate for Latino students is 49%.

Did you see another of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump announced he is not running for reelection? He had only served his Michigan district since 1987. His name is Fred Upton and he faced a tough primary race this year thanks to a combination of redistricting and his vote to impeach.
That makes four of the ten not running and when you add Liz Cheney to the list you see half are already impacted. This is not the end of the story.

So we added new sanctions on Russia, which include Russian President Putin’s adult daughters.
My thoughts are the sanctions are not working. They are too minor and if you saw the recent poll out of Russia it showed Putin was fine. Why aren’t we really going after Russia with sanctions? All we have is window dressing and it is not working. Want an example? You heard about the banks we have sanctioned, right? Do you know if it’s a Russian bank that deals in oil revenue they are not being sanctioned? Think about that. Where is the Russian revenue coming from? We are doing window dressing with these sanctions. The media won’t tell you that.

Speaking of the media they are still running with Jan 6th stories daily, especially since Ivanka Trump was before them this week. Yet have you seen anything from them on the breaking stories about Hunter Biden? That is where the breaking news is. The President, his spokesperson and staff lied when they said the President had no idea what his son and brother were doing. If you believe for a second he knew nothing, then I think you are a charter member of the “you can fool some of the people all the time” club.

Did you see the video at the podium when former President Obama was at the White House? They finish and there is President Biden alone looking for a friend to talk too. He is standing there alone as everyone is around five feet away with President Obama. It was sad as he looked back at that and asked someone from the audience to join him. Then as they worked the crowd, how bad it looked as Biden was left out trying to talk to Obama?
If you orchestrated the day to build the President’s image and get positive coverage, I have news for you. You failed. I don’t recall ever seeing a sitting President treated like that.

When I heard of the mass shooting in Sacramento this week I thought, ‘Oh no, how sad, this will be all over the news.’ Except it wasn’t. I wondered why, especially as the shooters were loose. Then they arrested someone and I got it. It was a career criminal who was released early from prison despite vehement opposition for that move. The six people killed and fifteen more wounded are victims of the progressive criminal philosophy. The man served 40% of his term, the courts were begged not to release him.
In California right now 44 District Attorneys are trying to stop the policies that will put 76,000 criminals back in the street early.
It’s too late for the six dead and fifteen injured here; how many more must pay for a failed policy?

Congratulations to Judge Jackson who will be confirmed today. You are setting a precedent and here’s wishing you success. Judge wisely.
It will also mark the first time in our history that white men are not the majority on the Supreme Court as the nation continues to evolve.

Finally, if you watched any part of the House hearing yesterday with the oil executives you saw politics at its worst. Democrats trying to blame them for the rise in oil prices left me thinking one thing. They held this hearing five days too late. It should have been on April Fools Day.
But them again some are fooled all the time.

Have A Great Day. Stay Tuned and Vote. You Can Make The Difference.

Loose Ends…

Editors Note: We will soon be taking spring break and publishing periodically as issues arise. Hope you have some time planned too.

Just Ask Yourself

Here’s an analysis this AM in NYT, on the situation in the Ukraine. As you read ask yourself these questions: Wasn’t Putin the aggressor here?
Wasn’t it him who invaded another country and is murdering innocent civilians?
Why are we worried about what he might think?
The West is already providing Ukraine with a large number of weapons, especially shoulder-fired missile systems like Javelins and NLAWs. Those systems have helped Ukraine repel Russian troops in several parts of the country, including around Kyiv.
But Zelensky has criticized the West for not sending a broader array of weapons. He has also asked for fighter jets and S-300 missile systems, which are based on the back of trucks and can shoot down airplanes and missiles. “If we don’t have heavy weapons, how can we defend ourselves?” he said last week. “Just give us missiles. Give us airplanes.”

The West has refused. Some Western military officials argue that these weapons will not help Ukraine as much as Zelensky thinks. But the main reason seems to be a fear that Vladimir Putin might see the weapons as a precursor to a Western invasion of Russia and respond by widening the war, including potentially with nuclear weapons.

Watch The Noise Today

As the oil companies report for the quarter, watch the noise about their profits. As an example – Exxon/Mobil:
They said in a filing Monday that its first-quarter profit could top $9 billion, thanks in part to billions more from rising crude prices.
Now higher worldwide policies caused by a shortage will lead to higher profits in a supply-demand world, right?
Well, this non business administration and progressive supporters will be yelling out loud about this.
They will demand they reduce their profits. As we have said, none of them have run a business.
So ask yourself:
Did they support giving these companies relief when the price of oil dropped a few years ago because of over supply?
Aren’t they promising to put the oil companies out of business with their new green deal? Do they care about that, or is this all one way?

Musk Buys Into Twitter

Wasn’t this interesting? Elon Musk has been speaking out about free speech and how social media might need another voice. Then comes the news that he had bought 9.2% of Twitter.
Interesting, right? Why create a new one if you can buy the original?
This morning Twitter announced they were adding him to their board. Now a little fact that most don’t know.
You can’t be a board member and own more than 14% of the companies stock. (The cap does expire after a time, but is there initially.) What does this arrangement mean for the short and long term?
There is no doubt Twitter has been among the leading banners of conservative thought. Remember they banned Donald Trump, many of his supporters and recently the Babylon Bee (for naming Dr. Rachel Levine their man of the year).
So let me ask, now what happens?
Naming Musk to the board means they (Twitter) know the right is finally coming for them with free speech.
Watch Twitter open and free speech get a revival — finally.

The Supreme Court

As we mentioned at the outset of the process and reiterated yesterday, the nomination of Judge Jackson will be a far cry from the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings. We also said that Senators Murkowski and Romney would join Sen. Collins and vote yes. Yesterday both said they would.
Let me ask:
Wasn’t this process far less contentious, despite the media reporting about those nasty senators?
Here we have probably the most left leaning judge ever and she goes through smoothly.
Will this make a difference for Democrats the next time a Republican nominates someone? I doubt it.
Lastly, Romney voted “no” on this judge a year ago for a federal position. Now he is a “yes.” Interesting isn’t it? The opposite of Lindsey Graham by the way, who voted “yes” and is a “no” now.

The Hunter Story

This is a story that is gaining traction in the media eighteen months after it broke, which kind of tells me they know something is coming down and they want to limit it to Hunter.
In the meantime two stories break.
The Secret Service is renting a place in Malibu for $30,000 a month to protect Hunter.
Then his daughter (Biden’s granddaughter) will be getting married in the White House in November.
I checked the date and it is after the mid terms, if you’re wondering.

Then there was a story that with the sanctions placed on Russian billionaires one was not included. The husband of the woman who supposedly gave Hunter a check for $3.5 million. Is that all true?
Well, we know for sure he was left off the list. Can we prove the check? I am not sure.

One thing on the President. Yesterday he was clear in calling for a war crimes trial against Russian President Putin. “He’s a war criminal,” was the direct quote.
Let me ask then:
So what now? We need more than words.

One more thing on politics. Last week we told you about a Republican congressional person who resigned. Today we can report a Democrat is resigning:
U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela  is leaving congress immediately. His district is a Dem + 14, but Republicans think they have a shot in it because of changing hispanic voting patterns.
It is a good one to watch since there will be a special election to fill the slot from May to November. It will be a good barometer to see the result and margin.

Finally Today You Hear About Crypto.

Here’s a poll on the topic from Axios. It will probably not surprise you.
More than 1 in 4 young American adults are invested in cryptocurrency — and it’s people under 25 who express the most excitement about everything from electric vehicles to smart-home technology.
What they found:
7 of 10 young adults say they’d drive an electric car if they could afford it.
More than half of 18 to 24 year-olds want drones to deliver to their homes. Older people are more skittish.
67% of Gen Z would love to live in a smart city, and 63% want smart devices for their homes.
Young people are leading the charge toward micromobility: 82% of 18 to 24 year-olds support allowing electric scooters, e-bikes and e-skateboards in public places.

There you have it. Hope your day is great.

How Come…

I Wonder Why

I wonder why Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was invited to speak before the Grammy Awards (on video) and turned down for the same offer by the Oscars. His words last night were somber as he compared the sound of music to those of war. Very moving and impactful.

As we see the scenes in the Ukraine of genocide as Russia retreats, what will the world do? Will Europe continue to bury itself and continue buying Russian oil that is keeping Putin afloat? Will the US really put sanctions on them that can lock up their economy? Will we get the Ukrainians the weapons they need to truly push the enemy back? Up to now it’s all been window dressing.

Hillary Clinton was on Meet The Press and basically said she can’t understand how we (the people of the US) don’t appreciate all the President and Democrats are doing for us. Really, she did. I wish they would have asked where in the US or the world does she think we are better off now? We want to hear it.

How much will the strategic petroleum gas release impact the price per gallon? The head of petroleum analysis at the website GasBuddy, said that prices could drop by 10 to 20 cents. However, he warned that exactly where prices will land in the coming weeks is unclear since the release isn’t happening in a vacuum and other factors may drive prices up or down.  
With states freezing their taxes, like Connecticut has its 25 cents per gallon, the possible impact that could be as much as 45 cents a gallon. Good, right? That means you’ll only be paying about $1.25 more per gallon then.
Long term?
No one knows, but unless we take the regulations off domestic activity it is not a good outlook as I see it.

Here’s something that will help with the price of a gallon but will drive up the cost to buy a car. There was not much coverage of it, but the administration reinstated an average miles per gallon directive.
New vehicles sold in the US will have to average at least 40 miles per gallon in 2026. The new rules were announced by the government.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday its fuel economy requirements will undo a rollback enacted under President Donald Trump. He had relaxed the high requirements because of the cost to enact the mileage standards. For the current model year, standards enacted under Trump require the fleet of new vehicles to get about 28 miles per gallon in real-world driving.
I wonder how the car companies being pushed into all electric vehicles feel about this by 2026?

You saw that White House press secretary Jen Psaki is planning to resign her role as press secretary and is going to work at MSNBC. I wonder if she is going to take the 9:00 slot that Rachel Maddow is leaving later this year.

The vote on Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court is upcoming. The outcome is clear, and Senator Collins has announced she will vote yes, so it will be bipartisan with at least one vote. Lindsey Graham announced he is a no. (He had voted for her in the past.) That leaves two interesting questions. Lisa Murkowski is up for reelection in Alaska and Mitt Romney in Utah. I am guessing they are yes. Let’s see.

I wonder how you feel about this little reported story. “More than 90 Democrats in the House and Senate are calling on President Biden to extend the moratorium on federal student loan payments through the end of the year, ramping up pressure on the White House for further action just weeks before the pause is set to lapse.” Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was one of the signers. (He really wants to do all he can to assure AOC has no issues to run against him on in a primary.)
The pause first started in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. It has been extended several times. 
Last week I saw unemployment was at 3.6%, and we had 10 million unfilled jobs.
I wonder why is this necessary?

Just Wondering This Monday Morning.

This n That…

Wrapping Up The Week With This n That

Is the media biased? Here’s the NYT digital story headline on the Clinton/DNC fine for the false Steele Dossier.
“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic Party will pay to settle an investigation into their funding of opposition research about Trump and Russia.”
Really hard hitting and revealing isn’t it? No doubt everyone knew instinctively that it was the Steele Dossier.

The President called it the “Putin Price Hike” again yesterday. We already know the majority of Americans don’t believe that line, but what is he going to say?
He then proceeded to attack oil companies. He said their profits are too much and the cost of a gallon had gone up a dollar in the past three months.
Mr. President, they went up over a dollar and change before that. They’ve gone up since you were elected.

I am tired of hearing him, the VP and yesterday AOC lecture business on how to run their operations. Not one of them has experience doing so. All they know is printing more money to solve issues. They have no bottom line and have never had one.

He announced that he would release a million barrels a day from the strategic reserve for six months.
Do we all feel comfortable using one third of our reserve? It’s a bad idea as I see it.
He’s going to use the money to refill the reserves when the price drops in six months. You ready to bet on that?
What will that cost? We bought low, are releasing at a high, then have to buy again at a high.
He blamed everyone yesterday but forgot someone who is in the middle of this. He needs to look in the mirror.
But he was talking to his base.
This is from Punchbowl:
All of this action comes as a new Quinnipiac Poll shows that a plurality of Americans blame Biden for high gas prices. Forty-one percent of those who responded say the Biden administration’s economic policies are to blame for the rise in price at the pump; 39 percent of independents blame Biden. Just 24 percent of those polled say the high prices are due to the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, which has been the message coming from the White House and Hill Democrats.” 
Now remember this a Quinnipiac poll. Long time readers know my feelings that they are least reliable of all.

The WSJ had this story about the President and his often misspoken words.
Rarely have nine words caused such global consternation as President Joe Biden’s impromptu reference to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Poland Saturday. Mr. Biden’s declaration that “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!” unsettled allies, fed Mr. Putin’s paranoia, buried the president’s intended message, and complicated an already grave situation. Mr. Biden’s blooper is only the latest in a long string of jarring misstatements. He makes them worse with his unwavering denial in the aftermath.”
The Journal got it right.

Here’s a story from The Hill, this one on the Biden Budget introduced earlier this week.
Biden is under fire from his left for trying to increase defense spending next year when money for social and environmental programs favored by liberals remains in limbo. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) may yearn to boost the non-defense side of the federal ledger.
Now take note of this. Republicans criticized his defense spending budget too; however, for a different reason. The increase is below the inflation rate so they see the proposal as a cut!!

The January 6th committee is continuing on its pace to finish work in time for the mid-terms. Interesting right?
Yesterday they had Jared Kushnerformer President Trump’s son in law and top White House aide, testify for six hours. Now Kushner wasn’t even in the country that day! He was returning from Saudi Arabia and ABC News reported that he did not go back to the White House upon landing in the United States. So why was he called upon? It’s a good story.

Border Crisis? Well, if you think we have one now, wait a month. The administration is expected to end the asylum limits at the U.S.-Mexico border by May 23. This was put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The border people report that this raises the possibility that more asylum-seeking migrants will come to the border at a time when flows are already high. The Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday that about 7,100 migrants were coming daily, compared with an average of about 5,900 a day in February and on pace to match or exceed highs from last year.
This is the border they claim was broken and that they fixed.
So let’s close the week with words we say so often in any given week:

You can fool some of the people all the time.

Makes You Wonder..

No, Joe, No

We awake this morning to the news that the President is going to release a million gallons of oil a day from our strategic reserve for the next few months. The reserve is called the Strategic Reserve for a reason. In times of a national emergency we need a place to get oil to protect our nation. The reserves were filled to the brim a few years ago as the former President took advantage of low prices. A political failure is not the reason to tap the reserve today. A failure to let the American companies loose to do what they do best is not the reason to put a real crisis in the future at risk.
We use 20 million barrels of oil a day. Releasing one million is not the answer Mr. President. Free enterprise is. Take the shackles off the oil companies and get America back to energy independence. Do all the Green you want, but don’t risk our reserve, future and well being because you are following the Political Science.

Florida, Disney And…

So you listen to some of the reports and words from those against the Governor and you wonder if they are talking about the same law he signed.
First of all the bill is not called the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” It is the “Parental Rights In Education” Bill. That is a creative misleading positioning for those who want to label the Governor and legislators as sexually biased extremists.
Second, it applies only to kindergarteners, first, second and third graders. That’s it, not fourth grade, middle or high school students. I am convinced most people in the nation think it is the “Gay Bill” and applies to all grades.
Third, what it does is ban schools from teaching lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation to children from kindergarten through the third grade. Supporters contend the law is a common-sense affirmation of the rights of parents to expect an age-appropriate classroom environment for children.  In fact, Florida has sex education beginning in the fifth grade.

The President called it hateful. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband has been particularly vocal.
Walt Disney has gone wild and changed how they run their parks because of it. In fact, leaked video clips posted show Disney executives promoting gender-neutral language at theme parks and a “gay agenda” in entertainment content.
As an example here’s a quote on why they are changing the greetings they use:
“We don’t want to just assume that because someone might be, in our interpretation, may be presenting as female that they may not want to be called princess.”
Oh, there might be someone who does not want to be called a princess. I see. So we shouldn’t call any little girl who goes to Disney in her princess dress a princess any more. Wasn’t that a draw for so many after watching the movies? Is Disney not Disney anymore?

The Press has presented it as prejudice in our time. The liberals have gone off the deep end.
Now, as a parent or grandparent do you want that taught to 5-8 year olds? Were you taught anything about sexual orientation in kindergarten? Should you have been at that age? Do the kids even have the ability to understand this?

Parents in Florida, in every poll, say they support the law. Yes, even Democratic parents. Now if that surprises you it’s because the media and press are so biased. They led you to think otherwise.
I also saw Hollywood elites railing on the law, but had no idea it was for kindergarteners to third graders. In fact, when told this they accused the person telling them of lying.
They talk about woke. I think it’s time they woke up.

Stories I Found Interesting

The Federal Election Commission has fined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee for failing to disclose campaign spending that ended up in the pocket of Christopher Steele, the British spy who authored a Russian-based dossier to damage Donald Trump. The group who brought the charge accused the Clinton campaign and the DNC of conspiring with foreigners in violation of federal campaign finance law to undermine Mr. Trump, who was then the Republican presidential nominee.
The FEC fined Mrs. Clinton’s campaign $8,000 and levied a punishment on the DNC, which must pay a $105,000 penalty. The agency said the two entities “misreported the purpose of certain disbursements.” 

Small fine? Yes, but a true finding of wrong doing. Will we ever get the full truth?

Here’s an early study on one proposal from the new administration budget. It is from the Tax Foundation.
President Biden’s proposal to hike the corporate tax rate to 28% will shrink the U.S. economy and decimate more than 138,000 jobs over the next decade. The study found that if Mr. Biden’s proposal was adopted, the nation’s gross domestic product will shrink by $720 billion over the next decade.
Republicans of course jumped on this.
“With a corporate tax rate of 28%, Biden will drag the U.S. back to a time when businesses sent jobs overseas to countries with friendlier rates,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn. “American jobs should stay here.”
The President and Democratic allies in Congress said the hike is needed to ensure corporations pay their “fair share,” especially after former President Donald Trump cut taxes across the board in 2017.

This is a case where your vote can decide who is right. I know what I believe.

Interestingly the Washington Post has now joined the New York Times in authenticating the 22,000 emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Of course, before the 2020 election when the laptop was recovered, these were ignored by the media and the intelligence community as a “Russia disinformation conspiracy.” Twitter and Facebook censored the reports altogether. A little late for sure.
Now let’s see if they will read the emails and investigate things. What do you think?
By the way, the networks were finally catching up this AM after nine months of never mentioning Hunter’s name. They were on the story from the investigation aspect of taxes. It’s a start.

Everyday brings new surprises. Stay tuned with tomorrow being April fools Day. No telling what we’ll hear.

Running In Place Toward Elections

As I Watch and Read The Landscape

It’s pretty clear where we’re headed for the 2022 election.
The Republicans want to talk about failed leadership today from the President; and maybe a person in a job that he is incapable of it.
The Democrats want to go back to the future and make Donald Trump the issue.
Both men seem intent on providing material to the other party to help. The media has its own agenda.
Let me explain:

Present Biden, every time he moves off script, gives the Republicans talking points. Yesterday in defending his off the cuff remarks overseas, he dug another hole. It turns out he couldn’t have meant we were training Ukraine troops when he said to the soldiers that they will soon see them. His administration said we aren’t training anyone.
Imagine working for him. Every time he opens his mouth to speak you hold your breadth. Then you clean up and he adds fuel to the fire. It would be a tough and unsettling position.
Now how much of this do you see off of FoxNews? Almost nothing. In fact, CNN had people on trying to understand how we do not recognize the great job being done.

For his part, former President Trump provides material daily as he speaks and acts; plus the other party and their media friends do all they can to find some. Trying to clean up his stuff would be a tougher job, because he sees it only one way and following any direction is not in his DNA.
Plus, the Democrats are planning everything to break before the election. An example is the Jan. 6th investigation.

Politico has this analysis this AM:
This week’s convergence of 2020 election subversion news and wild Trump comments is a harbinger of things to come. The Jan. 6 committee’s major reports, when released this year, will force every candidate to discuss Trump and 2020. And as the midterms approach, Trump, who has big bets placed on dozens of candidates up and down ballots across America, will be a central player in campaigns everywhere, whether either party likes it or not. All signs point to a typical midterm election this year in which the president’s party suffers double-digit losses in the House. The GOP has the big structural advantages on its side: a Democratic president with low approval ratings, a sour public mood driven by inflation concerns and an edge in polling on issues like crime, education and immigration that are proving important to voters in the crucial swing suburbs where the midterms will be decided. One of the few ways Republicans could potentially blow this electoral equivalent of a layup is if former President DONALD TRUMP suddenly returns to center court. Trump is not toxic for his party everywhere. Republicans did better than expected in House races in 2020 because of the high MAGA turnout Trump generated. But he’s deadly for the GOP in the decisive suburbs at the heart of 2022 politics. Recall how Virginia’s GLENN YOUNGKIN treated Trump like Voldemort, concerned that even uttering his name would repel potential supporters in NoVa. This week, despite a war in Europe, a new presidential budget at home and a Supreme Court nominee battle, Trump emerged as the dominant story, mostly because of the geyser of news related to the Jan. 6 committee in recent days.

Here’s a great example of what they were referring to. On Saturday the former President, as you know, was in Georgia to try and defeat the current Governor (and others). Well, his primary pick David Perdue had to do some wipe up yesterday:
David Perdue said he “misunderstood” Trump rally goers over the weekend when he smiled and gave a thumbs up as they chanted “lock him up” about Brian Kemp. (He says he thought they were chanting “lock them up” while referring to Georgia election officials.) Republicans are destroying themselves in Georgia – a state they could win easily in 2022.
We repeat, the Democrats’ best friend this election cycle is the former President dividing the party over his claims about 2020.

Meanwhile the Democrats are lining things up to make Trump the issue:
A federal judge said that former President Donald Trump and a law professor “more likely than not” committed a felony in their efforts to block the 2020 election result, in a ruling clearing the way for related emails to be turned over to congressional investigators. John Eastman had sought to stop the release of the emails to the House select committee probing the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol. The ruling is only on the narrow question of legal privileges over the documents, but it could put more pressure on the Justice Department to consider a more formal investigation of Mr. Trump and the people around him in the waning days of his presidency. The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 attack is also interested in talking to conservative activist Virginia Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, according to a person familiar with the matter. The panel wants to talk to her about her texts to Mr. Trump’s then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows, urging him to stand firm in pressing to overturn President Biden’s 2020 election victory. The Jan. 6 committee also voted 9-0 Monday to recommend holding two former Trump administration officials, Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino, in criminal contempt of Congress for defying a congressional subpoena.

Of course the compliant and supportive media is investigating everything Trump, while completely ignoring anything Biden. Here’s CBS and liberal journalists:
CBS News’s  Robert Costa and The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward report that former President Trump’s call logs given to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack are missing a seven-hour period. The gap in time when Trump did not place or receive any calls on Jan. 6, 2021: From 11:17 a.m. to 6:54 p.m.   ^ I.e.: During the siege of the U.S. Capitol  Keep in mind: “The seven-hour gap … stands in stark contrast to the extensive public reporting about phone conversations he had with allies during the attack.”   Did Trump use a “burner” phone? — what happens now: “The House panel is now investigating whether Trump communicated that day through backchannels, phones of aides or personal disposable phones, known as ‘burner phones,’  according to two people with knowledge of the probe.”  

There is much more, but you know this as well as I do. We have to get this country right and the media is not going to be part of the solution.

A Press Conference and More…

The President’s Conference

I watched it yesterday and my immediate thoughts on the question and answer were – “What is he saying?”
He seemed to me to say, referring to Putin, I say he should be removed, but then he said I didn’t say that. When questioned about the troops and chemical weapons he said he didn’t say it. But, I heard it.
When the conference was over I was just shaking my head and back to my question yesterday. Behind closed doors with other leaders, unscripted, what is he saying? What are those leaders saying about him?

On the budget bill, well it’s more of — you can fool some of the people all the time. As an example:
All the projections are based upon a 2.9% inflation this year, and 2.3% next year. If you believe the 7.9% we are running at this year is going to drop so much to get us to 2.9% for the year, well, see above on people being fooled.
He talked about reducing the deficit. Wait a minute, we’re coming off $7 trillion dollars of extra spending the past two years for covid. A $1.7 trillion reduction is good news? We’re not reducing anything, the deficit is going up.
He said we have come through the previous administration’s financial ruin. We were in ruin? He said we are better off today than ever. You think so? Checked gas prices? Food prices? Optimism for the future? Polls to see if people think we’re on the right track?
I guess 40+% believe it. That’s what the pollsters say.

He talked about money in his budget to support the police. Great. Then he said it proves “we were never for defunding, always for funding.” That’s an outright lie. We have the tape. Plus, Mr. President, watch now what the left of your party says. Wait until they examine what he is calling police funding, you will see some real numbers.

Oh yea, we are going to raise the corporate tax by 7% he said. If you think that will lead to companies coming back home to build what we need here, then you differ from me. And remember, corporations do not pay taxes. They call taxes an expense and add them to their costs of product. We don’t need higher costs this year.

On the budget and the press conference, consider me unimpressed.

Some Stats To Share

If you think tax cuts spur growth, consider this. The President announced his budget had increased taxes for the rich and corporations. Who are we competing with, the world? China you say? Okay, now read this from Bloomberg:
“Beijing’s zeal for supply-side economics continues…for the fifth year in a row, China will have tax cuts. The Chinese Communist Party has embraced a school of thought more commonly associated with conservatives: supply-side economics… Premier Li Keqiang calls tax cuts the beat way to boost growth and “fertilizer applied directly to the roots of  the economy.”  Beijing announced 2.5 trillion yuan ($393.3 billion) in tax cuts this month—the fifth year of such reductions, which cumulatively add up to more than 9.7 trillion yuan. At the current exchange rate, that’s more than the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts enacted by the Trump administration in 2017.”
Interesting, right? Who do you think has it right?

You know that Putin inflation and Putin Gas Price Hike? Not working. Check out this poll:

A story I found humorous. Some have been trying to track down the 50 intelligence specialists who told us that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation. (Not the MSM, the networks have not mentioned Hunters name in almost nine months. Think about that, no news there.) Well, Richard Grenell, their former CIA Director, reported this. He reacted to a tweet about “ethical behavior among public servants” from one of the signers. He asked, “Weren’t you one who signed the Russian misinformation letter? Do you admit now you were wrong?” The answer? He was blocked from the sender’s account.
These people have no shame. I guess like Harry Reid said of Mitt Romney, “He didn’t win did he?”

Lastly, today a reader sent this to us.
Put this in your blog. Lori lightfoot has ninety nine police officers protecting her personally while defunding police for her citizens. And, the NY mayor is partnering with her to reduce crime. What a joke

On to another day. Stay vigilant and form your own decision.

When Words Matter…

Especially If You’re President

As I watched the President’s speech from Poland on Saturday I was impressed and moved. He was delivering a memorable message, with passion, emphasis and conviction. I thought this was his moment. Possibly, his Berlin Wall moment, if one phrase could stand out. It was that good.
Then, nearing the end he ad libbed. I sat up and my reaction was “wow,” he is in Poland near Ukraine and calling for Putin to be removed. Wow. I can’t believe he did that. Wow.
Well it tuned out neither could his handlers, cabinet, aides or speech writers.
Thus, the President took his possible shining moment and turned it all around back on him and his competence. He also brought back to the forefront the two other times on consecutive days his staff had to do the same. (Chemical Weapons and troops on the ground in Ukraine.)

In the end what will we remember from the trip? Is it that NATO is united, that Russia overstepped and should be condemned? Is it the actions of NATO don’t seem to match the words and Ukraine needs help? Or, will it be the nine words and two other times the President went off script and had to be pulled back in?
Unfortunately I fear the stirring words on the ground in Poland will be lost to the nine words he ad libbed.

Let me ask this question that lingers in my mind after the past week.
We had the VP go to Poland and that turned into an embarrassing moment. Then the President followed with the gaps noted above. Does anyone else wonder what happened in the closed door meetings when the President was unscripted? Do you wonder what the other world leaders think of our leadership? The misspoken words can’t be just in scripted speeches, and there is a reason his handlers keep a tight control.

Some Other Weekend Happenings

The Virginia Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) story has two elements to it for me.
First, as the wife of a justice shouldn’t she be sensitive and careful of what she texts and says? Why would she be so blatant on her feelings about the election knowing the political climate we are in? I am shocked at the lack of judgement. Yes, she has a right to her own opinions, but take into account what your words will mean.
Second, the networks and left media are covering this as if the wife of a justice has no right to an opinion. In fact, they have covered her more already than they did, or have, the Hunter Biden laptop messages with direct ties to his family.
Simply another example and case of liberal bias.

Did you see what Chris Wallace had to say as to why he left FoxNews?
“I just no longer felt comfortable with the programming at Fox.” “I’m fine with opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion … But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.” “I spent a lot of 2021 looking to see if there was a different place for me to do my job.”
And Chris, you decided CNN was true news? Have you paid attention to what has happened there since you arrived? Didn’t the CEO just have to resign because of biased reporting? Chris? Chris?

Put this in the category of “you can’t be serious.”
Sen. CORY BOOKER (D-N.J.) on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings:
“What we saw though this week was to me outrageous and beyond the pale, and very different than what I’ve witnessed in my short time in the Senate seeing three different confirmation hearings. And I think that what some of my colleagues did was just sad, frankly.”
You were front and center with the Kavanaugh hearing and the fiasco that occurred. You were there for the Amy Barrett hearing. This hearing was nothing compared to those. Is it a case of when you do something on a personally outrageous manner, it’s okay; but tough policy questions of any candidate you want is not?
He said this with a straight face. Do you think the liberal moderator called him on it?

The President apparently is going to propose a new 20 percent minimum tax on America’s wealthiest households as part of his fiscal 2023 budget today. It includes a tax on non realized gains. (Gains you have not yet taken.) The chances of passing is zero. Why do it? Politics.
Remember, you can fool some of the people all the time.
He is for you is the message. Okay then, get the real tax of inflation down. Make us energy independent and watch prices drop on all good and supplies. How about that?

The Republicans

Friday we wrote about how the party was dividing itself and the former President needed to stop doing it.
Well, here’s some words from his appearance Saturday in Georgia, a state he is determined to turn blue.
Before you read the excerpt remember this.
Republican Gov. Kemp is ahead in the primary and General Election in the state. If the top of your ticket is strong it helps downline with the senate race and local contests. Trump’s problem, of course, is Kemp didn’t find election fraud; in fact he asked the former President for evidence.
The person who beat Donald Trump in Georgia was Stacey Abrams, who organized the Democrats.
Now read the story from the Atlanta Journal.
Former President DONALD TRUMP descended on Georgia on Saturday night to boost his slate of preferred candidates and continue his campaign against Gov. BRIAN KEMP’s reelection. “Before a crowd of a few thousand supporters, Trump’s rambling speech invoked familiar, false claims that he and former U.S. Sen. DAVID PERDUE got ‘screwed’ in 2020 and warned that his backers won’t vote in a general election against Democratic gubernatorial candidate STACEY ABRAMS if Kemp is the nominee.”
Looks to me like he is endorsing Abrams over Kemp — all for personal reasons.

You may have missed this over the weekend. One less Republican is in Congress:
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) said Saturday he will resign from office after he was found guilty Thursday of three felonies for lying to the FBI about an illegal contribution made to his 2016 campaign. 

A Little On New York

The Mayor of New York yesterday said that the city has become “a laughing stock,” as it fights crime. He called himself “a wartime general.” Here’s some more of what he said. As you read it, see if it’s anything you didn’t predict or know would happen under the liberal polices of Mayor DeBlasio:
“Anything goes in the city of New York, the most important city on the globe has become the laughing stock of the globe. And the dysfunctionality of our city has cascaded throughout the entire country. And the audacity that someone comes along and says, ‘I want to be your mayor,’ and simply says ‘Follow the rules, follow the rules.’ It’s called swiping a Metrocard. If you don’t have enough to pay the fare, there’s a process that you can get the help that you deserve,” he continued. “Or if you go into a drugstore, do what my neighbor does — pay for what you want.”
Imagine that? The speech got even better as he told the police:
“Don’t let anyone break your spirit, tell you that New Yorkers don’t love the men and women of the NYPD. Everywhere I go they say, ‘Protect our police.’ Ignore the noise. Ignore Instagram, social media. Facebook. Ignore all of that because the people of the city are watching. The people of their city want their city back.”

He’s 100% correct of course. Now ask yourself this, why don’t the people of NYC vote for what they want? Why doesn’t the media cover it the way the people see it?
Just yesterday I saw a video of a 70 year old man attacked and beaten on the street for his money. The perpetrator simply walked to the subway and jumped the turnstile to take the subway away.

Final story today involves North Korea. Kim Jong-un said yesterday that N. Korea will continue to develop “formidable striking capabilities.” His reasoning was simple:
“Only when one is equipped with the formidable striking capabilities, overwhelming military power, that cannot be stopped by anyone, can one prevent a war.”
As we told you, the lesson of Ukraine is clear to Kim again. Strength is protection. Give up your weapons and your days are numbered. He sees promises to Ukraine, like ones to Libya, are a death sentence for him.

We’re off to a new week. Stay tuned in, events are moving fast.

Closing Thoughts This Week…

First On NATO and Sanctions

We don’t have any negatives on the NATO conference. At first glance it seemed to go okay. Let’s wait and see what actions are taken to support Ukraine. If we come out without more real aid for them as they fight so gallantly: or a plan to stop buying Russian oil, then it was a failure. If real actions are taken, then Ukraine and the world can win.

One point on President Biden’s comment to the reporter asking why he thinks the sanctions unveiled Thursday would make Russian President Vladimir Putin change course. The President angrily said: “I did not say that, sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter.”
Well, yes, your administration did. You did loud and clear before Russia attacked last month. You want some examples?
Your National Security adviser Jake Sullivan at a White House press briefing in February said sanctions would prevent a Ukraine invasion. He said you believed it:
“The president believes that sanctions are intended to deter,” Mr. Sullivan said. “And in order for them to work — to deter, they have to be set up in a way where if Putin moves, then the costs are imposed.”
The deputy national security advisor said:
“Sanctions are not an end to themselves. They serve a higher purpose. And that purpose is to deter and prevent. They’re meant to prevent and deter a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that could involve the seizure of major cities, including Kyiv. They’re meant to prevent large-scale human suffering that could involve tens of thousands of casualties in a conflict.”
The Vice President herself last month said the sanctions would have a “meaningful” deterrent effect, adding that view is shared by U.S. allies.

Why this administration is allowed to change dialogue and deny without being called on it is a failure of a supportive and compliant press core.

Speaking Of The Media

If you watched GMA yesterday you saw a great example. Martha Raddatz, reporting on North Korea’s missile launch, called it the most expansive move forward in their program. She then said it was because of “Donald Trumps failed nuclear negotiation” with North Korea.
What? Is she for real? Is ABC going to allow this and call themselves a network?
This from a reporter who has been on the air covering this since the 90’s. Her bias was so clear in how she said it and where she wanted to place blame. It brought to mind her crying election night when Hillary lost.
The media is unfair. Watch that clip and you’ll see it clearly.
By the way Martha, the attack on Russia stiffened N.Korea’s resolve to develop a weapon. He clearly knows Ukraine gave up their’s and sees the result. Try being a real reporter and stick to the facts.

Follow The Science – The Political One

So the Mayor of New York has said on the air daily when asked why little kids must wear masks, “I follow the science.” He even had a Brooklyn Net player sit out home games as we pointed out last week.
Follow the science — until yesterday.
You see, in New York baseball is king. The Mets and Yankee fans are for real. Passionate and dedicated. Thus, the Political Science kicked in and the Mayor said sports athletes and entertainers can now work even if they are not vaccinated. The science in NY ends with baseball fans.
Now if you’re an unvaccinated police officer, fire fighter, sanitation worker or private employee of a company in NY, you can’t work.
Special science rules now.

You know who else in NY who didn’t follow the rules? The former governor, Andrew Cuomo, the former hero of the left and media, because they wouldn’t investigate him.
An independent investigation, the third such one, this time by the state controller, found again that Cuomo lied and covered it up.
He covered up the number of deaths in unsung homes because he was writing a book on leadership and he was competing with the former President and Governor of Florida.
He lied and people died.
How many will know the truth now? The press is not about to tell you; they didn’t do their job. They didn’t listen to the voices telling them.
Cuomo followed the political science too. The sad part is how many in NY and on the left still think he did a better job than Governors like DeSantis?
Next time you hear someone say I am following the science, check which science.

By the way, 10 CEOs of US passenger and Cargo airlines sent a letter to President Biden calling for an end to the onboard mask mandate and pre-departure testing rules. No response yet. Apparently that’s the wrong approach. Make it political. Set up petitions at the airport check in. A little coverage and watch what happens.

The Republicans Divided

Another warning to the Republicans on the senate.
Donald Trump is leading the party to blow an opportunity to win the senate in November. His maniacal support of only those supporting his sole focus that he was cheated in 2020 is dividing the party.
He withdrew his endorsement of his chosen candidate for Alabama’s open seat because the candidate was telling him to move on and focus on the future. Now Rep. Brooks may have been a poor choice to start, but he has really divided the party there now.
He has interfered with senate candidates in Pa. (who has dropped out over wife beating charges) and places like Missouri and Georgia, where he is dividing things to lose again.
All over the senate landscape he is leaving a mess, because he is all about himself and 2020.
The only science here is Trump Ego Science.
Yesterday he launched a law suit against individuals involved in the 2016 Russian Collusion lie. He should pursue that with vigor, because they did set him up and proving it to the point where the media has to cover it, would be the greatest gift he can give the party.

One final divide in the party is with Rep. Cheney. I can’t recall ever seeing anything like this. The former number 3 Republican in the House just had more than 100 current House Republicans sign on to host a fundraiser for her primary challenger. To put that in perspective that’s roughly half of their House membership. It includes their leader Kevin McCarthy and the person who replaced Cheney, Elise Stefanik. The event is next week.

Wishing you all the best weekend. If you follow the science, make sure it’s real.

The Supreme Court…

A Little History

Every time we have a Supreme Court opening it irks me to think of the failed leaders we have now and how we got into this mess. Here’s a little history that may surprise some readers.
You see, prior to 2013 you needed 60 votes to get any federal Justice approved. Think about that, 60 votes. That meant you couldn’t go too far to the left, or right, and get a federal justice approved.
So along comes Senator Harry Reid and he changes the system that stood the test of time. With his 52-48 edge in the senate he changes that 60 number to a simple majority for all federal judgeships except the Supreme Court.
Senator McConnell fights against it and warns the Supreme Court will be next. Then in 2017 with his slim majority he adds the Supreme Court to that “simple majority.”

Where do we end up? No longer does a President with a majority in the senate need to worry. They can go to extremes. The politicians of my lifetime have taken the Supreme Court nominations to new lows.
It began, as I see it, with Ted Kennedy and the nomination of Robert Bork. It was disgusting and went downhill from there. Today you hear “the first black woman on the court faced from Republicans.” Well, how about when Clarence Thomas was nominated? Look that hearing up. Last I looked he was black, and Joe Biden as head of the judiciary, along with his party peers did not exactly treat him well. In fact Thomas called it a “modern day lynching.”
And by the way, the hearing this week was little league baseball compared to the outrageous Kavanaugh hearing and far less contentious than the Amy Barrett one.

Amazing how one side becomes conciliatory when the person is on their side of the aisle and so angry when on the other.
Our political leaders have failed us with the courts.

Speaking Of Which

How about this from a Senator whose state needs a total crime overhaul. “Reduce jail time by a third.”
Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer is backing legislation to reduce jail time for drug traffickers by nearly a third, including thousands of felons already serving time in federal prison. Mr. Schumer, New York Democrat, has joined the bipartisan cosponsors of the EQUAL Act that advocates say fixes the disparity between federal sentencing guidelines for trafficking crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

Good idea Senator, why don’t you revise the former Mayor DeBlasio’s program and give them gifts and free subway passes. That should help your crime problem. They won’t have to jump the turnstiles.

If you are thinking “no way,” this gets passed, the bill has already passed the House and is likely to get a vote in the Senate before the midterms. And, if you think the President will veto it, you are delusional.

Meanwhile, This Story In The Wash. Times

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop is real, but high-ranking Democrats and intelligence officials who called it a Russian operation in 2020 — and thus deluded voters — are now dodging responsibility for promoting the false tale. In the week since the liberal New York Times acknowledged that it belatedly authenticated emails and other files from Hunter Biden’s laptop, most of the officials and media organizations that blamed the story on Moscow during the 2020 presidential campaign are refusing to comment or to acknowledge they were either wrong or lying.

And we continue to call them experts, put them on TV and provide counsel and thoughts. As we said yesterday, if they were that wrong they are not experts. If they lied, they should be disqualified from being on any show to provide “expert” insight.

As We Talk About Crime

This was a story I had to read twice to believe, then did a check to make sure it wasn’t satire.
Are you ready?
The mayors of New York City and Chicago met to exchange ideas on tackling crime, which continues to skyrocket in both cities. New York’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, both Democrats, met to discuss policies and programs. Crime in NYC is up by over 45 percent compared to this time last year as Adams battles a growing crisis at Rikers Island – the city’s main jail – as well as a spike in hate crimes and an overburdened court system.  In Chicago, crime is up by 34 percent. 
Violent incidents in public transit have left residents of both cities terrified for their safety. Transit crimes have shot up by 80 percent in NYC, according to the city’s latest crime statistics. The Chicago Transit Authority, meanwhile, recorded a spike in crime of 56 percent in January and February.
Their closing words were telling to me:
“We are gonna be great partners in the work that we’re all doing.”
Well, they got elected and don’t need my counsel, but if they asked I would suggest getting some partners doing something different. I don’t think either picked the right one this time.

New Polls

New polls were released yesterday and this AM. There were surprises for me.
Usually wars drive up a President’s popularity. This isn’t true this time. I guess when you lead from behind you don’t get people to follow you. Reuters says the President has a 40% approval rating and a 54% disapproval.
Not really a surprise, right? What did surprise me was 77% of Democrats said they approve of his job performance. Surprised? I was, but then I remembered what I always write – “you can fool some of the people all the time.”
A second poll found that the American people are not believing the “Putin Inflation and Gas Tax” line. They reject it.
“52% of battleground voters blame high gas prices on the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats’ unwillingness to allow more oil and gas production in the United States, compared to only 31% who blame the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil and gas.”
That’s not good for an administration that is facing such high inflation and gas prices.
One more piece of concern for Democrats was this:
Voters who identified jobs/the economy as their No. 1 concern favor Republicans by 20 points on the generic ballot. Among those who put “cost of living” at the top, Republicans are at a 24-point advantage. 

But don’t worry, Chuck Schumer is going to cut jail time for criminals and Mayors Adams and Lightfoot are comparing notes!

You Can’t Make This Up. Your Vote Counts. Vote This November.


Just More Questions…

More Questions Top Of Mind

I read again this morning the administration saying the “President is doing all he can” to assure more oil.
All he can?
Why not the one thing that could actually help – unleash American oil companies? Turn off restrictions, reverse regulation holds, approve requests. Call them in, listen to their issues and help them so they can fix the problem.
Mr. President, we were producing more before you came in and stopped things, let them loose.
How can any thinking American fall for the “doing all he can?” Are they serious? And who believes that?

California this morning now averages over $6.00 a gallon of gas? The citizens of California are okay with this? Meanwhile, two states, Georgia and Maryland have suspended their gasoline tax because of higher prices. Both Governors (Republican) signed the bills yesterday. I suspect more states will do the same, and I am betting people will be surprised when they do, especially if the federal government suspends their per gallon tax, at the total for both. As an example, in California the federal and state tax per gallon is over 70 cents per gallon.

Wait, now do I have this right?
The Iran deal the administration is begging for would only complete the term of the original one? So two years only? For that we would release $90 billion of sanctions? For that they want the Islamic Revolutionary Guard taken off the terrorist list?
And we have to negotiate this in a separate room since Iran will not sit at a table with us? What?
If you are comfortable with that arrangement consider yourself part of the blame America First crowd.

When trying to decide what to do next with Russia why doesn’t anyone ever put themselves in Putin’s position?
It might help them do the right thing.
The man is in a bind and getting cornered more. His stock market is still closed. The value of his dollar is less than a penny. His troops are stalled and being beaten in some places. They don’t want to be there. They have suffered major casualties. Sanctions have been put on the powerful around him. He has become a pariah to the world.
You want to make it harder? Add more sanctions. Stop buying his oil.
The world continues to fund his war with the purchase. Stop.
If you cut off his oil, he is done. When he goes to bed at night do you think he worries about that? It would bring him and his nation down.
Do we have the leadership to do this, or are we afraid because he has weapons?
It should be the former, but I fear it is the latter and that will only lead to more problems. What happened to backbone and never again?

Why is it whenever someone writes a book, facts substantiated or not, on Republican Presidents I see the authors all over television, on radio and in interviews. Yet, Miranda Devine writes a factual book on what was in the Hunter Biden laptop and how it involved the President and his family and she gets no interviews?
The press is the problem.

Who’s for women rights? I am a long fan of women sports and this issue with the transgender swimmer is all over the news. The former male was ranked as the 461st male swimmer in the nation. He declared a female and has broken all records and won every race. Governor DeSantis declared the second place person the winner in his state. The NCAA doesn’t want to touch the issue.
There are certainly arguments both ways, but the numbers say there is an issue. Rewarding one denies another. I am thinking of the young women who gave so much time in their lives to achieve the opportunity to be the best. Are they fairly being denied now?
Maybe we need a third category for transitioning individuals. Some say that’s unfair. Okay, then define fair for me.

Here’s an interesting stat I just saw. Unemployment in the nation is 3.9% and we all proud of that. In NYC the rate is 7.1%. In LA the rate is 7%. Chicago 5.1%.
So why are the major cities at such high rates versus the nation as a whole?
Could it be Covid restrictions? NYC did fire all those municipal workers who were unvaccinated.
Could it be work restrictions? Well, in NYC basketball player Kyle Irving can go to his teams game unmasked and sit in the stands, but he can’t play. You can’t work if unvaccinated. The Mets and Yankees will face this in three weeks.
Think about that. They can go to games, dinner, parties and events, but not work. Make sense?
Then there is crime. Many New Yorkers say they don’t want to ride the subways or walk the streets.
Just think about these unemployment numbers and the next time you vote, remember it matters.

I want to end today with this story in Piers Morgan column today:
Boris Romanchenko, 96, survived the Nazi Holocaust during World War II, after enduring hellish conditions in concentration camps at Buchenwald, Peenemunde, Dora and Bergen-Belsen. He returned to Buchenwald in 2012 to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the liberation of the camp by US troops, where he recited the pledge made by survivors to create “a new world where peace and freedom reign.”
On Friday, he was killed by a Russian bullet fired at his house in Kharkiv.
He died because unlike in World War II, the world doesn’t have the stomach to fight a tyrant to safeguard peace and freedom.
And the only message this gutlessness will send Putin is to carry on, harder and more devastatingly.
As Churchill said: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Food For Thought. RIP Boris Romanchenko.

Top Of Mind…

Just Thinking Out Loud Today

Is it collusion that the main stream media won’t report on the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents?

Is it collusion that they won’t seek out the 50 “intelligence officers” and ask them hard questions?

If they don’t want the answers now, were they involved in the original coverup? Did they know it was real?

Does Twitter get a pass on taking down the NY Post, its story and anyone who retweeted it?

Is it collusion that they reported a false story (Russian Collusion) for three years and now don’t call the perpetrators of the story on it?

Does anyone else wonder what transpired in the two hour conversation between President Biden and China? Are you, like me, wondering if our President was up to the challenge?

Do you wonder, too, if he is ready to go to Europe tomorrow and lead? As the leader whose nation pays the bills for NATO, is his the voice they will hear and follow?

Is it true that the one stumbling block in the Iran Deal is the removal of the designation as “terrorist organization” from Iran’s “Islamic Revolutionary Guard?” Does anyone think they suddenly changed?

Was that released internal Russian death toll number of Russian troops (10,000) and then pulled back true? It is the number close to what Ukraine was saying. If true, then Putin better sleep with one eye open.

Why does common sense take so long? Mayor Adams is now telling police to arrest fare beaters on the subway. You see, the fare beaters are committing the crimes we have heard so much about. Imagine that.
You mean little crimes lead to bigger ones? Welcome to the real world.

Let me see, the Babylon Bee does satire. That is their livelihood. They named Biden appointed Dr. Rachel Levine (former husband and father known as Richard), now assistant health secretary for the nation, as their Woman Of The Year. Twitter has banned Babylon Bee.
So the NY Post, anyone retweeting the Post story, a former President and many of his followers and now Babylon Bee are banned by Twitter.
Is social media for all, or are they taking sides? Easy answer.

Remember Stormy Daniels and all the stories from her and her attorney on President Trump?
Did you hear this news in the media that gave her so much coverage?
She lost her case against Trump. The 9th Circuit made the final ruling on the matter.
She has to pay Trump’s attorney costs, sanctions, and fees, which will amount to approximately $300,000.  
Her attorney?
Michael Avenatti is already convicted and in jail.

Just things on top of my mind today.

March Madness…

Only This Is Not Basketball

March Madness is a term usually referenced to the college basketball tournaments in this month. For today and this year, it’s an appropriate term for the world situation.

With 10 million already displaced in Ukraine, many will never be able to return home, or reunite their families. One man, with delusions of a Soviet Empire has caused this problem. His desire for power has caused arguably the greatest human pain of this century.
If we and the European leaders return to normal with him when this ends, then know — we have truly lost our values and way.
He must be isolated until the people of Russia do the right thing.

At the same time, our leaders must learn from this.
It is time to bring back home the manufacturing and production of goods we need to survive. Our medicines as an example. Are we going to wait for China to pull a Ukraine before we act?
Leadership is acting before. The time is now.

One other thought on something what we are about to do.
Re-enter into an agreement with Iran.
Now we don’t know all the details of this deal, but if the rumors are true, are you comfortable with:
We are doing so while Russia and China represent us with Iran. Are we really comfortable with that?
Two nations out to beat us, dealing on our behalf with an enemy sworn to destroy us?
We will take the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp off the terrorist list. (This was the group that Qasem Soleimani led. He was, as you may recall, taken out by the previous administration.)
There are rumors of cash to change hands again.
The question I have is this:
Is this appeasement to an enemy sworn to destroy us?
Does this work better than the sanctions and depriving them of the resources they need to grow?
Is strengthening their leadership a better means to get new leadership?
You decide, and remember your vote helps set the policy.

The Intelligence Experts

On Friday we shared the story of the NYT now acknowledging that the laptop truly was Hunter’s and the emails on it real. We included a link to the names of the fifty “intelligence experts” who signed the letter about the fact it could be “Russian misinformation.”
Those 50 “intelligence experts” should never be believed or work in our government again. You and I instinctively knew the laptop was real. If they didn’t know, they can’t be in our intelligence. If they lied, they should be disqualified.
Here’s the link again to those names. We heard all summer “say the name,” in this case I say – know the names.

And I wanted to share the NY Post headline as the story broke. You know, the NY Post who was barred from social media for reporting the truth.


Have A Great Day. Keep Speaking Up. We Owe It To Future Generations.