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Just a few thoughts today as we all watch the Florida hurricane and hope and pray for the well being of all.

In the pursuit of justice for the biggest threat to our nation since who knows when, the Jan. 6th committee cancelled its hearing today.
They said they could not proceed because of Hurricane Ian bearing down on Florida. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Thompson, cited the expected landfall of the hurricane on Florida’s Gulf Coast near Tampa — about 900 miles from Washington — as the reason for the delay.
“In light of Hurricane Ian bearing down on parts of Florida, we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s proceedings.”
Why, you ask again?
Simply because the hurricane will draw the media attention away from the committee’s proceedings, and media coverage is what it is all about. And you know how much coverage the MSM gives them.
That simple.
I guess they can’t pursue truth without major coverage.

There’s no mystery as to why the polling industry has suffered more reputation loss than any other in the past decade. They no longer are fair, unbiased and know how to poll.
Here’s examples from today’s releases:
A new Grinnell College/Selzer & Co. national poll out this morning has Democrats up 46% to 42% on the generic ballot.
Yet, they say eighty-one percent of voters say “the overall health of American democracy” will be a major factor in their vote.
Are they saying people like the state of the nation? The direction of the country? Every poll says 74% say we are going in the wrong direction. How can they explain that?
That same poll says that President Biden is at a 36% approval rating. Yet we are voting his party in?
Poll Credibility = Zero.

Then out comes the Reuters/Ipsos poll. After a horrendous week they say the President’s approval rating  is “up” this week to 41%.
Really? Up?

Then Politico gave us these polls this AM:
Democratic Sen. MICHAEL BENNET is leading JOE O’DEA 49% to 43%.
Democratic Gov. JARED POLIS is ahead of HEIDI GANAHL 49% to 41%.
In the Senate race, Democratic Rep. TIM RYAN is ahead of J.D. VANCE 46% to 43%.
Democratic Sen. MARK KELLY leads BLAKE MASTERS 49% to 42%.
Democrat KATIE HOBBS is just ahead of KARI LAKE, 46% to 45%.

So if all these polls are right, then the country is headed for a big Democratic win in the mid terms.
Just watch the results now.

Meanwhile, over in the senate, did you see what happened?
The deal Senator Manchin made to approve the big spending bill, was he would get pipelines in return in W. Va.
Well, the spending bill passed as you know. The money is going out to add spending to our inflation.
Last night senators did not approve the Manchin part.
Why did Manchin’s deal part fail?
Because he made enemies on all sides and no one trusted him anymore. They all wanted to get him.
He ends up caving in on the spending and getting zero in return.
Well done Senator.
He’s up for election in 2024, let’s keep an eye out for that one. I think West Virginians have figured this out now.

Let’s Hope And Pray All Our Fellow Citizens Are Safe And Well In Fla.


Interesting – I Think

So, gasoline prices have risen the past six days. Are we hearing that like we did the drop from record highs?
Plus, no one is mentioning it, but the one million barrel a day release of strategic reserve is scheduled to end in a month. Then what?
The answer is we have to purchase oil to refill the reserve. What will the end of releasing and the start of purchasing do to the price?
The administration is only hoping it doesn’t show up before the mid terms.
Add this:
A good number of states suspended their state gas tax (like my state of Connecticut – 25 cents per gallon) and that is scheduled to end.
What will all this do the price? Is anyone talking about this? Certainly not the MSM. Why warn you $4.00+ a gallon is on the horizon.

All this while – as noted here two weeks ago – the President’s poll gains over the summer were ending. The latest polls show him dropping.
Rasmussen from 46 to 42. ABC said he is at 39% approval as does Reuters. Now CBS said he was 45% approval, so you choose who to believe.
I think he is sliding again and the Democrats need to revitalize Trump quickly.

Which is exactly what the Jan. 6th committee is planning to do. As we reported, they are now planning another live hearing – made for TV.
On the Sunday shows they all told us how bad Trump was. Adam Schiff, (yes, him again) said he has evidence that should lead to an indictment. I wonder which he sees coming first, the Russian Collusion evidence he saw or the Jan. 6th he sees now.
The man keeps seeing evidence that others don’t. Someone should ask him what else he sees, maybe he needs help.

What you didn’t hear anywhere on or about the Jan. 6th committee was this story about the mother of the young ex Air Force woman shot at the rally:
The mother of Ashli Babbitt wants GOP lawmakers to investigate the House select committee probing the 2021 Capitol riot if they’re awarded the majority in November. 
Micki Witthoeft, who attended an advocacy rally for those charged in connection to the riot, called out the Jan. 6 committee as a “hoax” that deceived public perception about what happened on that day. “I would like to see the Republicans launch an investigation into all these people,” Ms. Witthoeft told The Washington Times. “That committee is a sham. I know they’ve changed information at times and altered videos. They’ve shown portions of videos that serve their purpose and their narrative, but they don’t go forward to let you know what actually happened.” 
I guess her thoughts on her dead daughter is not news for the MSM.

Oh yea, but old Liz Cheney is still out there front and center. Despite losing her primary by over 2-1 she is still making comments like she is in the majority.
Her latest, she “won’t be a Republican” if former President Donald Trump is the nominee for president in 2024 and would consider stumping for Democrats. And, what does she think she has been doing the past year?
She added this…she will try to thwart Republican nominee Kari Lake, who has questioned the 2020 election results, from becoming governor in Arizona.
If you want Cheney as a friend, don’t disagree with her. Me? I have enough friends and don’t need her.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer signaled the high court still doesn’t know who leaked the draft opinion earlier this year revealing the justices were poised to overturn national abortion rights. A first!!
In an interview that aired on CNN the retired justice said he had heard no update on the leaker since the probe was launched in May.
What that tells me is because of the way things are going with our justice system, the leaker came from the left.

Why is NYC Mayor Adams in Puerto Rico checking on damage on the hurricane? What has that got to do with all the crime in his city and the breakdown of safety? He is a Mayor of a city.

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity issued this yesterday as the stock market entered bear territory:
“The Dow crashed to a low of 29,400 – a more than 20% decline from it’s high of 36,500. We were excoriated as “fear mongers” and “free market crazies,” by the Paul Krugman crowd.  Six months ago many of the leading economists on the left were saying that a little inflation and trillions of dollars of spending would be good for the economy.
Sixteen Nobel prize-winning economists wrote in FAVOR of the Biden agenda and solemnly promised that we would NOT see runaway inflation. None of them have returned their Nobels.
Those who suffered the most were middle-class workers hit by rising prices, especially for energy, surging way ahead of wage increases.
Between 1972 and 1981—under Presidents Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter—hourly earnings for workers went from $4 to almost $7, a roughly 70% gain. But after accounting for inflation, workers were getting poorer because the purchasing power of wages fell by roughly 12%. Is it any wonder that Ford and Mr. Carter were voted out of office?
That’s exactly what workers are facing today with wages up 5.6% over the past year but consumer prices up 8.5%. Then as now, the White House and the Fed said the inflation would be temporary and blamed it on global factors beyond their control.”

The Mid Terms Are Coming. Does All This Matter More Than Abortion?

We’re Conscious…

Of Your Time

We’re conscious of your time and try not to blog or send information that might be redundant and take your time for no reason.
So if you don’t hear from us for a day, two or three, just hang in there. We appreciate your emails on where is “the blog.” I promise, we’ll be back with information when pertinent.

Let’s start today with a Happy Rosh Hashanah to those celebrating.


A new book is going to be released this weekend that you are going to hear much about. The author is Maggie Habberman and the title is: “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.” 
As he is wont to do, the former President sat with her and gave full interviews. As he did with Bob Woodward, he was sure he could control the outcome. He was wrong then and he is wrong now.
Watch the coverage this is going to get, and how Donald Trump will be front and center again just weeks from the midterms.

Now, what should be getting major coverage as inflation soars, in large part because of gov’t spending is this:
States paid out billions of dollars in pandemic unemployment claims to more than 200,000 applicants whose Social Security numbers indicated they were already dead, according to a new inspector general’s audit. 
Nearly 1 million more claims were paid to Social Security numbers that were submitted in multiple states. That’s another indication of fraud because the law allowed someone to claim the enhanced pandemic unemployment benefits in a single state at one time.
The Labor Department’s inspector general said 1.7 million more claims were paid to people who filed from “suspicious email addresses.”  
All told, the claims accounted for more than $45 billion in potentially bogus unemployment payments during the first two years after the onset of the pandemic, the audit concluded.

Now add this for those who watch only one news source and told you only one party was doing things right during the pandemic:
While the nation has recovered its overall job losses from the pandemic, a new report finds that 31 states and the District of Columbia still have fewer jobs than in 2019. Analyzing the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pew Stateline reported that New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania lost the most jobs between February 2020 and last month.
Florida, Texas and North Carolina gained the most over the same period.
Pew found that New York state is down 327,800 jobs, with remote work hurting shops and other businesses that once catered to commuters. Although the U.S. recovered 25 million jobs lost during the pandemic, a state budget report last month found that New York might not see pre-pandemic employment levels until 2026.
Ohio has 124,200 fewer jobs than before the pandemic, with Pew reporting that “thousands of manufacturing and hospitality jobs” have vanished from the Midwest. “There are almost 100,000 fewer Ohioans in the workforce as compared to before the pandemic,” said Rea S. Hederman Jr., executive director of the Economic Research Center at the Buckeye Institute in Columbus. “This has made it difficult for some businesses to fully restore operations, and as a consequence, they have reduced operating hours or closed some operations.” Following New York and Ohio, Pennsylvania lost the third-most jobs in the nation. The Keystone State remains 111,300 jobs short of what it had in February 2020.

International News

As we continue to pander to Iran to re-sign the Nuclear Agreement (and give them an infusion of cash) look at how the people are rioting in the streets against the regime today:
The police custody death of a 22 year old woman who was arrested for improper dress, ignited the protests. They have spread to dozens of cities. 
Authorities have escalated their crackdown including opening fire on crowds.
They are the largest protests in the country since 2009.
Let’s not bail them out.

Then there’s the Ukraine and their gains on the battlefield that has led Putin to double down and call up reservists.
The move led to protests and individuals leaving the country.
Putin is reeling, the question is how desperate will he get and can they do anything to replace him?

And That’s It For A Monday.


Coronavirus Easing, But Trumpitis Continues

It struck me watching the MSM that reporting on the coronavirus is easing, but Trumpitis continues.
The coverage of everything Trump, especially any possible wrong doing or investigation is non stop.
The MSM is suffering from Trump – itis.

Yesterday it was the NY AG running for reelection reverting back to her favorite subject, Donald Trump.
With major coverage in supportive media she announced charges of the former President over stating his property value and, thus, saving or earning $250 million dollars of gain.
Now, first of all this would seem to be a tax issue. If the IRS has investigated the former President for years, why didn’t they find this? It seems simple enough.
Next, why did woke NY DA Alvin Bragg decline to bring charges just a few months ago?
Then a question to this AG:
Do you think this is a common practice for businesses to inflate and reduce for tax purposes?
I am sure it is. How many have you gone after?

Now, do I think Donald Trump did this? Yes, I do.
Do I think he is the only company in NY (or any high tax state) trying to reduce taxes? No, I know he’s not.
How do I know he did this?
Well, I revert back to Forbes Annual issue of the wealthiest people. I recall the annual issue with Donald Trump. His claim was always they under counted his wealth. Their counter claim was he overstated the value of his holdings.
You can look that up if you want, but doesn’t it sound like Donald Trump?

The question here is this:
Do we have equal justice under the law? We have laws saying we must. But, do they investigate crimes or prosecute people equally?
From what I see daily on the news (MSM), we don’t. We have a new disease called Trumpitis.

One More Thing To Share Today – From the WSJ Poll

Democrats and Republicans differ on American greatness and whether the nation rewards hard work.
The vast majority of Republican voters—85%—believe anyone who works hard  can get ahead.
Only 53% of Democrats feel that way. 
A third of Republicans—34%—think the current generation will do better than the one that came before.
55% of Democrats think that.
Then there was the question of American greatness. Is America the best in the world?

Just A Few Thoughts For The Day.

Short Takes And Thoughts…

Quick Takes/Views on The News

A Texas sheriff opened a criminal investigation into Florida’s migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard, saying the migrants had been misled.
What does a Texas Sheriff have to do with Florida sending border crosses to Massachusetts? Think this was political? Check his political endorsements and past comments on Presidents.
Why doesn’t he worry about his state border where they are flocking across illegally?

No one has explained to me yet how the Governors sending busses is different from the President flying people in during the night. In fact, the latter has shipped far more, far longer and far more quieter. Sheriff?

What they don’t talk about at the border. Let’s start with this number: Two million.
That’s the number from the latest CBP data released this week, which showed that the number of arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year crossed that threshold for the first time in history.
The Border Patrol has nabbed 78 people on a terrorist watch list so far this fiscal year, according to the Department of Homeland Security data. The terrorist watch list!
Twelve were caught in August, the second highest monthly total since numbers were released.
Only 15 suspected terrorists were caught in all of fiscal year 2021.
From 2017 to 2020 the total (inclusive all years) was 11.
And oh yea, if you didn’t know, the administration says the border is closed now and was broken 2017-20.
You can fool some of the people all the time, if you’re willing to be fooled.

All the talk on the Republican side is about Donald Trump and Gov. DeSantis.
Keep any eye on Gov. Youngkin of Va. too. He is out working the stump for Republican candidates.
Next month he is going to campaign for Kari Lake in Arizona. He is reaching out to all wings of the party.

Put this in the column of Trump just being Trump.
He said he would have gotten a better seat than President Biden did at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

One more Trump thought today.
The longer the Mar-a-Largo investigation goes, the more it looks like he had unauthorized classified materials in violation of the law. Now, if you thought Hillary should have been prosecuted for her classified documents, you have to think Trump should too. They both broke the law and put classified material in jeopardy.
The problem is applying the law to one side. It should be against all who break it.

Mitch O’Connell must be feeling better about the upcoming election. His new tune to the Chamber of Commerce is that he’s cautiously optimistic about flipping the Senate.

Talking about hypocrisy, check this out.
Stacey Abrams separated her election denial from others. She defended her actions following her 2018 gubernatorial loss:
“I refuse to concede a system that permits citizens to be denied access. That is very different than someone claiming a fraudulent outcome.” I see.

I’m wondering what kind of coverage the hurricane damage and recovery to Puerto Rico’s infrastructure will get this time with a different President. Remember last time?

I talk to some who continue to blame Putin for the oil crisis and absolve the administration. They think Russia has stopped shipping oil.
Well, Russian oil production has fallen by less than 3% since the invasion of Ukraine. The real problem is here in the US we have stopped being energy independent.
Amazing how many don’t get it.

Here’s a chart on United States’s Crude Oil from Imports from 1980 to 2021. Pay particular attention of 2017-2020 and since.

United States Crude Oil: Imports

Short Takes – With Clear Answers.

Exasperation Part Two…

Let’s Pick Up From Yesterday

If you’re fair and watched the 60 minutes interview with the President, who doesn’t do many interviews, you had to be exasperated too.
Here’s the question and answer on inflation:
Pelley: “Mr. President, as you know, last Tuesday the annual inflation rate came in at 8.3%. The stock market nosedived. People are shocked by their grocery bills. What can you do better and faster?”
Biden: “Well, first of all, let’s put this in perspective. [The] Inflation rate month to month was just– just an inch, hardly at all….”
The inflation rate the day he took office was 1.4%. It’s now 8.3%.
So the President says it went up “an inch.” An inch from the 8.2% the month before! It’s up almost 7% since you began.

The follow-up:
Pelley: “You’re not arguing that 8.3% is good news?”
Biden: “No, I’m not saying it is good news. But it was 8.2%, or 8.2% before. You’re making it sound like all of a sudden, ‘My God, it went to 8.2%.’”
No, Mr. President, you can’t judge the rate by the rate you created. You judge it by the rate when you took office (1.4%) and the rate your budget committee set (2%).

Then this:
Pelley: “It’s the highest inflation rate, Mr. President, in 40 years.”
Biden: “I got that. But guess what we are. We’re in a position where, for the last several months, it hasn’t spiked. It has just barely … it’s been basically even.
If Americans and the media are willing to accept that then I am out of touch. I have a feeling I am not alone.

Then there was this:
“And in the meantime, we created all these jobs. And prices have gone up, but they’ve come down for energy. The fact is that we’ve created 10 million new jobs since we came to office. We’re in a situation where the unemployment rate is about 3.7%, one of the lowest in history. We’re in a situation where manufacturing is coming back to the United States in a big way. And look down the road, we have massive investments being made in computer chips and employment. So, look, this is a process. This is a process.”
You drove energy to record levels and now gas is “only” up 50% since you changed drilling practices, and that’s progress?
Again with the jobs?
People going to back to work from the pandemic is your economic success? How come the workforce participation hasn’t hit the pre covid levels?

Lastly Pelley asked this:
Pelley: “Sir, with the Federal Reserve rapidly raising interest rates, what can you do to prevent a recession?”Biden: “Continue to grow the economy. And we’re growing the economy. It’s growing in a way that it hasn’t in years and years.”
Is that right? We had two quarters of negative GDP, which for our history was a recession, and economists are saying they see a major recession in 2023, but you think we are going in the right direction?

So, the bottom line to me is this.
If you listen to the President and think inflation is now under control, energy prices are fine and the economy is booming, you know to vote in two months.
If you think otherwise you have another choice.

Now NBC had a new poll yesterday and it said the President’s approval is the highest it has been since October 2021. So as I always say, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Here’s A Story On The Real “Big Lie”— Russian Collusion

The Russian analyst charged with lying to the FBI about the information he gathered for the notorious anti-Trump Steele dossier was a confidential source for the FBI, his lawyers acknowledged in a court filing on Monday. Lawyers for Igor Danchenko, who was a key source for the dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele, said their client collected a paycheck as an FBI informant through December 2020. He provided information to agents investigating ties between candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russian operatives, known as the “Crossfire Hurricane” probe. It’s a stunning admission since Mr. Danchenko has been charged by special counsel  Durham with five counts of lying to the FBI about the information he turned over to Mr. Steele. 

We’ll Find Out Soon How Much People Know And Care.



News Beyond The Queen

Exasperated is the best word I can use to describe my reaction to the news all weekend concerning immigrants and busing to sanctuary cities.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre compared the actions of the two governors who sent migrants to sanctuary cities to that of smugglers. What? The Governors are smugglers? Is this administration that clueless to what is going on at the border and the smuggling of drugs and sex workers into the country?
The same media that made every Trump press conference a battle royal has no issue with this?

She then accused the governors of luring more than 100 asylum-seekers, including children, under false promises that they would receive shelter and benefits. Wait!
They are being moved from non sanctuary cities on the border they crossed illegally to sanctuary cities.

Then we heard from Hillary Clinton. She criticized the transport of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., saying: “Some politicians would rather not only have an issue, but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking.” What?
You don’t have an issue with the trafficking illegally across the border, only sending them further into the country?
She continued:
“Nobody wants open borders … but nobody wants inhumane, terrible treatment of human beings either.” What?
If this administration doesn’t want open borders, why did they break a policy that was working to create this mess? Why haven’t they done anything to fix it? Why hasn’t the President or VP visited the border to see the issue?
Then she said: “What we should have been doing is to come together to reform, change and better fund the system by which we deal with these issues. But some people, like the governor of Texas, would rather have an issue than be part of a solution.” WHAT?
The Governors of Texas, Arizona and Florida don’t want a solution? Are you serious? Is the media going to let her and others get away with these comments?

And maybe above all is the absolute hypocrisy of the border czar VP herself.
She accused the Texas and Florida Governors of “dereliction of duty” over their recent transports of migrants to Democratic-led cities.  Look at this quote from the person in charge:
“I think it is the height of irresponsibility … frankly, a dereliction of duty, when you are an elected leader, to play those kinds of games with human life and human beings.” WHAT?
It exists because you changed a working policy and were going to find the root cause solution. You have done nothing. NOTHING. The leaders of the countries in South America have said out loud they have not heard from you; which makes this statement from you even more exasperating:
“If you think there is a problem, be part of the solution.”
Madam VP, here’s a chart of illegal crossings with you in charge for eighteen months:

This from Governor DeSantis on the issue of moving illegal immigrants:
“We are not a sanctuary state, and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction, and yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures. Every community in America should be sharing in the burdens. It shouldn’t all fall on a handful of red states.”
Why is this not a national issue and only a border state one? Failed polices should be a shared one.

In America We Fix Issues Via The Ballot Box

If you believe the way to fix this is through the ballot box, well, know this then. Balloting for the mid terms is about to get underway. Yes, in September, before debates and issue discussions. Does that make for informed voters?
Early voting kicks off on Sept. 23 for voters in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
On Sept. 24, it begins in Vermont and Virginia. 
On Sept. 29, voters in Illinois, Michigan, and North Dakota can head to the polls. Pennsylvania voters might also have the ability to vote early this month depending on their county. The exact start date varies based on when counties finalize their November ballots.

On that election, NBC released a poll yesterday that said the race for Congress was dead even.

More Tomorrow.

Just A Few Thoughts…

Some Interesting News

Punchbowl News Reported this today from a dinner in a Washington DC restaurant:
“Senator Schumer was overheard during a dinner at Trattoria Alberto, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill frequented by lawmakers from both parties.
Senators at the dinner included Chris Coons of Delaware, Mark Kelly of Arizona, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Tom Carper of Delaware, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Dick Durbin of Illinois. 
The comments made, are in stark contrast to Pelosi’s declaration in recent days that not only would Democrats keep the House but they’d add to their slim majority. 
During the dinner, Schumer let loose on a whole range of topics. Schumer spoke loudly and his remarks were overheard by other patrons in the restaurant – and confirmed by multiple sources. → Schumer said that if the election were held today there was a 60% chance we hold the Senate, and a 40% chance we hold the House.”
Interesting comments.

We think that momentum is shifting again to the Republicans gaining after a six week period of Democrats closing the gap.

Democrats are smartly playing the abortion card as the front and center issue. Now Senator Schumer is trying to introduce a same sex marriage bill. The idea is to hit hot issues for the left and drive voter participation.
What is interesting is the amount of coverage this is receiving, considering this:
Same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry under a 2015 Supreme Court Ruling.
So why so much noise now about the bill? It’s an election period and the media approves the noise.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham jumped into the abortion issue with both feet and needlessly brought it front and center on a day his party had a lot of positive news.
Let me state up front, the position he played out, about where the American people are with abortions being legal until a certain period, and not up to the day of birth, is the majority national position.
His mistake is doing this now and at the federal level. The court just made this a state by state choice. It’s an issue this mid term in Governors and local races.
He brought it to the national stage again. A mistake for his party.

The compliant media continues to provide cover for the left on this issue. Here’s an example from Politico this AM:  
“A majority of Americans also said they think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 35 percent said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.”
Of course they didn’t ask if there should be a 15 or 20 week maximum for abortion. Why?
Because that is where the majority are and it is better to present a yes or no question to support their side.

If you’re following the bus transfers of border crossers to sanctuary cities you had be surprised (and maybe amused) at the latest drop offs.
Gov. DeSantis of Florida flew a plane to Martha’s Vineyard, and Gov. Abbott delivered a bus to the front of the VP’s home.
There’s a lot to say about both, but remember, just this week the VP said the border is closed.
Maybe she can go outside and ask them how they got to Texas.
While on the topic and all the charges that the Governors are racist for sending people to these states, I have a question.
When the administration was (and still is) flying the same people (often in the dark of night) why is that not racist then?
Amazing how biased people are with their position.
And oh yea, how can they ship people from a border that is closed?

It’s still baffling to me why the President had to fly (15 minutes) to Delaware on Tuesday after his lawn party to celebrate the “inflation reduction” bill, and then back, so he could vote. The President who preaches about the climate, in that short flight, ensuing caravan and return, probably caused more carbon than I will all year.
Even more baffling, Delaware has both absentee and early voting. The President was in the state at his home on Saturday. And, for the record, there were no high profile elections or votes on the primary ballot.

One more quote today from a publication. This, from the “Committee To Unleash Prosperity” on healthcare.
As a reminder they told us that the ACA would reduce family costs for healthcare by $2,500.
We Thought Obamacare Was Going to Make Health Insurance More “Affordable”
Did you happen to notice that one of the consumer products that saw a surge in inflation over the last year was…medical insurance which was up 24%?
Hmmm. How could that be?  A dozen years ago Barack Obama signed into law the “Affordable Care Act” to permanently lower health insurance costs. And ever since then Congress keeps making the subsidies more generous in order to hold down costs. How’s that working out?We will say it again: If you think The Affordable Care Act made health care more affordable, you probably are gullible enough to believe the Inflation Reduction Act will lower prices.

Interesting Isn’t It All?

I Wonder…

I Bet You Do Too

What President could hold a White House rally to tout a spending program on a day inflation numbers come out and the market loses 4% on the Dow and 5% on the Nasdaq? Isn’t spending adding to inflation?
Then they’re celebrating with a CPI of 8.3% when the goal is 2%.
I wonder what the MSM would say about Reagan, Bush or Trump if they held a rally like Biden did.

So after berating Gov. Abbott for shipping illegal border crossers to her sanctuary city, the Chicago Mayor did the same without notice to her suburban neighbors. And they are not sanctuary places!
Wasn’t it she who said of Abbott:
“There could be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he chooses to do none of those things. Instead, he chooses to send human beings across the country to an uncertain destination.”
I wonder how does she get away with that in the MSM?

Meanwhile, the D.C. Mayor (Muriel Bowser) declared a public emergency over the surge of illegal immigrants arriving in her city. She is calling it “a crisis that is certainly not of our making.” (Umm Abbott either)
To solve it she is asking for and utilizing millions of dollars in aid to help house and feed the newcomers.
When the buses began she blamed only Abbott. Now she is talking federal government responsibility too.
I wonder what made her see the light.

I saw this report:
Chinese adults increasingly say they’d avoid traveling to the U.S. because of the fear of violent crime, including gun violence and anti-Chinese bias among locals.”
I wonder: What do they know and see that our Woke Mayors and DA’s don’t?

Three new members are being sworn into Congress today. Two were surprise Democratic wins in the primaries two weeks ago. Reps. Mary Peltola (D-Alaska), Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) Look at the numbers as we head to mid terms:
After the swearing in, there will be 221 Democrats vs. 212 Republicans, with 2 vacancies in the House.
That means if Republicans are to win the house they need to turn 6 seats while holding their own.
I wonder what the weeks ahead bring for the mid terms.

Speaking of the mid terms, I was looking at the number of Democrats who don’t want the President to campaign in their state senate races: Warnock (Ga.), Kelly (Ariz.), Hassan (N.H.),  Cortez Masto (Nev.) and Tim Ryan running in Ohio.
I wonder why since all their voting records are just about 100% pro Biden agenda.
I guess they figure you can fool at least half the people all the time.

Finally I wonder who is surprised by this news:
Nearly a third of illegal immigrants released during the early months of the Biden migrant surge last year failed to show up for required check-ins, according to a new inspector general’s report that said Homeland Security is having a tough time tracking all the people it’s setting free.

Things Just Keep Me Wondering. Are Americans Paying Attention?

A Reflecting Weekend…

The Queen And 9-11

It was a week to reflect and remember a beloved Queen who passed and the events of twenty-one years ago.
All other news and events took a backseat to these monumental ones.

The Queen was universally loved, and when you think of a reign that lasted 70 years you have to be amazed.
We lived through history with her.
To put her reign in perspective, she personally met with over 30% of our U.S. Presidents. 14 of the 15 who served in her time met with her, Lyndon Johnson being the sole exception.
She lived through 15 Prime Ministers, approving the last just two days before she passed. Winston Churchill was one.
She also saw 6 Popes in her time.
A remarkable reign combined with universal love makes her an historic figure.

With 9-11 what is fascinating is that our kids in college weren’t even born the day it happened. Time passes.

Some Quick Notes

Did you know the Jan. 6th committee is planning more public hearings now?
Do you think they want to make the mid term issue about the 2020 election?
Remember you can fool some of the people all the time.
Consider this fact too:
The panel paid out $1.6 million in compensation last quarter. Compare that to the House Judiciary Committee, a permanent standing committee which includes staffers from both parties. Judiciary spent $1.8 million on staffing during the same period.
Overall, the select committee has spent more than $3 million in the course of this year. Incredible.

On Money:
Keep an eye on your wallet, the Senate returns for votes today. Whenever congress is in session we need to watch.

This is interesting from FiveThirtyEight:
“60 Percent of Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall”
They were referring to Republican candidates of course. Do you think they did the same after the 2016 election when many were saying the Russians stole the election for Donald Trump?
Do you think they mentioned that 100% of the people in Georgia have an election denier on the ballot running for Governor?

Did you see Meet The Press yesterday?
VP Kamala Harris said the border is closed.

Did you see this story?
The Homeland Security Department failed to fully vet some of the Afghan evacuees it brought into the U.S. during last year’s airlift, the department’s inspector general said in a devastating audit, which warned that some people who “posed a risk to national security” were indeed let into the country.
One evacuee, just liberated from prison by the Taliban, was cleared to reach the U.S.

Another reached the U.S. and was released, only to have the FBI conclude three months later that the evacuee “posed national security concerns.”
The evacuation was constructed so hastily that the department wrote procedures on the fly, with screening decisions made “on an ad hoc basis,” said the audit, released.

Boy, the Republicans are messing up the mid terms on their own. Between the Trump primary involvement and election denier factor, now the head of their senatorial committee and their leader are publicly feuding.
The story:
A little more than two months out from the midterm elections and there’s trouble in the Senate GOP ranks as Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, issued a not-so-veiled criticism of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over concerns about the party’s stable of candidates this fall. 
After O’Connell made the statement about “quality of candidates” Scott wrote this in an op-ed.
Scott panned Republicans for “trash-talking” the party’s candidates for the Senate, added that the remarks are “treasonous” and that the detractors should “pipe down” amid the push to win back the majority in November. Unfortunately, many of the very people responsible for losing the Senate last cycle are now trying to stop us from winning the majority this time by trash-talking our Republican candidates. It’s an amazing act of cowardice, and ultimately, it’s treasonous to the conservative cause.”

And in the realm that sometimes you can’t believe what you read came this from California, a day after they announced a date to ban all new auto sales except for EV’s, the Governor even asked not to charge your current EV.
“In the early morning hours, particularly tomorrow and the next day or so, pre-cool your home. Run your air conditioning earlier in the day when more power is available. And we encourage you to close your windows and blinds to keep your home cool as well. And today and tomorrow afternoon after 4 p.m., please turn your thermostat up to 78 degrees or higher, and avoid to the extent possible using any really large appliances.”

I wonder what Nancy Pelosi did with her $24,000 luxury refrigerator and premium ice cream it holds.
We’ll never know, no one will ask.

And We’re Off To Another Week.

More On The Issues…

Sticking With The Issues – 60 Days Out

Picking up on yesterdays discussion, how about the student loan bail out? If you’re for it and support additional bailouts and higher amounts, then you know how to vote. If you’re against this activity you have another choice.

In fact, the whole question about spending is on the table. If you’re concerned about the budget, deficit and future bills, you have a choice. Continued one party rule or another path?

On the deficit, if you believe the deficit is down as some claim, you can vote for more of the same.
If you believe that it is just because we stopped spending trillions on covid and the deficit is actually higher than before that spending, then you have another choice.

If you approve of continuing to take one million gallons of gas from the strategic reserve daily to artificially keep the price down, you know how to vote. If you are concerned that we are continuing to do that and the reserve today is at the lowest level since 1985, you have another choice.
The question: Is the reserve for our failure to utilize resources available, or for a national emergency?

And when they say they are doing all possible to fix the issue, if you believe it, you have your choice.
If you don’t, you have another choice.
Here’s a chart published yesterday by “Unleash Prosperity.” Take a look, it may help.

If we were just doing the average, would oil prices, inflation and the impact on our lives be what it is today?

Let’s talk jobs. If you believe we have created all these jobs, a record for a new administration, your choice is clear. If you believe that the jobs are simply people going back after the pandemic, then you have another choice.
Consider this.
The workforce participation today, despite all the claims of job growth, is still below February 2020, the month before the pandemic. 1% below, or equivalent of about 1.6 million people.

Let’s consider pay scale and raises. If you like the 4-5% pay increases and believe the touting of it, your choice is clear. If you think a 4 or 5% raise leaves you behind in a world of 8% rising prices, you have another choice.

If you think hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to go after the super rich is a good idea, you have your choice. If you think those agents will be going after more than the super rich, like you, you have another choice.

2022 Will Not Change It All. It Can Change One Party Rule, And That Can Make A Difference.

Looking At The Midterms…

Why Aren’t These Issues Front & Center?

In the mid terms 2022, Donald Trump and Mar-a Lago are not on the ballot. These issues are:

Let’s start with Fentanyl. An illegal drug having a devastating impact on communities and the nation, affecting every ethnic group and leaving a horrific trail of misery and death.
Why does the administration not talk about it? Why isn’t the media (outside right leaning media) covering this?
Think about the coverage of guns.
The average death rate from Fentanyl today is just about 50% higher than guns. Our young are being killed at higher rates daily, where’s the discussion on this?

Where are the drugs coming from?
They are coming across the border that the administration keeps saying is closed. Thus, they can’t talk about it, and if asked they answer we have captured record amounts of Fentanyl this year. The questions end there.
Well, don’t you think if they are intercepting a record amount, that means a record amount is also getting across? Doesn’t the ever increasing number of deaths illustrate that?
Where are the Republicans on this? Where is the MSM? Who is going to recognize the issue and take it on?

Related to how the drugs are coming here, where is the VP who is in charge of fixing the border and never mentions it, visits it or calls to talk with Latin American Leaders to fix the “root cause”?
Why isn’t the border an issue? We never hear it on the MSM, except on local news as Gov. Abbott sends a bus load of crossers to their sanctuary city.
Why do these sanctuary city Mayors, like in NY and Chicago, continue to complain about Abbott’s actions?
They declared themselves sanctuaries. Why is Abbott doing something wrong? He has thousands arriving illegally daily.
Why aren’t they mad at the President and his VP border czar because they created the problem?
Who is going to take this on and work to fix the border?

Crime. We made police the issue and elected DA’s who let criminals loose. Look at the number of crimes some commit. People don’t feel safe and this issue is waiting for action. Some actually called for “defunding” the police. With crime soaring they deny it. Will people remember?
Who is going to do what now?

Inflation. Who was right about inflation and what caused it?
I think the rising oil prices and out of control spending did.
They will now tell us prices are down. Like Gas? Down?
Down from the records you drove it up to, but $1.50 above where it was before you stopped U.S. energy independence.
One side says spending more reduces inflation, the other says no way.
Who is best to fix it now?

California is banning all new non electric vehicles in 2035, and seventeen states are preparing to follow suit.
I believe EV’s are the future, but not fully in a decade.
Why, I ask again, are we not moving toward hybrids as we perfect electric vehicles? Why are we not rationally moving instead of forcing a solution not ready? Why aren’t we producing EV’s and hybrids and let people ease into it as we make all better?
I looked at EV vehicles and then calculated this. I visit family 112 miles away, so a 224 round trip.
The batteries in these new releases, at their peak average in this range. Thus, I would have to stop and charge to be sure of getting home. With my hybrid I don’t use a half tank of gas.
One day the battery will exceed the hybrid and people like me will want to buy it.
Don’t force what’s not ready, and let’s not bring up California’s request not to charge batteries this week.
I think America will listen to a sane solution. Who will present it?

More Tomorrow. The Issues in 2022 Are Big.

The End Of Summer – On To Fall…

62 Days To The Mid Terms And America’s Future

The midterms this year will decide in what direction the nation goes. It comes down to this for me:
– Do Americans care more about inflation and the nation’s direction or abortion?
– Can Democrats make it more about Trump than Republicans can about Biden?
With the country so clearly divided, just about in half, which issues motivate the voters the most?
Did Donald Trump’s endorsement of only candidates who called 2020 stolen cost the Republicans the senate?
Can Democratic candidates truly run away from Biden after voting for his polices for two years?
Will people believe the hype that gas prices are down; or remember they are up $1.50 under the administration?
Are we satisfied with the border control? Do they believe it’s closed? Do they know since the MSM is not reporting it?
What part will the MSM and social media play in the outcome considering their bias?

If you look at what the Democrats have been able to accomplish with a four seat advantage in the House and a 50/50 senate, you have to be amazed.
Amazed, at either their leadership, capability and party discipline, or lack of diversity of thought, and if their loyalty is to party above all else.

Two months ago the thought was Republicans win the House with a record number from their party. The Senate was a toss up, but they had a shot.
Today the polls show the Democrats favored and pulling away in the Senate. The House is a toss up, but with the leaning that Republicans will have a small – ten or so seat – advantage.
A true switch in two months. Two months. Exactly the time frame we have before the mid term elections. i

We’ll Be Covering It Closely From Here. Stay Tuned.

And That’s Why…

You Just Can’t Jump

When the Mar-a-Lago story broke we said we would not pass judgement until the facts were out.
Yesterday we heard about some possible shenanigans at the FBI. This morning we hear from the DOJ on a timeline with documents condemning the former President.
So what now?
We still say hold your fire. Before this is over there will be many more stories. The days of supporting the FBI blindly are over, and the days of believing President Trump as an innocent bystander are long gone.
I still warn both parties. Democrats, you are doing a masterful job of making the mid terms about Donald Trump. Brilliant. You need him around for 2024, be careful of anything preventing his run.
Republicans, some of you are blind loyal to the ex President. You need to separate his polices from the man. If you don’t you’ll end with up Biden 2. You better find someone with the policies you want if you want to give yourself a chance to win in 2024.

While on the mid terms, the Republicans are finally waking up to the fact that the abortion issue is hurting them badly. For smart politicians that sure took a long time.
They are now attempting to present the Democratic position as the extreme.
Abortion up to the moment of birth. As we have written over and over, Americans do not want that.
The smart move is one we have written up for months. Republicans should say, we are pro life and believe in that position, but understand we have more work to do to convince a majority of Americans on that. But, we do know no one wants abortions at nine months or the day of birth. Thus, we are supporting a ban after 15 weeks.
We think that is fair and most citizens are comfortable with that.
When you lose Kansas because of the issue, you are on the losing side. Find a compromise.

More On Student Loans

A Connecticut newspaper had a story on its front page, and in its typical liberal stance had student quotes and presented the education loan forgiveness as wonderful and too little.
Did they mention who would be paying? No.
Did they mention those who paid get zero for doing the right thing? No.
Here are some quotes directly from the article, but first let me repeat:
You took the loan, you pay the bill. Life is about your choices and consequences.

“Canceling up to $20,000 in student debt is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough”.
“It’s small. We are pushing for full cancellation.”
“I was happy to hear that, you know, he’s doing something about it,” referring to President Biden. “This is not where we want to be, but this is a right step forward.”
“I made the choice to move back in with my parents in order to be able to plan better for my future.” 
When she first graduated from college her student loan payments were estimated to be between $700 and $800 per month, but she was making $45,000 annually at the time, and was able to negotiate her monthly bill down to $400.
The goal:
“To just wake up one day and see a zero balance and to be able to just really start living, not existing, not having to worry about this debt over my head.” 
Don’t we all? Don’t we all?
You get there by paying your bills and loans.

On to Another Day.

I Wonder…

Issues Making Me Wonder – The FBI

Did a senior FBI official really resign because of political bias and covering up the Hunter Biden Laptop story?
Now some conservative media are reporting he was forced out because of his actions trying to squash any review of the laptop and connections to the President. A left leaning daily said the agent retired.
What we do know is that this 25 year FBI veteran was on leave for at least a month over revelations about political statements he made while leading the public corruption unit. 
We also know he came from the same unit involved other agents who were asked to leave from earlier investigations into election interference.
In my lifetime the FBI was at the top of organizations that I had respect for, from way back when the nation watched “The FBI, with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.”, a highly rated show that with each episode rose esteem for the bureau. In the last few years, for the first time, we have experienced a bureau impacting politics.
Sad indeed.

Staying With Law Enforcement – The Police

The President is about to announce a plan to invest in 100,000 more police officers. Again, after police bashing from his party, demands to defund, and a crime wave, it all changes because we are two months from an election?
Now the President will say he was never for defunding, but before the election in 2020 he was asked:
“But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” He answers: “Yes, absolutely.” 
Before anyone jumps on this and says, yea, but he has said he supports the police too, let me say this. I heard him say that too. In fact as crime has risen, I heard it said more.
Let me ask this:
Where was the support during the riots after George Floyd? When he kneeled for Floyd, can you forward a picture of his kneeling for murdered officers? Where are the prosecutions for those who spit, tossed feces on and harassed the police? In fact, it was the VP who raised funds to bail anyone arrested out and assure charges were dropped. How many were tried for the riots? Look that up.
Where are the attacks on the woke prosecutors who are letting criminals out to harm our citizens.
You can’t play both sides on this one. Innocent people are being attacked on the streets.
You are for law and order and the police or you’re not.

Speaking of the mid terms, here’s an interesting piece from Politico today on the Trump impact:
TRUMP FORCES GOP OFF-SCRIPT (AGAIN) — The fallout over the Mar-a-Lago search has once again forced Republicans to answer for Trump when they’d prefer to be talking about Biden and the economy,.
“Some top Republicans acknowledge the growing angst and concern, as it’s become clearer that Trump may have been warehousing some of America’s most sensitive secrets in an unsecured basement.”
One GOP fundraiser says the donor mood is… “enormous frustration. The question is, is the willingness to express that frustration,” the fundraiser added. “I don’t know the answer to that. But there is real frustration, and with the exception of people who are too stupid to understand the need to be frustrated, it is nearly universal.”

By the way, Sen. Roy Blount put it best on Sunday when he said this about the whole Mar-a-Lago mess.
“Trump should never have taken the documents to Mar-a-Lago.” So true.
Then he added:
“What I wonder about is why this could go on for almost two years, and less than 100 days before the election suddenly we’re talking about this rather than the economy … I understand he turned over a lot of documents. He should have turned over all of them. I imagine he knows that very well now as well. He should have turned the documents over and apparently had turned a number of documents over.” Also so true.

One Year After Afghanistan

The MSM didn’t do much (if any) coverage on the one year debacle anniversary. Conservative media, of course, did. Here’s a telling interview with the Commanding General.
Remember as you read it the President said no one told him it was going to be bad:
America’s former top general in the Middle East (Kenneth McKenzie) said he advised President Biden against withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan last summer, and he said that the Pentagon made clear to the White House that a full withdrawal would almost surely lead to a rapid Taliban takeover of the country.
He said, in his opinion:
The Taliban could’ve been kept at bay, and the U.S.-backed Afghan government could have remained in power had Mr. Biden decided instead to keep a small contingent of troops in the country.
“I advised against withdrawing, my recommendation and my opinion, and it remains so today, was we had the opportunity to remain in the country with a small force. We believe that Kabul would fall if we pulled out our troops. It was just a question of when Kabul would fall and we have been saying that really since the fall of the year,” before the withdrawal, he said.

Gen. McKenzie, who led CENTCOM during the pullout added:
“That had been a consistent position of Central Command, our subordinates in Afghanistan, that if we leave, they’re going to collapse. It’s just a question of when they’re going to collapse … This was not a particular surprise to us.”
Gen. McKenzie said he’s confident Mr. Biden saw those assessments, casting more doubt on why the president made public declarations last summer that he believed the Afghan government would survive and that the Taliban wasn’t capable of overrunning the country so quickly.

Nice when the media is on your side isn’t it?

Let’s See What Today Day Brings.

They Said…

Things I Heard Them Say

So now Fed Chair Powell says we “must fight inflation.” Really, a year ago you were unconcerned, calling it transitory and assured us we were off base with our concerns. You own part of this, Mr. Chairman.

I saw Senator Elizabeth Warren on a Sunday show, and she said this as she was pointing blame at the Fed Chair:
“Do you know what’s worse than high prices and a strong economy? It’s high prices and millions of people out of work. I’m very worried that the Fed is going to tip this economy into recession.”
For her it’s all Powell’s fault. Her reckless spending? Of course not. Powell was their friend, until inflation got out of control.

Put this in the column that it’s not what they say when they’re running, it’s what they did when they were in office.
Today’s example is Rep. Tim Ryan, running for Senator in Ohio. A smart politician dedicated to his causes, who voted 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and President Biden.
Now that he’s running statewide he talks as if he were a voice of reason before.
Here he is on the education bailout. Think he would have said this if he were running for his old house seat?
“The cost of college is outrageous. But there’s nothing in here to control that cost. And again, I think we can get a significant way down the road by allowing them to renegotiate down the interest rates … If it’s part of a broader package, we can certainly talk about it … The general tax cut’s the best way to go. A targeted measure helping only those with student loan debt sends the wrong message since a lot of Americans are struggling.”

On the education bailout program, we made our position clear. Pay your own debt. If you want a program, find out why college costs have gone up so much. Let the colleges pay back failed loans; don’t they make decisions on who to admit? Maybe if we did that they would look at their acceptance criteria and lower costs.
Anyway, why can’t people pay their loan?
Jobs? We have 10 million unfilled openings. Go get a job.
Amount of deduction? The proposal is 5% of discretionary income. I tell you what, go to Starbucks a few less days a month, eat a meal at home and sacrifice a little.
Plus all payments have been on hold for two years (and are until the end of the this year), where’s that money?

A Big Lie I Hear

How many times have you heard the President say (and justify new spending) that he brought the deficit down and therefore can spend more.
Well, here’s the facts and you judge.
In 2019 the federal deficit was $984 Billion.
In 2020, because of the pandemic and shut down, the deficit rose to $3.1 Trillion.
In 2021, the year President Biden claims he cut the deficit, what should you measure the number against? Pre covid or with the added covid dollars? Of course, 2019, because 2018, 2017, 2016 were in that range.
Well, the deficit in 2021 was 2.8 trillion with far less covid spending. In 2022 it is projected to $1.4 trillion.
Now, if you back out covid spending, we have record deficits, but it you measure it against the pre covid spending you see the real number.
But then again, with a compliant media you can fool some of the people all the time.

Let’s See Now

I watched a demonstration with all the signs, “My body, my choice.” I see. At what point does the choice your body make become my obligation? Does this work? “Your loan, your bill, you pay,” because you sure seem eager to pass your college loans off to me.
And by the way, I agree completely, it is your body and your choice. The question is this:
When you decide to share your body with someone else and a unique individual begins to develop because you did, does that hold true?

The Trump Fascination

The Trump fascination and the Trump ego to think he can win again is shaping the November mid terms.
This from the Cook Political Report:
“While neither Biden nor Trump are popular, Trump is the more polarizing. New polling from NBC News finds Trump’s net favorable ratings (-18) to be twice as bad as Biden’s (-8). That same dynamic is showing up in swing states like Arizona, where a recent FOX News poll finds Trump’s net favorable at -20 to Biden’s -10, and Wisconsin, where the FOX poll showed Biden’s net favorable ratings at (-6) compared with Trump’s (-10).”
Here’s another:
Biden often says., “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.”
Trump’s positions himself as the alternative is allowing Biden to make that distinction a lot easier.
The Washington Post hit it with this: “Trump is turning the midterms from a referendum into a choice”

Just Some Things I Heard Them Say.

The Media…

We Often (Daily?) Rail About The Media

After reading the story below in the NYT, I thought, let me just share this and ask my readers if they saw a similar piece from the Times or anyone in the MSM on a topic like the false Russian Collusion story.
Think of the lies we had in that story, the people who told us that “evidence was in plain sight.” The difference is, that was Democratic or left wing lies backed by the media, like the NYT, who won Pulitzer Prizes for them.
Read this, notice the column headers, attacks, and think Russian Collusion, where was it?

From The NYT.

We break down elected Republicans into three groups, based on their stances toward false claims about the 2020 election.

The DeSantis Two-Step

Dozens of Republican officials continue to tell lies about the 2020 election, claiming that Donald Trump lost only because of fraud. These claims are especially worrisome for the future of American democracy because they suggest that those same officials might be willing to overturn a future election result and hand power to the rightful loser.On the other hand, dozens of other Republicans have never claimed that Trump lost because of fraud. This list includes most Republican senators (like Mitch McConnell, the party’s Senate leader), several governors (like Mike DeWine of Ohio) and other state-level officials.In the latter group of Republicans, however, a split is emerging. Some have decided that lies about the 2020 election are a red line they will not cross, and they have refused to endorse other Republicans making the claims. Others are actively campaigning for election deniers — and, in the process, enabling the spread of the false claims.In today’s newsletter, we will break down the three groups of Republicans: the deniers, the enablers and the accepters.We’ll also give you the latest results from last night’s primary elections in Florida, New York and Oklahoma.

The Deniers

Republicans who falsely claimed that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent now make up more than half of the party’s major elected officials in some states. In the House of Representatives, almost two-thirds of current Republican members objected to the 2020 result in at least one state. So did eight senators and attorneys general in 17 states.This faction of Republicans seems to be growing, too. Overall, Republican voters have nominated more than 100 candidates for Congress or statewide office who echo Trump’s false claims of fraud. The Washington Post has compiled a list, and it includes top officials in several swing states — like Michigan and Pennsylvania — that could determine the 2024 presidential election.This weekIn Oklahoma, Republicans nominated Markwayne Mullin, a Trump-endorsed congressman who has claimed that the 2020 election was stolen, in a Senate primary runoff.

The Enablers

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is a telling case study. Many political analysts believe that DeSantis is likely to run for president in 2024. As he prepares for a potential campaign, DeSantis is trying to distinguish himself from Trump while also appealing to Trump’s supporters.

One way he seems to be doing so is his approach to the false claims about the 2020 election. He has studiously avoided making them himself. (As Politico puts it: “When asked by reporters whether the last presidential election was rigged, DeSantis has instead highlighted changes to election laws he has supported or simply changed the topic.”) At the same time, DeSantis is embracing other Republicans who do echo Trump’s lies. He traveled to Arizona to campaign for Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor, and Blake Masters, the Senate nominee. In Pittsburgh last week, DeSantis gave a 40-minute speech at an event for Doug Mastriano, the Pennsylvania governor nominee. DeSantis has also held a rally with J.D. Vance, the Ohio Senate candidate who has claimed that 2020 featured “people voting illegally on a large-scale basis.”Among the other Republican enablers:Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona — despite saying that Lake was “misleading voters” about election fraud — is supporting her in the general election. “It’s important for Arizona Republicans to unite behind our slate of candidates,” he tweeted.Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia is scheduled to campaign this week with Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for Michigan governor, who has made false election claims.McConnell has endorsed Herschel Walker, the Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate who has also repeatedly made false election claims. And a group affiliated with McConnell recently announced it would spend tens of millions of dollars on TV and radio ads to boost Vance.

The Accepters

The number of Republicans who have treated false election claims as a defining issue is much smaller, but it’s not zero:Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor (who cannot run again, because of term limits), is refusing to endorse and is harshly criticizinghis party’s nominee for governor this year, Dan Cox. Cox has called the 2020 election fraudulent and chartered buses for the Trump rally that preceded the Jan. 6 riot.John Bridgeland, a Republican former staffer to Rob Portman and George W. Bush, endorsed Tim Ryan, the Ohio Democrat running for Senate, over Vance. “If Vance is willing to undermine his own integrity and character for public office, imagine what he might do if he were a U.S. senator,” Bridgeland wrote in The Cincinnati Enquirer.In the Colorado Senate race, Joe O’Dea won the Republican nomination over a rival who attended Trump’s Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. O’Dea criticized his opponent for focusing on the past.Most prominently, Representative Liz Cheney, who lost in a primary last week to Harriet Hageman, called on voters to oust election-denying Republicans. “Let us resolve that we will stand together — Republicans, Democrats and independents — against those who would destroy our republic,” Cheney said in her concession speech.The bottom line: It remains unclear whether the Republicans denying the 2020 election result — or the Republicans enabling those deniers — would ultimately be willing to overturn a future election. But their words and behavior certainly suggest that they might participate in such an effort or at least tolerate it.

To Me, This Is Just A Hit Job And An Example Of Media Bias.

It’s Lost Values…

Now We Reward The Wrong Things

For me the President’s decision yesterday to magically take away student debt is just the latest example of lost values, why the nation is headed in the wrong direction and has little time to save itself.
In America we built the nation on hard work, people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, paying their way and being responsible for their actions.
Today we are doing the opposite.
If, you were responsible and paid the debt you took — you lose. We are rewarding those who didn’t.
If, you scrimped and saved to pay your child’s college, so they could graduate without debt — you lose.
We are rewarding those who did all the things you denied yourself.
If, you chose a career that required technical training so you could build a business and not incur debt — you lose. We are rewarding those who partied away, and you will help their debt.
If, you followed the agreement and rules you signed — you lose.
We are rewarding those who laughed at them.
If, you bought a smaller place to live, a less expensive car, didn’t take that vacation or go somewhere because you had a loan to pay — you lose.
We are rewarding those who didn’t do that.

As far as I am concerned, every aspect of the program announced yesterday is wrong and rewards behavior opposite of those we should be rewarding.
And it is only step one, because the progressive left is angry that the debt relief is not as Chuck Schumer said — “$50,000.”
If, as evidenced in CD19 in New York this week (an open congressional seat that went Democrat because of one issue – abortion), the mid terms are the same, it is over.

The cost of this program is estimated to be $300 to $600 billion dollars.
Who pays if not the person who took the loan?
The answer is the same as all deficit spending, we do and our children do.
The height of selflessness today is passing of debt to our children.
The exact opposite of the values of our parents and grandparents.

Can anyone tell me why no one mentions the colleges, their rising costs, and endowments?
Harvard has a $42 billion endowment. Yale $31 billion, Stanford, Princeton and Massachusetts Institute of Technology all have endowments between $18 billion and $29 billion.
The University of Pennsylvania, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, University of Michigan and Columbia have endowments between $11 and $15 billion.

Why is it our problem to pay their student’s loan debt of $10,000 (or $20,000 for a couple or anyone with a Pell Grant) “educated” there?
If their students can’t pay after attending, let them pay. Oh, that would be too much responsibility in America today.

Another Example Of Lost Values

Everyday you watch the news and you see these unprovoked and vicious attacks on innocent citizens in the street. Someone walks up and cold cocks an unsuspecting person walking, often from behind. You see the brazen attacks, the mob robberies in stores, and the random killings.
As I watched the latest, a thought crossed my mind. I know my children and grandchildren would never do anything like that. In fact, I thought, I don’t know one person who would. Do you?
Then I realized we raised our kids with values, the values our parents passed to us. Not only were these hoodlums not, they are living in a society that tells them it’s not their fault, to the point we don’t take them off the street. So once again we are rewarding the wrong behavior because of lost values.

If, like CD19 in NY, the only issue is abortion, then we are not fixing the situation. NY, by the way, was not affected by the Dobbs Abortion decision in any manner.

One More Media Failure Example

Remember the police shooting in Atlanta outside a Wendy’s that led to riots, chaos and the burning down of the restaurant? It was covered extensively by the media.
As a reminder:
Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle while in the drive-thru line when police were called in. Video footage captured the altercation between the officers and Brooks. As they attempted to arrest him for drunkenness, the 27-year-old suddenly started fighting with the officers. During the fight, Brooks grabbed one of the officer’s taser and turned and fired it at one of the officers as he fled. It was at that point that he was shot twice by one of the officers.

Well, the Atlanta police officers involved in the shooting were cleared of all charges this week. Did you hear that? Who pays to rebuild the Wendy’s and for all the looting that occurred? Is anyone responsible now? You blamed the police, it wasn’t them.
Lost values of right and wrong.

We Have Lost Our Values. Let’s Hope It Is Reversible.

No Unnecessary Messages…

Our Goal Is Not To Flood Your Mailbox

As the dog days of August continue and Washington politicians are on leave, vacationing and back home campaigning, our goal to not clutter your mailbox with meaningless messages. So if you don’t hear from us for a few days, it’s not because we’re lazy, just want to be sure we communicate only when necessary.

In fact, if you are paying any kind of attention to the news, you know it is more about a former President than the current one, or anyone in office. Between the Mar-a-Lago search, the Jan. 6th committee, and the candidates that Trump is backing, you would think he was still in office watching the daily news.

Thus, we’ll be judicious in our messaging to keep your mailboxes as clean as possible.

By the way, if you think all these stories about the ex-President hitting a peak right before the mid terms is just a coincidence, you can be fooled all the time.

While We Have Your Attention

It is interesting watching the polls as Democrats closed the gap mightily in August. What all the pollsters were writing and saying about a red wave in November has, according to them, become a toss up.
Readers of this blog know that since the 2020 election we have talked of the election landscape in 2022 that favored Democratic senate candidates.
The reasons:
First, the Republicans had more seats up for election. 21-14.
Second, the Democratic seats up were in mostly safe blue states.
Third, five Republicans were retiring and only one Democrat.
Thus, the landscape for a senate changeover in majority control was lessened from the outset.
Then came the primary endorsements of former President Trump, who holds sway in the party.
He endorsed only those who held his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from him. That doesn’t fly in the general election and has put candidates in states like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania at a disadvantage.
The Democrats, for their part, are unified behind their candidates and out-raised the Republicans by a substantial amount.
As of this writing they are clearly favored to maintain the senate.

On the house side, you hear the gap has narrowed, and in some polls they say the Democrats are now ahead.
We agree the gap has narrowed, but believe the House will flip. It may not be by the numbers some dreamed of, but it will change leadership.
One more thing to watch.
Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats peaked too soon here in late August and you will see a reemergence of the gap over the final few months.
We think you will see a leveling off beginning now. Keep an eye on the polls.

Lastly, here’s your first read on 2024. The senate will flip.
The Dems will have 23 seats up and the Republicans 10. It’s all in the numbers.

Have A Great Week.

Politics & Things I Can’t Believe

Politics First

Let’s start with a sports phrase “and down goes Cheney.”
Down she did go losing by 38%. That’s not a loss, that’s a rejection.
She was defiant in her concession speech saying this was not the end, but a beginning.
She then compared herself to President Lincoln. She hinted at a Presidential run. All I have read on Lincoln tells me how magnanimous he was. Cheney comes across as vindictive and angry.
I have news for her and the MSM who temporily love her.
If a Republican can’t win in Wyoming, you are not winning anywhere.

In Alaska we got the muddled mess we thought with their change in policy. The top four vote getters move on to the general election. So Lisa Murkowsi and the Trump backed Kelly Tshibaka both moved on.
The same for the sole Alaska congressional seat where Sarah Palin moved on.
As for who won the remaining months of deceased Rep. Young’s term, we won’t know for 7-10 days as they count votes and then utilize the ranked voting system implemented.
Don’t we continue to complicit things in our elections?

Things That Made Me Say “WHAT?”

The report this week said we left behind more than $7 billion of military hardware, ranging from howitzers to sniper rifles, in Afghanistan. This included more than $923 million worth of military aircraft; $4.1 billion worth of ground vehicles; and more than $511 million worth of weapons.
When you add we were told that Al Queda was out of the country, and yet we just killed their leader there, and while we were lied to on how many we left behind, you see what a failed withdrawal program and policy this was.
Besides the fact that Ukraine could use that hardware, what military leaves this equipment behind for their enemy?
It was a totally failed leadership program, from the top down. A non biased media would be all over this.

While on failed polices, how about this you didn’t see covered in the MSM.
Border Patrol agents caught 10 more terrorism suspects at the U.S.-Mexico boundary in July. Oh, that’s nice. How many got away, too?
Fentanyl seizures at the southern border also hit an all-time high, suggesting the overall flow of the deadly drug is skyrocketing. Customs and Border Protection reported catching 2,072 pounds of fentanyl at the border, up from 640 pounds in June. In fact July’s seizure was enough to kill every American alive today.
Officials believe that seizures are a yardstick of overall flow, so the more seized, the more is likely getting through.
Our citizens are dying from this illegal drug. How come the administration doesn’t care?
Oh yea, they told us the border is closed. Where is the media on this?

Remember Seattle and the “summer of love?” It featured the takeover known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP.
Well, here’s the result the biased media won’t tell you about:
The city has yet to recover.
The Seattle Police Department said violent crime soared 20% last year. Property crime was up 9%. Even worse, shootings in the city were up 75% in the first five months of this year despite tough gun safety laws.
Now, in the past two years, the Seattle Police Department has lost about one fourth of its officers, including its Police Chief (Carmen Best). She blamed the “defund the police” movement for the hundreds of police resignations, including her own. “Crime has increased everywhere. We’ve got poverty, drugs, everything,” said a guard at Pike Place Market, a popular tourist destination.
A survey showed residents blame the spike in crime on elected officials bowing to the “defund the police” movement. What a surprise.

Explain why racial bias is okay here.
Minneapolis Public Schools will lay off or reassign White teachers before taking the same action with “educators of color” if cuts are needed. Alpha News reported that the policy was part of a deal struck between MPS and the teacher’s union Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) last March to end a two-week strike. One of the proposals ratified during the collective bargaining agreement included “educator of color protections.” The report said that if a nonwhite teacher is the subject of “excess” — a term used to describe cutting a position — it must instead lay off the least senior White teacher.
Folks, when you lose the sense of right and wrong, you have lost your way and future.
Did you see this in the MSM?

One more from an enlightened city. NYC.
Lot’s of coverage this weekend about a transit worker cleaning a subway car who ended up in the hospital as he helped someone being attacked. His union was all over the airwaves demanding more safety. I suggest this union take a look to see if they supported Mayors DeBlasio and now Adams. You might want to support some candidates who are for citizen safety.
Anyway, this poor transit worker has been featured on the air and in print from his hospital bed badly injured.
The NY Police made an arrest last night. The person arrested had 42 arrests on his record. He was also the person who was arrested a few months back for cold cocking an Asian Grandmother as he passed her, and the video was all over the air.
He threw scalding coffee on two traffic agents. He has been analyzed as mentally disturbed, but just let back on the streets to harm and maim.
So now with arrest number 42, his bail is a whopping $5,000. He will be back soon. NYC votes for that.

Lastly, here’s an interesting stat on NYC.
With crime soaring, people are shunning the subway. Thus, car ownership surged 224% last year. Wait, we want less pollution, more mass transit usage. Where are they going to park? Where’s the electric outlets?
Do people understand their vote and the people they elect make a difference?

Our Vote Counts. Vote Your Interests And Our Future.