Taking A Break…

We promised a nice long spring break for our readers and we’ve kept that promise, but the Trump trial in New York and the rhetoric around it just got us fired up.

We keep hearing the prosecutor and liberal media say the charges are real because it was done to impact the election.
Oh, I see.
So, does that mean we will soon see charges against the media and people like NPR who covered up the laptop story because it would have hurt Biden? How about the networks, NYT, and Washington Post who did the same? Aren’t they guilty of a cover up and election interference?
Why is only Donald Trump charged?

Why is Hillary Clinton not charged for election interference? Didn’t she fund the false Steele Dossier? That was the whole cause of the Russian Collusion false story for three years.

What’s the difference, except one is Trump?

Back To Spring Break.

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