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Talk About Biased Media

Just one thought today. We have railed for years about a biased media. Well, nothing made the point better than NBC firing Ronna McDaniel, two days after signing her to a two year contract.
Why did they fire her? The hosts on NBC and MSNBC could not take her. A person with a view their left wing radical view did not agree with? How could they put her on the air?

So, if you are a devotee of MSNBC and the gospel they spout, here’s some news for you. You are getting one view and one view only. You walk around smugly thinking you have the facts, are so open minded and fair.
When the truth is, you are being manipulated and managed.
Think about that.

And, if you think, well, Ronna was head of the RNC, she shouldn’t be on the air, then how do explain all the ex Democrats on the MSM, daily spouting their left wing ideology? Jen Paski, John Brennan, George Stephanopoulos et all, are okay, but one dissenting voice not?

If you believe that, don’t try telling me again how American you are because of free speech. You’re for speech you agree with.

Allow me one more thought on this. A question for Mitt Romney. You are so proud that that MSM supports you over the former President. You glow in their praise. Now that they have fired your niece because she is a Republican, let’s hear from you.

The Media Is The Issue.

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