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EDITORS NOTE: With Spring Break Upon Us For Many and Congress On Break, We’ll Lessen Our Blogs To Free Time.
As we write this, the news of the bridge accident in Baltimore is unfolding and our thoughts and prayers for the safety of all is paramount.


We started yesterday with the hysteria that it was “the day for Donald Trump to pay up.” Before lunch we got the news that the appeals court had reduced the N.Y. bond from $445 to $175 million. Then we learned he had an additional ten days to come up with it.
My first thought was this is still $175 million more than it should be for a non crime with no victim.
Then I thought, well the NY AG can stop her daily tweets of + $$$ for interest.
Wait until a non NY court throws the whole case out. Poor AG.
Maybe then she can start to figure out how to lock up real criminals in NY, committing real crimes. A novel idea.
As for the cable and MSM media, they sure had their day ruined and could not contain their disappointment.

Then there was the news of yet another Republican Congressman resigning early, reducing their majority to a single vote. When did you ever hear of resignations like this? In term? With such a slim majority?
There’s more to the story. Ken Buck leaving early is one thing. Rep. Gallagher of Wisconsin leaving early is another. He was, just months ago, the person they wanted to be their candidate for the state’s senate seat.
Then he chooses a day to resign which is just past the special election deadline, leaving a safe Republican seat open until January? Why?

There was more. Tammy Murphy, the NJ Governor’s spouse, once the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination to replace the indicted Senator Menendez, dropped out.
Rep. Andy Kim made a race out of it in NJ, and was beginning to pick endorsements.
There was a real rumbling throughout the state that Gov. Murphy isn’t the most popular of Governors, and the electorate might not want his wife in the senate.
Gone she is, and we can tell you, she wanted this position and thought it was a lock election six months ago.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed her motion to vacate the speakership as she promised. However, she has not moved to bring it to the floor for a vote. So, it was a ploy. Something to send a message, I guess.
Well, not very smart. You are down to a one vote majority and your party is divided. If you’re trying to foster more division, well go ahead then, otherwise smarten up.
You want things your way? Try getting candidates who think like you elected.
You can’t do it, they lose, as proven in 2018, 20 and 22.
Some people never learn to work with what they have, it’s what they want it to be.

I saw the Mexican President fielding questions yesterday on the border. You know what he said? “Mexico First.”
How come he can go on the air and say “Mexico First,” but Donald Trump is unable to say the same about America?
I ask again, shouldn’t every leader of every nation be acting on behalf of their nation and alliances? 
Where’s the press reacting in horror as they do when Donald Trump says it?
Is it only racist, a horror and wrong when a Republican candidate in the United States says it?

While on the press, did you see the reaction from NBC commentators and hosts reacting with disdain and promises not to talk to Ronna McDaniel, who the brass hired as a political analyst? 
Chuck Todd, Morning Joe, the whole bunch were angry and demanding she be fired. 
I guess it’s okay to hire Democrats like Jen Psaki, give them prime shows and all kinds of air time, but get the other side? No way. 
Can you believe that? They want one side, and one side only.
And, the citizens who watch that view only, just don’t understand the other side. You need to hear why others think as they do.

Here’s another example of press bias. David Rubinstein just wrote a new book, “The Highest Calling.” 
The book is an “enlightening overview of arguably the single most important position in the world,” and presidents “who have defined America as it exists now, what they envision for its future, and their legacy on the world stage.”
He interviewed four of the six living Presidents. Jimmy Carter is in hospice and was unavailable. 
The other President he didn’t talk to was, of course, former President Trump.
Oh, but he did talk to Hillary Clinton too!
Interesting, right?
Oh yea, President Biden’s family regularly stays at Rubenstein’s Nantucket house for Thanksgiving.
How fair minded do you think this book is?

Here’s something they will like. In politics, money is often the deciding advantage. Well, here’s cash on hand:
Biden election campaign: $71. million
Trump: $33.5 Million

The DNC has $26.5 Million
The RNC has $11.3 Million

The DCCC has $31.9 (Congressional committee)
The RCCC has $45.2

DSCC has $31.9 (Senate Committee)
NRCC has $24.8

Last month:
Biden’s campaign raised $21.3 million
Trump’s campaign raised $10.9 million.

You get the idea. If money matters, don’t believe the early polls.

One more thing today. Independent Candidate Robert Kennedy is set to announce his VP selection. 
He is also scheduled to launch a version of his Uncle’s (President John F. Kennedy) historic “Viva Kennedy!” program. This was a model that gave birth to the modern Latino vote. (It is estimated 36.2 Latinos can vote this year.)  
The difference between now and 1960 is that hispanics are more diverse and politically independent.  
The campaign is registering voters under the “We The People Party,” though he appears to be in continued talks with the Libertarian Party for their line.
Kennedy could be a difference maker in this election. 

Let’s Pray For Those Involved With This Bridge Collapse.

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