Sometimes I Just Wonder…

These News Stories Make Me Wonder

So, there is an open hearing today and Hunter Biden, after saying he wanted to talk in public, doesn’t show up. Then one of his business partners, Devon Archer, cancels at the last minute, saying he didn’t have time to prepare. Wait, you already testified behind closed doors and presented some evidence. What happened?
The Republicans bring the now famous Tony Bobulinski, who is clear this was a Biden family enterprise.
Their second witness, a former Hunter partner, is currently incarcerated for financial crimes.
The Democrats countered with a former Rudy Giuliani aide who said Trump was more crooked than Biden.

There it is again. He is worse than our guy. Guess what, if they’re both guilty, that doesn’t make one innocent.
There’s no such thing as innocent because he is more guilty.
What was the Biden business, product or offering for the millions?

In the meantime, a dedicated public servant, Peter Navarro, is in prison today for the next four months. Why?
He’s serving a sentence for contempt of Congress. He didn’t testify before Congress when called, claiming executive privilege. Get that?
Now see the above story for who didn’t show up today and was subpoenaed.
Do you think there will be charges? Is there a double standard?

Speaking of double standards, is there any fair minded person who doesn’t think what NY and the administration is doing to Donald Trump and his wealth is wrong? Who was the victim? Who lost money? Who said they were taken? No one.
The ego of the former President saw him overstate his wealth. That warrants a half billion dollar fine and possible loss of assets? In what banana republic would that be all right?
The glee the left and MSM have for this is sickening.
Let me ask this question.
If this tactic were used against the Clintons or Bidens, would they be so silent and approving? Of course not. Life has to work both ways, and silence for your enemy just sets it up to happen to you.

The President says he wants a secure border. Five seconds after the Supreme Court rules that Texas can crack down on illegals, the administration is at the Appeals Court to stop the order.
They want to close the border? Oh yea, but you can fool some of the people all the time, can’t you?

The same border, by the way, where a Lebanese migrant, who was caught sneaking across, admitted he was a member of Hezbollah, was headed to New York and “hoped to make a bomb.” 
It’s only a matter of time.

While we are on foreign policy, where was the coverage that Biden lied last night? Remember when he said over and over that no one, no General, told him that withdrawing from Afghanistan on that timeframe was bad? 
Well, two retired Generals, one, his top military aide in the White House and the other, the General in charge of Afghanistan certainly called him a liar yesterday. They then laid the blame clearly on the timetable and the failure of the State Department. 
Gen. Milley, as an example, said, “The fundamental mistake, the fundamental flaw, was the timing of the State Department. It was too slow and too late.” 
If you watched their testimony, you know that 13 of our brave soldiers did not need to die that day. 
13 families, by the way, who said the President has never said their child’s name, and they are angry. 

One last shot at the administration today. They keep telling us things are better, crime is down, the world is good. Here’s a survey on NYC, published today by The Committee To Unleash Prosperity. It says it all.

Going To Take A Few Days. Be Back Next Week.

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