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Last week as both major party candidates clinched their parties’ nominations we said this is an election of who loses, versus who wins.
We asked, will Biden’s bumbling or Trump’s mouth hurt them more? We urged our readers to remember that the MSM will choose a side and make Trump look radical. 

Well, it didn’t take long. Just look at the weekend:
In a rally speech the former President used the words “a bloodbath,” implying it would ensue if he were not elected. He used it talking about the auto industry and the potential for economic losses as China is about to flood the U.S. with less expensive E.V. cars and cost Americans their jobs. The cars are produced in Mexico and will be imported. Thus, a good point for his Michigan campaign and union workers. 
Except, he couldn’t point that out and move on. He had to add there would be a “bloodbath,” again referring to the autos and other things. Inserting those words gave the Biden team and their MSM friends to pounce that Trump is saying there will be another Jan. 6th if he loses. 
Why would you give them that opening? Why wouldn’t you take a solid argument and present it to the people to win votes in Michigan? 
Score one for the mouth, helping the opposition.
Score one for media bias; they knew better, but you can fool some of the people all the time.

It wasn’t the only comment from the former President that his opponents and media jumped on.
His remarks about “cutting” Social Security gave a major opening to Biden, while underscoring how the program has become a third rail in politics. In a CNBC interview he said there was “a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting.” 

Then there was his call for the Republican Party to take another shot at repealing the Affordable Care Act if they regain control of the White House and Senate next year. Really? With what? From day one we said you can’t give people free coverage and reduce costs for those paying. The lie was, the affordable care act would reduce your costs by 25%. It was not possible. The MSM won’t report that, but will report his failed attempts to find any replacement. Any call for a repeal is tone deaf and a loser.
What Trump should be saying is:
They lied to you. Did you save 25%, or are you paying almost 50% more? But, why present a winning argument?

Let’s see who makes the next move to lose. The President will be out this week, no doubt he will help Trump.

As for the media, they ran full steam with this story. Elon Musk actually answered back on twitter to some who posted the false story there. In fact, some like Morning Joe pulled their tweet after that, but the MSM, when it comes to Trump, is report first, check later (or never).

Remember, Russian Collusion was a lie that they reported for three years. The laptop was real, not Russian disinformation. The Biden family getting money from China, Russia and Ukraine was real, not a lie.
The border was not an issue for three years until the buses started arriving in blue states and cities.
But, you can fool some of the people all the time, right?

Trump had more issues over the weekend. More of his old team and staff said they could not vote for him again.
It’s one thing when Senators like Romney and Murkowski say it; but it’s another when his VP says it. That’s a WOW.

Other News:

Really, Chuck Schumer, you are involving yourself in Israeli politics? In the midst of a war? Are you serious? 
What would you say of Netanyahu, or another foreign leader, endorsing Donald Trump over Biden? Aren’t you the guy who is decrying Russian involvement? On what grounds do you get to tell them they need a new government? 
You want peace in the area? 
There was peace on the morning of October 7th. It wasn’t Israel who broke it. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu did not take kindly to your words. 
“I think it’s ridiculous to talk about it,” he said yesterday, likening it to calling for new elections in the U.S. after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
He was also clear on the red line of our President. Asked about the Rafah “red line,” he said: 
“We’ll go there. We’re not going to leave. You know, I have a red line. You know what the red line is, that Oct. 7 doesn’t happen again. Never happens again.” 

Vladimir Putin won reelection yesterday with 88% of the vote. Of course, we all believe that was a fair election.
This will be his sixth term and will see him pass Stalin for the longest serving leader in Russia for over 200 years.
Yesterday, he actually told the people he was ready to release Alexei Navalny in a prisoner exchange, as long as Navalny agreed to never return to Russia.
I see, and he just happened to die days before, I guess.
Hey, Chuck Schumer, I see an election and regime change you can speak out about.

And We’re Off For Another Week.

The comments Sunday confirmed that talks on swapping Navalny, the opposition politician who died in February in an Arctic penal colony, had reached an advanced stage, report Thomas Grove, Ann M. Simmons and Drew Hinshaw. Putin said he had agreed to the idea on one condition: that Navalny never return to Russia. For months, members of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation had been advocating for a deal that would have seen Russia release Navalny, who was serving sentences amounting to 30 years on charges he said were politically motivated.

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