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Wait now, I thought Hunter wanted to appear in a public session before congress. Wasn’t it the closed door one that he said would be unfair because of what would leak? Now he won’t appear at the March 20 public hearing?
I thought he would “welcome the opportunity” to talk before the nation live and tell his story? 
Hmm, I wonder what gives? 
You think maybe it’s the other three, his former partners, who were to appear with him?

Do you remember when Trump took over as President and lowered the corporate tax to 21% (He wanted to go as low as 15%.)? He said we needed to be competitive so businesses would come home, open and invest here. 
Remember the outcome?
Jobs boomed, moving them overseas lessened. The economy took off. 
So why does the new administration budget want to raise the tax to 28%? What is the rationale for a 33% increase?
There are people in the administration who want to go back to the 35% rate that existed in 2016. 
Don’t they know what the outcome of that will be?
Less companies investing here in the USA. Less jobs for our people. Higher prices for every consumer. 
I don’t think this administration understands capitalism. Corporations are in business to make a profit. You raise their cost of doing business, the cost of products go up or you get shrinkage to keep prices down. 
The President and team seem to think the corporations will just absorb higher costs. How? 

How come the MSM is so willing to be lied to by this President? They believed his story that Special Prosecutor Hur brought up his son’s death in questioning him. Remember the indignation the President showed in his press conference on the nerve of the prosecutor?
Well, it turns out it was the President who brought it up. Biden lied, again. The press ran with his lie. Why aren’t they reporting that? 
And, the President didn’t know the year, he had to ask others; just as he didn’t quite know the timeframe when he was Vice President and Trump took over. 

Here’s a story from Axios that will surprise no one with common sense, and most of you will say – what were they thinking?
From coast to coast, American cities known for liberal policies are taking more aggressive, conservative approaches to fighting crime. Why it matters: 
It’s a surprising and stark reversal for Democrats who pushed for significant criminal justice reforms four years ago. 
The big picture: 
The rightward shift comes after many liberal cities and states limited police powers and cut law enforcement budgetsfollowing George Floyd’s killing. The changes expose intense pressure on Democrats to adopt tougher anti-crime laws and policies they once ridiculed — and reflect rising fears about violent crime among voters on both ends of the political spectrum.
State of play: 
San Francisco voters approved two ballot measures to expand police surveillance and impose drug screenings for those receiving welfare benefits. 
In New York City, Gov. Kathy Hochul recently ordered hundredsof National Guard troops to cut crime in the subways. 
Oregon is recriminalizing possession of drugs — including heroin, cocaine and fentanyl — three years after becoming the first state to decriminalize possession and personal use of all drugs. 
D.C. just passed a sweeping new crime bill that raises penaltiesfor thefts and gun crimes. 
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), in a state with one of the highest rates for killings by police, is threatening to call a special legislative session for more anti-crime measures.

Amazing how they have to experiment with the lives of law abiding hard working citizens. 
By the way, the perception of crime is high. This from Gallup:
63% of Americans say crime in the U.S. is very or extremely serious. No kidding.  

We’ll get into this tax issue in a bigger way in the future, but the President’s continued harangue to law abiding tax paying citizens to “pay their fair share” continues.
Mr. President, define fair share. Does anyone know what fair share is? What’s fair to take from your paycheck, that you worked for? What’s fair to take from the money you save from working and invest to try and build a nest egg? (Remember, you already paid taxes when you earned the funds, now you’re being taxed again because you saved some and didn’t spend it.) 
The top 1% pay 42% of all income taxes. (They earned 22% of all income.) 
The top 10% of earners pay 76% of all taxes. 
The top 25% pay 89% of all the taxes paid. 
The top 50% pay 98% of all taxes paid.
The bottom 50% pay 2% of all taxes. 

So, what is fair share? Will someone please ask and let me know.

Lastly, congress passed legislation requiring ByteDance to divest its stake in TikTok within 180 days. If that doesn’t happen, TikTok would be banned in the United States. The senate votes next. If it passes there, the President announced he will sign it. 
So, Tik Tok is seen as bad, right? How come that same President just opened an account on it?

Tik Tok The Clock Is Ticking.

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