The Hearing…

It was an interesting hearing to watch as Republicans tried to understand how President Biden was not being held accountable. They wanted to know how he could be unable to stand trial but be President of the United States.
The Democrats were only interested in Donald Trump and contrasting anything he did with what the President did.
Hur, for his part, was only going to comment on what he wrote and that was it.

I left the hearing with this viewpoint:
The last three Presidents and candidates, going back to 2016, have all taken unauthorized classified documents with them, illegally and wrongfully.
Two of the three have not and will not get charges brought against them.
One will.
The one that will, Donald Trump, is also charged with trying to cover up he took the documents and the Democrats harped on that.
So, my thoughts are these:
All three broke the law by taking and possessing documents. Why do we have laws if we are not going to enforce them?
If one, in this case Donald Trump, did something more, then add a second charge.
How does breaking the law get measured on a scale? All three broke the law.
And, by the way, they all have differences:
President Biden had documents going back to when he was a senator. The only way he could have gotten them was to hide them from the viewing room in his clothes.
He had documents from his VP days. He read from the documents to his co-author. He shared information!

Hillary Clinton bleach bit and destroyed devices that were requested to be preserved and turned over. How does she get away with that?

Trump, for his part, did not turn over the documents and mislead the investigators, they say.

Bottom line, all three broke the law, having what they shouldn’t.
All three have individual particulars for their cases.
In my opinion, we can’t charge just one. The law is the law and justice is supposed to be blind.

It Was An Interesting Watch.

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