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A Big News Day

By the time you read, this the special prosecutor, Robert Hur, will be testifying before congress. This will be the news story of the day and an interesting one to watch. What will Democrats do to discredit his report? What will Republicans do to portray the President as incapable of doing his job? How will Hur walk the line between not bringing charges against the President because of his age and memory versus not giving the impression that the Presidency is above him now?
A fascinating watch today.

Then this question will emerge.
How do we explain that since 2016 we have had three candidates for President. Biden, Trump and Clinton. All three have had classified documents outside of where they were supposed to be. How come only one of them is facing charges?

Then tonight we have primaries that will officially put both President Biden and former President Trump over the top in delegate count for their party nominations. Simply amazing to me, in a nation where 70% of the people want someone else.

I thought this statement from Snickers should have gotten some coverage after they were smeared in a video and the State of The Union on their package shrinkage.
“We have not reduced the size of Snickers singles or share size in the U.S.”
They did go on to talk about increased costs they have suffered, but stressed they had no shrinkage.
Don’t you think the MSM should have told you this? Would they have if we had a different President who slammed a major company unfairly?

There’s a real rift developing between President Biden and Israel’s leader Netanyahu.
In an interview on MSNBC, Biden warned against an Isreal invasion of Rafah, the Gaza border town where more than a million displaced Palestinians are massed, calling it “a red line.”
For his part, Netanyahu has effectively said his red line is that Israel must go into Rafah.
Now that’s a difference.

The President, under pressure from the left for a ceasefire and peace, is pressuring Israel now. Netanyahu, for his part, knows that Israel must finish the job or Hamas will claim victory and we will be back to awaiting the next attack from them.
My opinion:
We had peace on the morning of October 7th. Hamas broke it. Appeasing them now will solve nothing but set us for more bloodshed later.
Keep a watch on this, the issue is boiling.

It’s Going To Be A Big News Day.

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