It’s Not Who Will Win

It’s Who Will Not Lose It

On Friday we wrote how, because of lowered expectations, the State of The Union would boost President Biden and his polls.  
A day later the President illustrated what we have been saying for months. 
It’s not who is going to win this election, it’s who’s not going to lose it. 
As an example, it took less than a day for the President to put a pin in the balloon of his ascent from the speech. 
Imagine going on the air and saying you “regret” calling the killer an “illegal.” Mr President, he is an illegal, an illegal with a criminal record, who murdered an American citizen. You are President of the United States of America. You should have apologized to the family for not protecting our border, not planning to mention her name and then getting it wrong. 

I have seen and heard you mention many names involved in criminal activity that police were involved in. I have seen senior leaders of your party kneel for them. I have seen you condemn loyal border guards on horses and accuse them of “whipping” people, when you were 100% incorrect. 
Are you seriously apologizing for calling an illegal person in our nation, who murdered a young woman, illegal? 

Here’s why you are lucky. The MSM is on your side. If this were a Republican it would be a lead story and covered over and over. Instead, the networks never mentioned it. They would be feigning outrage and chasing the family down. Instead it was not covered. 
Unfortunately for you, we live in the social media era and it may take a while, but people will hear it and you will take a hit. 

This incident is just another example of the left’s “woke” mentality. If you think the murder of your child, wife or anyone by an illegal border crosser should not be called “illegal” but “undocumented” or “newcomer,” then go ahead and vote them in again. For me, it’s time to get back to values.

Let’s See Who’s Up Next In How To Lose In 2024.

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