A State Of The Union View…

Let me start by saying the President of the United States did himself well last night and no doubt moved his poll numbers upward with his State of The Union speech. He hit the buttons that will move the voters right from the outset. He was on Ukraine before the speaker even had a chance to announce him and moved right to abortion. Political winners for him and I have no doubt, because he delivered an hour plus speech, he moved the needle.
Add his attack, about a dozen times, on his “predecessor” and he provided the red meat necessary.

Now, was it a great speech? Let me answer that by asking you a question.
If that speech, cadence, tone and manner were given by Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama would you think it was a great speech?
For most of us, myself included, the answer is no. So, why will President Biden be so elevated today?
The answer is like everything in life. It is about expectations.
The right had painted a picture of a President who could not stand and speak, even read from a prompter for five minutes, much less an hour. They set the bar low, and cadence, pronunciation, or partly garbled tone would not matter.
Second, is this.
If I had the best speech writers who wrote, tested and refined my words to maximize public impact, and they had a month to prepare, don’t you think they could write it right? Then, if they gave it to you and you practiced it for a week, over and over, don’t you think you could deliver it? Of course. My young grandchild could do that.
Well that’s what a State of The Union has become.
From a personal standpoint I will state that it is a shame the speech has moved from one on the state of our union to a campaign speech. This speech may well have been better for the Democratic convention in August than last night, but the nation has moved.

Meanwhile, the Republicans failed again.
They failed in the room to maintain decorum. They looked foolish in their shoutouts. They lost the interactions with the President. Just more of the party’s poor strategy of ready, shoot, aim. The old axiom is never argue with the person who has the microphone, but it seems many of them don’t have the discipline to learn and follow that.
They failed when the Senate leadership got itself into a border deal that most of their members would not support and took their lead issue and handed it to the incumbent.
They failed in their response to the speech. Senator Britt may have a bright future, but it didn’t come across last night in that response. She seemed nervous, her voice shrill, the message mixed. There may be some who thought she connected; I just don’t know who they are.
Now the post response is very difficult. Here’s what I would have recommended:
A short, hard hitting review, beginning with this line:
You just heard the President and I guess he thinks you’re not very smart and he can just fool you.
Then quick examples:
He said our streets are safer than before he took office. Do you think they are? We read today that NYC is putting the national guard on their subways to protect people.
He said he inherited a broken border? Do you think he did? Of course not, it was the safest border…he broke it.
He said Bidenomics is working and he is building from the middle out and bottom up. Do you think that’s true? Of course not, you know the cost of groceries, oil and mortgages today.
He said we are better off in the world today than before he came into office. Do you believe that? No wars were begun in the four years before he came in, look at the world today. Do you think world leaders respect and fear him?
He said companies are ripping you off by shrinkage packages. Do you think he knows that prices have gone up 18% under his watch and the packages are shrinking because of that or pay 18% more? I don’t think he knows, you do.
You get the idea, just keep listing about 15 facts and end it. That would have been far more effective than whatever Senator Britt attempted.

Politics Ahead

You saw a little of what Democrats plan ahead to attack the former President. You saw examples of taking his words and presenting them to an audience. Things like saying that he would tell “Putin to do what he wants.”
Just watch what happens with the war chest they have built to do this.

For Republicans, here’s a suggestion. Ease off saying the President can’t put two sentences together. The President raised expectations now. Focus on the issues and the upcoming debates. See if the President can do that in a setting without script. He raised expectations, let him live up to it now.

Bring Back The State of The Union.

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