Let’s Keep The Obvious Short…

Eight Months

There’s no need to even begin analyzing what the next eight months will bring. In politics that’s a lifetime and the candidates will offer some wonderful entertainment.
The way I see it now is, who causes themselves more damage? Almost more, who will lose this election versus win it.

Will the clearly declining President be able to move through the months and convince the public he can do four more years? Can he convince them that they want four more years of his policies? Can the MSM convince the public that Kamala Harris is ready and can take over?
Will the ego driven, chaos creating former President run a disciplined eight month campaign? Can he control what comes out of his mouth to convince people he is different? Can he hold court on all his charges and avoid any convictions against determined opposition?
Then the X factors:
Will there be debates? Can the President stand and debate clearly for 90 minutes? Can the former President shut up long enough so the current one can talk himself into an issue? The debates, if they occur, will be fascinating to watch, even if only to see who doesn’t shoot himself. 
Can the current administration convince the public that Bidenomics is working? That “shrinkage” is corporate greed? That Republicans are to blame for the border? That the world is a safer and more secure place?
Can the former President get the public to focus on the state of the economy, real income and the world four years ago versus today?
Then the Media Campaigns and MSM:
When the Democrats begin a vicious media campaign highlighting that the former President lost in civil court a case that he was charged with a sexual attack, how does he answer?
When they begin to focus on the cases he has lost and the money he has been fined, what impact does that have when they ask: “Is this the man you want in the White House?”
On the other side:
How does the current President answer the question that he lied about his family and they never got any money from China, Russia or the Ukraine? How does he answer that he knew the laptop was real and the letter from the former government officials a lie?
And, how does the MSM play all this out?

Buckle Up For The Next Eight Months. It’s Going To Be Flying.

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