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The Supreme Court ruled, unanimously, no matter what some of liberal MSM are trying to portray, a state cannot keep a candidate off a national election ballot. Does that surprise anyone?
Maybe the appointed Maine Secretary of State, but not the rest of us.
How dare single individuals with a bias try to do that and cause the nation time and effort.
In an educated and enlightened citizenry, they would lose their positions in the next election. Here’s hoping.

The Georgia Legislature passed a bill that lets police arrest anyone suspected of entering the country illegally following the slaying of college student Laken Riley.
Why should that be news? Shouldn’t it just be the norm?
And by the way, Secretary Mayorkas, when asked why they didn’t pick up the murderer in NY when he was arrested said, “They never called us.”
They never called because they are a sanctuary city and do not work with you!
Don’t you know that, or are you lying?

Now two Democrats had this to say on crime and immigrants:
“Immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born people here in this country. This immigrant crime narrative is racist. It’s not true.” —Congressman Robert Garcia (D-CA)
“This ‘invasion’ rhetoric is just absolutely disgusting. It’s xenophobic. It’s racist.” —Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)
Allow me to point out a few things:
First, any additional crime is not necessary. We don’t need more crime, no matter the number.
Second, if Laken Riley was your daughter, would you say that? Life matters.
Third, remember that a small number commit a large number of the crimes. In the blue cities with Soros D.A.’s and no bail we have an awful lot of repeat and repeat again offenders.

Let’s stay on crime for another story.
Did you see Oregon is on the cusp of ending their three year experiment of allowing people to freely use drugs (from cocaine, heroin or fentanyl) on the streets at any time? They now think decriminalizing the possession of all drugs may have been a bad idea.
Isn’t that a shock – to no sane person?

The economy is better, the administration is continuing to tell us. What they mean is pricing isn’t going up as fast, because here’s a fact:
The official rise in the consumer price index for the President’s first three years in office is 18%. That’s the worst three-year performance since the Jimmy Carter years. 
Enough said.

Brian Mulroney, the former Prime Minister of Canada passed away.
He, along with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, and Pope John Paul were the heroes of the 80’s and the fall of the Iron Curtain.
A strong conservative in the mold of Reagan and Thatcher, he privatized some of Canada’s largest companies, including Air Canada and Petro-Canada. He was an ardent free trader and a leader in promoting a trade deal across the Western Hemisphere, resulting in the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement of 1987. The trade deal helped integrate the two North American economies, and it set the stage for the Nafta deal with Mexico in 1993.
Brian Mulroney was a hero of the 80’s and a true partner with those who changed the world.

Here’s an interesting story out in the Atlantic by David Frum:  “The Man Who Now Controls the U.S. Border,” 
Who is it? President Biden? Homeland Director Mayorkas? Border Patrol?
No, he says, “Mexico’s president gets to determine whether an immigration crisis dominates headlines in a U.S. election year.”
And therein is the problem. We should own our border.

While on the border, did you see the story on 60 Minutes Sunday?
Raul Ortiz, who led the federal Border Patrol organization from June 2021 to June 2023, (Leading over 20,000 members), said that the top White House officials never contacted him to learn about the extent of or solutions to the massive border problem. “I’ve never had one conversation with the President or Vice President.”
Wait now, the man who wants the border fixed, nor his border czar, ever spoke to you?
Don’t worry, they’re telling everyone it’s the Republicans’ fault – and a good number will believe them!

Oh yea, the administration is taking Texas to court again to overthrow SB 4.
What’s SB 4?
The law that would authorize local and state law enforcement to arrest migrants they suspect crossed into the state illegally. It would also give judges the power to order migrants to be transported to a port of entry and returned to Mexico regardless of their country of origin.

Tell me again how this administration wants to fix the border?
They only want more agents to process people quicker.
Yet, they will fool the Democratic voter, telling them they want a solution.

We rail against the deficit often. Here’s another story worth knowing.
People love their cars, driving and the freedom it gives them, not to mention safety.
Well, among the many wasteful and inefficient programs that the administration is throwing billions more of taxpayer dollars at are public transit subsidies in large metro areas.
Now, despite all the hype about high speed and all that is coming, the percentage of Americans who use transit has dwindled down from 12% in 1960 to 3% today. Over that time period the workforce has roughly doubled.
With all that data, what is the plan? Spend billions more. On safety? No. Just more bad dollars on top of wasted dollars.  

With the Republican House in disarray here comes Senator McConnell to announce after the term he is out as Republican leader in the senate. 
So who takes his place? In most parties and times the number two person would step up. In this case, that is Senator John Thune of South Dakota. 
Except Thune was late to the party in backing Donald Trump. If Trump wins do you think he is going to support Thune for the role, or will he want a more “loyal” leader?
I think the latter. 

On that same topic,  Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear, declined to commit to selecting a Republican to fill a potential opening. And, as you know the Governor’s get to pick any senate replacement.
Well, a “Kentucky Republican legislator (Steven Rudy) filed a bill … that would strip the governor’s authority to appoint a replacement US senator should a vacancy in that office occur.”
The bill would repeal the current law and fill a vacancy with a special election.
This one is worth watching.

Just Common Sense.

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