Just On My Mind – To Clear The Record…

Let’s Start With Ukraine

Why is no one mentioning the weakness and appeasement that got the world into this situation with Russia and the Ukraine?
What do I mean? 
Well, three decades ago the newly independent country of Ukraine was the third-largest nuclear power in the world. This was a result of the Iron Curtain falling. As the old Soviet Union departed, thousands of nuclear arms had been left on Ukrainian soil. 
Ukraine was convinced in 1994 by the U.S. (President Clinton) and the U.K. to give up the weapons for “a guarantee of security” from us. The agreement is known as the Budapest Memorandum.

Well, in 2014 the Russians marched into Ukraine and took territory (see Crimea). Did we keep our word? Did we protect them? No, President Obama negotiated a settlement and Putin and Russia took a part of Ukraine. 

So, here we are today. Another attack to take more land. Now the questions:
If we didn’t force Ukraine to give up weapons on Russia’s border would the world be in this place now? 
Is the U.S. word worth anything when we appease and go for peace at any price?
Do you wonder why North Korea won’t give up weapons for peace in the world based upon our guarantee? 

This whole (recent) history remains undiscussed today. Why? 
Is it because the two Presidents involved are Clinton and Obama?

The Border

I watched the dueling border visits yesterday and the coverage later. 
I don’t think either candidate gave a strong speech. Trump missed a golden opportunity. Watching President Biden walk was disturbing.
It’s amazing, though, how the administration and their friends in the MSM are trying to blame this on Republicans now. 

They act as if the past 3 plus years didn’t happen and it’s all about a bill the Republicans won’t pass.
One that would allow 5,000 illegals to cross a day (1,825,000 in total), and oh yea, the President can waive that number each day to allow more. 
The President actually said the Republicans should “show a little spine.” 
Show a little spine? How about you showing some leadership and stop the lies?
You broke the border. 
For three years you paid no attention to it.
Only the fact it is issue one for November are you talking about it now.
If you want a closed border, why are you in court to stop Texas from doing what it has to close the border? 
What Texas is doing is working. 
Why don’t you implement the policies you took down via executive order? They worked.
And stop with the lies that you want more border patrol agents to control the border.
You want the agents to process illegals faster. We want a closed border and legal immigration.
Are people ill-informed enough to believe the President and the MSM propaganda? 
Just watch and you’ll get your answer.
Some will believe anything a Democrat says and the MSM supports.

Hunter Testfies

The man who said he must testify in public and not behind closed doors showed up this week. How come?
The testimony was released as it always is. So what was the problem before? Was he lying about why he wouldn’t testify? If you supported his position, do you realize now you were played?

I’m not going to pass judgment here on what, when or if the President knew what his son and family were doing.
But, Hunter admitted he worked with the Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians.
He admitted his Dad got on calls with his business partners. He admitted his Dad came by dinners. He couldn’t recall if his Dad was sitting next to him when he demanded the funds from his Chinese partners (that arrived after that call). He admitted to getting diamonds from Russian partners but thought they were useless and threw them away. He never explained what his business was (nor did his Uncle the week before). He never explained why the President’s grandchildren got paid. He gave his Uncle money for no reason other than a gift. Was that the money he was supposed to pay the IRS with? He even admitted his Dad was “The Big Guy.”

Anyway, think back to this.
The President denied his family did any business with China, Russia or Ukraine.
Then he later denied knowing anything about who and what they did business with.
Now we know both those were lies.
The last piece is this. Did he profit from his son’s and family ties?
He says “no.”.
After the first lies, let’s see.

Just More Frustrations With The MSM.

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