First Came The Story

In an article in The Atlantic, a former NYT opinion editor Adam Rubenstein said Times Staffers “were clearly worried that lending credence” to the story surrounding Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop would hurt Joe Biden and Democrats ahead of the 2020 election. He said they “essentially failed to fulfill the goal of being journalistic, rather than activist. This, I learned in my two years at the Times, was not a goal that everyone shared,” he wrote, noting that the Hunter Biden laptop story is a key example. 
“Was it truly ‘unsubstantiated,’ as the paper kept saying? Many of my colleagues were clearly worried that lending credence to the laptop story could hurt the electoral prospects of Joe Biden and the Democrats. 
But starting from a place of party politics and assessing how a particular story could affect an election isn’t journalism,” Rubenstein wrote.

Exactly what so many of us have been writing and saying about the NYT for years.

Then A group of Former Senior Officials

Filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission for refusing to charge President Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee over the 2020 election.
Their complaint accuses the campaign and the DNC of failing to disclose their involvement with a now-discredited letter by 51 former federal intelligence officials about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
The group says that because the Biden campaign used its resources to generate and disseminate the public statement, and because the public statement was disseminated in the media at the request of the Biden campaign, federal law requires the public reporting of the costs and beneficiaries of such coordinated communications.
“The facts speak for themselves: 79 percent of Americans believe that had there been accurate coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop, Trump would have won the election,” they claimed.

So, first the NYT covers up, then the campaign and DNC lie. Yet the coverage is non existent.

Then We Hear – “Nothing To See”

Yet, yesterday we had new testimony from a former Biden family business associate detailing at least two calls between Hunter Biden and his father, then the vice president, about lucrative business deals with China and Russia.
One of the calls puts Mr. Biden in contact with a Russian oligarch and former mayor of Moscow.
Jason Galanis, sentenced to more than 11 years for securities fraud, is the fourth former business associate to put President Biden in the center of Hunter Biden’s profitable business deals as lawmakers investigate him on charges that he helped his family carry out an influence-peddling scheme.
He testified that the then VP ended the call with, “Ok then, you be good to my boy.” Hunter responded, “Everything is good, and we are moving ahead,” Galanis testified.
A few days later, Ms. Baturina agreed to pump $20 million into one of Hunter Biden’s business projects, Galanis said.
Galanis said Hunter Biden took a call from his father while at the Peninsula Bar in New York. He said he overheard Hunter Biden updating his father on progress in landing a business partnership with Harvest Fund Management, a $300 billion Chinese financial services company closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

Yet, the MSM tells us nothing to see here.

The Republicans Have Their Problems

Over the past few months Rep. Ken Buck has gone against his party on major issues and been a hero on CNN.
Well, after what he said yesterday, what are they saying now?
He said that he’s “seen enough and wants President Biden removed from office under the 25th Amendment.”   He introduced a resolution asking Vice President Harris and the Cabinet to invoke the amendment because Mr. Biden cannot perform as president.
“The Hur report officially addressed what many Americans have long witnessed with their own eyes – that President Biden is no longer fit to successfully discharge the critical duties of his office. Numerous instances were articulated in the report, and have played out in full public view,” Buck said

Let’s see what play he gets tonight on CNN.

Meanwhile, Our Friend Rosendale

Who entered and left the Montana Senate race in a week had a former Democratic Senator announce that she knew why he dropped out.
She claimed on a podcast that he withdrew because he impregnated a young 20 year old staffer.
Rosendale reacted immediately and said:
“This is 100% false and defamatory and former Senator Heitkamp will be hearing from our lawyers soon.”

We look forward to hearing more.

And Then One Of The House Eight

Rep. Scott Perry suggested that House Republicans shouldn’t let President Biden give a State of the Union address next week over the lack of border security measures. “We need to use every single point of leverage. He comes at the invitation of Congress, and Republicans are in control of the House. There’s no reason that we need to invite him to get more propaganda.”
He added: President Biden will use the speech to “blame the American people for the crisis he’s caused.”

Oh, that’s another great idea that should get the Republicans more votes, right?

Is This True?

The story is that deceased Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was close to being freed in a prisoner swap at the time of his death. This is from an ally of his, Maria Pevchikh.
Bloomberg News reported that prisoner exchange talks had begun before Navalny’s death, according to a Western official. Under the proposal, Russia was to have released Navalny, as well as two jailed Americans — Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich and businessman Paul Whelan — the official said. 
Is it possible this is true? Why then would Putin have him killed? Certainly he wouldn’t have wanted Navalny free, but why were there even talks? Did he kill him so he would never be free, but talks on others could continue?

It Should Be Interesting

Both President Biden and former President Trump are going to the border on the same day.
The President will take a look at a relatively calm part of the border in Brownsville, Texas, meet with Border Patrol agents and local officials and press Congress to pass legislation giving him more flexibility to control the flow of migrants.
Former President Trump will be about 300 miles away in Eagle Pass, where the border is far more chaotic and where the federal government and Texas are enmeshed in a brewing constitutional crisis over the state’s efforts to combat illegal immigration on its own.

It may be the closest we get to a debate this year, so pay attention.

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