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Donald Trump wins the South Carolina primary and his supporters celebrate, as they should.
However, they should look at the numbers closely.
He (Trump) won the party supporters, but lost Independents. Plus, half of the Haley voters said they would not vote for Trump in the general election.
Republican primary voters need to look at the big picture; do they want to win a battle or the war?
We repeat, only Trump can make Biden President again. (And yes, only Biden can make Trump President.)

One thing the Republicans finally realize is that Ronna McDaniel is not the RNC leader they need in order to go forward. She announced today that she will step down in March.
Now, Trump supported her for the position and reelection only months ago, but recently turned on her.
Who’s the choice? As we have written for weeks, it’s a NC leader who supported the “Stop The Steal” movement. Add this, he wants his daughter-in-law to be the vice-chair.
Is that what the party needs to win in November?
One thing of note.
Come November, as Mitt Romney is not running and his niece is out as RNC head, the party will be Romney free.

If you watched the Sunday shows, like Meet The Press, then you saw bias in action. How Rep. Byron Donald was interrupted and treated versus Gov. Newsom illustrated it clearly.
The MSM is going to open up on former President Trump unmercifully, and that is going to sway the public.

In fact, The Media Research Center released this information over the weekend:
“TV keeps bashing Trump: Just as we saw last year, the media’s spin is relentlessly anti-Trump. In just four weeks, these newscasts aired 158 negative statements (excluding partisan comments) about the former president, compared to just 19 positive comments.”
Translated, that means that the major news coverage about Mr. Trump was 89% negative.
Now this was while he was running against Nikki Haley.
Wait until it’s a two person race against a candidate they want!!

When you see the polls that say Trump is ahead of Biden by 2%, I say to you, just watch when the MSM unleashes.

Look as the MSM is covering any possible Joe Biden involvement in the funds he claimed never came to his family from China or the Ukraine. They are back on the disproven Russian Collusion with Trump!
And, if you think the arrest of Alexander Smirnov, the “trusted FBI informer” this week is not planned, you are being naive.
It is news now, because the President’s brother was before the House committee last week and Hunter is there this week.
The indictment allows the MSM to call the whole investigation “a sham and more Russia Collusion.”
Here’s a question:
How come Christopher Steele was not charged? He caused a three year false investigation. In fact, who got indicted for that at all? Let me know, because I don’t know anyone.
And the biggest liar of all, Adam Schiff, is about to be promoted and elected Senator.

Democrats need not worry though. The Republicans in the House are doing all they can to assure they lose the PR battle and allow the MSM to paint them as lost.
Almost the entire population wants to support Ukraine against the Russian attack.
Yet, the House has allowed themselves to be painted into the corner and appear to be on Russia’s side.
They started out with a great position:
We want to provide Ukraine all the arms they need, but pay the bill for it and not increase the debt. They even provided a means to pay… some of the funds Biden has to hire 87,000 IRS agents.
From there to where they are now took no leadership and no skill.

The MSM Is The Problem. They Don’t Need Help.

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