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On top of the killing of Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison comes this story:
A man’s corpse, found riddled with bullets and run over by a vehicle in Spain, was identified as that of Russian military pilot Maksim Kuzminov, who flew his Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine in a dramatic defection in August.
Putin is killing foes inside and outside of Russia.
Where is the world leadership to rein him in now?

Did it bother anyone else to watch New York AG Tish James on TV saying that if Trump can’t pay the $354 million business fraud penalty levied against him, she’ll seize his assets, beginning with his 40 Wall Street skyscraper? Take his building? He built the business and in a ridiculous ruling, where no one was hurt in any manner, she is going to take 40 Wall Street?
That has to bother people, even those anti Trump.

The media and the MSM. Here’s another example.
John Avlon, a former CNN anchor, is officially jumping into the race for New York’s 1st Congressional District. “Our democracy’s in danger, and Democrats need to win back the House from MAGA minions, who don’t even seem interested in solving problems anymore,” he said.
The seat is held by a Republican (Nick Lakota).
How do you think his coverage on CNN was as an “anchor.”
By the way, his wife is Margaret Hoover, who hosts the PBS show “Firing Line”.

How many reputations went down the drain with that false 2020 election narrative Trump’s ego started?
The Supreme Court yesterday declined to undo sanctions against several lawyers allied with Trump for filing a meritless lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 presidential election results. Lawyers Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others brought the lawsuit against Michigan state officials and Detroit in November 2020, one of dozens of suits filed in an attempt to prove election results were illegitimate in states where Trump had lost. The efforts failed across the board and no evidence of widespread fraud was uncovered.
A shame on how many careers went down the drain.

On the other side of the coin, the 2024 battle for the House and Senate appears to be heading in opposite directions. The House, because of poor leadership and self destruction, appears to be going Democratic.
They never learn. Yesterday Rep. Greene (Ga) was the latest to threaten a recall vote on the new speaker.
The Republicans in the House are truly a circular firing squad.
On the Senate, though, it is well for Republicans. Former Gov. Hogan in Maryland is competitive in the state.
Montana is in play with Rosendale out. W. Va. is a real pickup opportunity.
If I were betting now, I would bet both houses switch leadership.

So, how did the administration finally hitting back at the Houthis impact things in the area?
Not well. They didn’t change anything. Want proof?
The MSM is not covering it. If the action impacted things the media would be touting how great the action was.
Yesterday, in the latest action, a cargo ship was sinking in the Gulf of Aden after being hit by the Houthis.
The actions by the administration were a failure. The Houthis will continue their terrorism, just be careful about American soldiers, but feel embolden.

Meanwhile, the administration is touting the reduced crossers at the border. Yes, it’s true. Crossers are down in the Texas area because the Governor and state paid no attention to your demands and worked to close the border. It has nothing to do with anything this administration did.
Yet, they are telling people to look at the numbers, knowing they can fool some of the people all the time.
Don’t be fooled.

Really? The DNC put out a post for President’s Day recognizing and honoring their living Democratic presidents. It featured an image of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and President Biden with the caption “Happy Presidents Day.”
I guess they, like us who lived through the era, want to forget the Carter Presidency too, but President Jimmy Carter is still alive.

Let’s close with this story. The MSM is touting a connection between President Abe Lincoln and Joe Biden. Here’s the story:
On March 21, 1864, a fight broke out in the Army of the Potomac’s winter camp along the Rappahannock River near Beverly Ford, Va., between Union Army civilian employees Moses J. Robinette and John J. Alexander.  With Alexander bleeding from knife wounds, Robinette — Biden’s great-great-grandfather — was charged with attempted murder and incarcerated on a remote island near what is now Florida. Three army officers who knew him petitioned to overturn his conviction, and the letter eventually made it all the way to the president’s desk, where Lincoln signed the pardon in September of the same year.  
I guess the, “I would like to take him behind the school” comments come naturally to the President.

Have A Great Day.

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