Clearing Up Misconceptions…

What Is Fair Share Again?

Here are a few graphs just released that put some liberal myths to rest.
You know the one, where the high earners need to pay their fair share?
(Let’s leave Hunter earning millions and not paying out today.)
The latest release is for the full year 2021.
Read these slowly to absorb, because all you hear is those earning are not paying their fair share.
Then define fair share for me.
The richest 1% paid 46% of the total income tax.
The top 5% in income paid 67% of the tax.
The top 3 out of 100 tax filers pay a larger share than the other 97 out of 100.
So, how much is fair share?

Government revenue is up after the tax cut because investment and spending increase.
Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we spend too much?
Do you think that maybe, too, that more of us should be paying and not taking?

Here’s a graph for your review:

Myth Two – Tax Cuts Means The Rich Win And You Lose

The other thing that both the administration and MSM like to say is tax cuts only benefit the rich and the average taxpayer picks up a bigger burden.
Here’s a second graph post the Trump tax cuts.
Take a look at the percent of taxes paid by the top 1%.
Did it decline or increase?
Go back to 1980 and see if the Reagan tax cuts resulted in the top 1% paying more or less?

The administration and media try to tell you otherwise, but the top is paying a higher percent of the bill.
Why do they say it?
Well, as our loyal readers know, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Knowledge Is Power.

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