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Let’s Start With The NY Verdict

Let’s see, there was no victim, no complainant, no one lost any money and no one in the 70 years of the law’s existence had ever been charged under this statute. 
Then the Governor when asked about concerns of businesses leaving the state because of the verdict said:
There is “nothing to worry about,” she assured everyone. 
Oh? Why is that?
“I think that this is really an extraordinarily unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior,” she said.
I see, this Is a Trump only law, or maybe an opposition party one only if you dare go against the majority party. 

The A.G. targeted him solely in her campaign, the judge decided the case before the time and the Governor said it is about one person. 
This whole process, decision, and the governor’s response should scare every freedom of speech loving person. 

Combined with the other penalties that have thus far been delivered, the former President now owes $443.1 million in judgments. 
With the interest the NY Judge (Engoron) ordered him to pay, the total tab in the civil fraud case alone could amount to more than $450 million. (Don’t forget the NY decision of an $83.3 million damage on top of $5 million payment for a sexual attack in a department store dressing room that no one heard, reported or knew the date or year it happened. A dressing room, do you believe that?)
How does the former President get access to that much cash to pay and put in reserve (as required)?

Donald Trump was guilty, as we’ve long written here, of trying to inflate his net worth.
Credited with $6 billion, he fought with Forbes because he wanted a $7 billion designation.
You can criticize that and talk about his ego, but it is not a crime.
The banks that loaned the money said they never lost a penny; in fact they said they were so delighted they wanted to do more.
If there’s no victim, no loss, no gain, no anything, how could the AG bring the charges and the judge rule as he did?
We should all be concerned about this trial. If you had a highly successful business and are conservative in your views, would you even think of moving it to New York?

Meanwhile, nothing seems to hurt the former President with primary voters.
A new South Carolina poll shows the former President cruising  by 36 points over Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina.

Let’s Talk Crime

I was wondering if the parents of the juvenile shooters in Kansas City are going to be charged as were the parents in Michigan? If not, why not?

Where was the coverage yesterday of the two Minnesota police officers and a paramedic killed while responding to a domestic violence in Minnesota?
Three young innocent, dedicated public servants killed. Two were 27 and one was 40. 
We sure had a lot of coverage out of Minnesota a few years ago when a police officer misbehaved apprehending a criminal.


The No Labels Party lost three potential candidates when Senators Manchin, Romney and Gov. Hogan of Maryland announced plans otherwise. They may well end up pulling the plug on the idea, which would be a boost to the Biden campaign.
Mitt Romney, when answering questions, made sure he didn’t miss an opportunity to hit his party and their lead candidate. “I will not be voting for former President Trump,” he made sure to say.
Well Senator, I know you’re not running for reelection in Utah because they weren’t going to vote for you.

We took a backseat to no one criticizing Rep. Matt Rosendale’s entry into the Montana Republican primary.
We take equal delight at the announcement a few days later that he is dropping out of the race.
What happened?
He found his leadership of the gang of 8 in the House had angered his party and even his friend Donald Trump endorsed his opponent (Tim Sheehy).

Mark the date. Special counsel Robert Hur is set to testify before Congress on March 12th.

The good news for the administration was that Special counsel David Weiss charged former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov “with lying about the President and his son Hunter’s involvement in business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. This is a major aspect of the current impeachment inquiry. 
Now, let’s remember David Weiss was the special counsel who gave Hunter that get out of past, current and future crimes free card; the one the judge rejected!
He was also the prosecutor who waited until the statute of limitations had passed on the tax years with the Burisma income to even go to court on taxes.

Just One Weekend.

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