Tragedy In KC…

It is with sadness we think of the shooting yesterday post the Kansas City Chief victory celebration. What a horrific ending to a wonderful afternoon.
Now we wait to see who and why. The lack of information as of this writing is surprising. I know the initial outcry will be over guns, but I am as anxious to learn about the past history of the shooter(s).
Let’s get the facts before we pass judgement.

Meanwhile, did you see the story about the arrest for another crime of one of the NYC police attackers in Times Square? One of those released without bail.
He’s 19-years old and shoplifting in a Macy’s. When confronted by a loss prevention employee, he and others attacked authority again. 
I guess no bail doesn’t work or teach anyone anything. Let’s see if they keep him in jail this time, though the NY DA is busy with a Donald Trump case today. He thinks Trump is a bigger threat for any funds he paid Stormy Daniels. 

The administration was proud yesterday to put out a sheet on all the student loans they cancelled. Deficit and bill for our children since we, and they, will pay the bill? Not mentioned. Why? Don’t worry about that when you can buy potential votes.
Here’s the list added to your bill:
$46 billion for 930,500 borrowers through administrative adjustments to income-driven repayment counts.
$57 billion for 793,400 borrowers through Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
$12 billion for almost 513,000 borrowers with disabilities.
$22 billion for more than 1.3 million borrowers under the Borrower Defense program.
That’s a B as in billions of dollars for each. $137 billion in total.

If he can find these “unbudgeted” funds, how come he can’t find some for the border problem?

More on the EV fiasco with this administration:
In a Connecticut town (Milford), their Board of Aldermen voted 14-1 to ban electric vehicle charging stations from underground garages in future developments because of concerns that they are a significant fire hazard. The Fire Chief described the stations as potentially explosive devices because of thermal runaway.

Everyday we get more news on the folly of rushing the future.

Remember when Donald Trump touted his NATO position and the plan to tell Russia “to go ahead and do what they want?” It generated a world leader reaction. 
Here’s some for your reading pleasure: 
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government was preparing for the “uncertainty” Trump’s return would bring. “We made it through four years of Trump,” he said.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (who truly risked Trump’s wrath by openly endorsing Biden last year) is concerned over the “division” he said Trump represents and will bring back.
The European Central Bank Chief (Christine Lagarde) said Trump’s “penchant for imposing tariffs on allies, his shaky commitment to NATO and his opposition to climate action” is a “threat” to Europe.
The French President Macron (not Mitterrand) took a diplomatic stance, “I take the leaders that people give me.” 
He couldn’t possibly comment, but what would Ukrainian President Zelensky really want to say? 

Let’s See What Today Brings.

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