A Short Take…

Some quick thoughts this Valentine’s Day, beginning with Valentine’s Wishes to all our readers. 

All those who have been writing and telling me that I am wrong and there is no way Democrats can win this year, what happened?
In a congressional district that is only +4 Democratic and won by a Republican eighteen months ago, went Democratic by eight per-cent. 
In a Bucks County state house seat, in an evenly divided district, the Democratic candidate won going away. It was, 67 – 33, giving the Democrats control of the Pennsylvania House. 

Two major elections yesterday, both closely watched and dominated by Democrats. 

The next time someone tells you the country is ready for change, just remember these results. 
If you think Donald Trump at the top of the ticket is going to bring the rest of the ticket in with him, I suggest you look again at what happened in 2018, 2020 and 2022. 

The other major event of the day was the impeachment of a cabinet member for the just the second time in our nation’s history. 
I know the left and MSM are saying he didn’t do anything impeachable and defending him, but you can mark me down as satisfied. 
The man lied to us over and over, telling us the border was closed. Not an impeachable offense. Okay, I understand the law, but how about the over 70,000 of our citizens dying by fentanyl because of the open border? 
How about the fact he and his boss broke a locked border with their policies? 

Now, I realize he won’t be convicted and removed in the senate. Every Democrat will vote not guilty. Of course, if he were a Republican appointee they would be leading the charge. 
Isn’t it a shame that party politics override the public good and safety? 
And yes, if they did convict him, the President would appoint someone who would follow the policy exactly the same way he outlined it. 
I just want to believe we still have citizens who serve who have morals and courage. 

Did you see or hear about the California Senatorial debate and Rep. Barbara Lee saying she wanted a $50.00 per hour minimum wage in the state? 
Does any Democrat know how business works? Do they know about inflation, pricing, cost of goods and its impact? You have to wonder. 
With time to go, let’s see if the other candidates raise the ante here. 

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