What A Day…

You obviously know all you need about the Robert Hur report and the aftermath. There is no need for me to add to it, so just allow me to state this.
President Biden had records he should not have had, that went back decades. 
President Trump had records he should not have had. 
Secretary Clinton had records she should not have had, erased them and then beach bit the devices so they could never be read.
One is under indictment and two are walking free. 
My position is this.
All three broke the law and should be held accountable.
Why do we have laws if we are going to selectively or not apply them equally and fairly?

One other question coming out of the report are the President’s supporters saying that Robert Hur was biased and wrong.
Okay, I guess you are saying then that the President is fine and the prosecutor should bring charges, because he (The President) is fine, because he did break the law.
Is that what you are saying and desire?

Then we had the Supreme Court hearing. On some stations and in some MSM they seemed shocked that all nine justices seemed to have an issue with keeping Donald Trump off the ballot. 
Why? Because of their bias. They want him off the ballot so badly they were willing to try anything. 
Well, how about if Texas decided to take President Biden off the ballot because he has failed to close the border?
That would be wrong and oh how they would yell. 
Well, so is trying to keep someone off for a crime they were never charged or convicted of. 

Speaking of the border, let’s end a week of noise about it with this:
What is it about illegal the left and press don’t seem to understand?
Illegal crossers broke the law. Whatever comes after is a crime.

Some Quick Hits

Does the conviction of the Mother (Jennifer Crumbley) in the Michigan school shooting now mean we can bring charges against parents for other killings committed? Can we bring charges against them for the murder of a police officer? A mugging in the street? 
Or, do we only hold some parents responsible? 

How did the NYC DA get away with saying he let the migrants who beat the cops go because he did not, at the time, have enough evidence to charge them? You had enough to arrest them and give a court appearance date. 
No, Mr. DA and Mayor, it was your failed woke policies. 
This is the same DA who is charging murder for ex Marine Daniel Penny who defended citizens on the subway, despite every passenger saying he was a hero. It’s the Woke policy!
Here’s an interesting quote on all this: 
“A country that turns [Daniel] Penny into a criminal and lets this thug [Jhoan Boada] walk free, beat up police officers and go back on the streets before the sun goes down is a country on the verge of disintegration.”

Not much coverage, but did you know that Marianne Williamson ended her Democratic primary against President Biden the other day?  
The President has gotten 90%+ in all the primaries and she realized how fruitless it was to continue.

Is Speaker Johnson really that brain dead that he was prepared to endorse Rep. Matt Rosendale, a leader of the congressional eight who caused all that chaos for the senate in Montana? 
Rosendale lost a winnable run, in a solid red state, six years ago. The Republican Senate campaign has endorsed a former wounded soldier, who is doing well in the early primaries. 
But the man who threw the country into chaos wants to mess up another potential winnable seat and I guess the Speaker wants to assure he doesn’t “McCarthy” him. 
Last night, under intense pressure, the Speaker announced he was not endorsing, just going to contribute to Rosendale’s campaign. I support his opponent, Tim Sheehy, one hundred percent. 

Let’s Close The Week With A Brain Dead Policy

Two more stories yesterday on EV’s that the President is pushing for 100% of new auto’s in 2035.
Toyota’s stock is soaring. Why? Its decision to emphasize hybrid vehicles over fully electric models. 
They reported that they expected to notch an annual profit of more than $30 billion when its fiscal year closes in March. That would be a record for them.
That news came on the heels of Ford reporting that it lost more than $60,000 for every EV they sold last year. 
Ford Lost $4.7B on EVs last year.
End of story. 

Have A Great Weekend.

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