Ready, Shoot, Aim… Again

How Can A Party Shoot Themselves So Many Times?

Maybe I understated it when I said that only Donald Trump can make Joe Biden President again.
It seems after yesterday the ready, shoot then aim Republicans in the House and Senate are dedicated to that too.

The vote to oust Homeland Security Director Mayorkas was a total disgrace. It failed 216-214 is what you hear, but it was really one vote. Rep. Moore changed to a “no” to allow another vote in the next week or so. If he had stayed with his ouster vote it would have been 215-215.
So, a party that lost George Santos, had Rep. Scalise away getting cancer treatment, and ousted Speaker McCarthy, had no room for error.
They found a way and embarrassed themselves.
Republicans in the House are too divided to lead. They shot themselves with the McCarthy move and their gang of eight. They are paying the price and look foolish.

Then came the border vote. Their leader Mitch McConnell on the senate side led them right down this path.
The border might well be this administration’s largest albatross. McConnell has managed it so well for the opposition party that he makes it look like Republicans are the issue.
He sent Senator Langford to be his negotiator.
Well, if your party wants a closed border, why would you give anything up? Why would you agree to 5,000 a day that can cross illegally? Why would you give the President the right to override that number?
The mistake was to agree to anything that didn’t close the border as your supporters want.
You took an issue you owned and gave the other side an advantage. You couldn’t lead worse.

Then Donald Trump jumped in, when he didn’t need to, and put himself in the position as the one who led his sheep to protest. If he had just shut up this would have played out exactly as it did. Instead, he allows Biden and the Democrats to place the blame on his table.

And, today we learned 1 million passed through since October. That should be the news, not what it is.

To top it all off, the party finally realized what has been written here for four years, Ronna McDaniel is not the party leader to lead them to victory. So, after reelecting her last year, they want her out now.

Who does it appear the former President wants in her place? The rumor is Michael Whatley from North Carolina. Whatley is a firm member and leader of the “stop the steal” team.
Yup, a winning strategy for sure. Let’s talk 2020 again.
After all, he’s only lost over 60 cases on the 2020 election fraud issues so far. 

The Republicans are the Ready, Shoot, Aim party today. You don’t win anything with that.

Meanwhile, the sole remaining option to Donald Trump in the party, one who can win, Nikki Haley is done. The Republicans in Nevada voted for “none of the above” over her yesterday in their primary.
Of course Republicans haven’t won in Nevada for a long time, but a majority of their minority party seems satisfied to lose again.

The standard bearer they want, Donald Trump, lost another case, unanimously, in the Court of Appeals yesterday. He is trying desperately to delay this case until after the election, knowing he will likely be convicted and that would cost him the election. It’s touch and go on that, as the DOJ has a 60 day prior to the election ban on charges and trial.
By the way, that’s over 60 court cases the former President has lost already.

Did you see where the President turned down what had become the traditional pre Super Bowl interview?
He had done so last year too, but it was suggested that the reason then was it was on FoxNews.
This time it is CBS.
In an election year, with such a large audience would you tell your candidate to turn it down?

Donald Trump jumped right in and said he would do the interview. CBS turned him down.

Then Trump challenged Joe Biden to debates “now.”
I remind our readers that one of the reasons Trump lost in 2020 was the debates.
With a chance to show Biden’s true hesitations, what did Trump do? He jumped in, over and over and never let Biden finish what he was going to try and say. Exactly the wrong approach.
Then it was Trump who canceled debate number two, because, though live, was going to be a zoom and in the same room. Wrong again.
In debate three, Trump finally handled it right.
Who knows what he would do here.

Really? This Is Leadership?

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