Wrapping Up A Week Of Rants…

So, the five culprits who attacked NYC Police Officers and were let out – bail free- took off and left for California. I guess “no bail” didn’t work and they don’t intend to show up for their follow up hearings.
Clueless Gov. Kathy Hochul, after first saying it was basically nothing, now that they left town, thinks that maybe they should have been deported.
Just a little too late there Governor and your woke view of the world.
First of all we arrested five people who were in the country illegally.
Then they attacked and beat up two NYC police officers.
Either charge should have kept them in custody; but not in woke New York.
Now they left for the safer confides of California.
And New Yorkers just reelected the Governor, so you get what you vote for.

This is not an isolated incident in NYC. This story from yesterday too:
A deranged Brooklyn man was caught on film last week hacking at NYPD officers with a machete.
Although wounded in the attack, the officers nevertheless managed to subdue the suspect.
This bloodletting was apparently not enough to convince a New York City grand jury to hold the man accountable for his actions. The jury decided not to indict him with attempted murder.
By the way, the officers were called to the apartment following reports of a man acting erratically.
Three NYC officers were injured in the incident.

When you think it can’t get any crazier, along comes a decision in woke Washington DC.
Remember that video of the naked men and gay sex in a senate hearing room?
The U.S. Capitol Police announced they are closing their probe into that sex video and no charges will be filed.
The senate aide gets naked in the hearing room, has gay sex, video tapes it and sends it out on social media, and they say no charges.
While the incident was “likely a violation of Congressional policy,” the Capitol Police’s “comprehensive investigation” determined there is no evidence a crime was committed.  
Oh? Does that mean any of us can use congressional hearing rooms for sexual encounters?
Or, is it just aides of liberal Democratic senators?
You do have to wonder about the double standard of justice in many places of our nation.

You think it’s limited to a few? Well consider this vote yesterday in the House.
A majority of Democrats (150) voted “no” to deporting Illegal immigrants who endanger American citizens by driving under the influence.
I’ll say again, first they broke the law by entering the country illegally, then broke another law and put lives at risk and Democrats do not want to deport them.
Yet, they are now trying to convince Americans that Republicans don’t want to close the border.
But then again, you can fool some of the people all the time.

On that last point, whether you think Hunter Biden involved his Father or not in his dealings, you have to agree he broke gun, drug and tax laws on his own, at the least. Right?
How come he still has his law license? Would a Trump or prominent Republican child?

Oh yea, let me add something else you may not have heard.
Remember the phony Russian Collusion Story all backed by the phony Steele dossier?
Well, Donald Trump sued Christopher Steele and the authors in court. Guess what?
He lost his lawsuit after a court dismissed his claim linked to the notorious dossier about alleged ties between the Kremlin and the former US president’s successful run to the White House.
He had sued saying he’d suffered “significant damage and distress” from the publication of the dossier. He’d sought a judge’s ruling that statements in the report were false.
The judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying Trump had no prospect of obtaining compensation for any distress he may have suffered. She said she wouldn’t determine the accuracy of the dossier itself.
Really, judge? The dossier that Hillary paid for and everyone admits is made up?

Meanwhile In The House And Senate

As you listen to the MSM tell you how mean Republicans and the right are, consider these facts.

The House appears to be preparing to DOUBLE the state and local tax (SALT) deduction on federal tax returns. 
You know what is not right? The deduction allowed on federal taxes for state and local taxes paid.
President Trump had lowered the deduction to $10,000.
Who benefits from raising it? The big tax states like California, New York and Illinois.
Why should the rest of the nation pay higher federal taxes because some states cannot control their spending?
As an example, Florida is larger in population than New York. They have zero state income tax. Residents in NYC pay over 12%. That’s NY’s problem and how they vote, not Florida’s or the nine states with zero.
And who benefits the most from the SALT? High income earners in blue states.
Here’s an outcome from a recent study on that question:
“Virtually no tax filers with incomes less than $75,000 would benefit from resurrecting this tax loophole – because few Americans with incomes below that level itemize their deductions. The biggest winners from this giveaway are those in the top 1% who live in Manhattan and Silicon Valley.”

John Kerry is leaving his role as climate czar to work on the Biden reelection team. So, who takes his place? A noted scientist maybe?
No, just another Democratic political operative and major fundraiser, John Podesta.
His science background? Zero.
I guess that makes him perfect to be the next Climate Change Czar, where you blame everything on climate change.
He does get to oversee the nearly $400 billion that flows through Washington’s Climate Change Industrial Complex.   

If you gave money to Donald Trump this past year you should know this. He raised $188 million in 2023.
Now about a quarter of it was used to pay his legal expenses.
Did you know that?

That Ends A Week Of Frustrating News.

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