It’s Hard…

Let’s Start By Remembering

Remembering the five young individuals who put on our nation’s uniform and in the last few weeks have lost their lives.
Two were Navy Seals lost forever at sea.
Navy Special Warfare Operator Chris Chambers and Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Gage Ingram. 
Three In a drone attack:
Sgt. William Jerome Rivers; Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders; Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett.

We honor their service and pray for their souls and families.


The President and administration have decided on a response. As of this writing we don’t know what that is, but we do know from the top down that they are saying “we don’t want war with Iran.” 
Why are they saying that? Why are they still appeasing? Why are they reassuring Iran? 
Iran is at war with us. They have directed 165 actions against our troops since Oct. 7th.
They have killed five and wounded over 120 others.
Why don’t they shut up and not tell the enemy what we won’t do and do something meaningful?
The foreign policy of this administration is a failure. 

And All This Defense Of Mayorkas

All of a sudden the liberals in congress and the MSM are rising up and saying there is no reason to impeach the Homeland Security Director.
Well, they are wrong and YES there is.
He’s a pompous liar. He has testified under oath and said the border is closed.
He has lied over and over.
We see the numbers coming across.
We know more crossed last month than any month in the history of our nation.
We know more of our citizens are dying annually from fentanyl – coming across that border – than died in Vietnam — and that was a disaster.
If you are naive enough to think there are not terror cells crossing that border and some of our citizens are going to die in the homeland, well, then you are reading the wrong blog.

While We’re At It

The President and MSM are total revisionists and liars, now trying to tell us the President wants the border closed and needs congress to act. It’s total bull….
It has been three years and 11 days since the President used his executive power to overturn the secure border that the previous administration had in place.
He proudly used his pen that day in the White House to sign order after order. if you recall. Many of us thought he had no idea what he was signing. Well, Mr President, a few of those were to break border control. 
Here’s an idea for you:
Go back and redo your orders and you can close the border. 
Stop suing the states actually doing something to try and close the border.
Stop the lies and the MSM is complicit in this.
They (MSM) never reported there was an issue until Texas started shipping people to blue cities.  
Now that they see it, they want us to believe Joe Biden was trying to solve it.
No, he created it.

Here’s two quotes that I read today that think tell the story:
“If the Biden administration would spend as much time fighting illegal immigration as it does fighting border states that are actually trying to do something about the problem, we might begin to see some progress.”

“Biden’s fundamental [border] problem is that he’s asking for a congressional solution to a problem created by the executive.”

More Examples

The President’s policies actually helped Iran get into this position. Their funds were down under the former administration. Who opened oil sales for them? Joe Biden’s failed policies. 
He has funded Russia’s war with Ukraine by curtailing American oil and allowing Russia to drive their revenue. Remember, John McCain called them (Russia) one big gas station. That’s all they have. 
Remember, too, when he was begging Venezuela for more oil? He was getting concessions, we were told. Well read this:
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s backsliding on his promise of free and fair elections is likely to prompt the return of some U.S. sanctions. Get it? He’s backing off. Know what even the stiffest penalties we are now planning exclude? 
Oil. The one thing that keeps them afloat.
Let’s not forget his National Security Advisor, a week before all this began on October 7th, saying this on the Middle East: 
“The region is quieter than it has been for decades.”
This President and team are clueless. 

And They Are Clueless On Everything

Think of the ridiculous EV rules and dates this clueless administration has put in place.
Readers here know we have said for years that hybrids are the way to transition and go.
Well, I am reading the Wall Street Journal and here are three consecutive stories and headlines.

GM Went All In on Electric Cars, But Dealers Say They Want Hybrids.”
Some influential dealers are pressing General Motors to introduce hybrid models, worried they risk losing customers who aren’t ready to make the switch to fully electric cars. Dealers who serve on advisory committees to the auto maker urged executives in several recent meetings to add hybrids to GM’s lineup, according to people involved in the discussions. GM focused on fully electric cars in recent years and largely bypassed hybrids, which pair an internal combustion engine with a small battery and electric motor to boost fuel efficiency.The dealers said they expressed concern that more customers are looking for a middle ground between conventional gas engine cars and EVs, which are more expensive and require regular charging.

The next story was about the company that went all hybrid:
Toyota Sales Hit Record In 2023.”
Surprise, surprise, surprise, right?

Then this third story:
“Renault Cancels Ampere IPO.”
Renault said it decided to cancel the initial public offering of its electric-car unit Ampere partly due to equity-market conditions.
Of course. You know it. I know it, but this clueless administration doesn’t.

So Much More To Say Too….

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