“Don’t,” He Said – But They Did

Yesterday word came that three American soldiers were killed and thirty-four injured in an attack by Iranian backed rebels. 
Let’s start with “Don’t.” 
That was the word the President and Vice president used in response to questions of what his message was to Iran and their supporters. 
They said it over and over — “Don’t.”
Well, they did. 
Now what?
Before I get to that let me remind you of a few other things. 
We lost two navy seals last week trying to stop a ship with arms in the area.
We have had 160 attacks on our troops and bases since the October 7th attack. 
We have over 50 troops suffering brain damage from those attacks. 
This has been downplayed by the administration. I guess as long as it’s not you or yours it is just minor. 
Thirty of our citizens were killed on October 7th.
A dozen are being held hostage. 
And by the way, there were 78 additional attacks on our forces in the area after you took office in the first two years of your Presidency. 
This while you were begging them for a deal. 

Don’t what? What else do they have to do? 
When asked a month ago about concerns of Iran doing an attack, you brazenly said you “sent them a clear message. They know not to do anything.”
Oh, you did? It was obviously not that clear to them, was it? 
Here’s the reason:
Appeasement to Iran as a policy does not work. They see weakness and they see weakness in you. 
This blog wrote continuously that appeasement does not work, it is only strength they understand. 

Now we have 5 service members dead in a week. 
At least 35 dead since October 7th.
Over 100 wounded.
160 attacks.
Hostages held. 

Now what, Mr. President and Madam Vice President?
First, I am glad you know where your defense secretary is this week. I think he got your message – “don’t disappear again.”
Though he favors appeasement too. 
I will remind you and your team of two things again:
President Ronald Reagan, who you fought, had it right. Peace is through strength. 
They don’t attack us because we’re too strong, they attack us because they see weakness. 
Your predecessor, who you deplore, had an Iranian policy you reversed. 
However, in 2019, when similar attacks were made against us killing an American Contractor, you know what he did?
He took out their IRGC Commander named Oassem Soleimani. You remember that, right? You thought it was a bad move. 
Guess what? 
Iran went quiet because they knew if they acted the next level up was their leadership. 
They were quiet until your appeasement and “Don’t.”
You’re wondering why troop enlistment is down in your administration? 
Troops join to protect our nation and not serve as sitting ducks for a failed policy.
We’re all watching to see what your answer is to this.

We saw their answer to your “Don’t.”

We Pray For The Souls Of Our Fallen and Honor Their Service.

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