After New Hampshire…

You’ll read and hear all the pundits today and get their expert analysis.
Here are a few things you might not hear.
First, you can put the electoral votes for New Hampshire in November in the solid Democrat column. 
There’s no need for either party to spend money or visit the state for the balance of the election cycle.
I know Donald Trump proudly touted he had won New Hampshire “three times now.”
Yup, he did. Three primaries. 
He lost the general election in 2016 narrowly to Hillary and got trounced in 2020. 
Thus, he will go down as winning three times in primaries and losing three times in the general. 

Did you notice the number of write-in votes Joe Biden got? 
He insulted the state by telling them that their primary didn’t matter.
He refused to have his name placed on the ballot. 
He never visited the state. Never ran an ad. 
He got 66,000 write-ins as of this writing. 
Donald Trump, after all the rallies, ads, campaigning and coverage, got 166,000.

Next, you can now question if there will be any debates in the fall. 
I can now see the Biden camp refusing to do so.
On what grounds? 
He will refuse to debate anyone who led an insurrection. 
If there are debates, the MSM will have to force them, and do you see them doing that to Joe Biden? 

So, with all the hype you will hear today, keep this in mind.
It’s what happens next November that determines what happens with the border, economy, taxes, deficit, electric vehicles and every other issue. 

A Few Other Issues

Sixteen State Governors (all Republican) called upon President Biden to reverse course on his mandate requiring two-thirds of new auto sales to be electric vehicles by 2032. 
They said that the mandate is “unrealistic, costly and imposes prescriptive solutions that harm American consumers. While we are not opposed to the electric vehicle marketplace, we do have concerns with federal government mandates that penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer. The American customer should be able to decide what technology makes most sense for them, not the federal government.”

Here’s an interesting little tidbit on where our tax dollars are going and what is helping drive the deficit up.
The federal agency responsible for busing, sheltering and supporting the largely unauthorized immigrant population coming across the border spent nearly $20 billion over the last two years.

Speaking of the border, the Supreme Court decision supported the Biden administration to allow Border Patrol agents to resume cutting the razor wire they placed to protect the border. 
Wait, I thought the administration was for border control? 
What’s the reason they wanted the wire down? They said so the border control agents could do their job!
Do you think they are doing their job now? Have you heard what the agents have said? 
The administration lied and the MSM did not question them. When a conservative station did, they said they were asking for more agents and congress would not provide the funds.
Oh, they left out the detail that they wanted more agents to process illegal crossers faster, not protect the border. 
The 5-4 vote to support the administration was a surprise for me.
Not that Chief Justice Roberts joined the three liberal judges, but that Justice Amy Coney Barrett did. 
Now both sides say they want a secure border.
Do you believe that? 
If you do, explain to me why the administration fights every move Texas makes to achieve it.
But then again, you can fool some of the people all the time. 

One final thought on all those crossing and why. We hear these stories about future voters and a base for the Democratic Party, right? Maybe, but that’s longer term. 
You want to know the short term reason?
The administration changed the census laws so that you have to count illegals as part of a state’s population. 
Now think, where are citizens moving out of? Blue cities to red states right? 
Well uncounted the blue states like New York, California, Illinois all lose multiple electoral votes if not corrected. 
Where are the illegals going? To the big cities in those states right?
Get it now?

It Looks A Lot Like Trump vs. Biden Again.

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