Narrowing The Field…

I think the polls in New Hampshire yesterday told the whole story of the primary and ultimate general election. 
The polls said that former President Trump has a clear double digit, possibly a twenty point lead. 
The polls say he is going to win New Hampshire in much the same manner he won Iowa. 
That makes every backer of him excited and feel good. 
Except, consider this.
That same poll said that in the general election President Biden would win the state. 
Add these facts to that.
President Biden insulted New Hampshire and their long held position (that they voted into law) to be the first in the nation primary (Iowa is a caucus) by deciding that South Carolina would be the first Democratic primary. 
Despite that, he is still beating Donald Trump in the state, at Trump’s height of popularity. 
We have said this from the outset. The only person who can get Joe Biden reelected is Donald Trump. 
So Republicans, if you are satisfied with winning a battle and losing the war, you are on that path now. 

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis, the most conservative of the candidates in the race, left it yesterday. 
It was a shocking fall for a Governor so popular that he turned Florida red. 
Dave Rubin tweeted this about DeSantis last week: 
Imagine if there was a presidential candidate who was in the prime of his life, had won every election he’d been in (the last one in record breaking fashion), had an endless track record of accomplishing everything he set out to do, had led the country out of Covid mania, had served in the military, was no nonsense and no drama, and was a fine family man.
He’s young (44) and will have time to recover. He needs to go back to Florida and continue its growth. 

One more thought on the weekend’s events. I was disappointed in Tim Scott coming out as he did to endorse Donald Trump. As Governor, it was Nikki Haley who appointed Scott to an open seat, and they served at the same time. You would think that Scott would have been a little more loyal, and isn’t it President Trump who talks about “loyalty” all the time? As an example, he thinks Nikki Haley should not be running against him because she served as U.S. Ambassador in his administration. So, where does loyalty begin and end? 

By the way, this past Saturday marked one year to the day before we inaugurate our next President (January 20,2025). We are now 364 days away. (It’s leap year.) 


How many of you know that the price of postage stamps went up another two cents per stamp yesterday? 
Isn’t it amazing how they create forever stamps and no one knows the cost anymore? It allows them to raise prices quietly, doesn’t it? 

Same thing with EZ Pass and tolls. Do you know in places like New York and New Jersey they just raised the prices again? Do you know the price to go over the George Washington bridge today? I bet you knew before the EZ pass didn’t you?

After another storm early this week the weather is supposed to warm up. Thus, global warming caused the storms and global warming will be the cause of the warm up. This didn’t happen when you were young, right? The snow didn’t melt until April. 
As we said last week, if you blame everything on global warming, then you’re never wrong. 

Did you see that Japan became the fifth nation to reach the moon this weekend?  Its robotic spacecraft, named the Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon, or SLIM, made a soft lunar landing. 
I was wondering if all those who still think we staged the moon landing also think the other four nations have too. 

President Biden canceled another $5 billion in student debt last week. He has now canceled $136 billion in student debt, despite a court ruling that struck down his broader forgiveness plan. 
What a slap in the face to those who decided to not go to school because of the debt, worked to pay their way through school or did so after graduation. 
You did it the legal and right way, well in the left’s view, then you lose. They take care of those who take advantage of the rest of us. 


The U.S. military has now said that two Navy SEALs have died. They disappeared at sea during an operation to intercept Iranian weapons headed to the Houthi fighters. They drowned in the operation. 
We lost two of our best young warriors and the coverage is lacking. Who were they? We need to honor them and their families. 
In the meantime the Houthi’s continue to fire rockets upon our troops. Yesterday they caused more injuries to some of our soldiers. 
Coverage? Zero.
The media needs to try and be fair and call this administration for their failed policy with Iran. 

Let Us Always Remember And Honor Those Who Died Serving Us.

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