Really Now…

“We are in the process of investing over a trillion dollars in the climate crisis.” 
I read this quote from VP Harris, and with the Davos conference this week, it got me thinking. 
What are you doing and accomplishing?

You are making decisions that impact our American citizens’ lives and they are not happy.
You are telling them their gas stoves must go away.
The dishwashers and other appliances must be changed and less effective. 
Their auto’s must go by the mid 2030’s. 

You say all this and more is necessary because of the climate. 

In fact, you’re proud “we are in the process of spending a trillion dollars.”
Meanwhile, the world’s largest polluters and our main economic challengers are doing the opposite. 
China is concentrating on anything but the climate. They want to pass us as the economic power of the world. 
They are building coal plants and despite being the world’s number one polluter they are exempt from any controls. 
Can you explain that to me?

They get to grow, while we handcuff ourselves? And they pollute far beyond us?
We also allow India to be exempt.
How do we allow this? 

We see, with this winter, the nation is nowhere near ready for electric cars. 
Are they the future? Sure, we will all want one. 
I can’t wait until I can program my car in my driveway, then let it drive me to the beach in Carolina and not need any battery charge. Get me there.
But, that’s not today and won’t be in the next ten years when the government says I must buy an EV. 

A month ago I drove my hybrid to Carolina and got 55 miles per gallon. I stopped once for gas, which took eight minutes. 

Where is the leadership to move us to hybrids and then EV’s?

Why is VP Harris and her boss, President Biden, telling me I must move to an EV in that time frame?
Why are they telling me I would have to stop 3 or 4 times for up to an hour? 
Never mind the infrastructure is not there. Nothing about that decision will make my life better. 

Why are we mortgaging the future and our world standing when our competitors are not?
Are the Chinese trying to kill themselves, or do they have a different view?
Are the leaders and people in India now dumb? 
Are Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi smarter than them?

Do they think we will have purified air over our country only, while China and India will have a different air?

Me? I love my hybrid and want to see investments to improve that mileage.
I want investments in EV’s that make me want (not forced) to own one.
I want my gas stove and other devices and not be told the government knows better. 

If they’re so smart, how about convincing the biggest culprits they are killing their people. 

One more thing on global warming. It’s a cute little trick the leaders and MSM have pulled off.
It was the coldest Iowa caucus ever? That’s global warming. 
It was the warmest summer in NYC? That’s global warming.
No real snow in Philadelphia last year? That’s global warming.
Storms this year? That’s global warming. 
So cold, warmth, storms or lack of, all are the same, global warming. 
How could you be wrong if you claim every scenario? 

I’m just tired of it and I think the American people are too. 

Just watch how the left is going to fall over as candidate Trump walks around yelling “Drill Baby Drill.” 
Imagine driving energy costs and if you do that, all prices drop because energy is the key. 

China and India may not be happy, but who cares about them – they are trying to kill all their people if you didn’t know. 

Really Now, That’s How I Feel.

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