I See And I Don’t See…

I see that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are back on the nation’s terrorist list.
The same list the President removed them from upon taking office because he could deal with Iran and Trump was a tyrant.
He was going to show us, he would go back to the Obama agreement and Iran would welcome him and us.
It didn’t work, did it?
It seems like some will never learn, that appeasement is seen by these terrorists as weakness and peace is achieved only through strength.
Have the American people learned or will they keep voting for weakness?

I don’t see why this administration would not strike a close the border deal with Republicans seeking one.
The issue is killing them and now that it is finally getting (forced) media coverage, the American people know of the problem.
It is one of the two top issues voters are identifying as why they will vote against Biden.
So, why isn’t the administration jumping on border deal offers from the Republicans?
Does it make any political sense? Are they that dedicated to an open border?

I see where, despite having a Democratic President and Senate lead, that 81% of the late night 2023 political show jokes were about Republicans.
The study was completed by the Media Research Center.
Their report:
“Last year late-night comedians told 9,518 political jokes, and of these 7,729 were directed at someone or something on the right side of the political spectrum. By far the most biased was Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Seth Meyers on NBC was also heavily biased against conservatives. Amazingly, the “comedians” made fun of Trump’s kids nine times more often than of Hunter Biden – who would seem to be a poster child for late-night jokesters.”
The media bias is a major factor that assists the Democratic Party.

I don’t see why the administration is continuing to focus on Bidenomics. Take a look at this chart.
Exactly what are they claiming? Real wages were dramatic in the Trump years and below the line in the Biden years.
If you claim you want to build the economy “from the middle out” it looks like Trump did that.
I just don’t see what they are running on with this.

I See And I Don’t See.

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