It’s Starting To Look…

The holiday season may just have ended, but the results out of Iowa last night remind me of a holiday song with the lyrics – “It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like…: ”
Because it is starting to look a lot like this presidential election is going to be Biden vs. Trump.
How does this jibe with the polls that say over 60% of Americans do not want that choice? 

I think the answer is in the numbers. 
Last night 110,000 Iowans were part of the process.
Let’s put that in perspective. 
In the last presidential race, in my congressional district, the candidate who lost by 26% got 130,000 votes.
That’s 20,000 more votes than were counted last night in the state of Iowa. 
Think of all the time the candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley put in the state.
They received 23,000 and 21,000 votes in total. 
All that money, time, visits to schools, homes, events and advertising for 20,000 votes. 
To make it even more ludicrous, think of Vivek Ramaswamy. He got all of 8,000 votes.

That’s hard to believe as you think about the impact Iowa has in the process. 

What now?
We move on to New Hampshire. 
I think Nikki Haley lost momentum following the last debate with Ron DeSantis. He seemed to find his voice after that and managed to rise again and finish second.
That gave him “a ticket” out of Iowa, as he said. 
Haley has stalled, and I think the charge she was making in New Hampshire is stopped, at least temporarily. 
If Trump widens the gap in this state next week, the race is over.
The only thing that will stop his nomination is a conviction. 

The left won’t open up on him for a few months, but when they do it will be massive and devastating. 
I can’t tell you who will win in November, but I can tell again, that the one person who can reelect Joe Biden is Donald Trump.
And, the person who can elect Donald Trump is Joe Biden.
Buckle up.

For his part, the former President hit the right tone last night. He actually said “we” and praised his opponents. 
He outlined the right objectives. Let’s see if he can hold that tone. 

So, it’s starting to look a lot like — a 2020 repeat. Wow.
In modern history only Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon have served as President and gotten their party nomination three times.

And We Are Off.

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