It’s About Policy…

Dealing With The Houthi Rebels

Let’s keep this short.
The joint bombings last night of the Houthi terrorists is a direct result of a failed policy.
Understand this, because the MSM has not told the American people.
This group was on the terrorist watch list.
They were removed by the Biden Administration as an outreach to Iran.
The administration wanted to show Iran they were not the Trump administration and all could be friendly between us.
Iran takes any signals like that as a sign of weakness, and this was just another example for the left to learn from.
So, removing groups from terror watch lists, turning a blind eye to their actions and providing six billion dollars for the release of five hostages gets you what?
Bombs and strikes against trading ships in the Red Sea.

This action is long overdue, coming after over 125 attacks on our troops and dozens of actions against international shipping vessels.

The world’s terrorists, led by Iran, backed by Iran, do not understand anything but strength.
Why is that so hard for liberals to grasp?
Peace comes through strength.

This action cannot be an isolated one. Any action Iran or the Houthis take today, tomorrow or the day after must be met with immediate response.
The White House must know where their Defense Secretary is and move quickly.

In Addition

Interesting, after the stunt in Congress this week, Hunter has now agreed to testify — as is common practice — behind closed doors first.
Why all the drama first?
What do all those defending him to not do so, say now?

In the interim, he pled not guilty in California on tax charges. Of course, the key years of the Burisma income have passed the statute of limitations.
He is charged with nine felony and misdemeanors which prosecutors allege amount to a four-year effort to avoid paying $1.4 million in taxes to the IRS.
Watch the agreed to plea deal that emerges here.

While Donald Trump faces a loss of his businesses and a fine of $327 million, not for failure to pay taxes, but overstating the value of his holdings!!! Who was hurt? Well, no one, but he’s Donald Trump.

One final note this Friday:
The other night the Haley vs. DeSantis debate was on CNN at the exact same time the former President was holding a Town Hall on FoxNews.
The ratings are in.
4.3 million for the Town Hall.
2.6 million for the debate.

Not a surprise, of course, but a question for you. If the stations were reversed, what would the ratings have been?
A little closer for sure – right?

Have A Great Weekend. Iowa Caucuses Are On Monday.

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