You Can’t Make It Up

What a classless stunt Hunter Biden and his team pulled strolling into the congressional hearing for ten minutes and then walking out. 
If you were subpoenaed to appear before congress, would you show up? If you were subpoenaed for anything, wouldn’t you show up? 
If you didn’t, what would you expect to happen? 
If justice is the same for all, why does Hunter get away from not showing up at the closed hearing and walking into a public one to discuss charging him? 
The answer is the Department of Justice will not bring charges against him because of who he is. 
Yet, they were more than excited to charge two former Trump aides (Bannon and Navarro) for the same crime.
If you see hosts on shows defending Hunter, just know anything they say for the rest of the campaign is biased.

Keep An Eye On The MSM

And there are pundits doing exactly that. In fact, I see the beginnings of a subtle campaign by the MSM to begin swaying the voter. What do I mean?
Stories and reporting are beginning to appear that the economy is improving, wages are rising, unemployment is low, inflation is down and gas prices are down. 
That’s as if the administration doesn’t own what happened. Prices are up 20% since this administration took office. The fact inflation is down (3.4% today) versus the 9% they drove the past two years is a reason to celebrate? Gas prices are up 40% from the day they took office, but since that’s not 100% anymore we should celebrate? Real wages for the working American are down. That’s a success? Unemployment is at the levels it was before the pandemic; you want us to believe the administration created 12 million jobs? How come the work force participation rate is still below where it was before the pandemic? 
But, I see the MSM beginning this dialogue that things are better. 
No, the economic programs and spending levels have been a failure. 

This Didn’t Take Long

Remember when Shohei Ohtani signed that large, mostly deferred contract and we mentioned he will collect after he leaves California and avoid the taxes? We were sure the California legislature would not appreciate that.
California’s Controller, Malia Cohen, wants to cap deferred payments, a change designed to ensure the state is owed more money from Ohtani’s lucrative contract with his new team.
The request comes just four weeks after his signing the ten year contract. The agreement contains deferred payments due from 2034-43.
If Ohtani is not living in California at the time he receives the deferred money, California loses 14.4% of it from taxes they would have collected.
We called that one, but it was easy!


In the debate last night I think both DeSantis and Haley did themselves harm by charging each other with lies and the manner they attacked. They made Trump the winner by his not showing up and holding a civil Town Hall on a competing station at the same time. 
All that while hours earlier Chris Christie withdrew from the race with a blistering speech that cemented his future in the party. 
For all his self “smartness” he did three things that have left unviable in any future election. Republicans never forgot his “Obama hug.” His governorship is remembered for closing the George Washington Bridge and causing innocent citizens pain. Now his withdrawal speech and scathing words for Donald Trump and open mike comments captured are the final blow. 
His next career is outside politics because he has no party. 

As for Donald Trump he continues to amaze me. Last night in his Town Hall his use of “I did” as opposed to “we did” just shocks me. One question he was asked was who would come work for him after how he treated so many in the last administration. What a great question. Would you go work for him? Think of people like General Kelly, Mad Dog Mattis, Chris Christie, Mark Meadows and all the others he attacked. I certainly wouldn’t. 
And he continues to say things that make you stop and go “What?” 
Like this week, he told a crowd in Iowa that he thought the Civil War and conflict over slavery could have been stopped by better negotiations led by President Lincoln. 

The New York Times had a story about the House dysfunction. They cited these numbers: 
There were 724 votes, but only 26 laws enacted. 
And they said, “The tally reflects the extraordinary chaos and paralysis that gripped the House in 2023, when lawmakers did more voting but less lawmaking than at any time in the past decade.”
My question, why is that bad? Do we need more laws and spending? How about just enforcing – fairly and across all – the laws we have and reducing spending. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert, who has made a lot of noise in Washington, announced she plans to seek election in a different district than the one she now represents. 
You may recall she barely squeaked out a win last time and her recent escapades in a Colorado movie house have not helped her. Thus, she is relocating to the next district, a solidly Republican one. 
I personally think she is not going to succeed and will not return next year. Let’s see. 

Just Another Day.

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