Border Week

Homeland Security Director Mayorkas will be at the “closed” border today, and, of course, the area will be cleared and look clean. 
On Wednesday the House is taking up his impeachment again. 
On the Sunday shows the MSM took up for him, asking why the House would waste time on impeachment and not reach a deal or agreement instead with him and the administration. 
Nice try.
One House representative said 12 million have crossed the border since the administration took office. He said this is equal to the population of his state – Ohio – the seventh largest in the nation. 

If that fact and number doesn’t disturb you, then you are for open borders and can quit reading here. I say that because I am on the opposite side; if you don’t have control of your border, you are not safe as a nation. 

What is my position and what would I support as a candidate?

Let’s start with this. 
We want, need and support legal immigration. We are a nation that built the greatest economic opportunity in the history of mankind based upon immigration. 
We simply ask people to apply legally, do it in the right and organized manner, abiding by the laws of the nation you want to become part of. 
Is that asking too much? Abide by the laws over a million of our citizens died to protect?

My position would be to ask the American people to support candidates who back the policy I advocate. 
That policy is:
We change the immigration law to the following.
The border is locked. Northern, southern, everywhere. 
We put barriers with the national guard if needed. 
If you cross the border you are sent back to the country from which you crossed. 
Thus, if you come into the country illegally from Canada you go back there. The same for Mexico. 
It doesn’t matter where your journey began, it matters where you crossed. 
If you came through five countries to get here because your life is in danger, the rule is you stay in the first safe country you cross. If the countries in between did not do their role, we are not responsible. 
If you want to emigrate to the U.S., that’s great, get on the legal list. 
If you are here illegally you are not becoming a citizen before those on the list. Get your name on the list. 
We are not rewarding bad behavior over those who are trying to do it the right way. 
In the nation today we too often reward those who did it wrong over those who did the right thing. That’s over. 
It is abiding by laws and doing what is right that builds nations. 

My bet is if we adopt a policy like that, then countries like Mexico will suddenly find a way to stop what is going on. 

Now I understand these people are coming for opportunity. So did my four grandparents.
The difference is they came legally, asked for nothing and worked to provide a better life.
I bet yours did too. 

Legal is the key and is the cornerstone if we are to continue being the home of the brave and free.

My Thoughts, I Welcome Yours.

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