Come On Now…

Now the MSM is reporting that some countries spent money at Trump properties while he was President and his family profited.
In fact, I have seen more reports on this Democratic minority release from the House than I have seen anything on Hunter Biden from these outlets.
A few thoughts:
You are reporting that China and Saudi Arabia topped a list of 20 countries whose government’s or state-linked entities spent at least $7.8 million at Trump’s properties.
You know the Trumps run a legitimate business, right? You know they offer high end hotel stays?
You know they report their income and profits?
You know the family says they donated the profits from these stays to the treasury, right?
You know Donald Trump’s personal net worth at the end of his presidency was less than at the start, right?
That said, I ask the same media these questions:
What was the Biden family business where we see all the income they got from foreign countries?
Exactly what were they selling or offering?
You know the head of the operation (Hunter) didn’t pay taxes?

How can they report on one and not the other?
The answer is their bias.
Here’s a chart on journalist political party designation. You would think they would be smart enough to say “independent.”

Come On New York

The “proud sanctuary city” has taken another step to stop immigrants from ending up there.
They are now suing 17 bus companies for dropping off migrants that say they want to go to “New York.”
They are getting ready to sue the Governor of Texas for sending them there, joining another sanctuary city doing that – Chicago.
Two things jump out to me.
First, what exactly do you think “sanctuary” means? What did you think preventing ICE to act in your city would accomplish?
Second, you are mad at the Governor? He’s the one trying to stop the illegal immigration, and his every move is being taken to court by the President and his administration.
Why aren’t you calling out the President and his team? Is politics bigger than your issue?
You’re just lucky the media covers up your hypocrisy because they are on your side.
With a real press you would be fried.

As We Close In On Real Votes

With Iowa ten days away and New Hampshire a week later, the question of age for the leading candidates will likely be more in the forefront.
Here’s a cover from the Economist that tells that story in a picture for the President born in 1942.

Made in ’42. Roadworthy in ’24?

Link to see Copy on line: ://

Have A Great Weekend.

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