A Big Day…

By the time you read this you’ll likely know if Hunter Biden showed up for his appearance behind closed doors in Congress. You may recall he said he wanted a public hearing and not a closed one. Congress refused and said he needed to follow the rules. 
If he doesn’t show up he can be held in contempt. If he does, he will be questioned and knows there will be leaks. 
I think he shows up and takes the fifth because he is under indictment. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Congress will begin preparing for a vote on whether to hold an impeachment inquiry on the President. Remember, an inquiry is a vote to hold hearings and is not an impeachment vote. The sides in congress are in the opposite corners they were for the Trump inquiry.
If this moves from an inquiry to an actual impeachment, we will have had more presidential impeachments with Trump and Biden than all our history combined.
An example, again, of when one side does something the other reacts; so be careful what roads you travel.

I saw San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston claim the city’s homelessness problems were “absolutely the result of capitalism.”
Now, if he said that because capitalism produces wealth, opportunity, free time and they lose their way, I would agree. If he meant some fail to appreciate all they have and move to drugs and alcohol because lack of values,
I would agree.
However, he meant it as a negative and his answer was to cut the police, free the funds and give more free stuff to some.
Socialism is his answer, and where has that ever worked?
Will he be reelected in San Francisco? Of course. Which brings us back to this. You get what you vote for.

Some Political News

New Hampshire Governor John Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley which should help her in the state. If there is an upset in the early primaries it would be here and not Iowa.

Interestingly the Florida Democratic Party is being sued for canceling their 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary.
Why was it cancelled? They are recognizing President Biden as the only candidate.
The lawsuit claimed that constitutional rights as a voter were violated by the decision to leave White House hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota off the ballot.
The Democratic Party has gone to great lengths to protect the President. Remember when they moved their first primary to South Carolina and told New Hampshire to forget it?

On the other side, this really bothered me. Even if this story is true, which I question, former President Trump should not be proudly telling it. 
In a speech he said that a general praised his debating Mrs. Clinton days after a video clip showed Mr. Trump saying in 2005 he could grab women by their genitals because he is a “star.”
“Sir, I’ve been on the battlefield, men have gone down on my left and on my right. I stood on hills with soldiers who were killed. But I believe the bravest thing I’ve ever seen was the night you went onto that stage with Hillary Clinton after what happened,” the former president said the general told him.
That was braver than young soldiers dying in a battle?
I cannot accept that, and I don’t believe anyone, much less a general whose job is to get those young warriors home alive, would say that. 

Just Another Day In Washington.

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