Remembrance and Debate


Let’s begin with remembering that today is the 82nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. To this day we are returning the remains of those who went missing in action that day. Two this month in fact.
We must always remember what happened that day, and the actions that followed by our American citizens.
They did it to pass freedom on to us. It’s our job to pass it on.

It’s fitting, too, that today we mark the second month since the October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel. Just pointing that out, even though time moves on and we say we learn, there are players in the world who never do.
We must remember, Peace is Through Strength, not appeasement or weakness.
It’s just surprising how many of our citizens never learn this.

The Debate And Politics

In the debate last night it became clear to me that the road for Donald Trump got easier. The candidates went after each other and none walked off the stage not wounded. In the meantime, the former President was left mostly untouched.
The person entering the night with the momentum was Nikki Haley, but she looked a little shell shocked by the attack of her rivals. Her usual quick counters were limited, and for the first time in four debates she did not win.
Ron DeSantis won the night, and that will stop Haley’s rise and divide the stop Trump vote.
As for Vivek, he likely turned off the few remaining people who still liked him after the first three debates. He has fallen steadily since the first debate and is done now.
Chris Christie, of course, is a good debater, but he barely made the stage and is hoping for a miracle in N.H.

This morning it looks more and more like we may well end up with Biden vs. Trump, and that is both disappointing and amazing to me.

Add this to that possible race. President Biden’s campaign is not yet committing to debates next year.
What? After the almost non campaign of 2020, the President may not debate this time?
Why? His top deputy campaign manager told reporters that the president’s reelection campaign would “look at the schedule” that the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has, but will make no commitments.
Could he get away with not debating? Of course he will tie it to not being on the stage with an “insurrections” and election denier. Will that fly?
Well, remember, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Here’s another 2024 “what?”
Former Rep. Liz Cheney said she is considering running for president in 2024 in an attempt to make sure former President Donald Trump doesn’t get elected to a second term. “I certainly hope to play a role in helping to ensure that the country has … a new, fully conservative party.” she said.
Raise your hand if you think the country is waiting for her. The people in Wyoming spoke clearly last November, overwhelmingly voting her out.

One last note about the Republican House and their ability to shoot themselves in the foot. Former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy announced that he is resigning from his congressional seat at the end of the year.
The Republicans blew their chance for a red wave with candidates who couldn’t win in 2022. They showed up with a four vote majority. Managed to get into a circular area and shoot themselves.
With Santos gone and now McCarthy leaving, their advantage is down to two.
I hope Matt Gaetz and his band of eight are proud of what they did, to change nothing, except assure a Democratic Congress in 2024.

That’s It For Today.

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