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The latest Republican debate is tonight. We’re down to four on stage in this one. It should be two, Haley and DeSantis only, so we can narrow it down to one versus Trump for Republicans to decide. 
In the first three debates Haley helped herself, Vivek hurt himself, DeSantis held ground and Christie reinforced who he is. Questions will be tougher tonight. 

Were you surprised when the President said he might not be running if Trump wasn’t? Why would you not be running? Do you think you can’t do it for four more years? Do you not want the job? A surprising and not too wise statement to make. Imagine his campaign reaction as he uttered the words. 

Did you hear the FBI Director testifying yesterday and saying that he sees flashing terrorist lights all over the U.S.? He sees “elevated threats” everywhere he looks. Wait, Mr. Director, the border is closed or is the administration lying to us? 

Speaking of the Director, he also said the FBI knew the laptop was real before the election, but didn’t think it was their place (The FBI) to tell us. Really? So you allow that ad by past leaders to tell us it looked like a Russian Hoax? 

With all the noise you hear about the House impeachment inquiry vote, remember this: A vote to investigate suspicious activity is different from a vote on actual articles. It is to investigate only to see if there is a cause. 
Banks raised the issue of suspicious activity, so I don’t understand what the problem is. 

Do you wonder why we don’t know the names of the nine American Hostages held by Hamas? How come in the past we always knew and saw their families on the airwaves? 

Israeli President Netanyahu asked a great question yesterday to all the women’s human rights protection and rights groups. “Where the hell are you?” 

How bad did the three University Presidents look yesterday in the House hearing? Have Harvard, UPenn, or MIT ever looked so bad? 

Yesterday VP Harris broke the nearly 200-year-old record for the most tie breaking Senate votes cast by a vice president. She broke the record of John Calhoun.  So, if you’re happy with the way the country is going, you know who to vote for. 

Russia rejected a new offer from the Biden administration to free American captives  Paul Whelan and WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich. Think about the most wanted spy/terrorist they wanted back that we gave them for Brittany Griner alone. A fair press would be holding the administration’s feet to the fire on this. 

Last night Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump about being a “dictator,” the new term the left is using against him. The former President replied “only on day one,” and added, “I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.” The Biden campaign jumped on this and put out that the former President wanted to be a dictator on (from) “day one.” Leaving, of course, the impression it was for the duration. Watch how the MSM covers this, because closing the border and drilling on day one is pretty popular. 

We keep stressing that Hybrid is the way to go, easing our way to Electric, and you may recall we touted Toyota had it right. Here’s the ranking of the top ten selling electric or hybrid auto’s. Notice 4 Toyota’s, 2 Tesla’s. Where’s GM (1) or Ford (0)? They went the wrong way. 
And next year, Toyota Camry, the number one selling car in the U.S. will be available in hybrid form only. 

Leadership Matters.

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