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The continued protests in our nation and West European countries against Israel is astounding to me. 
I repeat, there is no moral equivalency and anyone protesting against a nation trying to defend its very being saying there is, is wrong. 
If you are protesting and telling me that Oct. 7th never happened, that the hostage release is made up and the stories we are hearing about rapes and mistreatment is a lie, then I say you are removed from reality.

When a nation loses its sense of right and wrong, it is done and lost. There are many in our nation on the streets today having achieved that sense of lost.

Then John Kerry and VP Harris go to the climate conference and announce we will stop all coal building plants and begin closing all of the current with a goal for all to be gone. Really?
Let’s see, 20% of our energy comes from this means. We’re just going to stop? 
Meanwhile, the world’s largest climate polluter, China, is building new plants each week?

I have to put this up there with their other brilliant strategy with oil.
They’re against it because it pollutes.
But it turns out they are really only against American Oil, because they stop that, but beg foreigners to give us more. How does that make any sense?

While on that subject, the administration is now trying to buy oil to restock the Strategic Reserve. 
The same reserve that was stocked when the oil price dropped to near zero.
We’re restocking now at a high cost, because the administration dropped the reserves to 40% to cover need and lower the price.
Not exactly what the reserve was created for.
A policy that is exactly the opposite of buy low sell high. This administration buys high and sells low. 

It appears now that Senator Tuberville is going to relent on his months-long military promotion blockade, which has held up more than 400 promotions and has drawn criticism from all sides. 
It’s about time, and the senator needs to learn you don’t get into fights you can’t win. He hurt his cause by hurting military personnel and execution. 

I saw stories on the MSM that the investigation into Hunter and any possible ties to his father were just false news. Oh really? How do they know? Wasn’t it them who told us these stories were real?
The Russia Collusion Hoax. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Hoax. The Jussie Smollett Hoax. The Covington KKKids Hoax. The Very Fine People Hoax. Policemen Killed at Mostly Peaceful Protest Hoax. The Rittenhouse Hoax. Border Agents On Horses Whipping Illegals Hoax. The NASCAR Noose Hoax. The Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 Hoax.

What a joke they are. All those were real, but Hunter’s laptop is not. 

The final joke of the day is the story coming out of the reelection campaign that says the administration is going to drop the focus on Bidenomics. “It’s not working” is the word. No kidding. Not only is the term not connecting, the program is not working.
Next will be how great things are, like inflation is down to 3%. Yes it is. But, on top of 9% so prices are up 12% since this administration took office.
I always think they believed Bidenomics would work as a campaign issue. After all, they reasoned, it worked for Reagan with Reaganomics. Except for one thing. The latter worked, while the former isn’t.

Just Some Thoughts Today.

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