Debate The Debate

If you watched the debate last night and you went in with a side already chosen, then you probably think your person and side won.
I say forget the words and spins and means upon which a question may have been distorted and avoided. Take a look at the five charts that measured the states against each other. Those were the undisputed facts. Education, taxes, crime, citizens moving to and from. Those told the story.
The old saying is, you can argue the facts, but you are not entitled to your own facts. The numbers told the story for me.
The only question to me is this one.
Which person running for President has the greatest chance to bring that to the nation as a whole?

Israel and Hamas

As I write this it looks like the cease fire is over and the hostilities are about to commence again.
The more we learn about the atrocities committed on October 7th and how some of the hostages sharing their captivity story were treated, it reinforces for me what Israel must do.
The world will be a safer place for all if we don’t stand in their way, and as Senator Marco Rubio told an interviewer asking him about innocent deaths now replied, “Hamas owns every death.”
Rubio was right, Hamas caused this and protecting yourself is still allowed.

While On Terrorists

Here’s a vote that didn’t get much coverage on the MSM. I wonder why.
The House approved in a veto-proof vote a bill that would permanently freeze $6 billion in Iranian oil revenue previously unfrozen by President Biden as part of a hostage swap deal with the Islamic Republic. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul’s bill, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act, passed in a 307 to 119 vote.
Nearly all Republicans and more than 90 Democrats voted in favor of the measure, which imposes a sanction to prevent $6 billion in Iranian oil assets from being accessed by the country.

With Iran acting as the banker for terrorists around the world, how could any administration think giving them these funds is a good idea?

Enjoy The Weekend Ahead.

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