Leadership Matters…

The President Meets With China’s XI

If you watched the press conference after the meeting, you may have come away with the impression I did. 
They agreed to open military communication again, and China will look to curb fentanyl. 
Well, since we have lost 75,000 American citizens the past two years from this illegal drug from China, how about not looking and doing?
I didn’t see or hear anything else; nor did I come away confident that this President is on top of things. 
He didn’t appear strong. I didn’t get the impression that he can negotiate from strength for us. I thought about that as I watched him hesitate, read from notes and have pre arranged questioners . Maybe I am used to a Clinton, Reagan or Obama for articulation; or a George HW Bush for knowledge and history, but I don’t get either here. 

Leadership Example Toyota

Toyota announced that beginning next year the leading selling sedan car in America, the Camry, will be sold only as a hybrid. From the outset of the plan to convert the nation and world to EV’s, Toyota has been clear that hybrids are the step to get there. They didn’t understand American leadership pushing EV’s now.
In the last month we had Ford and GM announce they are cutting back on EV plant investment and autos, pushing their timeline back. Why? They both said the consumer was not ready, and they were losing too much money.
Toyota, meanwhile, moved ahead with Hybrids and continues to lead. While GM and Ford reported concerns over sales and profits, Toyota reported record profits because of hybrid sales.
They also announced a new SUV hybrid, Crown Signia. Anyone want to bet who will be all hybrid first and lead the way the next decade?
Leadership matters.

Leadership Needed: Getting Control Of Our Deficit

There is no leadership on this directive from some we need it from. Why they think they can just continue to spend, add to the debt and drive up interest payments, is beyond my comprehension.
Senate Democrats voted down the funding of Israeli aid by reducing 87,000 new IRS agents. They want just the aid and add the costs to the debt.
Some information on the debt from the Center To Unleash Prosperity:
It would take spending cuts or tax increases equivalent to $2,400 per American per year to stabilize the national debt, according to a new book that shows the U.S. government’s fiscal situation is more precarious than lawmakers of either party acknowledge. 
Why it matters: 
The numbers sound an alarm about America’s fiscal vulnerability, at a time when there’s bipartisan resistance to steps that might change that course, 
What’s happening: 
The numbers on America’s fiscal vulnerability are spelled out in “Building a More Resilient U.S. Economy,”  from the Aspen Economic Strategy Group, led by former Treasury Secretaries Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner. 
To reduce deficits to the point where the public debt levels off as a share of the economy — a more plausible goal than balancing the budget — Congress would have to enact some mix of spending cuts and tax increases equivalent to 2.8% of GDP, or nearly $800 billion per year. 
Reality check: There’s zero political momentum for deficit reduction at that scale.
Here’s a graph on our public debt and what has occurred over the past few years and where it’s going.

A Few Interesting Polls

We wondered from the day it was announced who thought Bidenomics was a good term and idea. Nothing since then has altered that view. Here’s the latest poll from the respected Financial Times and U of Michigan.
President Biden made a strategic decision to own the term “Bidenomics” and make it the centerpiece of his re-election campaign. The media has bought this narrative hook, line, and sinker.
Unfortunately for the President, the voters aren’t biting. A new poll by the Financial Times and the University of Michigan finds that a mere 14% of Americans believe they are better off financially now than when Biden took office.
Almost 70% of voters thought Biden’s economic policies had either hurt the US economy or had no impact.

A second poll on how safely Jewish students feel here in America at school:
The poll, sponsored by the Jewish Federations of North America, found that 70% of Jewish respondents said they feel less safe than a few months earlier. Three-quarters of U.S. Jews worry their communities would face security problems as a result of the Israel-Hamas war. Jews who wear distinctive items such as a yarmulke or Star of David necklace were twice as likely to feel worried “all the time” versus those Jews who do not wear them, the survey said.
This should not be, not in America and just 68 years after WWII and the holocaust.

Then We Have The Hunter Biden Subpoena For Donald Trump

Everyone else is taking Donald Trump to court, so why not Hunter? After all, Hunter’s problems are all Donald’s fault. I didn’t realize it was Trump who told Hunter to lie on his gun application. I thought he did it on his own.
I didn’t realize it was Trump who supported all the drugs, prostitutes and crack. I didn’t realize it was Trump setting up all those foreign deals.
I must have missed the news that day.

With The Holiday Next Week, We’ll Be Limited In Any Blogs.
Happy Thanksgiving To You And Yours.

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