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News Stories To Close Out The Week

It didn’t get much coverage, but a high-profile George Soros woke Democratic prosecutor in northern Virginia, who pursued progressive reforms, conceded defeat in her re-election bid.
Buta Biberaj lost the race for Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney by 300 votes out of 135,000 cast. 
She was the  prosecutor in Loudoun County and defended the school board chair during the recent controversy.

Like her or not, Rep. Majorie Greene can drive controversy and make news.
In questioning Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, she held up a picture of some individual people. After asking the secretary if he sees them and he answers “yes,” she informs him:
“They are dead,” tying it back to the border that he claims is closed. 
She then says:
“I want you to know you have a short time remaining, you can honorably resign or we are going to impeach you and it’s happening very, very soon.”

While on Mayorkas, how about this story. He told Congress that he didn’t know that three people he appointed to a new intelligence experts panel in September, had spread disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop just ahead of the 2020 election. Here are the names, I bet you knew, but he, the Homeland Secretary didn’t.
James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence; John Brennan, the former CIA chief in the Obama administration, and Paul Kolbe, a long-time CIA official. 
With this guy, it is one of two things: 
He’s either a congenital liar or clueless. In either case he shouldn’t be in the job he is in.
Of course some will say “maybe he didn’t know.” Of course they will.  After all, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Joe Manchin answers a question very directly and it sends shivers through the White House. He said, “absolutely” he would consider running for president in 2024. 

Remember when Hamas first attacked Israel and the left and MSM were all over the House about passing the aid package that was needed now? It was all about those Republicans who need to act?
The President proposed a $100 billion new spending package to include Israel, Ukraine and border processing funds. 
Well, new Speaker Johnson broke the package up and passed the Israel funding the next day, with a means to pay the bill. Remember how urgent it was? 
So how come the Senate Democrats voted “no” and it gets no coverage? I thought it was beyond urgent two weeks ago. Is it not urgent if Schumer and team vote no; or is it just media bias?

Really, the best person in New Jersey to take on Senator Menendez is the Governors wife?
She has never held elective office. 

George Santos is a piece of work. The House Ethics Committee unanimously concludes that he should be referred to the Justice Department because there is “substantial evidence” he misused campaign funds, filed false reports on his donations and engaged in other forms of fraud. 
He knows he’s cooked, so what does he do?
Announces he won’t run for reelection in an effort to save his place for the next year. 
I don’t think it will work.

If you wonder where some people get their news and how they think like they do, take a look at this: 

Yes, 32% of 18-29 year olds get their news from TiK Tok. Now, who was it that controls TiK Tok again?
And, the share of TikTok users who consume news through the platform has nearly doubled since 2020.
Add this in the news this AM:
A 2002 letter written by Osama bin Laden attempting to justify the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks he masterminded went viral on TikTok. Some users are drawing connections between the letter and the Israel-Hamas war.

That’s It. Happy Thanksgiving To All.

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