Maybe it is just me but I didn’t realize the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign slogan is: “Finish The Job.”
No comment needed.

There is real panic that Sen. Joe Manchin may run as a third party candidate on both sides, but more from the Democrats. It goes beyond the Presidency. They also realize that winning his West Virginia Senate seat is very slim in 51-49 Senate. 

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas survived his impeachment vote 209 – 201. Eight Republicans joined Democrats to save him. 

Maybe they think it’s true that the border is closed.

Meanwhile, Speaker Johnson has proposed a CR (Continuing Resolution) that funds the government at current levels in two stages. Parts through January, the rest through February. 
He will need Democratic votes to get it past since more than three members of his party disapprove. Why do they disapprove? 
Because it funds the government at current levels and there are no cuts.
Will he (Johnson) get the Democrat votes, or will we face a shut down? 
I think he will, though the MSM is presenting this as a Republican disagreement. My question is: If it is funding at the levels they want, why should Democrats vote no?

Meanwhile, the infighting in the Republican House remains real. Former Speaker McCarthy said he thinks the Republican Party would benefit “tremendously” if Rep. Matt Gaetz were no longer a member of the House.“People have to earn the right to be here. He’ll admit to you personally, he doesn’t have a conservative bent in his philosophy. And just the nature of what he focuses on. I don’t believe the conference will ever heal if there’s no consequences for the actions,” he said.

Former Governor Chris Christie visited Israel and look at who he blamed for the fighting:, 
He said that Trump’s “rhetoric of intolerance — as evident today as it was during his presidency — had fueled the surge of bigotry confronting Jews and Muslims after Hamas’s brutal Oct. 7 attack on Israel and the fierce Israeli response in Gaza.”
Maybe he knows he’s not getting the nomination and wants a job in the MSM.

If you saw the debate last week and have watched some coverage you see the Social Security issue rising again and how those mean Republicans want to throw Granny over the hill again. 
Here’s a comment from The Committee To Unleash Prosperity yesterday:
The AVERAGE Social Security benefit today is a measly $1,705.80 a month. That’s after paying 40 years of a 12% payroll tax imposed on every paycheck they earned. The GOP should be talking about how to make Social Security a BETTER deal for seniors, not a worse one. 
If Congress hadn’t stolen payroll tax money (and spent it on other programs) but merely deposited the funds in a passbook low-interest savings account – retirees would be getting two to three times MORE than Social Security is promising to pay. If the money had been put into a 401k plan the monthly benefits would be five to 10 times higher. 

When social security was running a surplus, congress took the extra money and spent it. They gave social security an IOU. Now we need the funds, and the solution they offer is to cut funds. How about cutting their retirement?

Speaking of debates, did you know the next Republican debate is Dec. 6th and Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators? That should be interesting. 
Since the last debate, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel has had to defend herself against the comments of Vivek Ramaswamy about her performance. Her latest return fire:
“Listen, he’s at 4%, he needs a headline.”

Remember former Baltimore top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby? Without much MSM coverage of one of their favorites, she was convicted of charges that she lied about the finances of a side business to improperly access retirement funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, using the money to buy two Florida homes. She faces real time. 
She gained a national profile for prosecuting Baltimore police officers after Freddie Gray died in police custody in 2015. His death led to riots and protests in the city. Remember that?
By the way, none of the officers was ever convicted. 
She just was. 

And That’s Some News Today.

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