Now We Lost Five…

On Veterans Day We Add To Memorial Day

On Veterans Day weekend as we celebrated those who served, the news came that we lost five of our youngest, bravest and brightest in a helicopter that went down in the Middle-East. Reports of what happened are still sketchy, and it doesn’t appear the chopper was shot down. But losing five special forces young soldiers is a very sad moment. 
Meanwhile, almost fifty attacks by Iranian proxies have been conducted on our troops. Yesterday we finally took a stronger action than striking back at an empty building. I don’t think that the action is going to make Iran and others think that President Biden is in a different mood. 
We need strong, clear, decisive leadership now to protect additional of our young troops.

Wait Now

So, San Francisco, in an action led by Governor Newsom, cleans up the streets, tents, fetus, drug needles and filth because the leader of China and President Biden are coming for a visit. Why isn’t it cleaned for the citizens he leads? How come he knows it’s wrong, but only clears it up for a few days for leaders to visit? 
Does that bother you too?
It’s like when President Biden finally visited the border. They cleared the area and all he saw was a safe clean wall area. 
Ridiculous, but then again, you can fool some of the people all the time. 

Let me understand this. Some of the illegal border crossers, who were relocated to Chicago, want to go back home because it’s too cold there? Wait now, I thought they escaped oppression and to save their lives. What happened? 

After all the drama with the House Republicans changing leaders, here we are a few days before the money runs out again and we’re in the same position. The new speaker is offering a continuing resolution (CR), the same action that caused all the chaos. Now what? 

The Republican field narrows again as Tim Scott drops out. It was the right move for him, as he said, it is not his time now. He introduced himself to the nation, avoided any of the candidates inter fighting and emerged in a position to have a future. 
He didn’t endorse anyone, and the thought is he may well be on the Donald Trump short list to be his V.P. candidate. 
Remember, too, it was Nikki Haley who appointed him to the senate originally. He does owe her something too.

Today the House is holding a meeting over impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. It may pass the House, but I don’t see the Democratic Senate doing the same.
In my opinion, there is a good list of current officials who should be out of office, and Mayorkas is right there in the top three.

And We’re Off For Another Week.

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