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Let’s Remember

Today marks one month since the October 7th attack in Israel. It was that act that set everything off. Whatever has happened since is because of what Hamas did. Some people just don’t seem to understand that.
When you hear about a ceasefire, remember this, we had one on October 6th. Israel did not break it. 
Hamas did not announce they were coming. They came to kill, murder and destroy. New born, holocaust survivors and anyone else were targeted. They didn’t warn people to get out as Israel has done. 
There is no moral equivalence.  

Elections Today

Today’s Election Day, and I urge every reader to cast their ballot. You might think, “Oh, it’s only local elections,” but as we’ve learned, it matters. School Boards matter. Local DA’s matter. Your Town Council matters. 
It all matters. Vote. 

Nationally the media will be watching Virginia closely. Governor Youngkin is trying to turn the state right. He has bet a lot on the outcome. What is interesting to me is abortion, the issue that drove 2022 and stopped the red wave. In Virginia, it’s about the 15 week ban, after which it is only for rape and the life of the mother. Does 15 weeks play? Should it have been 20 weeks? Can the left present it as a ban? Can the right present the left wants abortion up to the moment of birth? Whose message reaches, and how do they vote? 
The outcome will be fascinating to watch.

There are two Governor races to watch. A Democrat defends in Kentucky and a Republican defends in Mississippi.
A Pennsylvania Supreme Court race will decide control of that court. It will be closely watched. 
Ohio has abortion and marijuana on the line. 
The results of many races will be looked at as a barometer for those states less than one year from the 2024 election. (Election Day 2024 is Nov. 6th, so we are 364 days away.) 


Watching coverage of the Donald Trump trial in New York leaves me with this analysis.
Do I think the former President inflated his net worth and tried to mislead on it?
I do, without question.
Then I ask, who did he hurt? Who lost money because of it? Who was criminally impacted?
The answer is no one. Not a single person or company lost anything because of it.
I guess that’s why no other person has ever been charged in New York for this.
It certainly looks like a vendetta to me.
Yet, the judge has already judged him and the company guilty and is now only deciding on the cost of the fine.
Wait, no one lost anything. Now, you want to hold him liable for up to $250 million?
Maybe I am missing something, but I am confused here.

The President, coming off his weekend in Delaware, on the beach, was out talking “Bidenomics.”
Will somebody please tell him that so few think the economy is in good shape that he should be blaming Trump and not taking credit. When they announced Bidenomics, we couldn’t believe it. The fact he is still touting it is better for Trump than any ad he could produce. 
Here’s some information I came across on base staples that people need and use. Does Biden’s team know this? 
A pound of bacon costs an average of $7.08 in the U.S., 21 percent more than when Biden took office. The price of coffee beans has risen 33 percent. A gallon of gas is 72 percent more expensive. And because inflation affects everyone, it can damage the public mood more than almost anything else. (Yes, inflation has fallen this year, but most prices have not fallen. Only their rate of increase has.)
You can choose any products you want and the story is not good. Why, even the Dollar Store is up 25% to $1.25.

Meanwhile, in Iowa the very popular Governor Kim Reynolds endorsed Ron DeSantis for President.
She said something many of us feel. Donald Trump cannot win a general election, and she wants to win.
Her endorsement will help DeSantis and may slow the momentum that Gov. Haley was gaining in the state.

What Now, Jeff Bezos?

So, Jeff Bezos is personally moving from Seattle to Miami. If you think it’s because of the weather, well you are naive. You see, Bezos will save billions of dollars in taxes by moving from a high-tax state to a low-tax one. 
He may contribute and support left leaning candidates. His newspaper, The Washington Post, may never have endorsed a Republican for President, and spout daily liberal views; but this is his personal taxes now.
Somehow the MSM missed this little reason. Here’s some facts they forgot to cover:
When Bezos built Amazon in Seattle, Washington had no income tax, no estate tax, and no capital gains tax.
However, in recent years the progressives took charge with their “soak the rich” agenda.
Washington now has the highest estate tax in the country, has just adopted a 7% capital gains tax, AND the legislature is debating a 1% annual wealth tax.
Florida, of course, has zero income, estate and wealth taxes – and, yes, better weather.  

The MSM avoided mentioning taxes for the move. There’s an old saying about redistribution and low taxes:
“High tax rates don’t redistribute income, they redistribute people.”
That’s what is happening here, but the left and their friends can’t acknowledge it.

Don’t Forget To Vote.

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