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Catching Up On Stories From The Week

So, after calling Governor Abbott racist and uncaring for busing illegal crossers to New York and proudly claiming how they will care for them as a sanctuary city, New York is now buying them one way tickets to wherever they want to go! 
Really, Mayor Adams? You are now doing exactly the same thing? Why? 
Oh, because you are overwhelmed? You didn’t have three percent of the number of people Texas did. How can it be that you are overwhelmed? 
If Governor Abbott is racist, then what are New York’s leaders besides hypocrites?
Add this, all the big cities that got some busloads are demanding the federal government provide billions of dollars to them now. Billions we don’t have, and billions that they thought was ridiculous when the border states asked for assistance. 
I have an idea. Ask the administration to close the border. 

All the talk from the House about both parties about censuring and expelling members went to a vote. Guess what? None of the three were expelled or censured, and one vote was withdrawn. 
Rep. Santos was brought up for expelling by a neighboring Republican Congressman. After all the noise you heard to expel him, 31 Democrats joined a majority of the Republicans to vote no (on expelling). 
Why? Here’s left leaning Democrat Jamie Raskin on why.
“I’m a Constitution guy. The House has expelled five people in our history, three for joining the Confederacy as traitors to the Union and two after they were convicted of serious criminal offenses … This would be a terrible precedent to set, expelling people who have not been convicted of a crime and without internal due process. If and when Santos is convicted of these serious criminal offenses or ethics charges, I will certainly vote to expel him.” 
Kind of logical right? How do you convict someone before he is convicted of anything? 
If you agree with that, here’s a question:
Then can I assume you agree the state movements to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot are wrong too? After all, he has not been convicted of anything either. (And the current civil trial is exactly that, a civil, not criminal one.) 

Next was a vote to censure Rep. Tlaib for comments on the hospital bombing and Hamas. A good number of Republicans joined unified Democrats to vote the measure down. Her comments and postings that Israel bombed that hospital stands. 

After she was safe, the Democrats withdrew their motion to censure Rep. Majorie Greene. So that never made the floor. It was just a childish tit for tat I guess. 

So, if you bet one, two or three of them would be removed, censured or taken to task, you lost. 

Then over in the Senate there was a concerted move to get past the hold Senator Tommy Tuberville has forced on almost 400 military promotions including the heads of some services. He is blocking them because he disagreed with a military policy that supports individuals to take uncharged leave and receive travel funds for reproductive healthcare, including abortion travel. 
The session went long over four hours of attempts to approve each promotion one by one. It didn’t work. We are at a stalemate. 

Along the way, three congressional members announced they will not run for reelection. One of them was from the gang of eight – Ken Buck of Colorado. If I find out who is going to miss him, I will let you know. 

Then we had the jury receive the closing arguments and go to deliberation in the Sam Bankman-Fried case. 
Surprise, the jury was out less than five hours and he was found guilty of all seven charges against him. 
He has now been convicted in one of the biggest financial frauds in history with $8 billion in customer deposits missing from what was then the world’s third-largest crypto exchange.
It’s also believed he was the second largest donor to the Democrat party in 2020, only behind George Soros. 

The Speaker And House Follow Thru

Last night the House did exactly what it said it would, which was pass the Israel support funding, cut the funds from the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents and move in to funding for Ukraine. 
The Senate reacted exactly the way it said it would, they do not plan to take it up. The President reiterated what he said before, which is, if it reaches his desk he would veto it. 
Now, I have people say the House does not want to fund Ukraine. It’s a smokescreen. A great majority of both parties want the Ukrainians to fight the Russians and not NATO. They want separate bills, separate funding decisions and accountability. 
I told you where I stood earlier this week, I don’t see why we have to bundle all three (border is the third) and why it has to be over budget (increasing the debt) spending. Didn’t we all learn you can’t have guns and butter at the same time without causing an economic mess? 

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